Friday, May 14, 2010

The Chaser

I started to get interested in things Korean through it's drama (specifically, 'Winter Sonata'). Slowly, it extended to the music, the food and the culture (well... I like the drums but not so hot on the traditional dance as yet. Hehe!)

Most people are well aware of the Hallyu movement via the music and dramas (with the host of droolicious guys ^^). But its non-verbal theatre acts like 'Jump', 'Nanta' and 'Breakout' are also fast gaining interest. These performances are well known for incorporating dance moves, acrobatic acts, often with a bit of slapstick comedy woven into the whole storyline. Because it's non-verbal, you don't have to understand Korean to enjoy the show. Indeed, 'Jump', 'Nanta' and 'Breakout' have been performed in Singapore quite a few times to sold-out shows. I know my aunt, who is absolutely not a Hallyu fan, really enjoyed these shows. It's really quite a visual treat and most of the performers are fanatastic dancers. I think those of you who have watch 'Nanta' or 'Breakout' would know what I mean.

'The Chaser' will be performed at the Esplanade from the 1st to 3rd June in conjuction with the Singapore Arts Festival.

Now I have not seen this particular show before and looking at the infor, the group was indeed formed only in 2008. But the actors are experienced and in fact, one of them was in the overseas performance of 'Nanta' before. ^^

An important old book got stolen by a street-smart thief. A serious, straight-forward detective goes after the thief to recover the treasure. A second dumb thief got caught in the whole pursuing act. Very simple story.

This show is performed at the Recital Studio in the Esplanade, which means it will be more intimate and up-close-and-personal that the big acts. It should be fun.

And guess what? it's cheaper than all the K Pop concerts and fan meetings that have been held so far. Less than $40!!! And if you are a student, NSF or a senior citizen, even lagi cheaper. Wait, wait...if you buy more than 2 performaces within this series, got more discount. Wah!

To find out more, go to their website here. So if you are sick of seeing all the boy bands, girls bands and young actors, can give this a try. ^^

The very nice people at The Esplanade have also very kindly agree to give away a pair of tickets to the show here to the readers of this blog. So, you can try your luck at winning that pair of tickets if you are really trying to save your money. hehe!

To win that pair of tickets to watch 'The Chaser' on the 2nd June, just answer the following question:

'The Chaser' is a Korean comedy performance that involves dance and acrobatic moves. True or False?

Please email your answer to with the following details:
1) Your name as in the i/c
2) Your i/c number
3) Your contact number

Closing date: 18th May 2010

Winner will be notified via email and posted here as well.

Good luck!

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