Wednesday, October 06, 2010

G.NA (Gina Choi) Draw G's 1st Breath autograph signing session in Singapore

Let's do the autograph session first, shall we?

G.NA (hmm... just one syllable different from D.NA) was in town last week for her first mini album promotion. She had a very very intimate press conference that very morning, followed by an autograph session at Bugis Junction at 7pm.

Seemed some of the fans had started queuing early. Frankly, I was a little worried about the turnout. She is very new and well, she is not part of a boy band nor a girl band. But it was a rather good turn out and there were quite alot of fan boys. ^^

I spoted xliSh from (x)clusive from amongst the crowd and we got to chatting. That's when I found who might be possibly the number fan of Gina in Singapore...

In Gina's press interview earlier, she had mentiopned that she was really surprised to see fans at the airport and even more so, when that same fan had just been to Korea recently to visit her. I found out that this ardent fan, on her maiden trip to Korea (all by herself, no less), went to Cube everyday and saw Gina everyday. Now, that is devotion from a fan. But also credit to Gina for recognising this very loyal fan. I'm sure she must have been in heaven for being recognised. I saw her being interview by her Korean agency later. Something memorable for both Gina and the fan. ^^

She arrived pretty much on time and started to perform her song, Super Solo almost immediately.

It was good to hear her sing live. What do you think? : )

It was followed by a short Q&A session. As Gina speaks perfect English, this was easy for everyone- the host, Ken from 100.3 and the fans, who needn't rely on a translator.

Ken had 'conspired' with the crowd earlier to greet Gina in Korean, with the usual phrase- '안영하세요, 사랑해요'. Check out the little heart shape sign that she did in return upon hearing the words.

In the interview, she mentioned, that her favourite song was her title track, 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 and she proceed to sing about 2 lines from it. I wished she did sing the whole song, it would have really showed off her vocal prowess.

Now Gina's birthday was on the 13th September and Ken had again collaborated with the fans earlier to sing Happy Birthday to her. And the response from Gina cuaght me by surprise. I have attended quite a few such events, whereby the fans sing happy birthday to the artistes on stage. Often, I think the artistes do know what's going to happen (that's my personal opinion). in any case, there is normally not much major reaction from the artistes beyond the usual thank you.

But Gina really surprised me... I think she surprised everyone too. She got all teary.

Awwww......First time so many fans sing a birthday song to her I guess. Don't worry Gina, there will be more to come.

She then took photos with 5 lucky fans who won the contest organised by Universal Music Singapore to take a photo with her. Ooopss, sorry, we didn't managed to capture the one with all 5 fans...but it's in the clip.

And then it was autograph signing time. I had to rush off as I had something else on and didn't stay to see it right to the end. Did she managed to sign all the albums? What time did she leave? I hope all the fans did managed to get her signature...

I hope she does come back to perform a showcase soon...perhaps next year? And I repeat my hope that Cube will do a concert with their artistes just like SM, though not this year please. Next year would be good. Universal Music Singapore? Any event organisers? Hehe! The prss conference will be out later.

A very sexy Gina posing in front of her fans at the Bugis Junction. :)

You can check out the short clip of the autograph session here or watch it below:

The beautiful photos were taken by Kandace, a very nice girl that I met at Jay Park's press conference. Check out her site here. I like the part where she said "all photographs are taken with love". ^^

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