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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 9 summary

I finally managed to watch Episode 9 yesterday and what an episode! I can't wait for next week. Ok.. translation is also out by Suehan and many (like Priscilla, Pyoungsang etc) have helped with the translation and explaination. Many, many, many thanks.

Yon Gar Ryeo and Daejangro were talking. It's a long conversation....can't really understand all but I think he told him that Dam Deok was on his way to Daejasong and the 3 tribes are confronting the king and his army. Suehan also said Yon Har Ryeo was asking what was Daejangro going to get out of this and he replied that he was just doing his duty (thanks Suehan). Hmph! Liar!

Tomorrow morning, Ho Dae will be king?

Sar Ryang led his members into the palace inside Goongnaesong and started killing all the soldiers. A dying soldier sounded the horn (I guess it's a signal that the King's palace was being attacked). It was heard by everyone. All the armies rushed back to protect the king but they were no match for Sar Ryang and his people.

Kakdan also rushed back and started fighting with them. Hmm..can't really catch what she said to the other women warrior. Gosh, those women warrior are really cool. Why did they have to die? :(

Ki Ha also heard the horn and wanted to leave her room but she was guarded. She then placed her hand on the heart of Ju Jak and was instantly filled with power (Hmm...I didn't see.. did she put on the heart of Jujak? It seemed she didn't. So the power could still work without the object?) She was lifted and swept out of the her place, knocking all the guards out.

Kakdan arrived and asked the King to go to Taeshil to hide.

Ki Ha arrived at the palace and found all the soldiers dead and a group of the Hwa Cheon members about to attack the King and Kakdan. She basically knocked out the Hwa Cheon with her coat. Then Sar Ryang arrived and somehow, when he saw Ki Ha, he did not attack further. Was it because he was afraid of her power or was it because he didn't want to hurt Ki Ha? I think it was the latter as I think he likes her. That look he gave her... I think one day he will probably sacrifice himself for her.

They arrived at Taeshil and the King asked Kakdan and the rest to go in too. But Kakdan said only the King and those who speak for the heaven (so Ki Ha could enter as she was from Shindang and they saw her powers when she knocked out those Hwa Cheon members) may enter. She entrusted the King's safety to Ki Ha.

Poor Kakdan was bleeding and she didn't know till another warrior told her.

The King said he knew Ki Ha was Dam Deok's childhood friend. And she had saved him when he was poisoned years ago and she saved him again today.

She said yes, and that's why she has to protect him today, no matter what. She would take him outside of Goonnaesong, where the Crown Prince was waiting to see him. The King asked if it was the Crown Prince's idea for them to run away. Ki Ha denied it but said he cannot stay in Goonaesong as it was not safe? They could live somewhere far away. I guess Ki Ha was still harbouring thoughts of living a peaceful life with Dam Deok.

The King said he would like to do that too. That in his heart, he wanted them to go far away and live without worries. How he wish he could say that. Poor King. He never really wanted to be king. The position was thrusted upon him because of Dam Deok and the prophesy.

Ki Ha said there wasn't much time left and they had to leave before dawn.

The King then picked up the sword of Jumong and said it was amazing how the sword was still shinny after all these years. Ki Ha was trying to hurry him into leaving.

Then the King pointed out a vase to Ki Ha and asked her to bring it to him. As she turned her back, the king plunged the sword into himself and committed suicide with the sword of Jumong.

Ki Ha was shocked and rushed to him.

The King: "My son was borned under the Star of Jushin. You and I cannot stop this."

With his dying breath, he said that his son, Dam Deok cannot run away from his fate, and she has to stay far away from Dam Deok. And then he said sorry to her. Poor Ki Ha, poor King. Knowing that they were in love and yet he has to stop this relationship because Dam Deok was the King of Jushin and cannot run away for a woman. Sigh..

Ki Ha pulled the sword out of the King, and at that precise moment, Kakdan opened the door and saw it. So she thought Ki Ha had killed the King.

The King told Kakdan that she must bring the sword of Jumong to the Crown Prince and to tell him that if he wants to avenge his death, then he must become the King of Jushin.

Kakdan tried to attack Ki Ha but she was protected by a magical force coming forth from Ki Ha.

Kakdan: "Who is it? Who sent you? Yon Gar Ryeo? Don't tell me!"

Poor Kakdan tried to kill Ki Ha so many times but was stopped each time by Ki Ha's force (I don't think she was doing it intentionally). Then at the last attempt, Kakdan was pierced by Jumong's sword. And then Daejangro appeared. was the sword protecting Ki Ha because she was Ju Jak or was it Daejangro who sent the sword into Kakdan?

Daejangro congratulated Ki Ha for completing the job well but poor Ki Ha kept saying it wasn't her, it wasn't her. And then he put his hand on her shoulder and she fainted. Sigh...don't think Ki Ha expected it to turn out this way.

And suddenly, all the candles infront of the four symbols lighted up. It's a sign I guess..because Dam Deok was now officially the King?

All the Hwa Cheon members left the palace. Suzini arrived and found everyone dead except Gam Dong (he's from the Geo Mool village and appeared in Ep 6, when he told Hyeon Go about Dam Deok's birth).

Sujini: "What happened? The King?"

Kakdan and 2 other women warriors came out, with Kakdan badly injured. She remained silent when he asked about the King. They knew then that the King was dead. Kakdan said she had to find the Crown Prince and deliver the dying words of the King. Sujini said the Crown Prince was at Daejasong.

And then Hyeon Go and the funny short guy appeared. I think she told Hyeon Go that she had things to do and had to see the Crown Prince again. But he told her that the people of Geo Mool cannot interfere in politics of Goguryeo and tried to stop her. Sujini obviously was not going to listen and went ahead.

Hyeon Go was shouting out something to Suzini..was it asking her why she was interfering in this? Hmm..not sure.. anyway, Hyeon Go instructed the funny short guy to bring Gam Dong back to the village.

Hyeon Go was sort of mumbling to himself that he couldn't understand all that was happenning and the relationship- the royal family, Hwa Cheon, Yon Hoe Gae (who was supposed to be the King of Jushin and Goguryeo) etc. This guy is so funny... how can he be the reincarnation of Hyeon Moo, the leader of the 4 gods? Sujini told him to stop talking and hurry up.

Dam Deok's party arrived at Daejasong and found the fortress gate locked. He shouted out that he was the Crown Prince, Dam Deok, and was being pursued by enemies and to open the gate for him.

The door remained shut and soldiers appeared with arrows pointing at Dam Deok's group. The officer told them to lay down their weapons first before approaching. Dam Deok's group turned around and saw their enemies just hiding in the shadow of the forest. They would be attacked if they lay down their weapons. Sou Du Ru shouted that the soldiers of Gogureyo do not lay down their weapons even in death.

Then Yon Gar Ryeo's aide appeared and asked if Dam Deok remembered him. He said that today, the 4 tribes signed an agreement with Shindang, that whoever saw him, the Crown Prince, have to apprehend and bring him back to Shindang. And therefore the officer wad just following orders. So this was what the note was all about. Yon Gar Ryeo had faked out a note to be passed to the officer (who didn't look too bright).

Dam Deok asked the others to get down from their horses and use them as shields. He then rode up to the fortress gate and shot at the officer and the Yon's aide....shouting that this arrow was given to him by the King when he was 13 years old. The arrow almost hit the officer and Yon's aide, knocking out one of the light. The 2 men were actually frightened. The Dam Deok drew out his sword and threw it at them, hitting squarely at the sign.

With his hand outstretched, without a weapon, he shouted: "I am the Prince of Goguryeo. Are you sitll afraid of me?"

The aide accused Dam Deok of lying and he didn't come just with that handful of men below, but had brought a whole army to take over the fortress.

The officer ordered the soldiers to shoot the lighted arrows into the forest and Ho Gae and his men were seen. The officer believed that Dam Deok had really brought the army with him to stage a revolt and take over the fortress.

Ho Gae commented that his father was the wisest in Goguryeo and he had plan it all well. Wasn't it better for a smart man to be king rather than one who was borned under the stars (meaning the Star of Jushin). So he was sort of in conflict, not sure whether to believe all the stuff about prophesy. One of Hwa Cheon's man asked Ho Gae what he wanted to do...if he wanted to wait for the soldiers to come out and capture Dam Deok. But Ho Gae said: "I started this because I couldn't wait anymore." and then he took the arrow and aimed at Dam Deok. I believe this will also be his downfall...the fact that he was not cool headed, emotional and proud.

Ho Gae's arrow made Dam Deok fell off his horse. And then the rest of Hwa Cheon started shooting at the others. They grouped together but some of them were hurt. Dam Deok, hearing their cries of pain and seeing their injuries, stood up and without any cover or weapon, walked towards Ho Gae.

Ho Gae shot at Dam Deok (hmmm...strange come got not much blood?).

The officer upon seeing this, questioned Yon's aide as he was the one who said they were on the same side. Stupid officer.

Kakdan's group reached Daejasong.

2 officers rode past General Ko (carrying the national flags?) and I think he asked one of his man to find out what's happenning.

Dam Deok walked towards Ho Gae, with 3 of the Chor No tribe men behind.

He asked Ho Gae to end it there, it's just him, one person that he wanted to kill. Sou Du Ru was very angry and asked why he was talking to a traitor. Ho Gae said it wa too late as they've already seen his face and therefore he has to take care of them too (So now, Ho Gae has already turned evil. Where before he wanted to become King the right way, now he couldn't care less).

Ho Gae was angry and shouted at Dam Deok, calling him his mother's murderer.

Dam Deok: "Then do it. Avenge your mother. If you're a soldier of Goguryeo, then do it yourself. Or can't you do it on your own?" (Gosh, I love BYJ's voice when he said this).

Sou Du Ru tried to stop Dam Deok, but was stopped by him. Then Dam Deok broke off part of he arrow and stared at Ho Gae intently. Cool!

Ho Gae picked up his sword and also asked his men not to interfere.

The fight in the next 2 minutes between these 2 men was intense. They were out to kill.

Suzini's group arrived and saw them fighting. She wanted to rush out to help but was held back by her master, Hyeon Go as they were not supposed to interfere in the politics. Their sole allegience was only to the King of Jushin and no one else.

Kakdan drove the cart onto the fighting scene herself and Sujini hopped on, followed by the other 2 warriors. Hyeon Go stayed behind as he did not want to be involved but he was worried about Sujini, so he was also in a dilemma. Sujini held Ho Gae hostage with a poisoned arrow at his throat. I guess she told Ho Gae to tell his men to back off. I really like Sujini. ^^

Dam Deok saw Kakdan and asked: "Why are you here? What about the palace?"
Kakdan: "I, Kakdan, the leader of the 3rd army, delivered to the Crown Prince, the last words of the King."
Dam Deok: "Last words?"

Everyone there was stunned, including Ho Gae.

Kakdan handed the sword of Jumong to Dam Deok and told him the King's final last words were that Dam Deok must become King of Jushin. Kakdan told Dam Deok that the King was pursued by enemies the whole night and hid in Taeshil together with Ki Ha. But Ki Ha killed him.

At this, both Dam Deok and Ho Gae were shocked. Dam Deok did not believe it and called Kakdan a liar. Kakdan said she saw her pulling the sword out from the King. Dam Deok was really, really shocked and refused to believe it. Kakdan, with her dying breath said that she has accomplished her mission.

Everyone was sad and in shock. Suzini let down her hand...whilst Ho Gae backed away in disbelive. At that moment, all the Hwa Cheon people started shooting at Dam Deok and Suzini, upong seeing this, was the first to throw herself at Dam Deok, covering and protecting him. Then the others followed, shielding him untill they all lay in a heap. Sou Du Ru was shot many times protecting Dam Deok. *sniff*, *sniff*.

Just as Hwa Cheon was approaching Dam Deok, and it seemed there would be no escape for him this time, Hyeon Go's cane (Hyeon Mul's object) began to come alive.

A light burst forth from the cane and covered Dam Deok's goup in a dome of light.

The voice: "When the Promised King’s heart is filled with burning rage, the Magic Cane will wake up. Time will stand still, but there will be someone inside who will be awake. He will be … the King of Jooshin. (translation thanks to Pyoungsang)

It was a very magical moment..very surreal.

Dam Deok didn't understand what was hapenning. He stood up and saw that everyone and everything had stood still. And then Hyeon Go walked into the dome of light with his lighted cane.

Hyeongo: I’m Hyeongo, the 72nd leader of Geomool Village. Hyeonmoo, the first of four symbols, with Joojak (Red Bird), Cheongryong (Blue Dragon), and Baekho (White Tiger), has the responsibility to find the King. The symbol of Hyeonmoo has been with us for two thousands years. Now, I have found you, the King of Jyooshin, and I greet you in the name of the Geo Mool village." (translation thanks to Suehan and edited by me)

And then he knelt before Dam Deok.

As General Ko and his army headed towards Daejasong, they saw Hoe Gae and the Hwa Cheon people leaving. But I don't think he knew it was Ho Gae as he was masked.

General Ko arrived at Daejasong and saw a row of bodies neatly lined up. Kakdan's body was covered with Dam Deok's outer clothing.

The officer pulled Yon's aide out and I think he was telling General Ko that it was his fault as he had lied about the Crown Prince.

General Ko: "Where is the Crown Prince? Where is he?"

Dal Gu replied that he's gone. He was gone when they woke up, disppearing like the wind. He couldn't see anything.

The officer told General Ko what happened, that there was a dazzling light and he had shut eyes and when he opened it, the bodies were all lined up and the row of words written on the sand. The officer was upset that he didn't open the gate for the King of Jushin. Even Yon's aide was shocked.

"These devoted loyal subjects of Ju Shin died to save their king's life."
(words written on the sand, with translation thanks to Pyoungsang on soompi)

Yon Gar Ryeo arrived at the Taeshil and I think from his look, he was rather shocked? Was there a slight hint of resignation on him that it turned out this way?Afterall, he did offer the King a chance to leave and live quietly elsewhere.

Joomochi was teasing Ba Son about her eating. Think he said something that he was worried she was going to die? Then I think Ba Son said something about having to live so that she can seek revenge. Hehe! They are both funny.

The woman (from the Yon's residence, whose husband was klled by Sar Ryang) fainted. Hehe! I think Ba Son asked what did Joomochi do to her..the poor guy kept shaking his head.

Ba Son was trying to persude her to eat..that otherwise she will die. Then she told her that her father was also killed but she continued eating and living, so that she could seek revenge. But I think she's not very good at comforting people coz she gave up when the woman continued crying.

Hmm...not sure what Daejangro said.

Yon's aide was telling Yon Gar Ryeo what happened...the bright light and how all the bodies were lined up neatly when he opened his eyes.

Hmm...what was the note/ letter that Sar Ryang handed to Daejangro?

I think Yon's aide was questioning if Hoe Gae was really the king and that perhaps Dam Deok might really be the King of Jushin instead.

Yon Gar Ryeo told him to be careful of what he said. hmm... was he threatening him?

Not sure what Sar Ryang said. Was the note informing them what happened at Daejasong? Then I think Daejangro asked Sar Ryang to find the Crown Prince and Hyeon Mool's object. I believe Sar Ryang was also asking if perhaps Dam Deok was the King of Jushin.

The High Priestess was performing the rites for the King and I think the soldiers were announcing the King's death to the citizens (they soldiers were dressed in mourning white).

The citizens were discussing about it and gossiping that it was Dam Deok who killed the sons of the 3 chiefs and then the King because he wanted to be king even though it was Ho Gae who should be king.

Hyeon Go, together with the very quiet and shakened Dam Deok and the injured Suzini were on their way back to Geo Mool village.

All the villagers assembled in the courtyard and greeted the arrival of Hyeon Go and Dam Deok. Then not sure what Hyeon Go said but I guess he was introducing the village to Dam Deok. Suzini told Dam Deok that all the villagers were there and asked him to alight as they have been waiitng for him.

Hyeon Go: "The people of Geo Mool village pays their respect to the King."

And then they all knelt down before him...Dam Deok looked around...and then he laughed bitterly.

The end of Episode 9.

The previews for Episode 10 & 11 are out and I am really, really excited.

There was a little discussion on soompi between a few of us why the King had committed suicide and if he was tying to frame Ki Ha for it.

We all agreed that the King committed suicide because he did not want Dam Deok to come back and save him as he will be captured or killed by doing so. He did not want to be a burden to Dam Deok by ending up as a bait to lure Dam Deok out.

But also, I felt that the King was trying to make Dam Deok 'wake up' faster as the King of Jushin. If he dies, then Dam Deok would officially be the next King...King of Goguryeo.....King of Jushin.

We didn't think the King was trying to frame Ki Ha but he was trying to stop them from being together. Because Dam Deok is the King of Jushin, he cannot run away with a woman. He has a duty and a role to fulfill.

I shall miss the King. He was great.

And finally, finally, the ost for the drama is out. It will be available on Yesasia on the 22nd October!

Check it out --->here

Got 2 mvs included as well... Definitely going to get it. I like both the songs so far. ^^


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