Friday, June 18, 2010

Wonder Girls- a little peep

The press conference was great. It was about 45 minutes late but the girls more than made up for it by having a 30 minutes Q&A. It was the longest Q&A in my memory, especially for Korean artistes. I'm still sorting out some of the pardon me. But here are some just for a quick sneak peep.

So Hee

Sun Ye

Hae Rim

Ye Eun

Yoo Bin

Did anyone of you 'chased' them today? Good thing it wasn't raining like Monday...or the girls will have to wade through the water in their super high heels. Anyway, here are some photos from Sony Ericsson. Obviously, I wasn't there. So how was it? Crowded or not?

And you can follow them on Sony Ericsson's twitter here. Hehe! The girls look pretty cute in their red t-shirts.

See you all tomorrow night at the showcase.

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yanting said...


The name of the photo was kinda mix up...

Yoo bin and Sunye......second photo is yoobin...

tiffany said...

Oops! Sorry. This is what happens when you post @ 4 in the morning. Will amend later tonight. ^^

Theifunny said...

Hi. do u know what time ukiss will be arriving tmr? I'm really dying to know when they are coming. can u pls responds asap or email me at pls. thank you so much :)

CNBLUESGFCAdmin said...

hello ther~ please tell me what time ukiss arrives tomorrow too! chepal!

tiffany said...

Theifunny and CNBlueSGFCadmin

I'm afraid I do not know what time they are arriving. If you are unable to find out on the internet or Warner Music's site, then it meams that the organiser does not wish to release it and it will be difficult to find the infor.

However, as they are arriving from KL, I guess you just have to find out from the various forums or sites where fans in KL may post news about their departures. The flight from KL is about 50 minutes and it will take them a while to unload. So plenty of time for you all to fly down to the airport.

As their event at IMM is at 4pm, it is likely they will leave in the morning. And you can rule out all the budget airlines.

I will post if I have confirmed news ...but in the meantime, please do not ask me anymore about their arrival or departure times.

And it is for the same reason I did not post about WG departure. I simply do not know. But I read they left this morning (quite early too)

Still, whoever managed to catch their idols at teh airport, congratulations! ^^