Friday, August 06, 2010

LG Optimus presents Lee Min Ho- Press conference, 31st July 10

Lee Min Ho flew into town last Friday as ambassador for the LG Optimus phone. On Saturday morning, he held a press conference at the Marina Bay Sands. This would be the 3rd time he is in Singapore within 10 months. The first time was as a spokesperson for Etude House (read my accounte here) and the second time in December for his own fan meeting (I was out of town and did not cover it).

The media seems to be as fond of him as ever, even though the euphoria of 'Boys Over Flowers' was over. Perhaps his shyness and the-boy-next-door is a contributing factor?

Unlike the Samsung/ SingTel/ Super Junior press conference, the speech by Mr Choi Bo Hwan (for some strange reason, he was introduced as Mr Bo Choi by the host), the VP and Head of Mobile Communications Marketing as well as the Regional Business Leader for LG Comunications Mobile (whew! that was a mouthful) was very short. I think he recognised the fact that star was really Lee Min Ho, and not him.

Watch his greetings here.

There was a short Q&A session with the host- the standard warming up session. Watch it here

This was followed by questions from the media. Most of the questions were phone related..... (well, it is a phone sponsored event).

^^ 13 hours on the phone is a long time. Now, if he was using the i., the battery would have died half way through.

Doesn't he look like a little boy with that blue shirt and cream pants? Any mother would have approved. Hehe!

As most of you may know, Lee Min Ho has lots of followers on his twitter and facebook. In fact, he was chosen as one of the celebrity to launch the Facebook stories. I just looked, his Facebook has over 900,000 followers. That's almost 25% of Singapore's population. I didn't managed to record it, but Mr Choi actually asked for his twitter account. I've posted it on my earlier post here. But here it is again- Lee Min Ho's twitter account.

Some questions did get a little personal. When I said personal, I meant the questions had nothing to do with phone or LG. Strange how he kept saying he wants a girlfriend (this theme shall be revisited again during the fan meet).

Of course, the host tried very hard to steer the topic back to phone. At one point, Mr Arthur Huang, the Chief Operating Officer of LG Electronics Singapore asked Lee Min Ho what was his favourite phone. I think the star himself and certainly the media was very amused by this obvious question. He can't very well say LG or Nokia right?

This is photo of the black LG Optimus. The one that Lee Min Ho likes...

And then, the press conference was over. It was time to thank the sponsor and the media and take the official photos. Watch the clip here

The 3 important men in the room- Mr Choi Bo Hwan, Mr Lee Min Ho and Mr Arthur Huang

Here's a look at the phone display. I bet the fans are just dying to get their hands on the photo display etc that has his face on it.

LG Optimus GT540 is the latest android phone from LG. Learn more about the phone here

As I've mentioned many times before, I'm no techie. So if you want some reviews about the phone, here are a couple of reviews here and here. And if you want some tips on using the phone, you can check out the clip on here.

Lee Min Ho is the regional ambassador for LG Optimus, though so far, there are no other plans to do a similar event in other countries. I had a distinct impression that Mr Choi like Lee Min Ho, so Asia fans do keep a look out. You just never know. LG declined to disclose about the sales of the phone but did say that they are overall happy with the success of the event.

Next up- the fan meeting.

Before I go, a couple more eye candies...

Psst....some of the photos at the fan meet are up on LG's facebook already. Check them out here

Many thanks to LG for the invitation.

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Anonymous said...

is 2PM coming ?

tiffany said...

No, not for this series of events. I'm not sure if they are coming for other events in the future.