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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 8 summary

Sorry this summary is a little late as I've been out these few days and didn't have the time to watch or write. Actually I've been busy the whole week and didn't have the time to do any blogging.

Anyway, translation by Suehan is out but I will still be doing this summary for my own have a clearer understanding of the whole drama. ^^ To repeat again...this is not perfect as I don't understand all the dialogues. Many thanks to all those who have helped (Pyoungsang, Priscilla, Suehan etc) in the explainations and translations on the various sites...

Kiha was captured and imprisoned back at Hwacheon. Ho Gae was really pleased to see her. He spent the whole night waiting, not sure when she would return and worrying that she would not return.
Ki Ha: "I have a favour to ask of you."
Hyeon Go: "Say it. The owner of Jujak..whatever you want me to help..say it. I never thought the owner of Jujak would ever return. I have heard that you and the Crown Prince are childhood friends"

Ki Ha: "He's not s friend. He's someone I love. He's someone I cannot live if he was to die. It has been like that from the beginning." (I think that's roughly what she said)

She handed the box containing the heart of Ju Jak to Ho Gae and asked him to find another owner for Jujak. Ho Gae asked if anyone can be the owner by just having the heart of Ju Jak.

Ki Ha: "I think it's not me. Jujak and Jushin...all these do not matter to me today. I can't remember the time when I was Ju Jak. I'm not the owner of Jujak." (roughly what she said)

Ho Gae said didn't she acknowledged him as the King? She said it's because she wanted to save Dam Deok and was willing to do anything. Ki Ha begged Ho Gae to be the King, the King of Goguryeo, the King of Jushin. She asked him to set her free and let her go to Dam Deok and she will make sure he will never meet them again. (This was the wrong thing to say to Ho Gae. Of all the people in the world, Ki Ha is the one person he wants to see all the time. )

Ho Gae was very hurt and I think this may be the turning point when he really wanted to kill Dam Deok. I thought Yoon Tae Young's acting was good!

Ki Ha saw that she was surrounded by guards and asked Sar Ryang to help her.

Ba Son (the noonim or the woman in charge of weapons) is really cute! She keeps challenging Man Deuk to hit her. ^^

Anyway, Sar Ryang went to enlist Joomochi for help. Joomochi repeated his 3 conditions: 1)They don't assassinate people; 2) they don't kill women, old people and children, and 3) they don't take the offer if they don't like the person who gives them the work.

Sar Ryang said they have to save some innocent people who will be killed at noon (hmm...I thought I heard morning). Hence he was finding people who would be brave enough to do it and asked if Joomochi could do it. Ba Son asked him if it was the Yon's family jail.

Sa Ryang told Ki Ha that he's already asked Joomochi to break into the jail within one hour and take the Crown Prince to the Chor No tribe after that.

Kiha thanked Sar Ryang for his help.

Conversation between Joomochi and his men. The rather comical guy was sent to find out about the situation inside the Yon's residence. Think he said there were 15 men? Then the rest I can't understand however Joomochi asked his men not to kill the guards but to make them unconscious.

Hyeon Go and his side kick, the funny short man, came looking for Joomochi and his men. Hyeon Go wanted to hire Joomochi and his men and even brought money. Ba Son was very dismissive of Hyeo Go as she felt he didn't do enough to help Suzini escape. Ba Son then told Hyeon Go that the Chor No tribe had sent someone with the money to hire Joomochi's men to break into the jail.

Hyeon Go: "It’s a trap."

Sar Ryang went back to Hwa Cheon's HQ and is punished by Daejangro. He asked if he thought what he did was good for Ju Jak.

The maid/ worker of Yon Gar Ryeo was on her way to the prison, bringing food (she was the one who was giving news about Suzini to Ba Son in Episode 5) when she met her husband. This was such a nice couple and they obviously love each other.

Joomochi and his men entered Yon's residence.

Sar Ryang went into the prison and killed the guards there, including the woman's husband. Then Sar Ryang tried to kill that woman too but each time she was saved by Suzini with a little small twig. Gosh, she's really good. Did you see that look on her? Then Joomochi and his men arrived. Sar Ryang set the prison on fire and left behind an object that was a symbol of the Chor No tribe, making it seemed as if it was the Chor No tribe that plotted the escape.

Whilst Joomochi was rescuing the prisoners, Sar Ryang was shouting outside that they were escaping and that Chor No tribe was here. Poor Suzini seemed to be petrified by the fire and stood still instead of escaping. Sou Du Ru, the eldest son of Chor No tribe's chief and team leader had to drag her out.

Joomochi's men and the black team players found themselves surrounded by Yon's soldiers. Joomochi remarked that the money was too little for this. hehe! I guess he thought it would be an easy job. But he's really a nice guy. When one of the guard shouted how dare they escape, Joomochi replied that would they have opened the door if they asked. This guy got a sense of humour. He shouted at the guards that he didn't want to kill them and asked them to be careful and get away.

Then as even more guards surrounded them, he shouted to Man Deuk that the Not-to-Kill order has been revoked.

Suzini saw the fight going on and recovered almost immediately to her normal self. She started fighting and Joomochi had to pull her away and asked her to run. He then shouted to Man Deuk that he will meet them outside and then he locked the door with his big axe. hehe! I don't think Man Deuk was too pleased about being left behind to fight.

Outside, Ba Son and Hyeon Go came rushing towards Suzini, driving fast in a cart. Actually both of them looked rather silly, especially Hyeon Go. ^^

Daejangro was telling Ki Ha off for trying to save Dam Deok and that they cannot be together? Think he said something about this concerned Hwa Cheon and Ju Jak's fate? He promised that Dam Deok will not see tomorrow's sunrise and asked if Ki Ha remembered how her power was taken and she died and then... can't really understand the rest of the dialogue.

Inside the secret room of Ba Son's workplace, the Chor No tribe players were resting. The funny short guy said security was tight and East, West and South gates were shut because by the 3 tribes. The Gaema army would be arriving at the North gate soon, so Ba Son would be passing by that gate now. He told Sou Du Ru the whereabouts of Dam Deok (hmm...did Sar Ryang tell him Dam Deok's location?) and that they should take him back to Chor No tribe. His job would end there.

Before leaving, Sou Du Ru tells Suzini to take a nap and not to talk in her sleep. Think he likes her..^^

The funny short guy said there's something strange going on as there were rumours that Huk Gae (the chief of Chor No tribe) staged the rescue but they couldn't understand who or why such rumours were going on. (The evidence was planted by Sar Ryang and they basically wanted the Chor No tribe to be framed as the tribe was loyal to the King).

Suzini, upon hearing this, left the room but was stopped outside by Joomochi. Suzini boasted that unless there's gold in front and the Gaema army (? not too sure), nothing else could catch her, so he need not worry. Joomochi said if she's on her way to meet the Crown Prince, it would be too dangerous for her to go alone...hehe! anyway, within turning his back for a a second, Suzini was gone. She was fast!

The guards were searching through the prison and found the object that belonged to Chor No tribe. The 3 tribal cheifs were angry and thought that the Chor No tribe was in league with the King. They wanted to go together ask for their sons back from the King. Not sure what Yon Gar Ryeo said but I think it's something about can Dam Deok be accepted again? Anyway, he was instigating the 3 tribes and basically asking them if the present king can still be accepted as king. Gosh, he is staging a revolt!

General Ko reported to the King that the 3 gates were opened and there were not many choices left? (Hmm..not sure). Anyway, he urged the King to use the Gaema army but the King said that if they did that, then the blood of the sons of Goguryeo (meaning the citizens) would be spilled and they will be hurt.

Can't really understand the conversation between the King and General Ko. But I think it was something along the line that if the Gaema army and the 3 tribes fight, it would not be good for the country? Then General Ko said something about it all doesn't matter long as the King lives. (I think)

Then Yon Gar Ryeo arrived with his aide and Cheok Hwa (the leader of the Gaema army). General Ko only allowed Yon Gar Ryeo to pass through to see the King. He gave a rather dirty look at Cheok Hwa.. I guess he felt that he was a traitor.

Yon Gar Ryeo basically came to persuade the King to step negotiate so to speak. He told the King there was this place west of the palace where the King and Dam Deok could live comfortably for a long time. Maybe this Yon Gar Ryeo is not totally bad? At least he was willing to let the King live in peace. I guess he just felt that the King was abusing his powers and defying the will of heaven by making Dam Deok king when Ho Gae should be King. He said he cannot control the armies of the 3 tribes anymore once they were inside the palace.

The King replied that his purpose of being the King was to make Dam Deok, king. Yon Gar Ryeo mistook this as the selfish wish of a father and asked if that was why he asked the High Priestess of Shin Dang to lie by saying that Dam Deok, the Crown Prince was also born under the Star of Jushin.

He said he understand the King's feelings as a father but the people of Goguryeo has been waiting for the King of Jushin a long time and that the will of heaven should not be ignored.

The King said again that to make Dam Deok the King of Goguryeo was his mission and role. And at this point, Yon Gar Ryeo left, knowing that the King will not budge.

The King then told General Ko to leave the palave and look for the Crown Prince, Dam Deok. He was to take as many guards as possible. The King said he was not sure if the son of Yon Gar Ryeo or his son, Dam Deok was the King of Jushin (poor King). But he told the General to protect the Crown Prince if he was the King of Jushin but to kill Dam Deok, his son, if he was not. The citizens would be miserable if there were 2 Kings. He was really, really a good, selfless king.

General Ko left Kakdan in charge of protecting the King.

Yon Gar Ryeo's aide was seen talking to Daajangro. I guess he was telling him that the King has refused to step down and they should carry out the next step. Sar Ryang then left.

Ba Son passes through the North Gate safely after passing some money to the guards, whom she was on very friendly terms with. She helped the Chor No tribe people escape once they were outside the palace. As they were going back inside, she saw the Hwa Cheon members (with their red attire) leaving and remembered the night when her family was attacked and her father killed. She rushed back to her place and took out her dagger. I guess she wanted to go after those people to avenge her father's death. She told Hyeon Go and Joomochi that the night the star of Jushin was seen, these same men came and attacked them and her father was killed. Hyeo Go realised that it's Hwa Cheon.

Hwa Cheon members arrived at the refugee's village where Dam Deok was hiding. They started beating and asking all where the Crown Prince was. Dam Deok actually didn't want to fight. He was trying to leave quietly. Hwa Cheon saw the woman with her dead son and shouted at her to tell them where the Crown Prince was. Just as they were going to hit her, Dam Deok came out and stopped them. And then Dam Deok began his first real fight...and what a fight. He's not the softie prince anymore.

But he was outnumbered and as he was about to be overpowered, at that crucial moment, the Chor No tribe came and saved Dam Deok. Then Suzini came charging down, shooting the enemies with her arrows. She looked so sweet and warrior like at the same time, when her eyes met with Dam Deok's. Reminded me so much of Seo O.

Ki Ha was thinking of about all that happened- Cheok Hwa saying that Ju Jak had acknowledged Ho Gae as the King, and Ho Gae telling Dam Deok not to come back or he would not be able to spare his life again...and that very sad moment when Dam Deok told her not to be hurt/ suffer because of him.

They were resting and the young boy commented that Dam Deok seemed to be waiting for someone (he was waiting for Ki Ha coz she promised to be back). Suddenly the horses were unsettled and they knew that the enemies were approaching. They knew they couldn't fight them openly as they were outnumbered. Sou Du Ru suggested using one of Kukkyu game going in different directions and confusing the enemies so they won't know who was the real Dam Deok. They have more confidence with this plan.

They managed to escape and rested by a stream. Sou Du Ru said that they would be in Chor No tribe the next night but Dam Deok said he's not going there. He's going back into Goongnaesong as he had things to do, but he urged them to leave and go back to Chor No tribe.

The younger brother, Dal Gu wanted to leave and go back quickly. They had been suffering because of Dam Deok, being thrown into jail etc, all because Dam Deok joined in the Kukkyu game, which he shouldn't have. It was of no business to him whether they loose or win. Sujini was very angry at this point and threw something at him. hehe! Serves him right for being so ungrateful.

She told him that he can't live his life like that(?) and was very disgusted with Chor No tribe. She told them that it was Yon Ho Gae who paid for those thugs to beat them and Dam Deok played for them because they were injured, with no reserve players. Then Suzini kicked Dal Gu and said she doesn't want to meet them again. Hehe! This lady has got a temper. Anyway, Sou Du Ru, already hesitating whether to leave Dam Deok before, now hesitated even more.

Then you see Dam Deok riding down, followed by Suzini...and then followed by the rest. Dam Deok turned around and saw them and you can see that he's really, really happy to see them....even though he didn't say anything, because that meant they trusted him and were loyal to him. Remember earlier, he was feeling very sad because even the army that was supposed to protect him, turned against him, so he felt all alone in the world.

Yon's aide went to the chief of the Gwan Ro tribe and told him that he knew of his son's whereabouts. They were held in a place belonging to the king, within the Goongnaesong. I think he also lied and told him that the Crown Prince and the Chor No tribe were on their way to kill them. Of course, the chief got very angry and immediately got ready to go rescue his son.

In the meantime, the funny short guy, with some members from the Geo Mool village were also on the move. Dam Deok's party reached the place where the sons of the 3 chiefs were held. Upon seeing them, a signal was sent out by a Hwa Cheon member, and the 3 men were killed. When they saw the 3 dead men, Sou Du Ru knew straightaway it was a lure Dam Deok and them there.

The chief of Gwan Ro tribe appeared and of course thought Dam Deok's party had killed his son. Dam Deok knew it was no use saying anything. Then I think the chief vowed to kill Dam Deok, to avenge his son. Sou Du Ru urged Dam Deok to flee... but he was still hesitating for a while. Was he was trying to decide if he should stay and try and explain his innocence (which would seemed like the manly thing to do) or to flee (which seemed like a cowardly thing to do). Anyway, they did flee, pursued by the armies in the forest and just when they were surrounded and thought there was no way out, Geo Mool people made the forest foggy with their magic. ^^

I really liked the look Dam Deok gave that funny short guy. It was an imperial, authorative look and effectively silenced him.

Sou Du Ru was concerned that the King might be in danger because the tribes would surely think their sons had been killed by Dam Deok. Dam Deok asked if the Chor No tribe could be at the palace that night but Sou Du Ru said he needed 2 days.

Dam Deok asked him if he knew Daejasong ( this a palace especially for Crown Prince?) There is a special unit there? They can prepare special unit there? Hmm...not too sure.

Suzini was about to follow them but Dam Deok stopped her. This was the first time he called her by her name. Awww..... Anyway, he told her to go back to the Goongnaesong and find out about situation there...and he actually said...."please help me". ^^ Wasn't it sweet?

The funny short guy asked where Dam Deok's party was going. And then Suzini said that she had something important to do and to please tell her master about it.

As Dam Deok's party leave, they were observed by a Hwa Cheon member..Oh dear...more trap and danger...

Daejangro told Ho Gae that Dam Deok and the Chor No tribe had escaped again. He said he knew Ho Gae wanted the blood of Dam Deok on his sword. And then something about he and the 3 tribes will make him him king? Can't quite get the last sentence but I think it's something about he (Dam Deok) has to die so that Ho Gae can be made king?

Ho Gae left with the Hwa Cheon people.

Daejangro said it's going to be soon..... (that he will get what he wants?) That night (17 years ago), if he gotten all the 4 heavenly objects, Hwa Cheon would be the one ruling (Hmm... I'm guessing here that's what he said as I can't understand the whole dialigue). He wondered where Yon Gar Ryeo was.

At that moment, Yon Gar Ryeo was handing a sort of note/ letter to his aide.

Gwan Ro tribe's chief came back with the 3 dead men, and place them in front of the palace. Kakdan reported this to the King.

Then you see the armies of the 3 tribes entering into the palace and the armies protecting the King were running around as there were not enough soldiers to take care of the whole place. Not sure what Kakdan told that leader but I guess she's telling him his priority was to protect the King.

The 3 chiefs demanded to see the King and the Crown Prince about their sons' deaths. Not sure what the High Priestess said but I think something about the will of heaven cannot be denied? The 3 chiefs demanded the door to be opened.

Dam Deok and the men arrived at Daejasong.

Ho Gae also arrived with more men from Hwa Cheon.

Dam Deok found the Daejasong gate shut.

Enf of Episode 8.

It seems a new word was introduced in this episode.

그린네- 사랑하는 사람 (the person I love)

I did wonder why the explaination had appeared on the screen for this...but I thought maybe it was old language and not many people know about it. But according to Pyoungsang on soompi, there was a lot of debate about this word on the internet and it was all abuzz as it seems it could be a new word/ term. I wonder if it will become in vogue.. Anyway, there was a parody done and Pyoungsang kindly translated it into English. It's really funny. ^^

original parody by 나두나두 [naduadu]. English caps by pyoungsang.
full parody see:



Mawee said...

hahahah~ I cant stop laughing with that parody! sure enough 그대 can be "you" so that can explain 그 but 린??
and 내 is mine, or my right?
haahaa. he then went to naver to find out!! typical of korean nowadays!! coz naver is korea's google~ hehee

tiffany said...

hehe! Yeah, I was rolling on the floor laughing when I saw this. ^^

amanda han said...

Hi, Tiff
I'm so impressed you do really understand Korean.
You know the difference '그린네' and '구린네'. wow..
Actually '그린내' and '구린내' in correct Korean.
그린내 is the person you love, and 구린내 is bad smell. But 그린내 is old Korean so only few people know the word in these days.
The first night of honeymoon in old Korean was 'flower sleep(Kkot jam)', so sweet?
We hardly use these old expression so it's almost vanished words.

amanda han said...

To mawee..
I forgot to explain.
In 그린내, 그린 is old expression of 그리운 which means be missed. 내 is usually mine but this expression is old one so in this word it means you or other person.
But this word is not really used that much in old days so we can see this expression in only few literature.

tiffany said...

Amanda...actually my Korean is really not very good. Many people helped to translate and explain. ^^

Thanks for explaining to me too... Now I've learnt a new word. ^^