Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lee Min Ho's Fan Meeting in Singapore

Sorry, have been really busy with the Secret Agents' visit to Singapore last week. I don't know about the other media and fans, but I'm totally exhausted after covering Lee Min Ho, Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul within one week. Did any fans chased all 3 of them? If you did, how did you managed it? I would really be interested to know.

Back to Lee Min Ho visit.

I decided to give Plaza Singapura a miss and went straight to Movida @ St Hames Power station for the fan meet. And I'm so glad I did, coz the event @ PS had to be cancelled in the end due to safety issues as a result of overcrowding. Most of us had already expected it to be a major problem due to the location but I never expected it to be cancelled. Most of the fans only had this one chance to see him. Not surprisingly, many fans were really angry with Etude House for not organising it properly. Initially, I had thought it might have been a contractual agreement for him to appear at the store but according to the organiser, it was Lee Min Ho himself who wanted to visit the store and take photos with the 2 winners. Now this puts it a different light. And my impression of him, which was rather good at the press conference, just went another notch higher. ^^

This scene greeted me as soon as I alighted from the taxi...a long snaking queue...

Lee Min Ho was here..


everywhere.... but I don't think anyone minded, judging from this fan's adoring look. ^^

The dress code was pink (in line with Etude House' theme) and these 2 young fans not only came all dressed up but was also properly styled as well. I loved their sphagetti hair Unfortunately, I don't think there were allowed in as they had to be at least 18 years old. :(

The stage

The very pink, but very professional looking make-up set.

Soon, the fans, who had been queuing for a long time outside in the heat started to fill the place. About 70 lucky fans, who would be getting his autograph, were seated in front of the stage. Very good view but hor, those bar seats not very comfortable. The rest had to stand (including most of the media). I did wonder if the fans standing would surge to the front (I remembered the chaos during the Bae Yong Joon fan meet in 2004). Fortunately, the fans were fairly well behaved.

Li Yi of Yes93.3 came on stage at about 5pm to start the programme. It was good to see her as it has been a while since I see her hosting events. And then Joanna Koh, the guest make up artist of Etude House gave some tips on make up. If I heard correctly, I believe she has done make up for Mike He and James King. Unfortunately I didn't concentrate very hard as like all the girls there, we were really distracted by our main, sole aim- to see Lee Min Ho. It was really a shame as she did give out some very good tips- like using the bb cream sparingly to create that 'natural' look. hehe!

The crowd was getting impatient. The media was getting tired. Still no sign of him at 5.15pm. Where on earth was he since the Plaza Singapura event was cancelled? I wonder if they went on a little drive around Singapore. Li Yi was doing a very good but tough job trying to keep the crowd entertained by engaging the fans from various countries- Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc...

Finally, he appeared, drawing screams and more screams from the fans, who had been waiitng since early afternoon. And he was still smiling. ^^

There were the usual questions like, 'How do find Singapore?', 'How do you think of Singapore girls (Ans: they are cute...a politically correct answer but who cares!). What I did find amusing was...when he was asked if he would consider Singapore girls, the few Korean fans, who were seated on the front row, shouted loudly "안되". Were they really worried that Lee Min Ho woud really consider a non Korean as a girlfriend? (Ans: yes, he replied that nationality and age would not matter. Another politically correct answer).

And when Lee Min Ho voiced his desire to eat chilli crabs for dinner, these same Korean fans shouted '같이 가요'. Well, they and the rest of the thousands of fans.

Besides Li Yi, there were Q&A for a few fans as well.

Doesn't she look awe-struck. I'm sure she is going to relive these few minutes over and over again.

And still smiling quite happily half way through the event.

There was a lucky draw for a few fans. Needles to say, those picked were in 7th heaven- skaking hands, photo taking and even a hug or two were part of the whole deal. Who needs prizes for the lucky draw? Etude House could have given them packets of tissue and they would have still been thrilled. (I think the gift set consisted of a t-shirt, his folders and some Etude House products. Anyone care to enlighten me?)

Charming smile, long legs....and a nice butt...a lethal combination. wahahaha!

The whole session ended quite soon as he still had to sign the autograph for those lucky 70 fans. So it was 'Good bye' from him. hehe! I didn't realised he actually said it in English till I viewed the clip

Those very lucky fans went up on stage one by one for a 'close encounter' with him. Besides the usual photo taking, signing on everything and anything, I noticed that quite a few were also clasping his hands in theirs in 'hi-five' fashion. L told me it seems to be sort of his trademark action. Hmmm....Those fans must have been thrilled to bits touching him. Wonder if they will ever wash their hands. Wahaha!

Autograph signing

Towards the end, he took photos with the 2 girls who had won the top prize in the Etude House 'scratch card' contest. It was supposed to take place at Plaza Singapura, which was cancelled unfortunately

Just wondering though, did these 2 girls have any special private moment with Lee Min Ho? Coz if they didn't it seemed their top prize was no different from the many fans earlier who had already taken photo with Lee Min Ho. Hmmm...

One final note- poor boy didn't get his wish to eat chilli crab. The rest of the crew wanted Korean food. Sigh...Why?

Anyway, that was the conclusion of his whirlwind 24 hours trip.




I heard some twitterings somewhere that maybe, just maybe, he might be back in Singapore very soon.

Watch this space for more news. ^^

Edit on 10th December
I have already updated about his fan meeting on 21st December 2009 here


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for the detailed encounter, thou not a fan of him but getting to know more about him. yap ! indeed remind me about YJ visit few years back.

yeah, lots of disappointment for this short visit, hopefully, he will come back as he express interest in coming back when he leave our sunny island, I am sure this time, many will standby that "chilli crabs" at the airport or his hotel ^^


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