Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Zuno IMM fan meet on 2nd May 10

Sorry...have been super tired after the last few days. Completely knocked out. How about everyone? Came back down to earth yet?

What did everyone think of the showcase and Zuno? I'll be writing about the concert later, so do give me your views. Good..bad...ok...so-so..I only went for Jun Su...I went because I won free tickets....let me know. Ok? Why? Coz I very kaypoh. ^^

In the meantime, here's a litle review about Sunday's fan meet at IMM.

The one thing that I remembered most about the event? IT WAS HOT!!!!! Sorry...but I was sweating buckets (next time can have fan meet inside air-con place or not huh? It was pouring at Jang Guen Suk's fan meet and got flooded but that's another story). But the fans who were waiting there didn't seemed to mind or care. I must say everyone behaved well. I'm not sure how many fans got his autograph and handshake in the end. Was it 100 or 150?

The crowd waiting...waiting...and waiting.

And finally, The Man himself.

Handsome or not? I do think he's pretty cute. And hor...he is very, very tall!

After the initial greetings.... a special surprise guest was introduced. Actually, it wasn't really a surprise anymore since Quest, the organiser announced it on their FB. The special and surprise guest was non other then Mrs Kim...the mother of Kim Jun Ho and Kim Jun Su.

Isn't she pretty?

Zuno thanking his mother for her support. You can also watch it here

A rather nervous Mama Kim who's very proud of her son. I like Zuno's smile when the audience was cheering his mother. ^^ You can also watch it here

This was rather sweet but hor...why they kept bowing to each other? Looks very strange leh...Watch it above or here

And then it was the usual Q&A time. Mostly same questions. The only interesting one was what was his idea of a perfect date? His answer? Ok...nothing very inspiring- candlelight dinner, movie, stroll. But then...I guess it would be the perfect date for most girls though for the smitten fans there, even walking to the bus-stop would be a perfect date enough. Wahahaha! Watch it below or here

Abd then it was showtime. He sang the ballad, 我爱你 (I Love You) from his single, Zuno- Beginning. Sorry, it's not complete coz some %6$#26^* photographer walked right in front of me. Still, it was nice to hear the crowd joining him for the chorus. I'm sure he must felt very heartened and happy to hear everyone singing together with him. ^^ If you can't view it below, watch it here

He took a break after the performance to get ready for the autograph signing. In the meantime, things got a little interesting amongst the crowd. There were some items up for auction - the proceeds of which would go to the 'Make-A-Wish Foundation'. There were 2 sets of Pig-Rabbit (돼지토끼) from the drama, 'You Are Beautiful'. Not the orginal size size but the smaller one. I did ask the organiser why this product as it seems rather unrelated. (I mean, Jang Guen Suk should be the one to offer this during his fan meet instead). Well, it seems Zuno asked what was not available in Singapore and this was one of it. And so he bought them to be used during his showcase event. Another item was a figurine of him (250 pieces). All autographed of course. Sorry, those items didn't get me very excited. : ) But they still managed to raise a decent amount for the charity. But what really got the crowd going and the whole thing interesting was the auction for his ring, which he had taken off from his finger in front of the crowd earlier. Unfortunately, I don't have a very good picture of it..but it's black and thick. The bids came fast and furious. Everyone wanted a part of him...well...if you can't have the real one...then something off his body also good right? And the ending bid? A whopping $800! Great for the charity and great for the fan. ^^ But I thought Zuno was supposed to put the ring onto the girl herself later on.Did he do that? If he did, I must have missed it. Anyone saw anything?

It was time to autograph for the hundreds of fans. I must say everything and everyone was calm and orderly. Watch it here

I think it must have taken a good 30-40 minutes to finish signing for everyone. Hmm...a suggestion...maybe sell his cd there at the event next time so that fans can get his signature on the cd itself? I think most fans who do have the cd, would have preferred that. And for those who don't have the cd, it's would be a great opportunity to buy them.

A final photo for the media...

Hehe! He has obviously never done this before because the photographers were telling him what to do. He should really smile more. He looks a little too serious sometimes...like he's thinking really hard on what to do and what to say...which he probably was as all these are totally new to him.

A smile like that would melt many hearts. ^^

Finally, it was over and that was the end of his official events during his showcase in Singapore. Not sure where they went for dinner but I'm sure they popped a couple of champagne for a very successful trip. I heard there was quite a lot of fans at the airport to send him off and he even got a little teary.

I'm sure he will be back soo enough with a complete album this time. And to all those winners from my blog who managed to get his autograph...CONGRATULATIONS!

Ok...that's all about the fan meet at IMM. Will be talking about the press conference, the fan meet @ Movida and of course the showcase next. Stay tuned! ^^

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0415_grace said...

yup, he did put the ring on for the girl! ^^
but it looked more like the girl requested it herself, and zuno did it. think a few cameramen on stage managed to took a photo of him putting the ring on for her ^^

Tara said...

I'm the girl who got the ring!
Actually there was a bit of miscommunication when I went up. He was supposed to out it on for me but then kinda gave it to me. Then I asked if he could put it on for me (after all the girl who told me to go up said he would do that) and the manager was asking him to do it at the same time, so it got really noisy there -_- So he smiled abashedly and nicely put it on for me. Then he handed me the poster and I shook his hand, saying thank you which he replied ^^
I feel so thick-skinned for asking though >.< Hope no one kills me for it. Would you like pics of the ring? I can offer my fail camera skills. =P

And the ring is HUGE. AND HEAVY.
God it fits on none of my fingers or thumbs! Or any of my friends!
Just shows how big his hands are XD

tiffany said...

Hi grace!

Thanks for telling me..that's the problem of being very short....

tiffany said...

Hihi Tara!
Wow! So you are the lucky and generous girl.

I don't think anyone would kill you for asking him to put the ring on you. I think it's perfectly acceptable. ^^

Yes, yes, I want pics of the ring (like i said in my comment above, being short means it was difficult to take photos sometimes). I would also like a photo of the ring on your pretty little finger please. Don't have to show me your face if you don't want to. Just the ring on your finger...to see how 'big' it is.

What are you going to do with the ring? Can always wear it as a necklace. hehehe!

Tara said...

Hey Tiffany!

No problem!
I shall take some pics hopefully later today ^^ Then I'll let you know!

I'm currently wearing it as a necklace XD But I think it doesn't do it justice.

And you can tell its been used before because you can see where it was dropped before and where it was scratched. SO COOL!!

Ok I think I've gone mad -_-

tiffany said...

Hi Tara

Great! Email the pics to me @ qingsmedia@gmail.com

It's weird but it's nice to know that it's a 'used' ring, isn't it? ^^

Juma said...

Hi tara, is it possible for u to send me the pics too. I would like to see it too how the rings look like :)

miyu said...

It was 150 to get the autograph.
30 from the tickets which wrote imm.
10 from ur blog winners & 10 from xinmsn winners.
& the rest was the 1st 100 people to reach IMM!


@tara soooo cool! If i was u, the being used scratches will make me happy toos!

Anonymous said...

i wonder who is the person behind the who showcase production and zuno's activities? i think i saw some names flashed out after the showcase. this person really did a great job!!! the whole showcase and activities went on very well. no previous showcases had come this close to perfection!! bravo! i hope this person will continue to bring in more k-acts. >.< i thank in advance!!!

tiffany said...

Hi Juma
Well, tara hasn't email the photos to me yet. If she does and if she's ok with it, I'll post it here on my blog.

tiffany said...

Heu Miyu

Thanks for the clarifications. I was getting a little confused with all the numbers.. ^^

He is rather cute, isn't he?

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous

Zuno's showcase was organised by Quest. Their FB- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Singapore-Singapore/Quest-Group-Fan-Page/273913588087?v=wall

Anonymous said...

Zuno looks great! btw who is that pretty girl hosting IMM fans meet she look like a Korean star very pro n speak very good English.