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Zuno press conference on 1st May 2010

The press conference was held at Movida, St James. Hmm.... this would be the 3rd time I'm attending a K Pop event at this place. Wonder why it's so popular. There was already a queue of fans when I arrived, waiting to go in for the fan meet to be held after the press conference.

It started pretty much on time. After the whizz bang arrival at the airport the night before, I could finally see The Man himself up close & personal.

I like the simplicity in his dressing. ^^

He told the media that he had been preparing very hard for the showcase that night and had brought the many exciting segments from his successful Tokyo showcase (I think his Beijing showcase was pretty successful too). He also introduced the 2 songs in his album. 放开我 and 我爱你。 In case you didn't know, 放开我 is a sad song about breaking up but it has a fairly fast beat, which is a little unusual. To be frank, I haven't really checked out the lyrics...which I guess I should after this. I must say I found the chains in the mv a little distracting. hehehe!

Being interviewed by the very lovely Li Yi.

Here are some of the questions asked by the media. I'm sure you would have seen most of them in xinmsn but I might as well post them anyway. Not necesarily in order.
Zuno on what it is like to have a successful brother like Junsu and any pressure to do as well or better. You can also watch it here

Zuno on what kind of music he likes and who is his inspiration. You can also watch it here

Zuno on the best advice that Junsu gave him. You can also watch it here

Zuno on the meaning behind his name. You can also watch it here

Zuno on the hardest part of establishing a career in China. You can also watch it here

Zuno on why he switched career. You can also watch it here

Finally, we had pretty much come to the end of the press conference and it was time for the obligatory autograph on the board.

But wait, just when I thought it was all over...Li Yi announced that he was going to sing for the media! I must say this is the first time I've seen an artistes perform during a press conference. Of course, I can't say I've attended that many press conferences but I do think it's rare. I guess he wanted to give the media, who may or may not be attending the showcase, a peak at his performance. You can also watch it here

What do you think? I think you can have a better and clearer idea of his voice without the sound system.

And that was the end of the press conference. The following are just some random photos of him.

His shoes. I've a;most always taken photos of artistes' shoes during press conference because I do find it fascinating to see what kind of shoes these celebraties wear. But obviously, I have no idea what brand they are. Perhaps those people at the K Fashion blog would know. ^^

Sticking out tongue...cute hor? Really like a little boy.

Personally, I find that he looks very similar to Vic Chou, who is one of my fav Taiwan actor in this photo. What do you think?

He really looks very good when he smile. But I think he was rather nervous during the press conference and didn't smile as much. Someone must tell him to relax next time. Singapore media very tame one. ^^

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