Tuesday, May 11, 2010

World Date with Kim Beom- interview with Ho Ruo Yun

How would you like to go on an all-expense paid holiday to Korea (Me! Me!)
What about throwing in a hot, cute guy as your tour guide? (Me with my feet and hands up!)
Better still..how about having Kim Boem, who just happened to be your tour guide cook a meal for you as well? (Ok...now I've gone in a yoga twist with my hands, feet, neck and body up!)

Well, that's what happened to Ho Ruo Yun, our Singapore winner for the World Date with Kim Boem. On 17th April 2010, the lucky girl flew off to Seoul, Korea, courtesy of KBS and SingTel mio TV. For 4 days and 3 nights, Ruo Yun, or Rei as she is commonly known to friends and 4 other fans from Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam spent an exciting and unforgettable holiday with Kim Boem for a special programme in celebration of KBS World's 7th Anniversary.

I had a quick chat with Ruo Yun the other day to find out more about this once-in-a life time experience.

Rei had entered this contest rather late and of course, did not expect to win. In fact, when they did call her up to tell her the good news, she thought it was a prank call as it was from Korea. Her mother actually called up Singtel Mio TV to confirm! Was she excited? Of course!!! What followed was a flurry of packing as she would be leaving in 2 days' time. Whee!

At the press meeting at KBS, Kim Boem surprised them all by being part of the media. Can you spot him? hehe!

Are you curious to know what they did together during those few days?

Well...they went to Gangwon province to visit a sheep ranch...

They flew kites together...

They ate ice-cream together (everday it seems!)...

Did pottery together..and yes, Kim Boem is pretty good at this. He made a cup!

Travelled around Nami Island on the segway

And had a BBQ on top of a building on Nami Island...with the man himself barbequeing for the ladies

Are you green with jealousy yet? ^^ There's more to come.

Like most people, Rei got to know about Kim Boem through the drama, 'Boys Over Flowers' and love this handsome guy in there (me too!). Since then, she has watched his other dramas like 'Dream' and 'The Woman who still wants to Marry'. I asked her what was Kim Boem like in person. I was curious...was he like Yi Jeong in 'Boys Over Flowers' or was he like Min Jae in 'Woman who still wants to Marry?' Well, it seems that unlike the charcters in the 2 dramas, Kim Boem is actually a very quiet guy..BUT he speaks volume with his eyes. (I can tell she was still basking in those mesmerizing eyes as she said this) He is also very considerate and caring (he would constantly check to see if the girls are ok). The 5 girls enjoyed teasing the lone 'thorn' amongst the flowers immenssely but he is really good natured about it.

As I looked through the photos and chatted with Ruo Yun, 2 events stood out during this trip to me. The first was this..

Kim Boem cooking an omelette rice for the girls on the very first night. And just how was his cooking? Well, according to Rei, the omelette rice was very good and tasty. ^^ If you can't view the video below, click here

What do you think?

The second event? This- a pyjamas party in a ultra sweet, romantic room filled with balloons. I was really, really fascinated by it. Now, if only Kim Boem had worn pyjamas too!

This was Rei's first trip to Korea and the graduate from the Singapore Institute of Management thoroughly enjoyed herself. Rei, who also likes K Pop music, likes the weather, the food and the scenery and I'm su especially the special time spent with Kim Boem.
Rei with the other winners..

But what was the most memorable part for her during the trip?

When they held a early birthday celebration for her.

Imagine Kim Boem coming into the room with a birthday cake and singing happy birthdday to you...yup...that's what he did for her. Rei, who is actually celebrating her birthday this month, was really surprised about the party. (Reminds me about this scene in 'Woman who wants to Marry'

Of course, Rei came home with lots of momentos and presents..
Check out the little ball keychain. Kim Boem had bought it for her as they both like football.

And this is the very first present that she received from him.. a lion soft toy with a recorded message especially for her. What is the message? Well, I guess you will have to watch the show to find out. Believe me, they did a lot more things than those I've mentioned here. It should be a very interesting programme and I'm looking forward to watching it too... and salivate over Kim Boem. hahaha!

However, I'm sure whatever things she did bring back, the best would be the memories of those few days...

Catch “World Date with Kim Beom” premiering 21st May 2010 (Friday), 18:40 on SingTel mio TV KBS World (CH 38). Ruo Yun’s trip is made possible by SingTel mio TV and KBS World.

Remember to watch the programme!

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Anonymous said...

wa ! reading yr write up on Ruo Yun's trip is already full of excitement n surprises, unfortunately, i can't view the photos will get home to log in to see more..

dreaming now ^^ if n only if i could go on a trip like that with "our man" ha..ha.. i think it will be very difficult for me to bring myself back to my normal life ^^

so Ruo Yun are u back to yr normal self ?? thou i don't know Kim Beom but thru this he really make me feel like watching his drama soonest. Ruo Yun, lucky gal..u really have a good time n hopefully you are able to still keep in touch with Kim Beom^^

nice reading yr encounter.


Anonymous said...


Anw, Tiffany unnie. Will you update us about the U-kiss event soon ? Haha, some rumors are flying around already but dont know whether we can trust them.

Hehe, thanks for all the updates! Loving it so far :)

mii said...

hey ukiss info is out, arent you going to show off to everyone?^-^

ouh anonymous, http://z13.invisionfree.com/ukissmeSG/index.php?showtopic=1421&st=0
here's more for ukiss info~

tiffany said...

Thanks for posting the info on U-Kiss. However it was never my intention to show off. I don't always know everything as proven time & again by fans. But there was some changes to their event from the one I know originally. Anyway, I'm sure all the fans are happy now that the info is out.

tiffany said...

Hi Von
yeah... Wait long long for our 'man' to do something like this ok. I don't think it will ever happen.

Josephine said...

Tiffany, thanks for sharing :)

Would StarHub - KBS World showing this program? Hmm...

Yes, agree totally, dun think mr bae would do something like this even if we wait long long long...