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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 4 summary

This is just a summary for Episode 4. I have to stress again that I don't understand all the dialogue. Hopefully someone will translate them soon. I have to thank cydevil, dramaok and the others on soompi for some of the ecxplainations and spot translations.

Dam Deok went to pay his respects at the altar of Ho Gae's mother. He explained what had happened. Of course initially, Ho Gae refused to believe him and his father asked Dam Deok if he was lying. But Dam Deok said that a person will only lie if he is afraid. He also showed the head of the doctor to them (I think it's the doctor who was bribed). He was beheaded (I presume either by Dam Deok's order or by the general). I think Ho Gae's father 'thanked' Dam Deok for not beheading his wife. In a way, forcing her to take poison (with nobody knowing the truth except for a few people) would save the face and retain the dignity of the Yon's family. Of course, I think Dam Deok also could not risk incurring the wrath and possibly an open revolt if he was to confront and behead her in the open.

Anyway, Ho Gae's father told Hoe Gae to become strong (?) and to wait in the meantime and not to take any action now. Ho Gae vowed that he will avenge for his mother's death when he is king.

The King is shocked when he learnt what happened. He explained to Dam Deok why Ho Gae's mother did not like him. (Explaination thanks to dramaoak) It seems that the King's mother was exiled for 13 years and gave birth to the present king (Dam Deok's father) when she was not in Goguryeo. Hence there are rumours that Dam Deok's father may not be of royal blood. It is for this reason that Dam Deok and his family only came back when he was 8 years old. (According to dramaoak, it is of historical fact that the Queen at that time was held hostage for 13 years). Anyway, the conversation was too long and difficult and I couldn't really catch it.

Dam Deok, feeling very sad, went to practice his martial arts that night. There, he found Ki Ha laying out the steps for him so that he could follow easily. (Thanks to cydevil for the spot translation) Dam Deok asked Ki Ha if it was good to become powerful even if it meant killing his close friend's mother. He was obviously in emotional conflict. Ki Ha then thought (in her head) that she hopes he will become stronger and more powerful(?). It will be good so that he will not be hurt in the future.

Suzini told Hyeon Go off for flirtng with the lady (he was holding her hand at the pretext of telling her fortune). hehe! Both teacher and student are so alike. Suzini met Jumuchi and his gang. I think she saw that they had money and brought them to the woman (whose family guarded the White Tiger's (one of the 4 god) object. Her father was killed and her brother fled away with the object. This was in Ep 2). I think Suzini was trying to persuade them to sell their old weapons. The woman commented that the axes were not good. Anyway, Jumuchi showed off his skills by throwing his ax and cutting the tree stump into 2. Jumuchi is the reicarnation of White Tiger.

Dam Deok is seen roaming the streets and befriending the street urchins. They were calling him Hyeon (big brother). He also seemed to have helped the food stall lady's husband. Not sure with what. Dam Deok exchanged greetings with a gang leader, who asked if he wants to go to the gambling den with him. I think this scene shows that Dam Deok (like Suzini) is very familiar with the ordinary people and the street life.

The next scene showed Dam Deok helping an old grandmother with the clothes dying process (hehe! it's the same grandmother in 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1') with the help of the other little kids.

I'm not sure how the above scenes of Dam Deok contribute to the story. Perhaps in the future, when he make his claim as king, it will show that he has the people's support?

The kids then grew up, each doing their own stuff..(finally!)

One day, in the gambling den, Dam Deok saw Suzini. She had lost all her money. He saw her pick-pocketing 2 guy's money and then saw Hyeon Go taking away the money and asking her to follow them. She found them in the putting some sort of grass in the hay for the horses in the stable. These are horses that would be playing in the 'polo game' the next day. Think they were trying to make the hores sick (Note: according to dramaok, the 'polo' game is Korean's version. It's called 격구).

She tried to stop the 2 men and a fight ensued (aiyoh, these 2 men really fought with Lee Ji Ah, a girl. Wonder how she felt). Then the stablehands came out and thought Suzini was the culprit. More fighting as she was surrounded by them. Hehe! It was quite funny when Dam Deok helped Suzini to escape.

Suzini tried to get Dam Deok's money and invited him to a courtesan house, assuming that he's never been to one (well, his expression was a surprised one. I think he was just surprise that she, a girl would suggest such a place). When they got there, to her suprise, the girls there knew Dam Deok well (well, he did grew up in the street).

And Suzini was again chased by those people from the horse training place. It was so funny how Dam Deok refused to help her when she asked him to.

The King paid a surprise visit to Dam Deok. Dam Deok's guards seems to be aware that the crown prince is in a habbit of sneaking out and Ki Ha would know where to find him. The guards passed his robes to her. Ki Ha was waiting for Dam Deok when he came back, climbing over the wall (this reminds me so much of the scene in 'Untold Scandal')

Dam Deok was reprimanded (I think he basically told him not to wonder about as the crown prince). Aiyoh, that expression that BYJ gave to Moon So Ri whilst being scolded was so cute. ^^

I think Ki Ha was also telling him to behave but Dam Deok, to change the subject, asked her to do it--which was to light the fire (this is what Ju Jak, who is one of teh 4 gods, can do- control fire). He wanted to her to stay with him for awhile but she didn't (I think her years of training as part of the Fire/Tiger clan and as part of Shin Dang made her very well disciplined). And then Dam Deok revealed just how lonely he was by saying that there was no one he could be together with in the palace. *sob! sob!*

The next day, Suzini was angry and confronted Dam Deok for not helping her the day before. This was the scene where Dam Deok asked her if she wanted him as she's been following him the whole day (spot translation done by gaulsan earlier).

I think Dam Deok sold some rice? Anyway, Suzini tried to persuade Dam Deok to gamble to make 4 times or 10 times more the money. But I'm not sure how she ended up bringing him to Hyeon Go for fortune telling.

But of course bascially, Hyeon Go is a scam and tried to cheat. Because the holder with all those fortune sticks probably had the bad luck sign on them. I think Heyon Go told Dam Deok that he would reveal the sceret if he gave 2 dollors? (How do you say 两文 in English?) Of course Dam Deok, being a smart guy, discovered the truth.

And then followed a whole long conversation that I couldn't catch except that it was about Ho Gae and the star of Jushin?

Ho Gae is seen giving instructions to his men...I guess bascially, he wants to make sure they win.

The scene where all the 4 teams came in was pretty impressive. Ho Gae belonged to the Yellow team.

Ho Gae's father saw the chief of Fire/ Tiger clan at the event and said to his aide that he wants to meet him. Hmm...not sure what the aide said.

Dam Deok had this very sweet look as he looked at Ki Ha dancing together with the otehr girls from Shin Dang just before the start of the event.

And then the game started and Ho Gae scored.

Tonight's episode will see Dam Deok joining one of the team secretly. And I believe Ho Gae's team also cheated by making their stick stronger than usual.

I'm so glad to finally see BYJ on screen. Can't wait to watch tonight's episode.

Ok...I know I'm missing out alot on the details as I don't understand most of the dialogue....but hopefully this will do till someone does a translation.....*crossing finger*

It's over 30% for the ratings last night. Here's hoping it will break all records!



vegasbyj said...

Hi Tiffany!

I want to thank you very much for posting this episode summary. It really helped me when I re-watched it again. Really appreciate your time in doing this for us!!

thanks again!

tiffany said...

Hi vegasbyj

Not a problem...I only hope I haven't missed out anything impt or translated anything wrongly.... ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tiffany for the translation, at least we had an idea of what's happening. Like the rest I am just picture and action reading but for sure we have been missing a lot but just to see BYJ in action is good enough for now

jaime said...

Thank you so much tiffany for your summary. It helps so much to know what transpires from all those talking! From Gaulsan and your translation, I am happy without subtitles for now until the DVD is released. Your effort is very much appreciated.

love ... jaime

tiffany said...

Thanks Jamie..
I only hope I haven't misled anyone with my summary.

MYMY said...

thanks for the summary! hehe i thats my favorite scene, when YJ made a face to kiha(sleepy?)... me 2, i kindda remember US when i saw him climbing the wall!!!

tiffany said...

Hi mymy...

wasn't he cute in that scene?