Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beast Hi-5 session recap

If all the fans of Beast felt that the time with the boys were short, then I'm sure the boys themselves felt the time here in Singapore was even shorter. I think they hardly have any time on their own. I'm not even sure if they had the opportunity to try much of our local food. Poor boys.

Anyway, the Hi-5 sesion was supposed to start at 7pm. Of course, fans were already queuing up way before the 5pm, when the door to the Garden Plaza opened. It rained heavily that afternoon. I must admit I had visions of the place being flooded and all the signed posters floating away.... Luckily, it did stop by about 4+. At this point, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for arriving late and probably giving a heart attack to the winners, who were waiting anxiously for the coupons to see Beast. Luckily, the coupons (with much thanks to Universal Music Singapore) gave the girls priority queuing.

About 7pm, Li Yi came on to start the event. It was nice to see her on stage. I thought she was still in Korea! She started the ball rolling with a charity auction. All proceeds went to the Singapore Heart Foundation. The items up for auction? An autographed t-shirt and a poster.

The starting bid was $50 and from the moment go, the bids came fast and furious, with a couple of hands persistantly high up in the air. ^^ The final amount? $390!!! Congratulations to the winner and I'm sure everyone at the Singapore Heart Foundation is grateful for the amount. Hmm... I forgot to ask the organiser, did the boys wear the t-shirt? I'm sure if they had, the amount raised would not be just $390. Wahahaha! Maybe can do that next time?

And then it was time to give out the autographed posters to the lucky 50 winners who dropped their coupons at the beginning of the event. Here are 3 lucky winners.

And then it was another long wait....and wait...and wait. The fans were getting restless, though they did perk up whenever 'Shock' was played and sang happily along.

Where, oh were are my Beast?

Finally, the light at the entrance/ staircase lighted up and roar went up. The boys were here!!!! (it was almost 8pm by then).

They launched into their song, 'Shock' almost immediately when they went up the stage. The fans were thrilled! Can you hear the screaming? ^

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Inroducing themselves and a very short Q&Q session before the Hi-5's. (hehe! Seems they got their wish, they did eat chilli crab that night).

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After that short break, it was time for group photography with 30 lucky fans. Were you one of them?

Btw, those Universal Music Singapore has already posted the group photos on their FB. So you can get yours in high resolution if you email to them.

Guess who had one of the loudest applause that night? Yeah...the boy with the buttoned-up shirt.

Two too-cool-to-smile boys..

In contrast to the smiling, winking boy..

Did I tell you Gi Kwang winked at me? I didn't? Three times in fact.

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Did these fans get their idol?

Never mind, Dong Woon is available. ^^

Just before the start of the Hi-5 session.

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Here we go...

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and some more...

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The boys High-fived a total of 1,000 fans that night. That's alot of 'skinship' as they would say. As usual of course, there would be a few who refused to let go, desperately hanging on. But security was strict and fans were ushered down quickly. I don't blame the security. Otherwise, everyone would still be there at midnight. The boys took a short break (hey, it's tiring ok). But credit to the boys, there remained smiling for the fans.

Finally, all done. Whew! Well done!

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It was about 8.45pm and I'm sure the boys must have been tired. I was tired and I didn't even high-fived 1,500 screaming girls and boys.

Not knowing the band well, I didn't know what to expect. I did find Jun Hyung rather unsmiling and thought he wasn't very friendly. But he was to prove me wrong the next day at the press conference (that's another posting but the videos clips are up on youtube).

I was rather amused at Gi Kwang's winking (I found out later after some internet searching that he's done it quite often). I'm sure he's not trying to pick up this ajuma but it is a good thing that I'm not a sweet young thing anymore or I may just be charmed by him. hehehe!

Actually, I found Dong Woon (who is the youngest) rather adorable and fun.

What about all of you? How was your experience at this High-5 session? Was it worth the money spent?

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