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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 10 summary

Suehan is really quick. The translation is already out. Thank goodness as there are lots of dialigues and I've been struggling quite a bit even though I can guess the story. hehe! As usual, many thanks to those who have provided the translation and explaination, especially Sue Han with the much needed translation for the dialogues.

Inside Hwa Cheon, Yon Gar Ryeo and Daejangro were talking. They were discussing about the incident at Daejasung- the blinding light and the disappearance of Dam Deok. Yon Gae Ryeo asked him what his real motive was...And then I think Daejangro is now suspecting that Dam Deok may be the King of Jushin instead. Yon Gar Ryeo said: "What are you saying now? Our Ho Gae is the King of Jushin, the king that we has been waiting for thousand of years..our Ho Gae.". Daejangro said Hwa Cheon has been waiting for 2,000 years and cannot afford to be wrong...and then the rest of the conversation is lost on me. I guess basically Daejangro was not too sure if Ho Gae was really the King of Jushin (and hence the one he should be supporting) or if it was Dam Deok. And Yon Gar Ryeo realised that he cannot totally trust Daejangro for support.

Ho Gae dreamt of the fight and the blinding light..waking up in a fright. He was frustated. He left the room (from the looks of it, he was in Hwa Cheon) and met Ki Ha, who threatend him with her sword. She asked if he was successful in killing Dam Deok. Ho Gae asked what if he which Ki ha replied that she would then kill him to avenge her lover. Ho Gae told her what if Dam Deok was the King of Jushin instead? He told her he saw the light, and suddenly at that moment, he couldn't move. He questioned Ki Ha, asking her if she really thought he was the King.

Then he kept challenging Ki Ha to do it (stab him). If she was really the owner of Ju Jak, then he can't die. Because the 4 gods are the guardians of the Jushin King, so she can't kill him. And then, he ripped open his shirt (hmm...reminds me of Jang Hyuk in 'Thank You'), shouting: " is my heart..Stab me ...Do it!"

At the Chor No tribe's camp, all those who perished were being cremated. They were covered with shields and spears and then their tribe's black flag. As the chief lighted the fire, he shouted: "Here are the brave warriors of Chor No tribe. The kings of Jushin who died.., Tangun of Jushin...please reeceive them." (at least that is what I think he said but what on earth is 아리새 (a symbol of Jushin Empire)?

Dam Deok also woke up in shock and fright... (guess he too was having nightmares). He looked around the room, saw the Jumong sword, and then he remembered all that happened. He walked out and opened one of the door, only to be stopped by Suzini saying: "The exit is the other way." She was so funny, she said she knew he would go out when he wake up, that's why she was waiting. hehe! She was so naughty. Then she suggested that he talk to the elders in Geo Mool village as they knew alot and many things cannot escape their eyes.

The disciples were in a frenzy. They kept telling Dam Deok that he cannot leave, that he cannot go to Guknaesung. They (the Hwa Cheon and Yon people) were looking for him (Dam Deok) everywhere. There were rumours that he and the Chor No tribe kidnapped and killed the sons of the other 3 tribes. Then after that, he killed his father, the King, because Dam Deok himself wanted to be king. Ho Gae didn't managed to kill him at Daejasung, so now they were looking for him.

Hyeon Go kept calling Dam Deok, king (임금), Dam Deok asked: "Why? Why do you keep calling me King?" Poor guy, he doesn't want to be king at all. Dam Deok said his father was still alive and was the king. But Hyeon Go said, no, he's already dead. Dam Deok refused to believe it and said he must see his father with his own eyes (It's pretty shocking news to receive that your father had died in such a way). Hyeon Go kept telling Dam Deok that the King was dead, killed by Ki Ha, who is with Hwa Cheon. And then can't really catch...sometting about Hwa Cheon and Jushin? Hmm...Hwa Cheon has also been waiting for the King of Jushin to appear?

Dam Deok grabbed Hyeon Go and said: "Don't call me that (king)." But Hyeon Go said: "You still don't know? Geo Mool's heavenly object doesn't serve the King of serves the King of Jushin." Wah!

Then Dam Deok got really agitated and shouted at Hyeon Go saying that he alone lived whilst the others died protecting him. He wanted to leave his father, his country and live in peace with his woman. How could he be king? Then he told the others to find someone just as crazy to be the king and leave him alone, and then he walked off angrily. Poor Dam Deok, he really felt very guilty causing the death of so many people.

Suzini followed him immediately and Hyeon Go couldn't stop her. Hehe! Suzini really, really likes him.

Inside the prayer room(?) of Shindang, Yon Gar Ryeo came to look for the High Priestess. She asked him what he wanted (?) and he told her not to worry, the King has died, the people are in mourning and the chiefs of the 3 tribes are not attacking anymore (I think?). Can't really understand the whole conversation but I think she said she was standing about what she said (Dam Deok being the King of Jushin). Yon Gar Ryeo was trying to get get her to co-operate (I guess by procaliming Ho Gae as the rightful King of Jushin) and basically threatening attacking Shindang? to wait for proper translation.

The officer at the Daejasung, Song Ju and Yon's aide appeared in the palace. Everyone was waiting. The 3 chiefs shouted and wanted to know where Dam Deok was. Yon Gar Ryeo asked what happened at Daejasung. Song Ju (the officer at Daejasung) seemed to be defending himself and blaming it on Yon's aide. Was he trying to explain why he didn't open the gate for Dam Deok? Don't really understand leh. Yon's aide then mentioned that a sword was given to Dam Deok. Yon Gar Ryeo asked what sword was it and Song Ju replied that it was the sword of Jumong. Everyone was surprised at hearing this and then Yon Gar Ryeo said wasn't the sword of Jumong inside Taeshil? Why was it given to the Crown Prince? The sword of Jumong was placed inside Taeshil and those without royal blood cannot enter it. Not sure about the whole dialogue by Yon Gar Ryeo but I think he suggested that it was Dam Deok who killed the King. Then all the ministers and the tribal chiefs started shouting and asking where was Dam Deok and that he should be answering all these questions.

Yon Gar Ryeo suggested that Dam Deok be stripped of his position as the Crown Prince and the country's affairs be decided by the 5 tribes until Dam Deok was captured and the truth known. He asked if anyone had any objection to his suggestion and slowly, one and by one, everyone agreed. Gosh...this man is cunning.

Anyway, a warrant for Dam Deok's arrest as a suspect in the King's death was given. On the street, people were talking about it and commented that Dam Deok should be punished for killing his father. Dam Deok heard them as he walked by, with Suzini following closely behind. ^^

Damdeok told her to go back as he has no business with Suzini's group. But Suzini replied she has also been thinking why she was following him but she didn't know either. But she said she understood why he didn't want her to follow or care about him. He was afraid that she would also get killed like those people from Chor No tribe.

Suzini then asked Dam Deok where he would like to go first...Shindang (where his father was buried) or if he wanted to meet her first. She really understand him, doesn't she? Suzini said that she's never been to Cheonju Shindang at all but that woman (Ki Ha) is at Yon's house and she'll bring her to him. But she asked if it was ok. Dam Deok asked what does she mean by that. Suzini replied according to her teacher, she was with Hwa Cheon and she would kill her and then kill him, just as she also killed his father.

Damdeok was obviously angry about this accusation. He said: "It's you and your teachers I don't trust. That woman, Ki Ha nim is a person I trust." And then he walked away but you see Suzini's face..she looked so disappointed and even a little sad at hearing this. I guess she wanted Dam Deok to trust her instead of Ki Ha.

Joomochi and his men were walking oby when he saw Dalbee (the woman whose husband was killed by Sar Ryang). I think she was craddling her husband's boots. Anyway, she caught Joomochi's eyes. Ba Son was cooking but she was not a good cook as she almost threw up tasting her own cooking. ^^

Ba Son was complaining about Joomochi eating too much and saying was he human? hehe! Obviously implying that he was an animal, that's why he ate so much. hehe!

Ba Son took the basket of rice balls to Dalbee and urged her to eat. She even asked her what she would like to eat...Ba Son is really nice (and rather comical).

Joomochi then snatched away the basket of rice balls, saying he's giving them to Geo Mool village...? I think Joomochi was sort telling Dalbee off indirectly..saying that a person who wants to die shouldn't eat? As they were arguing, a rice ball fell out and Dalbee slowly got up, picked up the very dirty rice ball and started eating. Both Ba Son and Joomochi looked on in astonishment. Then Dalbee asked for water and Joomochi was so cute. He got all flustered and started asking for water from veryone and then he went to get the water himself for her. So sweet.

Joomochi's man (the funny guy) came back and told them what happened at Daejasung...about the Crown Prince being attacked. Ba Son was concerned about Suzini, The guy said both the Crown Prince and Suzini disappeared but the people from Chor No tribe (those that they saved) were killed. And then sorry, couldn't really understand the rest of the conversation though Yon Ho Gae was mentioned. Hmm...translation needed here.

Dam Deok arrived at Shindang and was stopped by a guard. He said: "My fathr is in there. I want to see him."

Suzini managed to sneak into Yon's house and found Ki Ha's room. She stood outside, listening to the conversation between her and Daejangro.

Ki Ha said there was no need for Daejang ro to do all these as Dam Deok didn't want to be king. Daejangro said there were 2 reasons for it..1) he was bored? 2) she was going to run away? (hmm...can someone correct me if I'm wrong?)

Ki Ha said she was going to come back, she made a promise with Ho Gae and she was coming back. Daejangro shouted that her heart didn't come back...(I think). Then not sure about what Ki Ha said... something about all those people dying because it's all because of him. (ok, I may be wrong coz I can't really understand the concersation). But Daejangro said all these happened because of Ki Ha's heart (ie, her love for Dam Deok).

Inside the shrine/ prayer room, the High Priestess was thankful to see Dam Deok alive.

Suzini prepared a note and hid it under a pot of tea. She walked past Daejangro and Sar Ryang, who noticed her. He must have found her familiar. Why did she have to walk past them???? Silly girl.

Suzini brought the tray of tea into Ki Ha's room and kept asking her to drink it. Ki Ha turned around and I think she sort of recognised Suzini as she hesitated for awhile. Suzini again urged her to drink the tea, saying it's good. At the same time though, she placed her hand on her dagger, just in case Ki Ha attacked her. Ki Ha picked up the pot of tea and saw the note. She was relieved and happy and thanked Suzini for it. Then Suzini sort of turned around and block the view of Ki Ha from one of the guard so that she could read the note. Smart girl. But the expression on Suzini's face...what was she thinking? How was she feeling? It looked abit strange. Anyway, Suzini walked out of the room, observed by both Daejangro and Sar Ryang, who mentioned that she was at the Kukkyu game with the Crown Prince.

Dam Deok stood infront of the King's coffin.

The High Priestess told Dam Deok that the King was found inside Taeshil and that the guards laid dead all the way from the King's room to Taeshil. Then Dam Deok remembered what his father told him when he was young- that he was of royal blood. He also recalled his father telling him he doesn't know who he was and that how many people have been waiting for him.

Then I think the High Priestess told him that one of the woman who was guarding outside survived. (I think). The badly injured guard was brought in. She said that that night, they came to Shindang, they were guarding outside the Taeshil and only Ki Ha and the King were inside the room. The door opened and she saw Ki Ha killing the King with the sword. Upon hearing this, Dam Deok was very, very upset and started to walk out of the room. As he walked out, the High Priestess called out to him, telling him not to come back as the country was now under Yon's command. That way, Dam Deok can survive. In anger and frustration, Dam Deok hit out at the pillar with his sword and cracked the pillar. Wow!

Both Suzini and Dam Deok were waiting..with Dam Deok deep in doubt thinking about what the warrior said.

Ki Ha left the house and was about to get onto a horse, when she was stopped by Daejangro, who asked her where she was going. Hmm...don't understand what he was saying...Did he ask her if she was going to tell him the truth? That she was together with the King in Taeshil at night? Anyone care to elaborate? Then Ki Ha told him to get out of the way...which surprisingly he did. But of course, it was all a trap.

Dam Deok saw Ki Ha riding towards them...and then suddenly he was attacked. He saw Hwa Cheon troops coming towards them in all directions. It seemed as if Ki Ha had brought them there.

Suzini started shooting them down (she looks really good with a bow and arrow) and then the 2 of them fought with the Hwa Cheon soildiers...and what a fight! Great action! That intensive stare Dam Deok gave Ki Ha....wanting to go to her, to listen to her explain. And Ki Ha, she wanted to go towards Dam Deok too but was stopped by Sar Ryang. That look of such sadness and resignation she gave Dam Deok...

But hor...we are all puzzled by this, why didn't Ki Ha join in the fight? Why did she just stood there, watching her lover being attacked? She's pretty good at martial arts and Sar Ryang would never have hurt her. Hmm...was she really under that much influence from Hwa Cheon and Daejangro? Or did she feel perhaps it would have been difficult to explain to Dam Deok all that had happened? Or did she expect Dam Deok to go and rescue her from Sar Ryang, as it would have meant that Dam Deok still care about her and trust her? Hmm... I wonder...

Anyway, Suzini was no match as she was outnumbered. She was injured. Dam Deok hesitated ...he was torn between wanting to go to Ki Ha and helping Suzini. Just as Suzini was about to be chopped to pieces, Dam Deok went to her rescue.

That look of such longing and sadness as Ki Ha watched the 2 of them riding away in the rain. It's as if she knew that that was the last chance for any reconciliation with him.

At Geo Mool village, the elder was doing accupunture and getting the poison out of Suzini. At last, he indicated to Hyeon Go that she would be alright and he heaved a sigh of relief.

Dam Deok was sitting outside the room, upset and troubled. Poor guy...I think he would never have forgive himself if she had died. Anyway, Hyeon Go told him that she would be alright but it was the poison that was the problem and not her wounds. Dam Deok kept looking at the sword....

Dam Deok was taking care of was really sweet of him..and yet when she woke up, he said in a very casual way: "You are alive?". Alamak, why can't he be a little more gentle.

Anyway, he told Suzini that he thought she was going to die but Suzini said she won't die so easily.

Then Dam Deok said: "I've told you before, that woman, I've trusted that woman since I was eleven."

Suzini said that trust is the mother of deceit. And then it was so cute- Dam Deok called out: "Oi" and Suzini immediately replied that her name was Suzini. ^^

Anyway, Dam Deok was very regretful. Because of his mistakes, she almost died, his father and those at Daejasung got killed.

Suzini: "So?"

Dam Deok: "Oi."

Suzini: "It's Suzini."

hehe! She was determind to make him call her by her name.

Anyway, Dam Deok said that her teacher believed that he's the king because of the light from their heavenly object. Did she believe it too because her teacher said so?

Then Suzini got up and showed him her wound. :P He was actually embarrassed to see her body...but she wasn't at all shy. ^^

Suzinee said that since young, whenever she got cut or hurt, she would heal after one night. But it might be a little problematic as it's poison this time but only Hwa Chen use this poison.

Then she said that the king should be like her...if he became king, even more people might die than this time. If a war broke out, and he yelled out "attack", all the brave soldiers would follow his orders and they might be killed. And he would be sad and would cry because his command caused so much death? She said, therefore, she thinks a king should recover from the pain after one matter how bad. And then he should stand up again and said: "Follow me, I'm the King."

Dam Deok was looking at her, in a rather amused way. I think probably no one has ever spoken to him so frankly before, like a normal person and not as the Crown Prince. Suzini realised that she may have said too much and pretended to have a headache and wanted to go to bed...^^

And then Damdeok called out her name...and thanked her. She was so pleased with it and kept smiling so sweetly and with so much happiness.

Daejangro and Yon Gar Ryeo were talking. It's a long conversation again... unfortunately I always have problem trying to understand what Choi Min Soo says because he uses such a low voice and drags his words.. all in line with the creepy Daejangro character of course, but it does mean I have to strain my ears even harder to try and understand with my half-past-six Korean. And did you guys hear him's doubly creepy.

Anyway, according to Sue Han's translation, Yon Gar Ryeo said that that Dam Deok went to Shindang. I think Daejangro said something about nobody will believe what Shindang said...that the injured warrior died the day before...hmmm...? Yon Gar Ryeo said the people of Kokuryo believed that Damdeok had killed his father. Then I think Daejangro said the people or citizens were the strongest (weapon?) in the world...I think something about if there were enough talk or rumours..then there will be no need to find out the truth? (alamak...need verification about my translation). Yon Gar Ryeo said that he doesn't know if Damdeok would go the shrine on the last day of the month and Daejangro said he would be thankful if he did.

Hyeo Go was inside Ki Ha's room. He lighted up the room and saw Ki Ha sitting in the dark. He asked her if she knew if it was the last night of the month. And that there would be a ceremony/ inquest into the murder of the King and will the Crown Prince be there?

The Ho Gae got agitated. He knew that Ki Ha had met Dam Deok the day before and asked if she was planning to run away with him. All this while, Ki Ha remained silent and then she got up and opened the door..she wanted him to leave. She definitely does not like him.

Ho Gae told Ki Ha to tell Dam Deok not to go to the shrine. If he does, he will not live. He asked if she has heard of the Kawori Sword.

Continued conversation between Daejangro and Yon Gar Ryeo.

Daejangro has heard about the Kawoori Sword and that it's used by the High Priestess from Shindang on behalf of heaven to judge the accused.

Yon Gar Ryeo said that only the nobles of Goguryeo and the royalties knew about it. And then Daejangro said that he's not sure if he heard it correctly but the accused's heart was to be pierced by the sword to see if he was innocent. I think Yon Gar Ryeo was rather surprised that Daejangro seemed to know so much and said that outsiders would not understand. But Daejangro said that he did understand as it was probably used to kill the superiors (since it was used by Shindang and only noblilities and the royalties knew about this method) and not the normal citizen. It seemed no one has ever survived and then Yon Gar Ryeo said myabe none of them were innocent.

Daejagro said that Damdeok might know that the Kawoori Sword was waiting for him if he goes to Shindang the next day. He wondered if he would still go.

Hyeon Go told Ki Ha to let Dam Deok know that he must not go to Shindang, and if he did, he would use the Kawoori Sword himself on him.. Hmm...why doesn't he want Dam Deok to go...I thought he wanted to finish him off?

Back at Hwa Cheon, Ki Ha told Daejangro that she would be participating in the ceremony. I think she said something that she knew she was the onwer of Ju Jak and her allegience was with Ho Gae and then can't catch what she said about the Crown Prince. Daejangro asked if Dam Deok would really go, as he was accused of so many crimes (like killing the chiefs' sons)...but Ki Ha said he would go. Then Deajangro said awhole lot of stuff that I can't really understand...I think he told her how the system works...the person is pierced through the heart with the sword to see if he would die. Was he asking her if she thought she could save him? Hmm... But Ki Ha kept insisting that he would go (I guess she really understands him). Then I think Daejangro said if Dam Deok did go, would he be pleased to see Ki Ha waiting for him..and I guess he was saying if it was of any use meeting him.

Then Ki ha said she knew she cannot love him...and argghhh....don't get the rest but then she told Daejangro that she wasn't asking him to let her go as a favour but if he wanted her to live as Ju Jak in the future, he will ahve to let her attend (I think that's what she said). She was asserting her power. Good for her. Should have done so earlier. Then she walked of...but why did Daejangro have such a sinister smile on his face? It's almost as if he really did want Ki Ha to go but was just pretending otherwise? Did he perhaps think it would be better for Ki Ha to see Dam Deok die with her own eyes? Hmm...mysterious...

Dam Deok was going to leave Geo Mool village and found Hyeon Go and Suzini waiting for him. Hyeon Go said since Dam Deok didn't want him to address him as king, then what did he want him to call him? Should he just call him Crown Prince?

Hyeon Go was basically saying that he shouldn't go as as the sons of the tribes have been killed and chiefs would seek revenge. He cannot go. Dam Deok said it's alright, he can just send him off from there. He seemed to be nicer to Hyeon Go now and doesn't mistrust him as much.

The Hyeon Go said was it because of his pride or if he was going to give up. He asked Dam Deok to use his brains a little more.

Dam Deok: "Didn't you say heaven has sent the King of Jushin?"

Hyeon Go it's because heaven has made the country of Jushin, so he has sent the king...and then Dam Deok said if that was so, he would not die.

Hyeon Go was still protesting (even though he has seen his cane protecting Dam Deok and therefore affirming that he was the King of Jushin, I guess he still found it hard to believe that Dam Deok would not be harmed).

Dam Deok then said didn't he, Hyeon Go believe it (that Dam Deok was hte King of Jushin) or if he just calling him King. (ie, it didn't mean anything)

Dam deok said he didn't believe it either, that's why he was going to ask heaven. I guess Dam deok was also struggling, not knowing what to believe.

And then Suzini bowed to Hyeon Go and made as if to follow Dam Deok. Hyeon Go tried to stop her but Suzini pointed to the sky and said: "Chief of Geo Mool village, you don't believe?" Hehe! Hyeon Go had no choice but to follow the 2 of them, mumbling to himself that they've all gone mad. ^^

The next morning, one of the elder came to deliver food to Dam Deok..only to find an empty room.

Inside Guknaesung, Ba Son, Joomochi and the funny guy were walking along the street, with Dalbee following behind. She was knocked over and fell down. Joomochi stopped to help her..hehe! An then he stopped and sort of check to see if she was alright and still following behind. There is a budding romance in the air. ^^

Then ba Son saw the funny short guy, together with some of the members from Geo Mool village and he was giving instructions to spread out. This guy is so funny..he's trying to be discreet about it but how to be be low key when you are directing a group of men all dressed in white.

Anyway, Ba Son stopped him and asked what he was doing with so many members from the village and he said he was looking for the chief, Suzini and the King. He suspected they've gone to Shindang even though they've been told not to go. Ba Son asked: "What king?" And the funny short guy shouted: "Our King!"

Inside Shindang, all the ministers and tribal chiefs have assembled. The High Priestess and Ki Ha were standing in front of the King's coffin. I don't understand. Does Ki Ha have a special place within Shindang? Or does everyone know that she is the owner of Ju Jak, and therefore have a special place there? Anyone has a clue?

I think the chiefs were accusing Dam Deok and the Chor No tribe of killing their sons, and Dam Deok killing his father, the King. Can't understand the whole gist of it but I guess they were questioning why Dam Deok wasn't there to answer for the crimes and pressurising Shindang to remove his position as the Crown Prince. Yon Gar Ryeo accused the guards of stealing the sword of Jumong from inside Taeshil. He said that many witnesed the guard giving the sword to Dam Deok (which was true... there were many people at Daejasung at that time).

At that moment, Dam Deok appeared and said: "That is correct."

Dam Deok, Suzini and Hyeon Go entered the room, to the surprise of many.

Damdeok said that the sword was delivered to him by the leader of the 3rd army and her name was Kakdan. She guarded the King till he died and was a brave and faithful soldier who risked her life to obey the King's order.

And then Dam Deok announced: "I became the prince of Kokuryo by the will of the previous King and Heaven. Now, Heaven has sent me here.

The end of episode 10.

Whew! That was quite an episode.


vegasbyj said...

Hi Tiffany!

As always, many THANKS to you for taking the time to do this for us. I've been collecting all the translations so that when I watch TWSSG (on the weekends) I can follow along.

TWSSG! Fighting!

Jessica W said...

Hi Tiff,
thanks so much for your efforts on the translations...i read both yrs n Suehan's one anyway. i feel that the dialogues in TWSSG is VERY VERY hard to understand and the evil DaeJangRo's dialogues(i gave up alrdy cos i strained my ears listening also catch no ball)...

Although Damdeok is so depressed and lost in this epi,the scenes between him and Sujini are cute and sweet...esp when He like to call sujini 'Oii..' (can BYJ can get any cuter??? I'm so madly in love with him in TWSSG :p but i miss the happier damdeok in earlier epi- ultimate cuteness that we can die n kelly has gone ga-ga liao.) Hoping for the love between Damdeok n Sujini to bloosom...FAST!

actually Hogae(although he is bad but forced by circumstances)is quite poor thing,kinda 'manipulated' by his dad and Daejangro and his love for Kiha is not is meaningless even though he did managed to become king...

epi 11 was interesting and absolutely love the CG in this drama...Hope to see better epi...

tiffany said...

Hi vegasbyj...

My Korean is not I hope I haven't made any major mistakes and confuse you all.

But if it has been of help, then I'm glad. ^^

tiffany said...

Yeah... I ad to rewind some scenes like 10 over times just to listen to the dialogues. Whew!

But from the looks of it, preview 12 & 13 will be better. More action! ^^