Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kang Ji Hwan & Kim Ha Neul- brief look

Just got back from the press conference and super tired now, so will upload these 3 photos first as I'm sure many are waiting to see their photos.

Poor Kim Ha Neul has sty, an eye condition. I heard about that she went to Mt Elizbeth hospital yesterday after touch down to have a clook at it. Her condition hasn't really improved from yesterday, so she's still wearing her big sunglassses. Poor girl. Kang Ji Hwan was fine. Clothes worn were way better than last night's. Guess he was trying to be matching with Kim Ha Neul but somehow his didn't quite come off well. Sorry fans of his.

Anyway, will write more about it later.

In the meantime, enjoy. I'm sure more media will be out soon with their pictures and video clips.


rainy said...

was disappointed with KJH in his sunglasses yesterday night at the gala premiere. I wanted to see him w/o the sunglasses. Ur pics u posted at the press conference look much better.

tiffany said...

hi rainy! Haven't 'seen' you for sunch a long time. Didn't know you were a fan of Kang Ji Hwan. ^^

Saw your photos at The were upstairs. Unfortunately, he was wearing sunglasses again. You must have been disappointed. But he does look good, doesn't he?

I'll try and post about the press conf asap...

rainy said...

Hi Tiff,
Had always been around except I seldom post unnecc.
Doesnt need to be at his thread to show I am a fan. lol..

He looks good. :)
I thought he looked better than the Gala night. I prefer him in this casual dressing.

snifez said...

Hi Tiffany,
Thanks for the up close photos. They are very nice. I was at all 3 events, even the airport; but took little photos. I really like Kim Ha Neul, and like to know if you are aware of her official fan site? Is there one in Asia?

Do you know if she understand English; speaking or writing?

tiffany said...


I'm not sure about any official fan site. Presumably, if there's one, it should be on her agency's site.

I doubt she speaks or writes English. Just her speaking on the trailer for the movie on Yes93.3 and it was very Korean accented English. Sorry, can't help you more.

snifez said...

Thanks Tiffany, you are so helpful. Do enjoy reading your blog :)