Friday, November 13, 2009

Byun Woo Min in town

If you have been following my twitter, Tiffany on the mov, you would have known by now that Byun Woo Min is going to be in town next week.

Byun who?

Those of you who watched the immensely popular (but very long) daily drama,
'Temptation of Wife' or 'Cruel Temptation'

This is Byun Woo Min

In the drama, which really made him 'famous' or 'imfamous', he was not very nice. He had an affair and pretty much killed off his wife. In other words, the guy you would loved to hate. But I guess he must have done a brilliant job in the drama if everyone hates him so much. Whilst looking through his filmography, I realised that he has been very busy since the drama, 'Temptation of Wife', appearing in 'Tamra, The Island' and now the weekend drama, 'Creating Destiny'. I guess that explained why he can only come on a weekday.

'Creating Destiny' (credit:soompi)

'Tamra, The Island'

But what really caught my attention was the fact that his first drama was 'Barefooted Youth' starring my favourite K man, Bae Yong Joon and Ko So Young. Bae Yong Joon was really, really good looking in this drama. One of the best (yes, even better than Winter Sonata). Ko So Young was of course in the limelight recently because of her relationship with Jang Dong Gun. Anyway, I feel more connected to Byun Woo Min already. Wahaha!

'Barefooted Youth'

Anyway, he will be in Singapore next Wednesday to promote his drama. Here are his flight details:

Arrival, 17th November:
2.35pm, SQ603

Mall appearances:
12pm, West Mall Atrium & Poh Kim Video Store
1pm - Junction 8 Atrium & Poh Kim Video Store
3pm - City Square Mall Atrium & Poh Kim Video Store
7pm - Quest Modelling agency party at Infusion, Block 16A Dempsey Road

11.50pm, SQ602

Coming together with Byun Woo Min and appearing with him at the 3 malls are 2 other K artistes.

James Kim has appeared in the movie, 'Seoul Raider' (pretty droolicious)

Lee Seul is Miss World University 2007 and will appear in her first movie, 'Tears' next year.

You can find you more information about them on Quest Models facebook

'Temptation of Wife' is out on dvd now and available from Poh Kim Video stores. All 129 episodes of it. Happy watching. ^^


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea if kim junsu and kim junho are also coming to the party at dempsey? because as i have read in the that there are possibilities that they will also come. Give updates please. Thank you!

tiffany said...


No, both of them will not be here in Singapore for this event as I believe Jun Ho is still in China. However, I have heard from th organiser that they will be here in December for another event. Just cross your fingers that there's no change to that plan.

I'll definitely update here and on my twitter once I have confirmed news. ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you tiffany! i'll be following your blogs and updates and I'm crossing my fingers till they hurt ;p
The december event that I know is the Seould out miniconcert on Dec 12. Is this the same event that they will be attending?

tiffany said...


Nope, it's not for Sundown Festival. the artistes line up has already been confirmed for that event. It is for another event...hopefully, there will be no change to that. ^^

So you are hoping to meet Jun Ho or Jun Su?

Anonymous said...

haha! i'm very excited with your question. I would love to meet them both, but I just love Junsu! very much =)I love DBSK and he is my favorite. But with their situation now..hmm,it's really depressing.
I want to go the Sundown festival! I will be purchasing my ticket tomorrow. I hope I can meet you there! where can i send you personal message? I hope I can talk about more of Korea with you ;p
sorry, I write too long, I just got really excited!

tiffany said...


Glad you are going down to the Sundown Festival. I think it will be fun. I love outdoor concerts. Got to cross my fingers that it doesn't rain.

You know you can also buy the tickets via my blog right?

You can drop me an email either at or

I've got to admit that I don't know much about DBSK. You may have to educate me. ^^

And yes, I will be at the Sundown festival. I will be covering it via my blog.