Friday, July 16, 2010

Taste of Korea- Food fair @ City Square Mall

Sorry...민안에...对不起。 Have been maidless the last few few days. It's incredible how much we depend on them.

Did you see the photo on my twitter on Tuesday?'s a picture of bibimbap in a big container. It was supposed to be one big bibimbap, enough to feed at least 200 people. I think they fed more than that number that day as many uncles and aunties were going back for seconds. (Singaporeans lah)

This event was held at the Korea Foodstuff Fair @ City Square Mall. Entitled Taste of Korea, this fair aims to introduce food that's not in Singapore currently. Although when they say not in Singapore currently, I'm not sure if they meant the foodstuff is not available in the mass supermarkets (ie, Cold Storage, NTUC) or brands that are not found in Singapore yet. Coz obviously some of the food are on sale already and you can find in the Korean supermarkets like Seoulmart and Shine Supermart.

Still, I did find a few surprises there. Like these- frozen, microwaveble tteokbokki and cuttlefish rice (they also have bibimbap).

I'm not sure how they tastes...I was assured the tteokbokki is reallly quite good inspite of it's appearance. Well, I've bought one and shall let you all know the verdict later. This is the first time I've seen ready-made tteokbokki. However, if you prefer to make your own tteokbokki, you can also buy the rice cakes and sauce at the fair.

Another intriguing product- Black garlic

This is a health food that has been on the Korean market for 5 years and is apparently very popular. According to the brochure, the garlic is ripened naturally using unique methods and the best garlic. Well, garlic is known to be good for us, and this 'black garlic' is supposed to be even better with the usual health benefits- lower chloestral, diabetes etc. Oooh... it is also especially beneficial to men, whispered the sales lady conspiracially. I tried a bit of this miraculous black garlic. It doesn't taste too bad- jelly-like texture, a little sweet. The garlic smell is hardly there. But I don't think it's going to become my favourite foodstuff, healthy or not. Still, it could become the next 'IN' health supplement if marketed well.

Here's another health supplement- Grain Syrup

There wasn't any sample for tasting, so I can't tell you if it tastes nice. According to the brochure, it says "Good for an empty stomach both in the morning and the evening". So I guess it's a little like bird's nest? Hmm...

And the rest of the foodstuff like
Citron tea, Aloe vera tea, Ginseng tea..

Miso soup

Korean melons. These were going at 3 for $7. They were quite sweet if a little small.

Korean grapes! I think these were selling at $4. Korean grapes used to be a rarity in Singapore but not anymore. NTUC has been selling lots of Korean grapes and strawberries. Both favourites of my girl's. ^^

Interestingly, on that very day, there was a full page article in the ST on how the Korean government is trying to make food as popular as Hallyu Wave. Kimchi and Bibimbap are already popular and well known. Now, they are trying to add tteokbokki and rice wine or Makgulri. I think this particular one that they are selling has ginseng in it. Again no sampling! 왜요? :(

There were other things on sale like rice, dry soy bean pastes, noodles, kimchi and ready-made soup for 냉면 (cold noodles). If you do intend to check out this fair, remember to bring cash hor. No nets and credit card.

Ohh...this was the bibimbap made by the very hot and sweaty ajusshi. It was rather tasty.

It was fairly interesting but I wished there was more smapling. Why sell foodstuff that I cannot try? Cannot try then how to buy? Maybe it's the kiasu Singaporean in me complaining. Hehehe! But it hasn't stopped the shoppers though as the cash till was ringing non-stop during the busy lunch hour. I would really have loved to try the rice wine.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to check out this brand new mall (even my taxi driver has never been there). However, I did find out that got free bus there from Toa Payoh, Novena and Lavendat mrt station. ^^ That would make things a little more convenient.


rainy said...

thanks for the information! Pop down to see if i can buy what i want.. usually those I cant find in SG kmarts. :-)

tiffany said...


Bought anything interesting?

Btw, I lost most of my data on my pc, can give me your email again?

rainy said...

disappointed at the products. I went to the one@chinatown point. Only interesting stuff is the S$33 Korean pkg rice... (abit too heavy for me to carry).. lol.. and maybe the makgoli at $8.

tiffany said...

Hi Rainy

Yeah, I wished they had more products. I was interested in the makgoli but no trying leh. So don't want to buy. Wait I don't like it.