Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Music of Oh Joon Sung Contest- winners

Happy Tiger year everyone!

Have been fighting off a sore throat and a cold for the past one week. And then really busy with the Lunar New Year (I must remember not to say Chinese New Year...hehehe!)

Anyway, the 4 winners has been picked and here they are:

Nashirah bte Kamal Mustapa (Sxxxx633H)- Dream ost
Chok Shuyi Tiffany (Sxxxx347A)- Boys Over Flowers ost
Elaine Sew (Sxxxx524F)- Heading to the Ground ost
Nurraihan Bte Abdul Rahim (Sxxxx759H)- The Queen Returns ost

Congratulations!!! Your cd has been signed by Mr Oh Joon Sung himself personally. An email has been sent to you all. Enjoy the cd.

You know, I thought I had set a really, really easy quesiton. But I was surprised to receive wrong answers from people leh. I guess they must really like Boys Over Flowers. For the record, the correct answer is 'Dream'.

I've actually edited all the clips but seeing as it is now 3.21 in the morning and I have to be up in about 4 hours' time, I will write about it tomorrow.

Btw, you all do know that Shinee will be back again in March right?

I want Bobby Kim!!!!!!


turquoise said...

i want SS501!!

oh opps..were we just talking abt Oh Joon Sung Concert performers?


btw, tiff, where *do* u get all e updates/inside scoop on k-pop happenings in Sg? can i take over ur job?? haha... so fun - coordinating little contests and event reporting!

jlwx-gal said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Yeah!! SHINee coming to SG on 13th march for Singapore Entertainment Awards. Too bad all the front seats tickets sold out. But I bought $20 seat. Better than nothing.

I like your site. Alway have news from KPOP. You're indeed a KPOP internal news collector. LOL.
Are you korean btw? :D:D

_germx said...

thanks for the constant updates! ^^ yup, shinee is coming back to SG for the epop thingy and i'm going with my bestie cause we got the standing tickets!! (but i seriously wonder how i will survive standing there for 5h? HAHA!)

and i kind of miss oh joon sung and his humour. even though he knows limited english, he still tries his best to converse in english. and his 'you know uknow' joke is super cute, along with 'you know dongbangshinki? my friend! =P'.

and yes, i wish bobby kim will come again to show his awesome singing. i thought his voice was really good and he really knows how to bring up the atmosphere and let the audience join in the fun.

maybe it's me, but during the whole 2h concert at the esplanade, my friend and i had the intention of actually standing up and treating it like a REAL CONCERT. we thought the music was awesome and it is a waste to be just appreciating it sitting down for it was a LIVE BAND. and we got really high that the old couple beside us were simply amazed at why we were so excited! OOPS.

hope to see more updates soon. thanks! ^^


tiffany said...

Hi turquoise
SS501 was rumoured strongly to be in Singapore since last year. It was even announced in Korea. But I think at the end of the day, they were too expensive for any organiser to bring in...just my guess.

Like you's a job. When it's a may not be all that fun anymore. It can be pretty hard work...going to press conferences...editing photos and clips...writing about the event in the middle of the night. Like now. ^^

Still, I wouldn't say it is boring as it does offer me a chance to see how these stars actually are.

How do I get updates? Lots of help form friends plus being thicj skinned. ^^

tiffany said...

Err... 한국사람 안이에요. I wouldn't say I have all the news...but I try. Still need help from all the fans and people like you all. Coz fans always get the news first. ^^

I'm sure you will be able to see them on the big screen. $20 is not too expensive, plus there will be other artistes.

tiffany said...

I like Oh Joon Sung too. I think he was really happy to ahve been able to perform his own concerts.

Yeah, it would have been better if everyone had stood up to dance. But then hor...those at the back would have complained about not being able to see Shinee. ^^

Yes, Bobby Kim is amazing. He is a veteran and a teacher. I wish someone would invite him back again.

Turquoise said...


u're like a super one-woman show! from writing, photographing, video editing...the works!

we all LOVE ur updates! keep it up!

tiffany said...

Hi Turquoise

Thanks...not really super woman...but sure am one tired woman. But glad you people drop by regularly. ^^