Friday, November 09, 2007

Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 15 summary

Thanks to Suehan and everyone else for help in teh translation.

Ho Gae is leading his army north as instructed.

Inside Shindang, the senior disciple informed Ki Ha that news had arrived from Ho Gae's army that they were going up north of Baekje. Ho Gae was going to the north of Baekje. Ki Ha was expresionless. She's really scary now.

According to Suehan's translation, the senior disciple asked if the message was really from heaven as Shindang had never interfered in war.( the letter was really from Shindang. I thought it was from Yon Gar Ryeo or Daejangro).

Ki Ha turned to her and gave a such a cold look that it shut her up immediately. Ki Ha said that she was now the High Priestess of Shindang and also the owner of Joo Jak, she did not have to answer all her questions one questions one by one.

Then she asked her to contact Yon Gar Ryeo as she had something to discuss with him. The senior disciple immediately asked what it was. Ki Ha didn't reply her, she just stopped and sort of gave her the same how-dare-you-questioned-me look again and the senior disciple had no choice but to hsut up. It was well known that the previous High Priestess had never dealt with Yon Gar Ryeo if possible. She did not suport him but now, Ki Ha was actually saying she had something to discuss with him. That's why the senior disciple was shocked. And wow! That look that Ki Ha had. It was not the same old Ki Ha anymore. She has the look of a power hungry, evil women now.

Yon Gar Ryeo was at Shindang waiting for Ki Ha. I think he was saying that because he was summoned by Shindang, he thought it must have been urgent and so therefore, the suhed there (of course he was being sacarstic). Then not sure, but I think somehting about because 40,000 men had to move north suddenly, there were alot of thing to do.

Ki Ha asked if he knew the King's army was returning to Guk Nae Sung. Daejangro said something about it would be better to ask Hwa Cheom. Ki Ha asked him again if he knew the King was returning to the palace (hmmm..maybe she doesn't want to be under the control of Hwa Cheon anymore, that's why she didn't want to ask them). Anyway, think something about difficult to return? That they were stuck at Gwan Mi Sung and may not survive? Something like that lah.

Ka Ha said there was something he had to do. As she poured herself a cup of tea, she said that Yon Gar Ryeo had to do something with the officials in the court as some of them were still faithful and loyal to the previous King and he needed to replace them with his own people.

Not sure what Yon Gar Ryeo said in reply but Ki Ha said the King must not be allowed to step inside the palace when he returned. I think Yon Gar Ryeo was very surprised that Ki Ha actually said this. Although she was disciple of Hwa Cheon int he past and had to do Daejangro's bidding, it was well known that hse liked Dam Deok. She continued by saying that until Ho Gae found the symbol of Baek Ho, and until she, as the High Priestess of Shindang, pronounced Ho Gae as the King, Dam Deok army must not be allowed to return to Guk Nae Sung. Not sure what Yon Gar Ryeo said but Ki Haa said that didn't he understand... that the King had the best weapons and the best experience in war now with this group of soldiers. If the King returned to the palace, Yon Gar Ryeo would not be able to control the place (?)...

Daejangro appeared and said that they didn't have to worry about this as the King's army had attacked Gwan Mi Sung. Yon Gar Ryeo was incredilous upon hearing this news as the King hd only 4,000 men. Not sure exactly what Daejangro said but he thought that the symbol was inside Gwan Mi Sung. But he would not be able to survive. Ki ha continued drinking her tea....what was she thinking about?

At Gwan Mi Sung, a horn sounded and all the soldiers prepared for battle.

Outside, the King's army prepared for battle. A small group of soldiers led the attack. The first line with shields and on foot. The 2nd line on horses with shields. And the last line on horses with arrows.

This was watched by Ga Guen and his generals. He saw the Goguryeo's army waiting below near the fortress. I guess they were all confident that it would be over very quickly as there was only one way up into the fort.

The Gwan Mi Sung soldiers started shooting upon Ga Guen's orders but the arrows were all deflected by the Ba Son's excellent shields. There was a rhythm to the attack. The shields would go up whilst the enemy shoot, but once the shooting was over (the soldiers had to pick up another arrow before they could shoot again), the row of archers would return the attack with arrows at the Gwan Mi Sung's soldiers. And many of the soldiers were hut. In the meantime, the small row of soldiers, who were on foot, advanced onwards to the door of the fortress. Once they were near enough, they threw bottles of inflamable liquid at the door. The archers immediately went forward and shot arrows of fire at the door, which burst into flames. Hhow did they managed to start the fire on their arrows so quickly?Hmmm... The soldiers on foot retreated quickly and once they got back to the other soldiers who were doing the attack, the whole group retreated. I thought this was a great war scene.

Anyway, in the ensuing fight, Ga Guen was hit by an arrow and was quickly helped away. Cheo Ro seemed to sense that things were not going well. He grabbed his spear and walked out of his jungle room. Within a second he burst through the fortress door and stood just outside his fortress, looking down at the Gogureyo's army below. That burst through the door was quite spectacular. ^^

Dam Deok was observing everything very calmly. The others were all also looking at this imposing figure on top of the hill. General Ko told Dam Deok that he was the commander of the fortress.

Dam Deok continued staring at this strange person, Joomochi was eager to fight this guy, who everyone feared. Dam Deok looked at Joomochi and gave him a small nod. Joomochi raised his axe and his group followed him out.

As Cheo Ro waved his spear in the air, magical power come out of it. And suddenly, a strong wind/ power stopped Joomochi's group. The horsses were frightened too. Dam Deok looked on, with a very serious look. Suzini, General Ko and Hyeon Ko were worried too.

Joomochi's men were trapped in the dust/ wind. Joomochi managed to get out and went towards Cheo Ro, who was also headed their way. As the 2 men passed each other, their axe and spear clashed. So the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger met for the 1st time and fought with each other. Joomochi's axe shook. Actually, I think Cheo Ro was also surprised that Joomochi managed to face and fight him. Don't think many men had managed to do so before.

Cheo Ro rode into Joomochi's group and swung his spear over them, casting the magical power over them again. They all fell off the horses, badly hurt. Dam Deok and the rest of the party were still looking on in a distance, very much concerned, especially Suzini. Joomochi and Suzini have always got on well.

Anyway, only Joomochi was left unhurt and they both looked at each other before charging towards each other again at full speed. Joomochi hit out at him but Cheo Ro managed to avoid it. Joomochi then went after him and attacked him again. This time, he managed to hurt him with a small cut. But at the next instance, just as Joomochi was about to strike the next blow, he was striked down, and fell off the horse by Cheo Ro. He was badly hurt. Cheo Ro, hesitated for just half a second and then just as it seemed he was about to finish Joomochi off, Suzini came charging down the field with a group of army. All her arrows, which were normally very good at hitting their targets, were deflected by Cheo Ro, with a wave of his spear. And then, he swung his spear again, and Suzini and her men were knocked off the horses and lay on the ground unconscious. (hehe! It would be quite good to have a soldier like Cheo Ro...don't need to fight much. Just need to swing his spear in the air and knock off all the enemies ^^).

Now the storm kicked up by Cheo Ro was even stronger, affecting even Dam Deok's group, who was at a distance away.

And then, Dam Deok came charging towards him. As he did so, Cheo Ro's heart began to pound hard and he was in pain. He could not face Dam Deok. He went forward and picked up Suzini and went off, back to his fort, leaving Dam Deoka and all the injured men behind lying on the ground. I believe that must have been the first time Cheo Ro could not face an enemy.

Inside the King's camp, all the injured soldiers were being treated and Dalbee came rushing in, with a worried look on her face. She found Joomochi, who was being treated by Ba Son and Joomochi's assistant. Hehe! So funny, she barged in and Ba Son said something like she could have just said 'excuse me' to them, and then she dragged that assistant away so that Dalbee could take care of him alone.

Joomochi said something about fighting to his death. But Dalbee, who was already very upset, and crying, actually hit him when he said that. Wahaha! Then I think she said something about how could he say such silly things and if that guy was not human, he shouldn't have fought with him...and did his head go bad (he was calling him stupid in a roundabout way ^^)..he should have thought about it. And she kept on hitting him as she said all these. hahaha! Poor Joomochi, instead of loving, supportive words from her about how brave he was, he was being scolded and hit by her. But hehe! he really loved it. Dalbee bandaged his wounds and continued scolding him. And Joomochi had this very sweet, satisfied look on his face as he looked at Dalbee who was still crying. He was definitely happy...even though he was badly injured and kept getting hit by her. ^^

Outside the King's barrack, Heuk Gae and his son, Dalgoo were standing around, restless and looking sheepish, obviously something on their mind. I think they probably wanted to apologise to Dam Deok. And then General Ko saw them and asked what they were doing. Think General Ko was telling him off for disobeying the King's command (not to fight) and then causing the soldiers to be hurt....then not too sure what else he said but he asked his soldiers to arrest them. ^^ The soldiers were like looking at each and errr... Heuk Gae was shouting and stopped the soldiers from arresting them (don't think they could really do it). And then Dalgoo, who was always more worried then his father about their actions, knelt in front of General Ko. I think he was begging for forgiveness and was trying to pull his father to do the same thing too. His father refused and scolded his son (aiyah..hte 2 of them quite cute also) ^^ He said if he was going to kneel, he would do it infront of the King and not in front of the barracks. haha! You'll never catch this teddy bear kneeling to anyone except for the King. :p

Inside the barrack, Dam Deok was in deep thoughts. Hyeon Go and the disciple from Geo Mool village came in. Hyeo Go told Dam Deok that they had to withdraw and leave as soon as possible. Then the other guy asked what about Suzini. But Hyeon Go said that Geo Mool village's duty was to protect the King of Jushin and they couldn't change that because of a girl. He said the Baekje army would arrive the next day and if they combined forces with Gwan Mi Sung...

Dam Deok, still in deep thoughts, asked them to get ready. He said to tell the men to retreat by sunset and tell those in the other fortresses to join them (Thanks Suehan).

The disciple left to tell the others of the King's order.

Hyeon Go looked at Dam Deok and said he could not do whatever he was thinking of (this guy really knows the King). He must not think about rescuing Suzino (but of course he would rescue could he leave her behind?)

Dam Deok kept silent...but I think he had already decided what to do then.

Inside Ho Gae's camp in the north. There would be a meeting at General Obool's quarters that night (which I think was the 2nd in coomand). The other general and Cheok Hwa observed them and knew they were not happy.

Ho Gae was drinking himself silly inside his own barrack. That general and Cheok Hwa were telling Ho Gae about the army's actions and general feelings. Can't understand the dialogue but according to Suehan, Cheok Hwa suggested having a meeting but the otehr general suggested killing some of them, as a form of warning.

But I don't think Ho Gae was listening to them. He got up and almost fell. He said: "She is still not here? Why isn't she here?" (meaning Ki Ha). Cheok Hwa was not very happy. As an elite soldier, I don't think he approved of a commander getting himself drunk and useless over a girl..not to mention that he wasn't concerned about the soldiers either.

One of the general said that the owner of Joo Jak had become the High Priestess at Shindang. General Obool said it didn't matter to them but Shindang shouldn't interfered in war. Then the other guy said still as the owner of Joo Jak as well as the High Priestess, she would be able to know everything. But General Obool wasn't very impressed with this fact (I don't think he really beleived all the Joo Jak business...he believed in fighting). Anyway, he said something like the commander (Ho Gae) had command of 40,000 men but he listened to that woman (Ki Ha). If she told him to go, he went, if she told him to come, he came (like a puppy). Nope, this guy definitely does not like Ki Ha. The other guy said that Ho Gae had been drinking since leaving Baekje. Then General Obool said something about Ho Gae being the son of Yon family and borned under the King of Jushin, he was still very young.

Suddenly, all the fire around the camp burst into strong flames. And everyone was caught by surprise and wondered what was happenning. And then, they saw Ki Ha walking towards them...And as she walked past each fire, it became stronger. She was dressed all in red. I guess this was another sign of her change. She no longer dressed in white.

She stopped in front of them and asked to be led to for Ho Gae's camp.

Inside Ho Gae's barrack, he was lying on his bed (pretty much dead drunk). Ki Ha was sponging him. Wow! This was probably the first time she was so ner to him voluntarily.

Ho Gae woke up to see Ki Ha tending him and asked if it was a dream. Because if it wasn't a dream, she wouldn't be there next to him. (Yup, she would never have come to him on her own in the past).

Ki ha said it wasn't a dream and asked him to listen to what she had to say. Then as she continue speaking, Ho Gae took her hands and held it agianst his cheek (he had this love sick look on his face).

Ki Ha said that whenever she thought of Ho Gae, she felt sorry. He had always been beside her all the time. She really did look sorry...because Ho Gae was the only one so far, who did not take advantage of her.

Ho Gae said he couldn't leave her (thanks Suehan..I couldn't catch this)

Ki Ha said would he be with with all the time. No matter what she did, no matter how she changed. Ho Gae slowly got up...I guess he felt a change in her attitude towards him. Ki Ha continued by saying that in the future, she would ask even more favours from him. He had to find the symbol of Baek Ho, the symbol of Cheong Ryong and take Goguryeo.

Ho Gae looked at her with and said with much love in his voice, that didn't she know by now? She did not have to ask him for favours...she just have to say it. Because he was all hers. Sigh...although Ho Gae has became bad, you got to admit that this guy is totally devoted to one woman.

Ki Ha replied that she wanted him. She wanted his heart and his soul and when she didn't have use of him anymore, she would throw him away. I think Ho Gae at this point wanted to give her a hug but she moved away (he was being all romantic but she wasn't). She told him to find the symbol of Baek Ho and then turning to him, said in a very cool collected voice: "If Dam Deok comes here, please kill him."

She said she will try and make Dam Deok come here instead of going back to Guk Nae Sung, and if and when he did, Ho Gae should kill him in the name of Baek Ho symbol (Hmmm...I wonder why it must be the Baek Ho symbol? Is it because she expected Ho Gae to find the symbol of Baek Ho first?)

Ho Gae didn't seemed as surprised as I expected him to be. I mean this was a woman who once begged Ho Gae to let her leave with Dam Deok, because he was her lover. Now she's asking him to kill him. What a change! Anyway, Ho Gae seemed to accept the new Ki Ha as she was...even though she was rather wicked and cruel now but I guess to him, it didn't matter as long as she was with him and not with Dam Deok. Then he asked her if she would kill him the same way one day. Ki Ha said she didn't know. Ho Gae, with a slight bitter laugh, then said that he too had a favour to ask of her...and that was if it should happen one day (ie, she wanted him dead), he begged her not to ask another person to do it, as he would rather die in her hands. Sigh...what kind of man or love is this? That a man would be willing to do all the wicked things for another woman, with no hope that she would ever love him and then begged that she kill him one day personally if she no longer has use of him. Not only is it very sad, it is also very sick.

Ki Ha did not say anything but turned to leave. But she did looked at him again before leaving. Did she feel sorry for him? This man that she did not love, but who was the one person who would be so willing to do so much for her....Did she feel sorry for him? I wonder...

Dam Deok's army were packing up as ordered by Dam Deok. Heuk Gae was complaining to General Ko...not sure about what...but I guess it was probably about giving up all the Baekje territories that they had already captured and they should have tried harder to break into Gwan Mi Sung? General Ko just kepy quiet and starred at him with that serious look on his face. Hehe! I think Heuk Gae is actually slightly frighten of this strict general. ^^

The Dalgoo came rushing in and said that the King wasn't around but he had left a message for General Ko.

General Ko read the note and rushed off with a really worried look on his face. When Heuk Gae tried to call him, he just threw the note over to Heuk Gae. Heuk Gae picked up the note, read it and then threw the note over and rushed off as well. Dalgoo picked up the note, read it and ran off too. hehehe!

Hyeon Go was leaving the camp when he was stopped by Joomochi, who said: "Let's go together." (We were discussing on soompi and came to the conclusion that all the guardians seemed to recover very quickly from injuries. Joomochi didn't seemed too bad despite being badly bashed by Cheo Ro just earlier).

Hyeon Go said: "Where?"

Joomochi said wasn't he going to rescue Suzini? But Hyeon Go said Joomochi was hurt and wouldn't be able to live if he went?...Joomochi said Hyeo Go wouldn't be able to do anything alone. But Hyeon Go replied that he was the owner of the Hyeon Moo symbol, who was sent from heaven and that heaven will take care of him...not sure about this last part. Joomochi asked if he believed i. haha! Joomochi didn't believe it.

Not sure what Hyeon Go said but he thanked Joomochi for wanting to go save Suzini. Hehe! Joomochi was like kind of embarrassed and said he wasn't going there to rescue Suzini. He was a mercenary and he would Suzini to Hyeon Go. He was going to Gwan Mi Sung for something else. Then cannot understand the rest but hehe! think Hyeon Go called him cute.

At Gwan Mi Sung, inside the Cheo Ro's jungle room, Cheo Ro reached out to touch Suzini and was instantly filled with flashbacks of Suzini's previous life when she was the black Joo Jak. Cheo Ro's heart began beating loudly and he backed away.

Suzini woke up, finding herself in the strange jungle room and tried to find a way out of the locked door unsuccessfully.

Suzini shouted for the ghost to come out and fight and the Cheo Ro said: "Have I met you?". There was a gush of strong wind behind her and Suzini turned around to see the chair and the tree and creepers all aorund it. She walked into the forest beyond. It was a strange forest...full of rustling leaves.

Hyeon Go and Joomochi arrived at Gwan Mi Sung and I guess they were looking for a place to enter the place quietly. I think Hyeon Go was looking for somewhere small because Joomochi said he wasn't a dog. hehehe! Joomochi said that he could go through a hole that was too small. ^^

They peered at the gate of Gwan Mi Sung and suddenly the whole place lighted up with soldiers at the fortress. They were shocked (hehe! They thought they had been discovered).

It was Dam Deok, asking for an audience with the commander of the fortress, He said he was a soldier from the King's army. Ga Guen asked if he was alone and then Dam Deok said there was no need for a 100 men for what he had to say? He held up an object (it looked like a dagger) and said it was from the King of Goguryeo.

Hyeon Go and Joomochi realised that it was the King standing in front of the gate.

Dam Deok asked if he commander of the fortress wanted the 10 Baekje castellans that they had captured back. He said he wanted to talk to the command directly. The gate opened and Dam Deok, carrying the flag of Goguryeo went through the gate alone. Joomochi was about to go after him but he was stopped and pulled down by Hyeon Go. Poor guy, he always gets stopped. ^^ Hyeon Go said not now.

Hyeon Go and Joomochi managed to get into the fortress.

Suzini was still walking in the strange forest, finding her way around and suddenly she saw Cheo Ro, sitting in a corner. Looked rather scary actually and it certainly shocked Suzini.

Ga Guen said something like how could any King allow a soldier came alone to Gwan Mi Sung. Dam Deok replied that the King just want to save his people, even if it's just one person and wasn't it the same as the commander of the fortress.

Ga Guen, whom I think was quite impressed by this fearless young soldier, turned and told him that he was Ga Geun, the general of Gwan Mi Sung. He asked for Dam Deok's name by Dam Deok replied that if he answered him, it would be a lie anyway, so he would rather not say anything.

Ga Guen then remembered the Kyuk koo match and realised that the guy in front was the King of Goguryeo. He told Dam Deok that he had slipped into Goguryeo and watched hte last Kyuk koo. Dam Deok looked up...I guess he realised that Ga Guen did know who he was. But neither said anything about it, except that Ga Guen said it was a magnificant match.

Suzini went nearer to examine this strange figure. She was gripping a long stick very tightly...and I think she was frightened.

Cheo Ro said he wasn't human. Therefore he had never been sick because he wasn't human. Suzini, ever the defiant girl, said if he wasn't a human, was he a dog then.

Cheo Ro said everyone ran away from him (thanks Suehan..this darth vader voice was as bad as Daejangro's. Very hard to hear what he said) and then I think he started crying.....Poor guy.. :(

And Suzini's face softened...she is really a kind hearted girl. She went nearer and saw Cheo Ro's face (he had taken off his mask) and was taken aback but she did not ran away. She asked if this was really his face and in an even kinder tone, asked what happened. Cheo Ro's hand was all white and flaky. Suzini asked if if it was like from the start but Cheo Ro continued crying.

Suzini reached out to touch his hand gently and asked if he was alright. It was such a contrast..between her white, smooth hand and his rough one. As she touched her, his heart began beating strongly again.

Cheo Ro asked who she was to him and who the other person was (referring to Dam Deok). Cheo Ro asked why did his heart hurt so much and Suzini, though looking fully into his rather quite monsterous face, did not back away at all. Perhaps that's when he fell in love with her. It was probably the first time anyone, especially a girl came so close to him and showed concern for him. Suddenly, he grabbed hsi mask, put it on and went off and Suzini was alone in the forest again.

Dam Deok and Ga Guen stood outside Cheo Ro's room and Ga Guen told Cheo Ro that Dam Deok wanted to meet him. Cheo Ro asked him to enter. Ga Guen gave a small bow to Dam Deok. Wow! Ga Guen respected Dam Deok.

There was no body in the strange room. Dam deok said he was willing to return the 10 fortresses if he released Suzini. (initially, I wasn't too thrilled that Dam Deok actually wanted to give up the fortresses for a girl. Didn't seemed very wise but I realised that they were going to retreat anyway, so he might as well "return' them)

Suddely, some of the lights went out and Cheo Ro asked if that girl was his lover. Dam Deok did not answer. (We were all speculating excatly how Dam Deok felt about Suzini at this point).

Joomochi knocked out a few guards effortlessly. Hehe! I think Heyon Go was very impressed.

Dam Deok walked into the magical forest. Actually, it almost sounded as if a dragon was breathing in the background. Hmmm...Cheo Ro is the Blue Dragon right?

Joomochi was trying very hard to push the door (leading to Cheo Ro's room) open. Hehe! I think Hyeon Go was telling him to try harder. And then Joomochi actually wanted to break down the door but Hyeon Go stopped him.

And the Ga Guen appeared and asked if they were together with the guy that came earlier (Dam Deok). Joomochi said he didn't know what he was saying. hahaha! So funny, Hyeon Go went to hide behind Joomochi.

Ga Geun then asked if the King of Goguryeo was really the King of Jushin. And aiyoh, Joomochi actually asked him to wait and then he turned to Hyeon Go and asked how they should answer. This is really a case of one with brains and one with strength. ^^

Hyeon Go, realising that this man was not totally an enemy, said if he realised that if he was the King of Jushin, then he would also be the King of Baekje.

Hyeon Go said he was the chief of Geo Mool village and their Hyeon Moo symbol recognised the King of Jushin. And he said...if it was true (that Dam Deok was the King of Jushin), what was he going to do. Ga Geun said he had been waiting for the King of Jushin. When the star of Jushin appeared, he had been slipping into Goguryeo to look at Yon Ho Gae (who was widely believed to be the King of Jushin) and then Dam Deok. He then said that if he was really the King of Jushin, he would not kill his master and would be able to draw out the symbol. Hyeon Go asked what was his saying. Ga Guen said if he (Dam Deok) had just gone in and if he was relaly the one, he would be able to save his master. Hyeon Go asked where the symbol was.....and Ga Guen sort of looked into the room.

Dam Deok was inside the forest, walking. So was Suzini. It was all very misty and there was a strange feel to the whole place.

Suddenly Dam Deok's dagger, which was Jumong's sword before it magically transformed, which was Hwan Woong's bow before that, started glowing (hope this wasn't too confusing for all). Some structures/ beams seemed to become visible....not sure what it meant...perhaps this was all part of the fortress (rooms) before it became a magical forest? Anyway, the wind continued to blow strongly and I think Dam Deok could sense that someone or something was around. He closed his eyes and concentrated and the wind died down. The dagger/ bow continued to glow.

Cheo Ro had crept up behind him. He striked him with his spear but was repelled by a protective sheild surrounding Dam Deok. As Cheo Ro pointed his spear at Dam Deok, flashes of their past life appeared...Hwan Woong's image, superimposed on Dam Deok, as well as the Blue Dragon.

Cheo Ro tried to hit Dam Deok again but was repelled away, even stronger this time. He hit the tree and was very weak. He kept clutching his heart. He shouted to Dam Deok to save him. :(

And then Dam Deok held out the dagger (with flashback of the scene when Ki Ha had tried to kill Dam Deok with the Jumong sword, and it transformed into this present dagger. I guess this falshback was to tell us how this dagger came about). But this was actually the bow that Hwan Woong had used...and there was an outline of the bow. Then Dam Deok shot an imaginery arrow into Cheo Ro's heart (with flasback of Hwan Woong doing the same thing to Seo O). We were all wondering how did he know what to do with this dagger and we thought perhaps, he knew instinctively...but I'm not sure if it was because this was because he was the reincarnation of Hwan Woong or because it was Hwan Woong's bow.

Anway, the imaginery arrow went straight into Cheo Ro's heart and the power of the symbol was released from his body.

Suzini, Joomochi, Heyon Go and Ga Guen heard the commotion and came running towards them.

Cheo Ro collasped. He seemed to have died. Dam Deok slowly walked towards him and took off his mask. Suzini appeared and was actually rather concerned. She touched his neck and said that he was still alive.

And then Cheong Ryong's symbol came out of his heart (which semed to be some strange sharp object) and Dam Deok took it in his hand.

Hyeon Go, Joomochi and Ga Guen appeared and Ga Geun said it was the symbol of Cheong Ryong. He looked at the unconscious Cheo Ro and said that the symbol had been embedded in his heart since he was 10 years old (flasback to the night when the Hwa Cheon people attacked the fortress). Dam Deok looked at the symbol and then at Ga Guen. I wonder what he was feeling then. He hadn't specifically gone out searching for the symbol but it was now in his hands. I guess this now affirmed his belief more than ever that he really was the King of Jushin and a duty to fulfil...

Anway, Ga Guen paid his respects (and acknowledged) him as King of Jushin and then he bowed.

At the same time, part of the flaky, white stuff that had covered Cheo Ro's face was disappearing by magic.

In the market inside Guk Nae Sung, the actor was performing a play again. I think he was saying about Ho Gae going to the north to conquer the tribes? Anyway, he was basically saying how great Ho Gae was.

The funny short guy from Geo Mool village (together with some of his own people I guess) interrupted to say that Ho Gae had 40,000 men to attack Baekje but didn't do anything. The don't know what the actor said. The other Geo Mool village guy said that their King captured 10 forts and even attacked Gwan Mi Sung. The funny short guy said teh King didn't have 10,000 men not even 1,000 men. Then the funny short guy turned around, and pointing to the food and supplies that were being sent out to Ho Gae's army and said sacarstically that food was being sent out again...and they were all taken from the citizens. The actor lost his audince. I think the public was getting disillusioned with Ho Gae.

The men were busy loading the food and supplies in front of the Yon's residence. Yon Gar Ryeo and Cho Joo Do were discussing and pouring over a map. Think they were trying to find the fastest way to get to Ho Gae.

Can't catch all the conversation but I think Yon Gar Ryeo said that Ho Gae had to show some achievements for everyone to see. Daejangro said that the High Priestess (Ki Ha) gone there to Ho Gae.

Yon Gar Ryeo said that though Ho Gae was his son, it was his mother who made him what he was. Daeajangro said he had heard about her.

The Yon Gar Ryeo said the mother had taught Ho Gae since young how to behave like a King..from walking to running. His mother taught Ho Gae everything. He asked Daejangro if he knew what he meant. Daejangro said that the High Priestess would treat Ho Gae like she was his mother (I think)

Yon Gar Ryeo said Ho Gae was like the heaven to his mother but what was he to Joo Jak. Ho Gae need a strict woman to take care of him? Wow!

Inside Ba Son's work place in Guk Nae Sung, the funny short guy rushed in and found the guy that was captured earlier by Hwa Cheon upstairs, eating a rice ball.


The guy almost choked and the funny short guy went rushing to look for water. He then told him that he heard he had been captured by Hwa Cheon and was surprised to find him alive. It seemed he was badly tortured.

The guy said he had to find Ba Son, he had something to tell her. The funny short guy asked him what it was and he whispered into his ears.

Inside Gwan Mi Sung, Cheo Ro was recovering...and Ga Geun brought him something to drink as well as a mirror. Cheo Ro looked at his hand, which was slowly becoming normal. He looked at himself in the mirros and peeled off some parts of he flaky bits off his face. I think this must have been the first time he looked into a mirror for a long time. Hehe! He has rather full lips.

I couldn't get most of this but according to Suehan, Hyeon Go was complaining about not being able to stay on to govern the fort because Dan Deok had sent all the soldiers away. And that it was dangerous to go back alone by themselves as they were all Baekhe lands. Hahaha! Hyeon Go was really, really complaining. Dam Deok, very good naturedly asked him to stop. ^^

Suzini, looking ahead said that they wern't alone.

And then they saw Heuk Gae, Dalgoo, General Ko and some other men coming towards them. Hyeon Go was happy.

But Dam Deok didn't seemed too happy. If fact, he looked rather stern and asked General Ko didn't he receive his orders. General Ko said that they did. They told all the soldiers to retreat and go back to Guk Nae Sung. Dam Deok asked then why were they there. Ohh...he really looked royally displeased.

Heuk Gae said they they told the soldiers to leave but they refued to go (thanks to Suehan).

Geeneral Ko, looking at Dam Deok said that he had made a promise that he would not leave before General Ko himself. So he believed and had been waiting. Hehe! This big teddy bear chief, Heuk Gae was like shouting, you didn't really believe because General Ko said that if he King didn't appear by sunrise, he was going to attack the fort by himself...He was really shouting and arguing...hahaha!

Dam Deok was amused by him and smiled (he really like this chief, even though he disobeyed his order). Oh, it was such a charming smile. Heuk Gae, not realising that Dam Deok was no longer angry, contiued to rave about how General K was not really as calm as he seemed to be. Dalgoo, his son, stopped him and pointed it out to his father. hehehe!

And then everyone laughed.

It was a nice ending.

End of Episode 15.

It seemed that Episode 17 was very exciting. I can't wait to watch it. ^^

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