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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 5 summary

I watched this episode only last ngith as I was really busy and din't have time to catch it earlier.

I hesitated whether to do a summary as most of you would have caught the episode and I think many of the scenes are self-explainatory. Also, because I couldn't really understand most of the dialogues, I thought it would be better to wait for someone like maybe Gaulsan or Suehan to do the translation.

But since I've started this summary thing, I guess I'll just continue with it for this espisode. Alot of the spot translations and explainations were contributions from people on soompi (dramaoak, liquidfir, mikaney and many others).

The Chinese subs is also out, so for those who understand Chinese, you may want to watch that instead. I'm not sure if I should continue with this there are lot's people helping out with the translations and explainations...

Anyway, let's see....

Inside the 격구 stadium, the game started between the Yellow team (led by Ho Gae) and the blue team. Ho Gae scored the first goal and his father remembered what he said about if he is King, he can do as his heart wishes. Suzini is smitten with Ho Gae.

The yellow team is attacking the blue team. Dam Deok commented it is violent but Suzini replied that it is allowed as long as the horses aren't harmed. Then Dam Deok replied that there seems to be metal inside the sticks (which isn't allowed). (Explaination thanks to Mikaney). You can go here for the spot translations.

Suzini left the stadium to investigate, and Dam Deok followed her. As they walked past Daejangro (the chief of Hwancheon), Hong Ok, the holy object of Ju Jak glowed. He saw Ki Ha looking at Ho Gae and thought this confirms Ho Gae as the King of Jushin.

At the Yellow team's camping ground, Suzini confronted one of Ho Gae's man about the sticks and asked for money to keep her mouth shut (thanks to Mikaney for translation). A fight started and then Ho Gae appeared, asking what's happening. Suzini tried to run away and then Dam Deok appeared. Hehe! It was so funny and really quite nice of Suzini as she shouted at Dam Deok to run away (she didn't want him to get caught). And then she sees them greeting Dam Deok respectfully and this was when she realises that he is the Crown Prince when Ho Gae called him Tae Ja Nim. Dam Deok asked Ho Gae if he realises that it is against the rule to have metal inside the sticks. Judging from Ho Gae's look, I guess he didn't know and this is all the work of his man. Ho Gae wanted to reveal the truth and accept full responsibility but Dam Deok said no, as he is not supposed to be outside the palace, and so I guess didn't want any trouble. (thanks to Mikaney's translation).

Suzini is given some money to keep quiet. She asked why did Dam Deok let it go and he replied that he had a debt to repay to Ho Gae. Then you see Ki Ha in the background, looking at Dam Deok and Suzini. Think she said something to Sar Yang about Dam Deok seems to be laughing together with that child (Suzini).

Suzini is muttering to herself about her conversation with Dam Deok (he told her not to tell anyone that he is the Crown Prince). And then Hyeon Go came along and asked how was Ho Gae (hehe! before the stick incident, she was like 'Oh! Ho Gae is the greatest and makes her heart flutters etc. ^^). And then I can't really understand the conversation (but according to Mikaney, it seems the teacher thought she may have been dumped.) Whatever it is, Hyeon Go was really funny. ^^

Inside the secret room of Hwancheon, Daejangro is telling Ki Ha about the Ju Jak's holy object glowing and wants to go to the Yon's resident to confirm if Ho Gae is the King. Then Ki Ha asked:'And if it is confirmed, then....?'. Dajangro replied that if Ho Gae is indeed the King of Jushin, then they have to help make him the King of Goguryeo and also find the other 3 holy objects.

Dam Deok sneaks back into the palace and found Ho Gae waiting for him. He was surprised as he thought the location was a secret. It's a whole long conversation but I think it's about the incident. Will have to wait for full translation.

Ho Gae is drinking. He asked his man why did he have to resort to such low tactics. His follower said something about they must win.

And then Ho Gae's follower is seen giving some money to a couple of men, and then these men are seen attacking the Black team (who is also out drinking). A few of the players are hurt. I think Dam Deok wanted to bring them to the doctor but I'm guessing they do not want their injuries to be known, or they can't play the next day. Then Suzini brought them back to her place (I think). And Ki Ha seems to know she is needed (they have telepathy?) as she was waiting for Dam Deok when he came for her.

Ki Ha treats the men's injuries. I think Hyeon Go was asking how did Suzini know someone from Shin Dang and if Dam Deok was her friend. And then a long conversation between Dam Deok and the leader of the black tema (who is also the son of Chor No tribe).

Suzini asked Ki Ha if they have met before...and then...not sure about the rest of the conversation. But she sees Dam Deok and Ki Ha having this very sweet and understanding look between each other.

At the match the next day, the youngest player had to play as one of their main player is injured. The leader of the Black team was scoring goals and winning. Ho Gae had that look on his face and then you see his man hitting his stick against his boots, which is a signal to attack the Black team ..and it was quite a vicious attack. Not sure if it's allowed but the refree came on to stop the game as the leader and the youngest player were badly injured. The refree was asking for replacements but the Black team was in a dilemma as they have no extras for back-ups (they were all injured in the attack). Dam Deok and Suzini entered as replacments. Gosh, he looked really good in full armour on the horse.

It was a most exciting scene as the match carried on. There is so much great co-ordination between Suzini and Dam Deok. Anyway, Dam Deok kept scoring and in the midst of the play, Suzini's helmet came off. So Ho Gae realised the other person was Dam Deok. He told his follower: "You know who it is right?". He said yes, and the signal was given to attack Dam Deok.

Ho Gae kept hitting Dam Deok and he was pushed off the horse. He was almost trampled upon (I think Ho Gae really meant to kill. hurt him if possiblt) and Suzini came charging down to save Dam Deok. Awww... But Dam Deok's helmet came off and his identity is revealed. There is protest from Yon Ka Ryeo (Ho Gae's father) as royalty are not meant to join any of the tribe's team (I'm guessing royalty cannot be seen to be favouring any tribe or team to be fair). Anway, the King was very angry. Remember, the King has been telling everyone that Dam Deok is weak and not very bright. To expose himself like that can only bring trouble and danger as everyone would be paying attention to him.

The King punishes the Black team by locking them up. I think Dam Deok said it's all his fault and the others don't know about it and to punish him only. Dam Deok is also locked up in tthe palace's Tae Shil (which accoridng to someone, is where the royalty's placenta is being placed).

Hyeon Go and the rest are worried about Suzini, wondering if she is going to be killed. I think they discussed about ways to save her (perhaps to break into prison?).

Daejangro went to the Yon's resident and offered to help Ho Gae if he is the King of Jushin. He told Ka Ryeo that he has the heart of Ju Jak with him.

Ki Ha is caught by the high priestess trying to leave Shin Dang (I guess she was going to help Dam Deok).

And then the last scene, which I'm sure everyone knows.

Dam Deok challenging Kak Dan to a fight. If he wins, he will leave.

The fight was fantastic and we all came to the conclusion that BYj didn't use any wire to help him. That jump and twist up the wall was done by him without any help. Isn't it great?

Anyway, here's the translation of the dialogue between the 2 of them (thanks to Joanne of Quilt for the translation).

When Damdeok declined sword offered by Kakdan, bodyguard,
Kakdan said "I am afraid you might get hurt."
Damdeok replied, "I will not cry even if I get hurt. I promise"

After the fighting is over, Damdeok asked Kakdan,
"By the way, what did you say your name was?"


And I really like the part where they show the behind-the-scenes at the end of the drama. I think it will interest alot of people.


MYMY said...

hi tiffany! thanks for the summaries... hmm, the scene where kiha is looking at damdeok and suzeeny talking... i remember that, that scene is in the preview dvd and she kindda said... damdeok dont smile that easily but he is smiling now... she was jelly? envious?

tiffany said... was something like that...

that scene when she was looking at DD and Suzini..

and then later when Suzini was looking at her & DD...

It sort of tells you what's going to happen right?'s going to be sad...

jaime said...

Thank you tiffany for the summary. It helps so much to know these little details. I love watching the Kyuku match and admiring how marvellous the players maneauvour the horses. A real spectacle!

I hope you will continue to write your summary, it's such a blessing to us. But I wouldn't want to impose as I understand it's a major effort. Thank you so much!

love ... jaime