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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 11 summary

Gaulsan has already translated for Episode 11 and as usual, I would like to thank everyone for their help in the translation and explainations.

From the previous episode, Dan Deok, Suzini and Hyeon go arrived at Shindang to attend the inquest/ meeting.

Yon Gar Ryeo shouted at them to stop and hand over their weapons and to accept their punishment from heaven.

Hyeon Go's cane and Suzini's weapon were taken away by the guards. Ho Gae approached Dam Deok and said that he, Ho Gae was a descendent from heaven (literally heaven's royal blood) and therefore will take the Jumong sword. Dam Deok, starring back intently at Ho Gae asked if Ho Gae had planned all these himself. Ho Gae said he shouldn't have come to the meeting/inquest. Dam Deok asked again if it was Ho Gae who planned all these by deceiving the tribal cheifs, killing his father and then accusing him of all these crimes.

Ho Gae said that Dam Deok would not be able to leave the place alive and if he had gone there even though he knew.

Yon Gar Ryeo shouted out why wasn't the High Priestess doing anything as the criminal was already there.

Dam Deok told Ho Gae that if he had done all this on his own, he would applaud and congratulate him and admit that he, being a smart and courageous man deserved to rule the country.

I think Dam Deok was on the one hand, hoping that Ho Gae didn't have any part in this. Remember when he was imprisoned inside Taeshil, he was 'telling' his anscestors that Ho Gae would make a good king. On the other hand, he knew Ho Gae wasn't smart and cunning enough to think of such strategies, which meant he was willing to go along with such schemes just to be king. I'm sure Dam Deok must have been in such a conflict and anger.

Ho Gae misunderstood Dam Deok's questions and thought that he was planning to give the thron to him. If that was so, he said Dam Deok was too late and he should have run away instead of going to Shindang there with the sword.

Damdeok then turned to the High Priestess and asked if the meeting was to find out the murderer of the King. She said yes.

Dam Deok then said if there was another person present at the time when the King was killed in Taeshil. The High Priestess said a guard who witnessed the murder went to Shindang and told her about it but she was killed soon after that.. ( I guess Daejangro killed her?)

During this conversation between the High Priestess and Dam Deok, Ki Ha was getting very worried and uncomfortable and kept looking at Dam Deok. She didn't have a chance to tell him personally what happened inside Taeshil (although I'm not sure if he would have believed her anyway) but now that he's asking questions like that publicly, it could only mean that he really believed that she had killed his father, the King.

Damdeok asked if the guard had revealed who was inside taeshil and the High Priestess said yes, she did and it was a woman who claimed to be Joo Jak. At this point, there was a lot of murmurings amongst the crowd and Yon Gar Ryeo didn't look too pleased. I guess he didn't want too many people knowing that Ki Ha was Joo Jak.

Damdeok, in a very painful voice, said: "Could you ask that woman a question..why did she kill my father?" All this while, Ki Ha kept looking at Dam Deok, hoping for acknowledgement but Dam Deok did not once look at her. Sigh...he was really heart broken.

The High Priestess said that because she claimed to be guardian of Joo Jak, which was one of the guardians of Ju Shin, sent by heaven, she as the High Priestess of Shindang, has to obey heaven's will. Therefore she could not ask her any questions.

Ho Gae, wanting to protect Ki Ha, tried to stop all this questioning by saying that Dam Deok was trying to push the blame onto a weak woman.

Dam Deok, still refusing to look at Ki Ha, shouted angrily: "Which one are you? A weak woman or the guarduan of Joo Jak? Which one are you?"

Ki Ha slowly turned around and faced Dam Deok directly, saying...she would answer him, if he ask her directly. Sigh...She just want him to ask her personally, so that she can tell him..instead of listening to all these stories. But Dam Deok still didn't look at her at all. the High Priestess knows nt that Ki Ha is Joo Jak...

Ho Gae intercepted at this point and said that he and all the chiefs wanted the High Priestess to use the Gauri sword and judge the Crown Prince for his crimes. This would determind if he was lying. I think the High Priestess tried to protest by saying there is still no need to do this now. But Ho Gae insisted on upon it and turing to Dam Deok, asked him if he has any objection to the test. Dam Deok remained impassive, with no emotions on his face.

Yon Gar Ryeo jumped in and said that if four out of the five tribes request for the test, the High Priestess must perform it. I think he said something about she must do it on behalf of heaven? Then he said that he, Yon Gar Ryeo, chief of Ge Ru tribe, wants the Gauri sword trial to be used. Everyone then agreed that it was the best way. And Ki Ha was worried.

The High Priestess proclaimed that the Gauri test was carried out by stabbing the accused heart with a sword. It was a judgement from heaven...if the person was guilty, he would die and if he was innocent, he would not. But..

"Gawuri sword (test) cannot be carried out by just anyone.. only the king of this nation or one who has inherited the blood of the heavens can" (translated by Dramaoak of soompi)

Ho Gae said he would do it. He has the blood of heaven (he believed he was the King of Jushin) and it would be alright if he conduct the test with the Jumong sword? Then one by one (instigated by Yon's aide) all asked for the test to be carried out.

Ho Gae really hated Dam Deok, more because of Ki Ha than his mother's death. If he had run away and not confronted him, he would have let Dam Deok off but because he didn't, a mixture, of fear, jealousy, thirst of revenge and even perhaps guilt all resulted in him wanting Dam Deok dead by his hands.

There was still little show of emotion from Dam Deok. How did he feel inside? All these people...his subjects...hounding for his blood. And Ki Ha...I think she felt so powerless to stop all this and save the person that she love.

Suzini shouted out if they were all mad. No one could survive if one was stabbed with a sword. She wanted to leave. But then Dam deok turned around and wihtout a word, looked at Suzini and Hyeon Go. And they knew, from that look, that he was going to go through the test. Suzini was so very sad...because she thought he would surely die. Dam Deok then passed the Jumong sword to Ho Gae and walked towards the High Priestess.

He did not once look at Ki Ha and when even when she wanted to catch hold of his hand...he did not let her. Sigh... For Ki Ha, I think this indifference was probably even worse than Dam Deok accusing her directly.

Dam Deok said: "There are people who think I am the king of Jushin." The High Priestess said she was one of them but then Dam Deok shook his head and said: "I don't know myself. I want to ask the heaven"

The High Priestess said that no one has ever survived the test but Dam Deok said he wanted to know if heaven really existed and therefore would it know who he was. The High Priestess reproached him and said if he had gone there to die

I think Dam Deok had really expected to die and probably wanted to die. If he really wasn't the King of Jushin, then he couldn't take any revenge against Ho Gae (who would then really be the King of Jushin). If that was the case, better to die, then to live in agony and pain, with the knowledge that the woman he loved had killed his father.

Dam Deok then said to the High Priestess exactly what he said to Hyeon Go...didn't the High Priestess believe? He said if Jushin was the Kingdom of heaven, the King of that kingdom could not die.

He turned around, looked at everyone and said: "I, Damdeok, will receive the Gauri sword."

And then he lightly touched his father's coffin....which conveyed so much regret, pain and love.

The High Priestess and all the Shindang members started chanting...basically saying that the person was going to receive the Gauri sword and that heaven should speak and judge.

Ki Ha was crying by now.

Dam Deok than faced everyone, closed his eyes and stretched out his hands to receive the sword.

Suzini was all agitated and worried.

Daejangro was just waiting to see what would happend... not really too bothered.

Yon Gar Ryeo was secretly pleased that it was going to end this way.

Ho Gae was full of hatred.

And Ki Ha...she had stopped crying...and there was a look of resolve on her if she had made a decision.

Ho Gae walked past her, with the sword in hand and the determind look to kill this man. Suddenly, Ki Ha grabbed the sword from him and plunged it into Dam Deok's heart. It caught everyone by surprise.

As Dam Deok starred at the woman he loved, whom he believed had killed his father and now stabbed him as was like a final nail in the coffin, killing any trace of trust he once had of her, all the years of they shared together. He almost had no emotion, like one who had to finally accept the death sentence. Ki Ha, with tears in her eyes, believing she had to do what she did...willing with all might that this man that she loved with all her heart, would trust in her, looked at him with all the love she had for him.

Damdeok: "Did you do this to my father, too?"

Ki Ha: "I trusted you. I thought that you would trust me till you die."

Damdeok: "Did my father also die like this, because he trusted you?"

Ki Ha: "I won't let you go alone. I will go with you."

There was some discussion on soompi board, about whether Ki Ha really meant to kill Dam Deok or was she hoping for a miracle by doing it herself?

I've been watching that scene over and over again ... looking at both their experessions and thinking. I think Ki Ha had hope to save Dam Deok by doing it herself. If Ho Gae had done it, he would definitely made sure it was a fatal stab in the heart. I don't think Ki Ha stabbed very hard...because well.... I didn't see any blood at all. So perhaps, subconsciously, she hoped he would survive the attack ... which was why she hesitated for awhile before pulling out her own dagger. But when he fell down unconscious, and she thought he was going die, she cried, pulled out her dagger and was about to kill herself, intending to follow him in his death...but just at that moment, a miracle happened.

Now before I describe the miracle, I must say that when Dam Deok fell, the first person to rush to him was Suzini, which I guess foretells how things would be in the future..that she would always be the first one to be there for him. Daejangro? It was almost as if he was dissapointed that Dam Deok died..I guess because he was having doubts whether Ho Gae was really the King of Jushin and he wanted to see if Dam Deok was the real king instead. And even Ho Gae was if he didn't really expect Dam Deok to die. For all his talk about wanting to kill Dam Deok and seeking revenge, he was never a wicked guy. Alot that had happened was manipulated by his father..he never wanted to be the king in such a way. As for the other tribal chiefs, from the looks of it, I think they were a little regretful too. The only one who seened to be satisfied with the outcome was Yon Gar Ryeo.

Anyway, just as Ki Ha was about to plunge the dagger into herself, a light emited from the sword and blinded everyone and then....the sword sort of dissolved and became a dagger, dropping off from Dam Deok's heart, who looked as if he had never been stabbed. Everyone, and I meant, everyone was shocked. Then slowly, he opened his eyes..slowly got up...and looked around at everyone.

I don't really understand how he was feeling as he seemed almost devoid of emotions. There seemed to be a hint of gladness? Like almost as if he's glad he's finally been given an answer? I guess with this, he knew what his role was and what he had to do from then.

Anyway, the High Priestess was so glad and shouted out: "Heaven has answered. Gogureyo's Crown Prince, Dam Deok is not guilty. Heaven has spoken through the scared Gauori sword."

Notice was posted by Shindang.

2,000 years, the kingdom of Jushin was formed. Of the 4 Jushin symbols, Hyonmool and Joojak have awaken but they have acknowledged different men as the Jushin King. The one who finds the other 2 symbols- Cheong Ryong and Baek Ho, the one who is acknowledged by these symbols as the King will be acknowledged as the King of Jushin and the King of Goguryeo. Until that day, the Crown Prince, Dam Deok will rule as the King of Goguryeo. This is the will of heaven. The citizens of Goguryeo..rejoiced.(Ok...I know I've missed out on some sentences as I couldn't understand all of it...but with Gaulsan's help, I think this is the gist of it).

General Ko, on his way back to Guknaesung, was seen intercepting one of the messenger and receiving the news.

Dam Deok entered the palace court (with Suzini following him...hehehe! this woman is sticking to him) and stood in front of the throne, recallling what his uncle, King So Su Rim had said to him when they first met. That he and Dam Deok's father trusted in him deeply and he must become the King of Jushin and find the kingdom of Jushin again. He told Dam Deok that he must find the 4 symbols of Jushin and their guardians and make them protect him. Dam Deok remembered his promise to this dying King as he stared at the throne.

Damdeok said that right from the beginning, he was asked to become the King of Jushin, and not the King of Goguryo. Suzini then replied that he has to become the King of Goguryo before becoming the King of Jushin. Dam Deok, who had enver thought he would be King and never wanted to be King, wondered what it was like to be a King. Suzini thought it was good as then nobody, not even her master could bully her. This brought a smile to Dam Deok. Suzini could always make him smile. ^^

Dam Deok then recalled what his father said that night after the coronation. His father had told him then that because he was still young and it was difficult for him to protect Dam Deok as he wasn't powerful enough (remember, most of them thought that he wasn't of royal blood, including Ho Gae's mother, his sister). He told Dam Deok not to stand out and to let everyone thought he was stupid and slowly forget about him. Poor Dam Deok, what kind of life he must have had...he had no friends except for Ki Ha.

King Ko Gu Kyang realised that his role was to prepare Dam Deok to become King, that was the reason he lived.

As Dam Deok slowly touched the throne, recalling and thinking back to all these, he realised then what he must do and he made up his mind- he asked his father to protect him as he became King. I think at this point, the King of Jushin has truely awake. And with a sense of resolve and purpose, he walked out of the court and found Hyeon Go waiting outside. He asked him if he had been waiting for the King for a long time...and Hyeon Go said yes, they have been waiting for thousand of years. He then asked Hyeon Go to teach him how to become a good king. I think this was significant, because Hyeon Go was very pleased when he replied...not just a king then, but a good king? It was good to know that Dam Deok realised that he had a lot to learn and that he wanted to be a good king.

The funny short guy was telling Ba Son that Dam Deok lived through the test and that the Jumong sword had dissolved. At this Ba Son was shocked and said: "Jumong sword?". Hehe! She was upset because there wasn't another sword like that in this one and I think she wanted to see it just once. She likes weapons. So whilst the funny short guy remarked how strange it was that his King (Dam Deok) had managed to live with a sword piercing through his heart, she was more concerned that the Jumong sword no longer existed. hehe! These 2 are so funny.

Inside Yon's residence, Yon Gar Ryeo, the 3 tribal chiefs and Jeok Hwan are in a meeting (hmmm..why was this suppposedly loyal soldier still siding with Yon Gar Ryeo?)

Sorry, can't really understand the whole long conversation but according to Gaulsan, it seemed Yon Gar Ryeo was telling them that Dam Deok had tricked them by using a fake Jumong sword. Then Jeok Hwan said something about Dam Deok was now the King of Goguryeo..and then I think the aide said something he was a solider and wouldn't understand such things? Hmm.... And then, don't understand the rest of the conversation...but something to do with Ju Jak and the Jumong sword....hmm...were they wondering why Ju Jak (Ki Ha) wanted to kill Dam Deok?

Ki Ha kept thinking about the part where she peirced Dam Deok's heart with the sword. She was in a trance but was suffering, crying and in pain. Daejangro said now he understood why Ki Ha loved Dam Deok. He said long ago, his shaman/ leader (Ka Jin) also gave her heart to him (Hwan Woong) and lost everything.

And then you have that scene where Hwan Woong healed the injured Ka Jin in the cave, that was when she fell in love with him.

Daejangro then tried to use his power to erase her memory of him, so that she wouldn't suffer. As he tried hard to use his powers over her, scenes of her past life and Hwan Woong kept appearing in her mind and there was great resistence, repelling Daejangro back. As Ki Ha collapsed, Sar Ryang held her (he definitely likes her) and asked what happened just then. Daejangro then relied that there was something inside Ki Ha (we are all speculating that it's because she's pregnant).

Dalbee wanted Joomoochi to teach her how to fight because he was the best in Goguryeo? She was willing to learn everything. Hmm...I think she offered to cook for him and to learn quickly (I think). Anyway, she kept begging him to teach her. But he refused. Just then, Joomchi's man appeared and said there were customers.

The men came to Joomchi to enlist his help to fight for Ho Gae. Not sure about the whole conversation but I guess they didn't support Dam Deok. They offered Joomoochi quite a lot of money. Joomchi didn't say anything, but swung his axe over his shoulders...which basically meant no. hehe! And so the customers were chased away by the short guy.

The funny short guy (from Geo Mool village) saw this and then saw all the people who were signing up to join Yon's army. Hyeon Go told Dam Deok that everyone believed Ho Gae was still the Jushin King and that he had had tricked everyone during the meeting in Shindang.

Then I think he said if he was to become a good King of Jushin, he has to know how to become a good King of Gogureyo first. And he has to start preparing well now so as to start the prepare for the Jushin kingdom i the future..( least that's what I think he said...I hope I didn't misinterpret anything). Anyway, the guys from Geo Mool village started bringing their books and things into the palace for study. And the elders were telling Dam Deok about the politics in the neighbouring counries.

Jinsungwang, the king of Baekjae who had stolen the throne from his nephew Ashin is losing power. Western part of Baekje is trying to make Ashin the king. (translated by Gaulsan)

The funny short guy came back and tell everyone that the over 10,000 men had joined the Yon family and he was worried as Dam Deok wasn't doing anything (he seemed more interested on checking out the books and records).

Gam Dong (the Geo Mool village member who was also an officer inside the palace) reported on the political status of the army. It seemed the Royal Guards decided not to take part until General Ko came back and though he wasn't sure about the Gaema Army, but they were likely to side the Yon family as Jeok Hwan, the leader of Gaema Army was from Ge Ru tribe (which is the same tribe as the Yon family. Ok, now I know why he was still siding Yon Gar Ryeo even though he's supposedly a loyal soldier of the King).

And then...they wondered where their chief, Hyeon Go was.

Hyeon Go was checking out the new dagger (transformed from the Jumong sword) against some old records and found it matched the pictures of a dagger called 'Heaven's Bow'. There was some discussion over at soompi and it seemed it could be the same bow that was used by Hwan Woong (in Episode 1) to kill Seo O (when she became the black Joo Jak). So I guess this same dagger would be used in the future to kill either Ki Ha or Suzini (when either of them become the black Joo Jak...though I think it will probably be Ki Ha).

(thanks to dramaoak on soompi)

Gam Dong announced excitedly that General Ko was back and Dam Deok was pleased.

General Ko paid his respect to Dam Deok, acknowledging him as the King and said he was glad to see him safe and well. He was about to kneel but Dam Deok hugged him instead and said he had been waiting for him for a long time (Hmm... why did General Ko stay in the Chor No tribe so long? He should ahve rushed back to Guknaesung immediately).

General Ko then said that there was someone else who came with him. And then Huk Gae, the chief of Chor No tribe appeared and introduced himself and bowed to Dam Deok. And Dam Deok...did not use his title as King but instead introduced himself as Dam Deok, the person who caused his son to die. He really felt guilty about that. Huk Gae said he heard that his son died to save his majesty's life and that he was now temporarily the King of Goguryeo and that he was competiting with Yon Ho Gae to become the King of Jushin. Dam Deok confirmed it but then Huk Gae got agitated and said why was he in that room, reading papers with Hyeon Go (did he really call him a stinking monk? Wow!) when all the tribes, all the soldiers and everyone else were joining the Yon family.

Dam Deok then replied calmly that as of the day before, Yon had 19,000 soldiers whereas he had less than 8,000, including the Royal Guards, the Gaema Army, and Central Army (actually can't really count the Gaema army as they are likely to support Yon Ho Gae).

At this Huk Gae asked if Dam Deok was still considering becoming the King of Jushin. I think the fact that Dam Deok could accurately tell Huk Gae the military situation, meant that he wasn't just sitting inside the palace, twiddling his thumbs and doing nothing as the chief thought initially. And the fact that he wasn't panicking meant that he was serious about the fight with Ho Gae. Otherwise, I think Huk Gae will probably reconsider about supporting him, if he thought the new King was a weakling.

Anyway, Dam Deok said with much resolute that he it was the only way to repay back for the deaths of his son and the other soldiers who died.

Upon hearing this, Dal Gu, the 2nd son of Huk Gae, started crying and Dam Deok saw him. He went up to him and put his hand on his shoulder... and said if he was alright. I guess he wanted to apologise, to say sorry for causing he death of his brothers. But Dal Gu said: "You don't have to say anything. Jakeundol (probably the young boy) and Sou Du Ru (the eldest son) know everything...therefore, you don't have to say anything at all." They truely are loyal to the King.

Yon's family placed a notice announcing a tournment in their house on the 3rd day of the month at miday. Everyone, whether nobles or ordinary citizens were allowed to participate. 7 winners would be selected to become leaders of Ho Gae's army.

Hehe! the funny short tried to read the notice but he couldn't and then Suzini read the notice for him. Then don't know what Suzini said but I guess she must have insulted Ho Gae as one of the guard almost wanted to beat her up and the funny short guy had to pull her away. That girl got to control her temper. ^^

As they walked along the street, they saw a man coming out of the Yon's family, carrying a basket full of wine. The funny short guy pretended to bump in him whilst Suzini stole a bottle of wine. Just as they were about to drink it, they saw Daejangro, Sar Ryang arriving at the Yon's residence, holding on to a seemingly unconscious Ki Ha.

Yon Gar Ryeo told Daejangro that the Chor No tribe and General Ko have returned and the Geo Mool village are with Dam Deok. Then don't know what else he said...but Daejangro cut him short and asked if he had a look at Ki Ha yet?

Can't understand the whole conversation but according to Gaulsan's translation, it seemed Ki Ha had been unconscious for several days and he wanted to see if Ho Gae could wake her up.

Meanwhile, Ki Ha kept dreaming of her past life as Ka Jin..and there was a it was very hot inside the room...the candle was melting even though it wasn't lighted up. Hmmmm..will she cause more trouble as she remembers more and more about her past life?

Suzini and the funny short guy were drinking the stolen wine and then Suzini's nose started bleeding..what does this mean? Was it a link to Ki Ha remembering more of her past life? Or was she just angry at the thought of Dam Deok loving a such a woman? Hmm...

Inside the Yon's residence, Ho Gae was walking and then he seemed to change his mind and walked towards Ki Ha's room. Both the funny short guy and Suzini sneaked into the Yon's residence.

Ho Gae went into Ki Ha's room and saw the drooping orchids, the boiling tea and the unlighted candle that had melted down. The room was very hot. Ki Ha was having nightmares and sweating profusely. Ho Gae took out his handkerchief and tenderly wiped her sweat and then he took out his outer coat and sat down nearby. I guess he was going to stay there and take care of her. Sigh..poor Ho what dramaok said, all he needed was one kind look or a kind word from her. If she asked him to give up the throne, I'm sure he would have done so gladly.

Anyway, Ki Ha kept dreaming of her past life, and cried at the part when Hwan Woong took the her power of fire from her. Then Seo O when she became the black Joo Jak, and finally, when she fell off the cliff. She cried in great sorrow at this part. Ho Gae seeing her in such a state, held her tightly...I guess this would be the first time he was so close to her. And Suzini...peeping through the window, saw the 2 of them hugging (of course, she didn't know what was really happenning) and was shocked.

A member of the Yon's residence came looking for Ba Son to work for them (and Dalbee went into hiding immediately). I think the guy was saying that Yon has 20,000 men and prossibly even 30,000 men by the next day. Not sure exactly what she said but she refused and ask him to go back. But the guy said that her weapons were the most special inside Guknaesung and asked her how much she wanted. Then don't know what she said but hehe! I'm sure she doesn't want to work for the Yon. Anyway, she chased them away, just then the very stern looking General Ko arrived and Ba Son seemed in awe and a little frightened of him. She called out for someone to serve him (hehe! seemed she didn't dare to do so..which was rare coz like Suzini, there were not many people she was afraid of).

And Hyeon Go called out to her and then Dam Deok appeared, smiling. Hyeon Go said to her, this was the one and Ba Son was like going..who? ^^

General Ko announced that she was standing in front of the King, and then Ba Son got all flustered and knelt down, with her head down.

Dam Deok went up to her, smiling and all friendly (he didn't want to frighten her) and said that he's heard that she was the best blacksmith in Guknaesung. He said: "Ooi! Won't you get up? It is I who have a favour to ask you." hehe! I don't think royalties go around calling people "Ooi" coz it's really very informal. I guess this must be the result of his roaming the streets since young.

Dam Deok said there would be a war soon and he wanted her help so that his soldiers would get less wounded. He said that Hyeon Go said she could do it. Ba Son, still shaky, said: "You mean you don't want better weapons to kill people but better armour to protect your soldiers from getting hurt?"

This is very telling isn't it? Dam Deok knew that war was inevitable. He had less army than Ho Gae and he didn't want any of those who are going to risk their lives to fight for him to get hurt easily.

Damdeok: "Can you help me?"

Ba Son brought the party up to look at the lifelong collection of armours. She said she started collecting one by one from long time ago.

The first was made of leather. Good for archers to move their arms freely, but arrow could penetrate it easily. The second one was made of steel. Arrow couldn't penetrate it but soldiers who would not be able to get onto the horses by themselves. The third one was used in western world and was even stronger and the helmet protected the face. But the soldiers would need two servants to help them ride horses and they couldn't use swords, only spears and attack ahead. If they fell from the horses, they wouldn't be able to stand up properly. hehe! She was so funny when she flap her hands.

Then Dam Deok looked at the last one and asked if it was made of steel as it looked very light. At this Ba Son looked very emabarassed and said that she made it.

So funny, she put on the armour, walked out and turned around like a fashion show and said the armour was made by her and that it's 100 times better at stopping the arrows? She said it weighed less than the one used by Gaema army and was alot more versatile (hehe! She looked like a chicken when she kept flapping her arms). Anyway, she wanted to demonstrate how good it really was and urged them to shoot at her. Dam Deok hesitated...coz what if she got hurt? But Hyeon Go said just try it once and so Dam Deok gave the go ahead to General Ko.

General Ko shot at her and she fell. Everyone was concerned and Dam Deok was the first to be there. But then they realised that the arrow didn't go through the armour and she wasn't hurt at all. He was so pleased. (I think even Ba Son was a little surprised. ^^). Dam Deok offered his hand to her and helped Ba Son up on her feet. So funny, she looked at her hand that Dam Dok held earlier and started hyperventilating. Well, we all figured we would be like that too if BYJ held our hands. Wahaha!

Ho Gae was inside Ki Ha's room again. This time, it was no longer hot and she wasn't having any nightmares but she was still sleeping. Ho Gae asked when she would wake up and to please wake up soon. He wanted her to open her eyes at look at him. He was preparing to be her King and wanted them to do it together. It would be wonderful if she could stay beside him and watch him. Then, he would really do well. After that, he kissed her so gently. Alamak...things would work out well if Ki Ha takes Ho Gae and Suzini takes Dam Deok. Nobody will get hurt then. :P

Ki Ha dreamt of the night she spent with Dam Deok and then when she stabbed him...and then she woke up. She clutched her stomach and started crying (I think Moon So Ri did this part well). And then..and then...oh no...she started feeling nauseous. I think she's really pregnant and they really 'did' it that night! Sar Ryang came in with drinks for her but upon seeing her in such a state, left quietly.

Joomoochi and his men were back. They saw the soldiers and were not too happy. Hyeon Go told Dam Deok about the group and said that he was the strongest soldier in Gogureyo but people have not seen their real strength. Then don't understand the rest of the dialogue but according to Gaulsan's translation, it seemed that they could ride very fast.

Damdeok asked if he was Joomoochi and said he became the King of Gogureyo a few days ago. Hmm...Joomochi didn'tt look too impressed and remained expressionless. General Ko didn't like his insolence and wanted him to pay respects to the King. But Dam Deok said that Joomochi was the chief of the Mal Gal tribe and needn't pay his respects to him (I guess his tribe didn't belong to Gogureyo?) Anyway, at least Joomochi sort of acknowledged Dam Deok with a slight nod of the head.

Joomochi repeated his 3 conditions: 1) They do not assisnate 2) They do not attack women, children and old people 3) they do not work for people they do not like.

Dam Deok: "What about me?"

Joomoochi: "I don't like you." Dalbee was disappointed upon hearing this form Joomochi.

Hehe! I can understand why he wouldn't like Dam Deok. He probably thought he was a weakling and I'm sure he didn't want to get involve with politics. Afterall, he had also refused to work for the Yon family.

And was rather amusing and unexpected the way Dam Deok responded.

Damdeok: "Sigh...It's not good.... I don't have much time. Shall I wait till you like me?"

This response caught Joomochi totally off guard as he probably expected Dam Deok to either force or persude him to help. Instead, he walked away. Hmmm...he must be thinking...this man was rather interesting.

A messenger arrived with the news that the leaders were asking for the assembly of the Jegahweyi (제가회의) meeting to approve the advance of Hogae's Army (I guess without the approval, it would be considered as a revolt?). According to Gaulsan's explaination, she thinks it's a meeting of representatives of every tribes that belong to Koguryo...something like a senate.

Dam Deok said it's not the time yet and then something about not sure how the others will respond (I think he was referring to the neighbouring states. Would they be supporting him or Ho Gae)

And then don't understand the rest of the dialogue but I think basically it was that they couldn't disapprove of the meeting. (see Gualsan's translation) Now Dam Deok was really worried. He was being pressurised by all sides, with little support.

Dalbee prepared some food and gave them to Joomochi's men. She went up to Joomochi and thank him for for watching over her all this while. She said she was going over to the King. I think she said he was a brave King? Anyway, she said she was going to help him and therefore came by to say goodbye to Joomochi.

Hehe! This totally stunned Joomochi, who after a second, went after her. See, there was definitely a budding romance here.

Joomochi called out to Dam Deok and asked if he was good at fighting. Dam Deok asked if he was asking him for a fight. Joomochi said that he couldn't serve him as a client as he like his looks (literally..haha!) and since his tribe didn't belong to the King, he couldn't fight as a subject. So the only way out was, if Dam Deok won him in a fight, he would serve him for a year. But Dam Deok said he has no confidence because he was very good. ^^

Joomoochi then turned to General Ko and asked if he would fight instead. General Ko was ready to take him on and was just waiting for Dam Deok to give the approval. But Dam Deok laughed and said that if General Ko won, Joomochi would obey him and not him, Dam Deok. Joomochi said: "Fine if you don't want it."

Dam Deok said he would accept 30 blows from Joomochi and if he didn't die, Joomochi would have to accept him. But Joomochi was looking down on Dam Deok and said he didn't think he could take that many blows. Then Dam Deok said: "10 blows." and Joomochi agreed. And then he turned to look at Dalbee, who looked rather happy before looking down sheepishly. hehe! See, the power of women.

And then the fight started.

End if Episode 11.

Whew....this is getting harder and harder.


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