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Wonder Girls in Singapore by Sony Ericsson- Press conference

My apology for this being a little late. And a even bigger apology for the crappy photos and only one video to show you all. There was a technical slip-up. One of those days. Sigh..

So, I'll try and recap what I do remember. There are lots of videos and photos out there already, so I'm sure you alll have no problem feasting your eyes at these young ladies.

Or click here.

The internet is a powerful tool and even the Wonder Girls acknowledged it's influence and help in propelling them into Chee Meng and popularity. In a first that I've seen during a press conference, the organiser had acknowledged the many K Pop forums and fan clubs by reserving a section for 'K Pop community' just behind the 'media'. Various forums were there like and SG K-Wave were there.

Unfortunately, the press conference was delayed again and again. In fact it was delayed for a whole 45
! Did one of the wettest day in Singapore history caused this delday? Who knows but on hindsight, it was a good thing the press conference wasn't held in Orchard Road or all of us would have to swim to showcase.

After the official photoshoot (with the girls holding up their Sony Ericsson phones), the conference started proper. It was a little strange start as there was no host to lead the session. It was pretty much a jump into the Q&A session straightaway. Still, I have no complains, not when it was a good 30 minutes long at least, with frank answers from the girls in their pretty good English. I am truely impressed. I guess after living in America for a year, their English is bound to improve (hmm... I should just move over to Korea for a short period).

Eu Yen was answering most of the time, with So Hee being the quietest.

The girls were asked a variety of questions from the serious

What type of guys they like, who would be the first to get married, how many children they would like to have (I half expected someone to say- '
girl year must give ang pows already ok?')

How do they resolve ego problems (no cat fights!) and what are their roles within the group (Surprise! So Hee is the hidden leader) to the fun questions like which other Korean artistes' numbers do they have on their hp (Yoobin has Epik High and So Hee has none), their moments with Super Junior and 2PM (they went bowling together and Yoo Bin's team lost and had to buy drinks for everyone).

to the personal questions like

Do they cry easily? (Yes! And Sun Yehad cried just 3 days before when they were in San Francisco)

Is it true they are not allowed to date for the next 3 years (can date but prefer not to at the moment. Actually, I don't think they have any time)

and the interesting ones:

Were they uncomfortable answering Big S with regards about their chastity (the girls said it was ok and you know what, I do believe them coz when they replied, there wasn't any hint of embarassment in them)
Which phone application they can't live without (twitter! I agree, at the rate these girls are twittering)
What new English words they picked up (whadz
Crasiest fan (someone who had tatooed WG's Korean names on his back)

One of the most interesting question was- the girls were asked if they had stayed up to watch their national team play in the World Cup. I expected them to say yes immediately. Instead, there was a few embarrassed silence, before Ye Eun reluctantly said that they had planned to stay up. They wore red t-shirts to bed and had even set their alarm to go off at 4am (the time of the match) BUT, they overslept and when Sun Ye woke up at 6am finally, the first thing she did was to check the internet for results. Of course they were really happy that Korea had won. The girls had a chance to watch the 2nd game in Singapore.

And finally, will they be just a one hit wonder?

No, stay tuned for more good songs to come, assured Ye Eun.

Some of the sites you might want to visit for more infor on the press conference-wonderfulsworld, dkpopnews,, razor tv

5 wonderful ladies

And here's a photo of the 4 Sony Ericsson phone models that the girls are endorsing this time

Wonder Girls will be performing at MTV's World Stage, Malaysia on the 31st July 10.

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hahah , there are some mistakes in your spelling of Ye Eun's name. (; You typed it as Eu Yen

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re: "about their virginities"

"about their chastity" is more appropriate, leh.

but thanks for sharing!

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Hi both

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