Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Banana milk & Red Bean ice cream

I just found out that the banana milk (not milkshake) may be uniquely Korean, so to speak. It is very popular in Korea and amongst the many visitors to its' kimchi shores. Certainly many of my friends make it a point to drink to heart's contents whenever they are there. During my last trip to Korea, bb was stocking the fridge with bottles of this:

Me? I'm not a great fan of banana millk. Actually, I'm not a great fan of flavoured milk. I like my milk in it's orginal flavour. But I must say the banana milk has some great CFs, with many a well-known artistes from actor Kim Rae Won to comedian Jung Joon Ha, to the recent one by the girl band, Girls' Generation or SNSD).

CF by Girls' Generation (SNSD), watch it here
CF by comedian, Jung Joon Ha, watch it here
CF by actor, Kim Rae Won, watch it here (I like this the best coz I like the little girl ^^)

Oh, here's some history on the banana milk in Korea. Quite interesting. There's even a facebook fan site if you're interested. Got 1,400+ fans ok. Don't laugh. But I not one of them lah.

Why am I talking so much about banana milk? Well, a couple of reasons- I just watched 'Brilliant Legacy' What has this got to do with banana milk? Well, I guess you would have to watch the drama (which incidentally had one of the highest ratings so far, for a long time yet) or wait for my next blog. The other?

I had this the other day. ^^

I'm not sure if this is uniquely Korean. In Singapore, we have red bean ice cream, ice kachang (which basically is red bean, with ice) but not vanilla ice cream in a wafer with red bean. And definitely none of our ice cream come shaped like a fish.

Somehow, having that ice-cream made me very happy day. Not just because I really like ice-cream but it also reminded me of the many happy holiday trips in Korea.

I miss Korea...

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