Thursday, September 23, 2010

October 2010 round up events in Singapore

2010 has been phenomenal in terms of K Pop in Singapore. There were months where we had a K Pop artiste appearing every single weekend. Not sure how it all started but I guess we should all be grateful that Singapore has suddenly become 'red kimchi hot'. Although I must say, I do wish they would spread out their visits. This ajuma here is running out of breath doing catch-up.

As we approach the last quarter of the year, I wonder if things will slow down....but from what I've been seems unlikely and the events will continue till next year, with Super Junior's concert in January as the mega event. October is coming up soon and although there's only 2 showcase/ concert scheduled so far, it is by no means a quiet month. In fact, there is a good mix of concerts, theatre, movies and party! Of course, you never know when a performer will pop up... In the meantime, these are the events that I do know about. If you know of anymore, drop me a note at For those of you attending all or any of the events, have a good time. ^^

Event name: Nanta
Date: 1-3 October 2010
Venue: Esplanade Theatre
Organiser: Red Spade
Booking agent: Sistic
More infor here
Note: Nanta is a wonderful non-verbal theatre show. Great for the whole family.

Event name: K Klub Party
Date: 2 October 2010
Venue: Zouk
Organiser: Colored Rhythms
Booking agent: Colored Rhythms
More infor here
Note: This is the last K Klub Party of the go, go and enjoy yourselves.

Event name: Bestseller
Date: 14 October 2010
Venue: Golden Village cinemas
Organiser: Encore Films
Booking agent: NA
Watch the trailer
More infor here
Note: I read that this may be remade by Hollywood. Hm....

Event name: 71: Into the Fire
Date: 21 October 2010
Venue: NA
Organiser: Festive Films
Booking agent: NA
Watch the trailer
More infor here
Note: The million dollar question- will TOP be here in time for the movie promotion?

Event name: Korean Pop Night Concert
Date: 23 October 2010
Venue: Singapore Expo
Organiser: Proof Label
Booking agent: HMV & Sistic
Note: All tickets have been sold out but I know there's a lively market for the tickets.

Event name: Zuno Fans Meet
Date: 24 October 2010
Venue: Powerhouse at St James Powerstation
Organiser: Quest ID
Booking agent: Quest ID
Note: There is a possibility that Zuno's Fan Meet may be postphoned to a later date. Check this site here for updates.

Event name: The Housemaid
Date: 28 October 2010
Venue: NA
Organiser: Festive Films
Booking agent: NA
More infor here
Note: What can I say? Lee Jung Jae and Jeong Do Yeon are lethal combination. But I believe this movie will be rated as RA.

That's all for the moment. Will update this if there are more to add later.


Emily said...

hi tiff! do you have any detail for oh ji ho flight details? and is the mont blanc event a private one?

Anonymous said...

hi! just wondering if you'll know the flight details of the bands coming down for Kpop concert?
Thanks !

song im said...

wow Tiffany this is really a great blog! =D came across it while i was just randomly googling about kpop events in S'pore.. btw this is Song Im, I don't know if you remember me but I have seen you at the lunch organized by KTO for WAH launching session =)