Thursday, June 10, 2010

SingTel/ Samsung GALAXY S presents Super Junior- Press Conference

Wow! What a weekend! Super Junior literally swept into town like a hurricane. This must have been one of the shortest visit by a celebrity as they were here for only half a day. Still, for all the fans who did managed to see them, I believe it was an unforgettable experience.

The line had began to form early in the night...according to news article. I am hardly surprised by this as it is free standing. So fans will want to be sure they can get a good spot.

Before the actual, actual press conference, all the invited media had a chance to take a look and touch THE phone, GALAXY S. For those of you who have smart phones (which according to Mr Yuen of SingTel, 75% of the last 6 months' sales were from smart phones...and I'm guessing in particular, a certain "i" brand, hence the rather subtle reference to that particular phone in their advert tagline), the phone would not be unfamiliar.

How? Nice?

Now, I'm no techie person, but I did read that the operating system, Android 2.1 is pretty good and quite highly anticipated. It's no wonder that the black market for Super Junior's tickets first appeared on tech forums as there were quite a few guys who reserved the phone the moment it came on the *market. And the pictures on the screen is really, really clear. Even I can see that. But hor...the strange thing doesn't have Chinese language input in the phone. It has English, Malay and Korean (which is great) but no Chinese! Hmm... Those of you who did buy the is it? I'm really curious. And you should be able to watch exclusive post-event videos of Super Junior's showcase on your TV Mobile. Are the clips any good?

*Someone from Samsung has clarified that you can write in Chinese, which is great as it makes sense. See his/ her comments below on how to do it.

Finally, the press conference started. Now I've been attending press conferences for quite a while and I must say this is one of the bigger ones in recent years...not sure if it's due to Super Junior or the phone itself. Maybe both?

The official launch
watch it on youtube here

What followed was a short interview of Mr Moon Sung-Hyun of Samsung and Mr Yuen Kuan Moon of SingTel (I kinda of like the fact that Mr Yuen was rather casual with his jeans and sport shoes). Mr Yeun is pretty important coz he decides what kind of phones you are going to get in SingTel. So if you see any of those very hot phones in any of the Korean dramas that you think is a must have, maybe you can try and contact him. I wonder if he keeps a twitter or FB account. ^^ And Mr Moon was really, really enthusiastic not just about the GALAXY S (he whipped out his to demonstrate to the media) but also about Korea. He kept asking the audience to support Korea in the coming World Cup and watch KBS World on the phone. hahaha! But errr.. I don't think there's a KBS World on SingTel's TV mobile leh.

Official photo with Super Junior

Sung Min was seen chatting with Mr Moon briefly whilst looking at their phones...were they exchanging phone numbers? Wahahaha! And what is Si Won doing, peeping over Mr Moon's shoulder? ^^

The 9 boys finally (Credit: Jessica)

The boys were asked what they thought of Singapore (it seems to be a must-asked question and the reply is pretty much always standard. I mean, which guest or artiste is going to say negative comments about their host country right?). But the one thing I was impressed...the boys were good spokesperson and very professional. There were given a GALAXY S phone each just hours before the media launch. Throughout the whole press conference, they were either constantly playing with the phone, holding up the phone for photo opportunities or just mentioning the phone. FYI, this phone has yet to be launched in Korea. Yup, Singapore is the first country to have it and it is exclusive to SingTel for 6 weeks. I wonder if it will spark a craze for it when it is launched in Korea?

(Credit: Jessica)

And just how professional were the boys? Here's Lee Teuk talk about his 'family members'. The boys were asked what else are they good at besides singing a dancing.

wach it on youtube here

And here's Shin Dong, with his applause clip. Not sure where he found the clip on the phone, but it was really funny when we first heard it.

watch it on youtube here

And a really pleasant and impromptu dance performance by Eun Hyuk...showing off his passion. ^^

watch it on youtube here

And are the boys afraid of anything? Not really it seems, at least not on TV anyway. They were asked if there was anything they would be afraid to do or wouldn't do and the answer was ....NO. Lee Teuk replied that they have done too many things...including dressing up as women (really? when?), so nothing fazes them anymore.

watch it on youtube here

Finally, will they be coming back to Singapore again? Yes, replied Lee Teuk, just call us. Err.. how about giving us your phone number so we CAN call you? Wahahaha! But no need to call already, coz they will be back...probbaly next year for their Asia Tour.

watch it on youtube here

So there you have it...the super short Super Junior press conference. But a credit to their professionalism, if they were tired or jet lagged (afterall, they did just arrived a couple of hours before), they did not show it and in fact, seemed to be really excited and happy to be in Singapore. Except for Hee Chul, who was really, reaaly quiet and not at all happy. (found out later on the net that he was being bombarded by nasty text messages on his phone. Poor guy)

By the time the press conference ended, it was nearly 7pm, so not only was it a mad dash to the show for the boys, it was a mad dash for the media who attended as well.

Next coming up this week: Super Junior showcase!


Samsung Singapore said...

Hi Tiffany,

Thank you for coming to the showcase.

Just to clarify, the Galaxy S does have Chinese text input. You just need to:

1. Press and hold on the message input box,
2. Select Input method, then DioPen Chinese IME.

There's also an option to change to hanyu pinyin version, or even Chinese handwriting input.

Hope that helps!

tiffany said...

Hey, someone from Samsung is reading this post. ^^

Hihi! Thanks for dropping by. When I looked at the phone the other day, I couldn't see the Chinese language in it. The nice young chap who was demonstrating the phone to me and my partner told me there wasn't any Chinese language input. He said that I could write in Chinese but not via hanyu pinyin...which seems rather silly to me as hardly anyone remembers how to 'write' in Chinese. We all do it via hanyu pinyin. In fact another nice young chap who was demonstrating to another group also confirmed cannot write in Chinese. So you can imagine my surprise.

It's great that you've clarified this. I'll do some editing on my post. ^^

Too bad... I just signed up with another telco for the other phone otherwise I would have considered. ^^

June said...

Regarding the MobileTV app thing. I couldn't load it. Weird.

tiffany said...

June... did you contact Samsung or SingTel for help? Alternatively, there seems to be a very lively discussion about the phone over at the hardwarezone forum.

best phone deals said...

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Anonymous said...

how do you change the optin to hanyu pinyin

Anonymous said...

why my galaxy s dont have the option of DioPen i want it to have chinese writing

please help

tiffany said...


I'm sorry, I'm not from Samsung. For questions on the phone and its Chinese writing function, I would suggestb you call them or leave a comment on their twitter or facebook.

Sharon said...

i tried
1. Press and hold on the message input box,
2. Select Input method, then DioPen Chinese IME.
but still cant type in chinese? is the setting problem or ....?

tiffany said...


For all those who have been asking question about Chinese input on the Galaxy S, I've checked with a Samsung personnel and this is what he said:

1. Go to SMS -> Compose New Message

2. Press and hold the message input field, and it will show Edit Text "Input Method",

3. Select Input Method, choose DioPen Chinese IME.

All the best and if you still have problem, I suggest you contact Samsing directly eitehr via phone, FB or twitter.

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心小凉 said...

Thanks for posting the info on how to input chinese text for samsung galaxy phone! As I also find for few days, but do not know how to use. Now I know, and I have tried. It works. Many thanks...

Moon said...

Install the app Google Pinyin IME and follow the instruction. Should have the ability to key in Chinese words via Han Yu Pin Yin when select for input method. I did it.

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