Monday, February 22, 2010

Events of the various K artistes

So many little time.

From the looks of it, the security at Changi Airport and the various security firms will be pretty busy in the next few months. I was do ticket prices compare and what does one get in return?

Brown Eyed Girls
Arriving on 25th February
Party at Zouk on 27th February. Tickets on sale at HMV now.
$98 and S$118 at the door. Live performance by Brown Eyed Girl, Lee An and SaChoom plus 2 drinks.
Details here

Junho and Junsu
Arriving on 29th April (to be confirmed)
Showcase on 1st May. Quest fan club membership package includes tix to the showcase on sale now.
$280, S$180 and S$150. Junsu (or Xiah) as guest artiste for his twin brother. For $280, you get premiumm seats, autograph and photo session with both Junho and Junsu, 1 cd, membership card and t-shirt designed by the 2 brothers.
Details here

Jang Guen Suk
Arriving on 23rd April (?????)
Fan meeting on 24th April at Rock Auditorium (????)
Tix on sale sometime in early March.
Limited VIP seats @ S$250 (????) and the rest at S$150 (????). Fan meeting.
Details here

Arriving on 11th March (????)
Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 on 13th March at The Floating Platform @ Marina Bay.
$69.55 (sold out), $20.40 and S$10.70. Performance and accepting award. Total concert is 5 long will they be on stage?
Details here

Just a sidenote- I was having a brief chat with L earlier. Many years ago, Joon's Family organised Bae Yong Joon's fan meet in his first overseas tour. He was the first big K star to step on our little red dot and he was really, really popular back then because of 'Winter Sonata'. Maybe some of the younger fans of the Shinee, Lee Min Ho etc may not remember, but I believe there was about 1,000+ fans at the airport. The fan meeting for about 1,200 fans was at The Rock auditorium and the tix cost between $30 to $50 (I think). It was certainly below $100. For that, you could watch his movie, 'Untold Scandal', where he personally made a stage appearance and the fan meeting was about 45 minutes- up close and personal. But some people still complained it was expensive then.

How much has changed since then. If he does come much would it cost to see him I wonder? Hmm...

Last note- the clips for the Esplanade press conference have all been updated. You can refer to my twitter for the links. Hope to finish writing about it these 2 days as Brown Eyed Girls will be here end of this week. ^^


Catherine said...

thanks for the long update ^^
i always enjoyed reading your post..
& i do agree that nowadays kpop events are getting more and more expensive ? >.<
everyone comes to singapore & held events like fanmeet/fansign all needed to pay .. except for the B.E.G fansigning at Lacoco last 2 months ago .. which i think its really nice of them to do free signing ...hmm..
it seems like kpop market is getting more popular down here ..=x

by the way, im curious what award SHINee will be receiving ..will you be able to give some hint? xD
it would be great if they had won some good award (:

tiffany said...

Yes, it is expensive isn't it? For a start, the fees for K artistes is much higher than Taiwan or HK artistes. Many times, the organiser of such fan meet are doing it solely to make money. That is to say, they are not record or movie company whereby they want to promote an album or movie via the artistes' appearances.'s not that BEG didn't's just the organiser, LaCoco didn't charge. Like I said in my post earlier, it was nice of LaCoco not to profit from it financially directly. They could have said...get a haircut and then you can get BEG's signature. But they didn't. ^^

As for Shinee, I was just told they are accepting award and performing. But I don't know what award and not even sure if the information is right. But will definitely update if I have any news.

Thanks for dropping by. ^^

myaddiction-stops said...

Hey ! Love your posts ^^
But i would like to know if the BEG fansign that you mentioned in your twitter on 26th feb , is it confirmed ? Any other details ?

awesome follower said...

wld u happen to know where will BEG be staying this time round?

tiffany said...

Hi My addiction

Infor on my latest post.

tiffany said...

Hi awesome follwer

No, I'm afraid I don't know where they are staying.

Joyce said...

Thanks for all the updates, I really appreciate them :)

Junho's showcase tickets...are really expensive to me, sadly D: Don't think I'll be able to go, but perhaps I'll aim to go to the airport for the twin brothers' arrival instead :D

It's great that so many Kpop artistes are coming to our little red dot (: The only issue is $, of course, but other than that I'm loving it <3

Joyce said...

P.S Junho's message is heartwarming and sincere :) But 'don't miss out school?' Haha >.<

~Denise~ said...

hello, i just wanna confirm, is the 11th march arrival for shinee is cnf? thanks ^^

tiffany said...

There should be more updates on Junho's showcase soon, so look out for it. Perhaps you cna consider getting the cheaper package? ^^

tiffany said...

I'm sorry, the date is just my guesswork and is not confirmed. If I do have the news, I'll post it. But I'm sure the newspapers will announce it as it's organsied by the Chinese newspapers. ^^

_germx said...

hello there.

i guess you would have known by now, but just wanted to add a little update about shinee here! ^^

they are going to have this showcase thingy at IMM. "SHINee's 1st Singapore Album Showcase".

Simply Purchase SHINee's <2009 Year Of Us > Album on
13 March (Sat) at IMM (from 9am onwards)!

And get an Entry Pass to EXCLUSIVE SHINee Showcase on
14 March (Sun) (2pm) at IMM Level 3Garden Plaza!


- Number queues will be given out to the person who is queueing by AUTHORISED WARNER MUSIC PERSONNEL.

*** ALBUM PRICE: $35.00 Nett
SHINee is Onew (온유), Key (키), Jong Hyun (종현), Minho (민호) and Taemin (태민)."

as much as i want to see them again, 3000 ppl is absolutely crazy for IMM? 0.o i wonder if another stampede will occur or something!

i'm seriously considering going cause it's my birthday week and i thought it will be a super awesome birthday present to myself! LOL. (still in self-denial that they are coming for me!! HAHAHAHA!! ^^)

hope you will have more news so that i can decide soon!! thanks! =]