Monday, April 26, 2010

ZUNO showcase- Meet him @ IMM passes

Has all the dust settled? I know quite a few of you took leave to chase Mr Jang over this weekend. And I did hear quite a few fans raving about the fan meet. ^^ I'm sure there will be more news in the next few days.

Well... another storm is coming up this weekend...Zuno aka Jun Ho will be arriving together with Jun Su for Zuno's showcase. So you have 4 days to rest as the boys arrive on 29th April. ^^

As promised, I'm running the contest to win the passes to meet Zuno up close and personal at IMM on the 2nd May. I'm not sure what the programme is at IMM that day...but you do get to touch in shake his hand. Wahahaha!

Ok... I thought I'd make it a little more interesting this time. It's so boring to just answer the question everytime right? So instead of me asking the question... I would like those who are interested in getting this pass.... to ask the question instead.

Tell me what is the single most burning question that you would like to ask Zuno, himself.

5 winners with the most interesting question will be picked.

Not only will you get to see him on stage at IMM at 2.30pm, 2nd May, Garden Plaza (Level 3), IMM BUT, your question will also be answered by Zuno himself.

Yup, the questions will be forwarded to Zuno and the answers will be posted here.

Some tips... don't ask questions like..'Will you marry me?', 'Can I have your handphone number?' etc. Think of something interesting. What would you, as a fan, like to know? What would other fans like to know? And if you are not a fan yet...what would you like to know that might make you become his fan.

Send your question to with the subject header:
ZUNO showcase- Meet him @ IMM passes

Please provide the following details about yourself:
1) you name as written on your i/c
2) your i/c number
3) your handphone number

T&C to note:
1) This contest is opened to all from 26th April till 28th April 2010.
2) 5 winners will be picked and will be informed via email as well as posted here on the 29th April 2010.
3) The passes are not transferable.

For those who have bought tickets via my site here, you will be entered in the lucky draw automatically.

If you have not bought tickets yet, you can click here for more details.

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safiyyah said...


just a question. i cant seem to find an email add to email you so this is my only option. erms. for the zuno's event at imm. is xiah/junsu gonna be there too? and also... can ppl without tix enter the imm garden plaza? as like the fti and jgs events where fans with tickets can go on stage to sign and all whereas the rest just stand at the viewing area?

hope to hear from u :)

tiffany said...

Hi Safiyyah

I do not think Jun Su will be at IMM. This is Jun Ho's showcase..not Jun Su. But then again, there can always be last minute changes. So you will have to take your chance.

Yes, it will be like FT Island and Jang Guen Suk's fan sign. Public will be able to see him.