Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just a quick short post tonight.

Everyone knows that social internet media is now extremely popular- especially Facebook and Twitter. I have a twitter account and I have about 500+ followers. Up to today, I'm amazed and not sure why anyone would want to follow me. But I am grateful to these people who thinks that whatever I tweeted is important and interesting enough for them to follow. I mean, I'm no celebrity. So who cares if I've gone to the mall or just had a delicious meal. That is why I try and keep to informative tweets.

But I can understand why people would want to follow celebrities. I mean, if Bae Yong Joon had a drink with his friends and took a photo with of the drink. I would probably be keen to find out where he had the drink and what kind of drink it was. And I'll probably go to the same place to have the same drink next time.

I discovered that Korean artistes are really quite into twitter. I supposed with their hectic schedule, it is the simplest way to stay in touch with friends and fans. Cyworld, (which is a mini website) is harder for non Koreans to navigate around. Recently, a few well known artistes discovered that someone was impersonating them on the twitter world. This actually forced them to set up their own twitter account. And it is really amusing when their profile writes: the real so-and-so. hehe!

So in the name of kaypohness, I checked out and found out the following twitter accounts. Now, I have no idea if they are real or fake. Maybe you people can tell me.

2AM- Jo Kwon-

2AM- Seul Ong-

2AM- Chang Min-

2AM- Jin Woon-

2PM: Jun Ho-

2PM: Nichkhun-

2PM: Taec Yeon-

2PM: Jun Su-

Super Junior: Shin Dong-

Super Junior: Si Won-

Super Junior: Ye Seung-

Super Junior: Lee Teuk-

Super Junior: Sung Min-

Super Junior: Eun Hyuk-

Super Junior: Dong Hae-

Super Junior: Ryeo Wook-

Super Junior: Heechul-

Lee Min Ho-

Kim Boem-

Kim Jun-

Daniel Henney-

Uhm Jung Hwa-

Uhm Tae Woong-

Wonder Girls: Sun Ye-

Wonder Girls: So Hee-

Wonder Girls: Yenny-

Wonder GIrls: Yu Bin-

Wonder Girls: Hye Lim-

Kim Bum Soo-

Brian Joo-

U-Kiss: Alexander-

U-Kiss: Eli-

U-Kiss: Kevin-

U-Kiss: Ki Bum-

Brown Eyed Girls: Miryo-

Brown Eyed Girls: Narsha-

Brown Eyed Girls: Jea-

Beast: Du Jun-

Beast: Jun Hyung-

MBLAQ: Seung Ho-


FCuz: Lee U-

FCuz: Kan-

FCuz: Ye Jun:

Last but not least, Tiffany in Kimchiland: Tiffany-

The above are by no means exhaustive. It's actually quite interesting to note who the artistes are following and what they are twittering. Who are you following? Are there any interesing twitter accounts that I should know and perhaps even follow? Tell me! Pali! Pali!

Have a good weekend!

p/s- 2AM is in Singapore already. Take a look at Jo Kwon's account. Those going to the showcase tomorrow, enjoy yourself!

Edited- 16th July 10
Thanks for all the extra information people. I've added them in. ^^


parkjungah said...

Brown Eyed Girls' Jea :

Anonymous said...

Hi hi,

Thanks for the info. Think there's a typo here: Wonder Girls: Sun Ye-

Should be:

And dun forget to include Super Junior Heechul @Heedictator ... He updates very frequently :)

Anonymous said...

Hey this is the twitter for Lim from Wonder Girls.. She updates this too from time to time and replies fans..

de BEE said...

I think the Lee Min Ho account is fake... just my opinion! the qualities of the pics look a little too good to be true:D I was just wondering if you know any DBSK members' twitter accounts... or if they have any:)

xiuqi89 said...

BEAST's junhyung has a twitter account too!

tiffany said...

Hi Parkjungah, xiuqi and everyone

Thanks so much for the updates and infor. I've posted the additional links up. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi de Bee

The twitter account of Lee Min Ho that I posted is real. There was a fake one earlier.

I just took a look at your blog. How come you don't post more reviews? You've certianly watched many dramas.

Anonymous said...

hi~ been reading ur blog for updates haha.. u're very detailed. anyway, the twitter accts of SuJu, FCuz, MBLAQ, and Beast are legit ^^

Anonymous said...

FCuz twitter accounts:


tiffany said...

Hi anonymous

thanks fo reading my blog...greatly appreciated...

I'll update the rest of the twitter accounts tomorrow. Going to zzzzz.... now.