Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lee Min Ho Press Conference- of moisturiser and mascara

What a weekend it has been for Lee Min Ho's fans. First the anticipation, then the disappointment. But you can't deny there were lots of excitment from his whirlwind 24 hours trip.

I decided to give the airport a miss and headed for the press conference at Raffles Hotel directly. Seeing the crowd there from the various clips, I'm glad I did not go to the airport, or I would have ended seeing his fans instead of him ^^. I heard from L that one of the railings fell. Thankfully, no one was hurt. There was already a group of fans at the hotel when I reached there at 2pm.

Hey! They actually got food and drinks for the media which was great as I was really, really hungry.

All set up....

Finally, the 'Flower Boy' appeared.

By now, most of his fans would have known what were the questions asked during the press conference...

His impression of Singapore? The trees and the greenery gives him a resort feel (does that mean he wants to come back here for a holiday? hehe!)
Would he still choose to be Gu Jun Pyo? Yes, because he wouldn't be where he is today if he didn't take on that role. (but I really hated the curly hair)
Which flower would represent his character? Red rose- as it represents youth and passion (Passion yes, youth? Red rose represent youth meh? hmm....)
Loss and gain of his popularity? His loss of freedom and busy schedule...but gaining lots of fans everywhere. ( can't have fans everywhere and still be the same as before)
How does he feel about representing Etude House, which is cosmetics for women? He has gain more knowledge about cosmetics and does not think it is strange for men to use it now. In fact he uses bb cream (fans, take note...)
Is his friends surprised about his sudden fame? No, not he has known them for a long time...but they do look at him strangely sometimes. (maybe they were looking at the bb cream. hahaha!)
How to win a girl's heart if he has no money? Sincerity, honesty and being nice to the girl would be enough. (but having the money to buy presents helps too. Though I'm sure there would be lots of girls who would love to be his girlfriend, even if he's not rich. They would probably buy presents for him instead. hehe!)
His secret to looking good? Excercising, drinking lots of water, resting....and playing golf. (he got time to rest meh? He has been getting CFs non-stop since the drama ended)
The most romantic thing he did? Lining up the pathway in church with 200 candles and putting a ring on his girlfriend in celebration of 100 days (hmm..what would he have done if it was 100 months?)
If he was as rich as Gu Jun Pyo...? He would use the money to help those who are in financial difficulties and sick. (this was really nice of him)
His good and bad points? His smile (obviously) and the fact that he can't think of his bad point...that's bad (now this answer may seemed rather arrogant, but he was really, truely stumped for an answer. I don't think he has been asked such a question before)
What Etude House products would he recommend to his girlfriend? Moisturising cream and mascara..because natural is beauty. though he is ok with some make-up (why mascara? Hmm...does that mean he likes looking at eyes?)
Which product best describe him? Moisturising cream.

Here's a clip of the interview. It's the question about what products to recommend his girlfriend. Watch it here

Throughout the whole interview, he answered questions sincerely, without any hesitation. Well, except for one question- the one about his bad point and good point.

I watched Boys Over Flowers but was not crasy over it. Oops! Do I hear cries of incredibility? Well, I wasn't crasy over the Taiwanese and Japanese version either. So not surprising that I didn't go 'goo-goo gaa-gaa' over the show or any of the boys in the drama. That is not to say though I dislike the show. However, I did dislike Lee Min Ho's or rather Gu Jun Pyo's mop of curly hair.

BUT, at the end of the short press conference, he came across to me as a very nice, next-door kind of boy. Those type that you can bring home safely and your parents wouldn't object. Whilst I wouldn't say he is naive, but he still seems rather 'untainted' by world of entertainment. Will he remain so in the years to come, well, I guess only time will tell.

By the way, he seems to like adjusting his hair. He was constantly touching his hair throughout the interview. Maybe can get him a comb/ brush as a present. wahaha!

OK, here are the various faces of Lee Min Ho, espcially for those who didn't managed to see him at Plaza Singapura.

Couldn't resist taking a shot of his legs.

And all too soon, it was over...time for the photoshoot with the requried Etude House backdrop. Bur first, a final touch-up...need to adjust that tie and hair. ^^

Hmm...he hunches a little... a very common problem with tall people, in this case...185cm. Sigh, he's a good 40 cm taller than me.

Which was his glass? I think the one in the middle. Maybe I should have taken the glass home and auction it off on ebay- The glass that Lee Min Ho's lips touched. Think should be able to get a high price for it right? hehehe!

I must say, I rather like this boy....

Will cover the party next....hopefully tomorrow. Otherwise got to wait until weekend liao coz got to cover Kang Ji Hwan's and Kim Ha Neul's visit the next 2 days. ^^

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L said...

did you see the video clip of him after the immigration counter and inside the boarding gate? the fan took video of him for a good 10mins.. he knew it but was not unhappy.... at times he still look into the camera...

afterall he is only 22.. i would prefer him to remain as he is now... i believe his past 2-3years unknown status has made him what he is today... i.e. to be appreciative of what he gets...that is why he always do what his fans want(in fans meet)....and never leave without a smile whenever he sees fans....

always think that i'm a bit too old to go star chasing/like a 22years old star but i can't be bothered already...hahaha.. even reporters like him so much... (talking about 22years old artiste, there is still 1 more boy...when is that boy coming..kekeke)