Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jay Park in Singapore- Press conference

I must say this was the first time I attended a press conference in a bar. No doubt, it was a very swanky bar, in a very swanky hotel (Marina Bay Sands, no less), but is was still a bar. Funny thing was, though the bar was on the ground floor, with pretty much glass walls all around (which means it is very visible to the crowd outside), there weren't many fans. I mean, there weren't any screaming fans, which seems to have become the norm whenever a Korean artiste is within smelling distance. Any because, the place was small (it only occupied one small part of the bar), the media there had to be creative in their seating arrangement in order to get a clear view. Thankfully, it was a very, very small group of media, so we needn't sit on each other's lap.

Anyway, I arrived just on time (having thought it was at the convention side) but I needn't have hurry, coz he was late. Not as late as the Wonder Girls, but still later than expected especially as I know he had to go to Armani and M1 in the afternoon.

The media was reminded to ask questions related to his solo career only (ie, no questions about 2PM). But of course, that is the burning thought on every media right? Even in Korea. So journalists asked related questions ina roundabout way. Below's clip were questions about his career. I had asked Jay which Korean artiste he would like to work with and he wants to sing a duet with Lee Hyori! I think a duet between these 2 would be a instant hit!

Fans are obviously something very close and dear to him. And he should, because fans made it possible for him to come back as a solo artiste after leaving 2PM. I wonder if there will ever be a lucky fan who will receive his flowers and go out and watch a movie with him.

With the-boy-next-door dressing like that, he would pleased any mother. hehe!

Now I know Jay Park has a few tatoos on his body and they probably fascinated alot of fans but I never know it would draw so much interest from the media. And in case you are wondering about the question that's right at the beginning of the clip, Jay was basically asked if he would romance his girlfriend (bring her flowers and take her to a movie), the same way he would a fan. And when he was asked if he would consider dating a fan, he actually stole a glance outside at the handful of fans that were lingering outside the bar before answering, 'No'. Perhaps he has been overwhelmed by the fans' passion. Wahaha!

And these are the tattoos on Jay Park's body...in case you are as curious and kaypoh as I am.

And from there, we move onto the the little more personal questions. He is his own stylist now so I guess as he picked out this pair of shoes himself. ^^

And with a smile like that, if he were ever to change career and become a vet, I'm sure he would have a roaring business charming both the animals and the owners themselves. ^^

Finally, the press conference was over and there was the obligatory photo in front of the sponsors' board.

At the end of the press conference, he striked me as a very earnest young man, who was very cautious but forthright in his answers. I'm sure he must be very careful and wary about how he say things now after the internet incident. But he answered each and every questions thrown to him and did not avoid anyone. Bravo! However, I must say, there was just that little spark missing in the whole presonference, even in the photos taken. So it was good to see him with this peace sign and smiling. To find out how he ended up doing this sign, go to Kandace's site. ^^ Thanks for the photos, Kandace!

And here's another random shot that I like.

Before I end off, remember my post on F&N's BBoys' contest? The winners, Radikal Force were to battle Jay and AOM on stage. So I asked Jay if he had seen our local boys and if there was anything he would like to say to them. His whole face really lighted up when I mentioned about BBoys. I remember in the interview with All Kpop, he mentioned that it was hard for him to decide if he want to be a singer or dancer, coz he really like both.

So how did the battle go? Take a look here. I think our boys did very well indeed.

And the latest update. Though if you are a Jay Park fan, you would have already known. Jay has not only launched his own site, he has also released 2 songs, which are available for download for only 59cents. You can check it out here.

And oh, one last thing before I end this post. Remember how earlier on in this post, I remarked that he was dressed in a boy-next-door look that any mother would approve and entrust her daughter to? Well, this scene would completely shatter all that image. But it drove all the girls wild though.... Hahaha! Click on the link below

Jay Park ripping his shirt off at the fan meet.

Hope everyone had a good time at the fan meet.

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