Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving house.....

Some of you may have remembered that I had mentioned changes would be forthcoming this year...and some of you (yup, some of you actually noticed...I'm so touched) that I have for the past few posts, there was a little line at the bottom that says:

Posted simultaneously on Seoul Rhythms

Yes, this Kimchiland site will be moving house

Seoul Rhythms

The new site is not quite ready. But I'm working on it and I really hope to move very soon. (I thought wordpress was supposed to be easy...haiyoh) So do bookmark that site.

Look out for exciting new developments there like shopping, giveaways and tie-ups.

More will be announced very soon, really, very soon.

So please mark that site ok?


Anonymous said...

yes, did notice about that.
is the Accu weather still in yr new blog?

i am one that always like to check on kimchiland weather before reading kimchi hot news ^^

did i miss it somewhere in yr new blog


Anonymous said...

Ohh just saw the website. More organise and easy to search for things. I can't wait for any updates! Keep up the good work! Hwaiting!

tiffany said...


Thanks for dropping by my new site. There's still tons of work to do and I'm still trying to get the hang of writing on wordpress. Can't seemed to find the right buttons most of the time. :(

But I do think it's niceer. Hehe!

tiffany said...

Hi von

You will be pleased to know that seoul weather is available on my new site. ^^