Monday, August 23, 2010

Listen to the CNBlue in Singapore- Autograph session

Are all the CNBlue fans still in cloud nine? I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was really a fantastic show, even with some minor hiccups. Anway, I've uploaded the clip of the autograph session on the 20th August at City Sqaure Mall. Since I'm still sorting the rest, I'll start with this event first.

I've been to quite a few events and this was the first time a K Pop event was held at City Sqaure Mall. My first visit there was also Korean related- Korean food (post here). Anyway, although I remembered it was a very big mall, I couldn't remember how the atrium looked like. Would it be complete chaos, like Lee Min Ho's event at Plaza Singapura? Would there be enough space? Would the public be able to see? It would have been terrible and a big disappointment if it only a few fans could see the boys.

I was relieved to see everything was in order and best of all, the public and rest of the fans who weren't getting any autographs, could at least see the boys...and in relative comfort too (the minus point of IMM- out in the open, subject to the elements). Check out the crowd:

and the fans:

I do think however, that the stage could have been a little higher and a little bigger. It was terribly crammed on stage for the photo-taking towards the end.


The event was host by DJ Ken from the radio station 100.3. He's been hosting quite a few events as this station was the official station for the events.

It was supposed to start at 8pm, but of course, it normally never starts on time. So everyone was just waiting and waiting.... Soon, a huge commotion went up. the boys had arrive. Unfortunately, I couldn't see as the space I was in was rather limited and there were quite a few of us inside the enclosed area. Check out their arrival to the mall here. I hadn't realised that they had actually enterted the mall via the ground level. Most of the time, they normally enter the venue via some secret car park entrance/ exit. ^^

Thye didn't appear on the stage immediately after they arrived. They went backstage...possibly for touch-up? hehe! The host was hyping up the crowd in the meantime... as if they needed any hyping. : )

When I finally saw them on stage, I was very glad to see them casually dressed and looking so comfortable. It was in complete contrast to the press conference held in the morning. Not sure I really liked their complete white attire then. They were also a lot friendlier and warm as compared to the press conference. Perhaps they were nervous that morning but I like to think this is what they enjoyed and thrive on- amongst the fans and crowd and not in front of the press.

I think the boys didn't really expect such a huge turn out. Jong Hyun was the most surprised I think. Most of the time, the Korean artistes are amazed when they see the crowd during their first visit to Singapore. I guess, being a little red dot country, they may have the impression that Singapore doesn't have enough fan base. ^^

Anyway, the introduction from the 4 boys was very short. There wasn't even any interview by the host. The autograph session started pretty much straight away.

Those in Category 1 went first. These had the envious privilege of having all the 4 boys' signatures. They would be followed by Category 2, who would only get 1 signature from one of the boys. Altogether, the boys would have to sign 149 signatures per person.

For the next one hour or so, I tried very hard to film the boys. It was tough. There were lots of butts, legs and bags in the way. And the space was limited. So those of us taking photos/ filming had to walk from one end to the other end, trying to capture the boys whenever there was clear shot of the boys. Here are some taken by Jessica:

Yong Hwa (he was really quite dorky)

Jong Hyun (I think he had the most beautiful smile- personal opinion)

Min Hyuk (very cute but really passionate when he plays the drums)

Jung Shin (he didn't smile as much but when he did, it was a such a bright one)

Soon it was the Category 2 fans' turn to get the autographs. Earlier, they had already picked a colour- red, blue, yellow and green. The boys now picked a sealed evelope which contained a coloured band. Min Hyuk picked green, Yong Hwa was blue, Jong Hyun's red and Jung Shin was yellow. I do think this was a fairer and quicker way to decide. In the past events, some of the fans would be reluctant to move forward to get the autograph if it wasn't the artiste of their choice, Of course, there were still plenty of exchanging amongst the fans. But at least, it was done before they went on stage and alot less messier and time consuming.

The fans were naturally excited and some were really dragged off stage by the security as they tried to linger on as much as possible. A few of the fans who went on stage earlier managed to get hugs from the boys. I think the managers stopped it soon as they would be there for a very long time if each and every fan gets a hug. So lucky the first few fans. There were screams and flashes everywhere but the boys didn't seemed to mind. In fact, quite a few times, I caught them humming along to their songs and waving to the crowd whenver they had a spare moment. I had the impression that the boys were really enjoying themselves. ^^

And finally, it was the group photo-taking time for 66 Category 1 fans and 5 winners from Radio 100.3. Not sure if there are any others from the other official media.

After one photo taking segment, the boys thanked the crowd and left. I was puzzled as I know there should be more than 1 group. Maybe they didn't realised. Anyway, my friend who was upstairs said one of boys went to the toilet (can't remember who). He was surrounded by bodyguards. hehe!

After some time, the DJ announced that the boys were back. And they proceed to take another 2 more group photos. Like I said, the stage was small. So it was very squeezy on stage. Though I'm sure the fans didn't mind the chance to be that close, I'm not sure how the photos would turn out.

Note- I read on Proof Label's FB that some of the Category 1 fans did not managed to take photos with the boys, which is really, really unfortunate.

Finally, it was the end of the event. It was slightly after 9pm by then. Although a path had been cleared for them and it was barricaded, the boys were still mobbed by the fans, who were all trying to 'touch' them. Whilst I understand the fans' passion and they generally meant no harm, it can still be rather traumatic for these artistes, who could be pulled and shoved and scratch amongst the fan's excitment. Watch the clip here.

Here's a photo taken by Kelly, who was on the 2nd level.

Here's the clip that I ahve uploaded onto youtube. As I said, after more than an hour, there was only about 7+ minutes worth of footage. Enjoy anyway coz I spent a considerable of time editing out all the butts, legs and bags... ^^

Or watch the clip here

City Square Mall is giving away an autographed CNBlue eco bag. So go join the contest now if you want that autographed bag. Contest ends 31st August. Check out the T&C on their facebook here.


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Hi marydewitt

Glad you enjoyed the account. I'm not sure I will be at Kim Hyung Jun;s event next week as I'm busy. And Warner Music normally only allow mainstream media to cover.

But we'll see. ^^

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