Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sundown Festival 2009 - Seou'd Out Meet-and-Greet winners

It was very hard to pick the winners because I know that each and everyone who sent participated in this contest really, really wants to go and see them up close and personal.

But... I have only 2 passes, so I can only make 2 people very happy 9well, actually, someone else did coz I couldn't decide on the winner and asked an independent party to pick the winners). But hey, there's the festival on Saturday and you get to see all of them perform. Isn't that a happy thought? ^^

So here's the answers to my questions:
1) Name all the 5 artites who will be perfoming at the festival
T-Max, Brown Eyed Girls, FT Island, Mario&, Lee Ji Soo

2) When did I first wrote about this festival on my blog?
15th October 2009

And the winners are.....drum roll please....

1) Chiam Min
I/C- Sxxxx418B

2) Cheng Pei Chen
I/C- Sxxxx611H

I ahve sent an email to both of you. Please confirm your attendance by noon today (10th December).

See you all at the festival!

And don't forget to welcome these people at the airport tonight. Details at my next post.

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