Thursday, October 07, 2010

JYJ - The Beginning tour in Singapore- contest

I've just paid a visit to the Korea's site for JYJ's showcase. There was a clock on the page counting down to the time the concert starts. So even as you read, you can see the seconds ticking away. Quite exciting.

I'm sure Singapore fans are counting down in minutes and secons too. From what I've read, there are lots and lots of plans going on to show a big welcome to the 3 boys, who will be here together fo the first time. I believe the 3 boys would be happy to see such a show of support.

Have you bought your tickets yet? No, well, do hurry, coz I think the tickets are selling quite well and there is only just slightly more than a week to the showcase. You can get your tickets from Quest ID. VIP and Cat A have been sold out and I think Cat B and C left with limited seats. So pali, pali.

At the same time, I am very pleased and happy to announce that Tiffany in Kimchiland will be working together with Quest ID once again. Thank you Quest! ^^

And now, if you think you are the really lucky sort, you may want to try your luck at winning a pair of the tickets here. A pair of Cat B tickets worth a total of S$276 could be yours.

Just answer the following questions:

1) Name the singer, who also produced JYJ's first single 'Ayyy Girl' in their album, 'The Beginning'.
2) The album, The Beginning is in.... (name the language)

Email your answers to with the following details:

1) Your name (as in i/c or passport)
2) Your i/c number
3) Your contact number

Contest ends on 2359, 10th October 2010. Winner will be notified via email and posted here as well.

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