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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 7 summary

I've decided to do a summary for Episode 7 even though Gaulsan, Mikaney, Liquidfir and others have done the translation for the important dialogues. I guess it's also for my own benefit.

So again, this summary is not perfect as I don't understand all the dialogues. Many thanks to all those who have helped in the explainations and translations.

Ki Ha, with the heart of Ju Jak around her neck, unleashed the power and knelt down before Ho Gae, proclaiming him as the King of Jushin. The funny short guy saw this from outside Yon's residence and sent the message back to Hyeon Go..who then called for a meeting in Kyeon Mul village. The Burumsae (mythical bird that appeared in the 1st episode) was sent out to inform all the villagers. When Suzini saw the bird, she tried to break out of the prison- pulling at the window grills and charging at the door. The other prisoners thought she had gone mad. It was quite funny- especially as after her butt hit another guy's nose (why was he so near her butt anyway?). And then she told the guy, if he should meet her teacher (Hyeon Go) in the future, he must let him know that she tried very hard to attend the meeting upon seeing the messenger bird. And then...hehe..she went to bed. She wasn't really trying to break out of prison...the naughty girl.

The meeting at the Kyeomn Mul village- the heavenly object (heart of Ju Jak) has been found and the powers unleased. They think Ho Gae is the King of Jushin and Ki Ha is Ju Jak. They are puzzled why there are 2 Ju Jaks as they found Suzini in the village together with Heyon Go and everyone saw the Ju Jak sign on her forehead. They also found out that Ki Ha is with Hwa Cheon, who is now collaborating with the Yon family.

The funny short guy asked why is the owner of Ju Jak's heart with the evil people from Hwa Cheon. I think someone from their village had been captured by Hwa Cheon before and was left with the mark of Hwa Cheon on his back. All those with the mark became violent and is forever under the clutches of Hwa Cheon.

Ki Ha tries to cut into the Hwa Cheon mark on her back but failed.

Kak Dan came to tell Dam Deok that he will be coronated that day and that the King was waiting for him. Dam Deok asked his father not to do it. Everyone knows Ho Gae is the King of Jushin and wants him to be the king. He was also willing to give up the position of Crown Prince to Ho Gae.

The King gave him a bottle of perfume that belonged to Dam Deok's mother. She was alone when she gave birth to him. He told Dam Deok that he was borned under the Star of Jushin. However, all those who know cannot divulge the secret until the King of Jushin awakens... (Hmm...does that mean that the High Priestess knew all along that Dam Deok's mother would give birth to the King of Jushin and warned the family? That's why she was outside the palace when she gave birth?) And then the King sort of expected Dam Deok to go running to hug him...(perhaps I understand. Ok I will be king? hehe!). Anyway, Dam Deok hesitated and then he said a whole of stuff which I couldn't understand..but err..he seems angry leh..
Thanks to Taro from the comment section: So both Dam Deok's parent did know that he was the King of Jushin and Dam Deok's mother gave birth to him alone in the deep mountains so that he would be safe. However, because of the cold weather, his mother died on the 4th day. And now, his father, the King wants to fulfil that prophesy and Dam Deok's mother's wish by making him King. But Dam Deok was unwilling to accept it as it would result in a war between 2 fractions and that this is all just myth.

They are at the HQ of Shin Dang for the coronation ceremony but only the Chor No tribe is there.

Ki Ha woke up and can't really seemed to remember totally what happened the night before except for flashbacks. I guess she was hypnotised by Daejangro.

The High Priestess asked all the ministers and the tribal chiefs to attend the coronation ceremony because all the tribes need to be present to give their blessings before the prince can be crowned king. But the chiefs want the King to return their sons back first before they will attend.

Ki Ha found out about the chiefs' sons being kidnapped and thought Ho Gae was involved. She doesn't remember calling Ho Gae, King the night before. I think Ho Gae was rather frustrated as Ki Ha seemed to be 2 different persons- from the night before and now in the morning. Ki Ha asked Ho Gae to help her and let her go. She has to save someone. Ho Gae asked who was it...and Ki Ha replied that if that person dies...she cannot live (alamak...must Ho Gae ask?...I'm sure he knows it is Dam Deok). Anyway, it seems Ki Ha is rather repulsed by Ho Gae (poor's not his fault).

Dam Deok found out that the chiefs' sons have been captured and the chiefs think it was done by the King.

Ho Gae went to Hwa Cheon to question Daejangro about the kidnappings. A whole long conversation but I think he was asking if blood has to be spilled for this...(got to wait for proper translation).

Dam Deok announced to Kak Dan that he won't be going to the for the coronation and he asked her to protect the King. Mikaney translated it: 'I'm asking you to do it as a fellow brother'. Awww....

The King asked Cheok Hwan, the leader of the Gaema army to protect Dam Deok, who will become the new king. Cheok Hwan seems to be questioning something...hmmm...not sure what. But this guy saw what Ki Ha did the night before when she acknowledged Ho Gae as the king.

Ka Ryeo accuses the Chor No tribe of kidnapping the sons of the other 3 tribes (afterall, only the Chor No tribe's son is safe...inside the prison cells in the Yon's residence). Of course the chief got angry lah.

Dam Deok decided to find the tribal chiefs' sons and left with Ki Ha and the Gaema army (who is supposed to protect him).'s really great to see them all riding on the horses like it was the most natural thing to do. I know it's not's very hard on those bumps...^^

News arrived that the 3 chiefs have sent for their own personal armies and they will be within the palace soon. I think they (ie, the king) only have 3,500 soldiers? Not sure... Anyway, the King ordered all the gates to be shut.

Dam Deok's group arrived at near where the tribal chiefs' sons are being held captived. I think Ki Ha was saying they can attack directly but I think Dam Deok doesn't want anyone to get hurt? I think.....So he was telling Cheok Hwa that they have to have a plan...

And then Cheok Hwa, the leader of the army that's supposed to protect Dam Deok, asked him to sacrfice himself for Goguryeo (the gist of it anyway as I can't understand the whole dialogue).

Within the palace, I think General Ho was asking the King to escape to another place nearby? And I believe the chief of Chor No tribe vowed to protect the King from enemies outside. I like the fat chief. He's the only chief that looks and behave like a chief...fearsome and full of authority but at the same time, respectful of the King.

And then the King asked the chief to go back to Jeolnoboo (his own state?) instead of staying behind in the palace to protect him. One, because his son was still a prisoner of Yon and secondly, he wanted the chief to help Dam Deok later. The chief started to protest but the King said... 'This is not a request but an order from the King...'.

Cheok Hwa tells Ki Ha that he saw what happened the night before and that she called called Ho Gae, King. He asked her why she is protecting Dam Deok instead of Ho Gae. But he seems to be saying alot more...hmm.. Anyway, Dam Deok then realised that Ki Ha is Ju Jak and gave her a rather surprised look.

Dam Deok asked if it was the King of Jushin who kidnapped the tribal chiefs' sons, and then put the blame on the king and was it also this King of Jushin, Ho Gae, who wanted the Crown Prince to die (I felt like knocking the army general's head). At that moment, Ho Gae appeared.

The High Priestess announced that the coronation is cancelled? postphoned? The 3 chiefs asked for their sons and then don't know what that evil Ka Ryeo said...

Ho Gae told Dam Deok that he found that he wasn't the only one borned under the Star of Jushin and Dam Deok was also borned that night. But there cannot be 2 kings in Goguryeo (at that line, all the soldiers draw out their sword... I guess they are about to kill Dam Deok). Ki Ha also drew out her sword and stood in front of Dam Deok. Gosh, that angry look that she gave Ho Gae and that hurt look that Ho Gae have Ki Ha (seeing the woman that he loves, protecting his arch enemy with her life).

And then Ki Ha did some sort of accupunture? hehe! Anyway, she pricked Dam Deok with a needle and he immediately fainted (better than chloroform....haha!).

Ki Ha promised that she will return by sunrise the next day. Ho Gae told her to take Dam Deok away and to warn him that he must never step inside the palace again or the king will be in danger. He doesn't have the confidence of letting Dam Deok go again the 2nd time. He said he had nothing to do with all the kidnappings and that he will become a king in the right way (at least that's what I think he said).

The public announcement- I guess it is to say the coronation cannot take place.

Ka Ryeo is angry with Ho Gae for letting Dam Deok go. Long conversation...which obviously I can't understand all...but I think Ho Gae said that he knew his father was doing all these to make him he believed he is the King of Jushin after seeing the powers from Ju Jak (ie, Ki Ha). Ho Gae said he will become a king rightfully without all these underhand methods (good for him! I do think he would have make a good king if Dam Deok wasn't in the picture).

Ka Ryeo told his son off for spoiling all the plans because of one girl (does he know that Ho Gae likes Ki Ha?) The creepy, evil Daejangro spoke...not sure about the whole conversation...but according to Gaulsan's translation, I guess basically he said alot of people will be killed because of what Ho Gae did?

In a refugee camp on the outskirts, Dam Deok woke up... and saw the people outside poor and hungry, fighting over food. He asked Ki Ha if these are the citizens of Goguryeo....and then err..can't understand...seems to be concerned that the citizens are in such a bad state...and the state isn't helping? Was there a war 3 years ago? Aiyah..have to wait for translation again. *Tiffany frustrated...* He wanted to touch the little boy but found that he's dead...and he was very upset (maybe this is a starting point for him to want to become make a better life for the people?)

Translation by Gaulsan:
Damdeok: What can I do?
The tribal leaders are against my father.
They want to kill me to make someone else to become king.
The soldiers who are supposed to guard me wants me to kill myself.
The woman I've trusted is a servant of someone else.

Kiha: Aren’t you angry of me?

Damdeok: You look so pale…

Kiha: You should rage at me. I deceived you.

Then I think Dam Deok asked if her heart also felt like that....I guess meaning if what she was doing was of her own free will...and if she was also deceiving him deliberately..

He told her she has to follow the fate of Ju Jak (both of them thinks Ho Gae is the Jushin King), and that she mustn't put herself in agony or hardship because of him.

This scene between the 2 of them really gave me the goosebumps...especially with the song in the background. It was so heart wrenching, seeing Dam Deok's sad, teary alone in the world...

Thanks to dramaok on soompi for the information about the song.
The song is called 허락 (Approval) by 준서 (Jun Seo):
또 다시 태어나는 그날에
The day we are born gain

하늘이 허락하길 바래요
May the Heavens approve

우리의 이뤄질수 없었던 사랑을...
Our love which could not be realized...

하늘아 내 사랑을 가려줘
Dear Heaven, cover up my love

바람아 내 아픔을 날려줘
Dear wind, blow away my pain

그대가 내 눈물을 모르게 부탁해 ...
Please don't let my tears be known to him/her...

Poor Ho Gae was sitting alone in that candle room...thinking of Ki Ha and all that happened. All of us on soompi agreed that he was a great man to have let Ki Ha, the woman he loved, go with Dam Deok. Afterall, she may not return.

And then the next scene was what many people on soompi called the 'wardrobe malfunction' scene. Hehe! Basically, there was a debate as to whether they 'did' it...with Dam Deok's shirt being opened...and her hand on his chest...we all feared the worse. But many of us refused to think about what it may mean. Personally, I think nothing happened...but then I'm probably in denial as well. haha!

2 of the refugees came to give Ki Ha some information...about the whereabouts of the chiefs' sons?

Ki Ha went riding off alone and was caught by Daejangro and his men. He asked if she had spent the night with Dam Deok and warned her that she will be hurt if she continues. Ki Ha charged right through all the guys but stopped right in front of Daejangro...he seems to be emitting some sort of power over her.

Hyeon Ko is telling the funny short guy why there are 2 Ju Jaks. Basically, Ka Jin had the power first but it was taken away by Hwan Woong, who then gave it to Seo O. So both of the reincarnated and both of them are also Ju Jak. They now have to hurry back to save Suzini.

Dam Deok woke up and found a letter from Ki Ha. She told him that she has gone back to the palace for help (I think she she was going to find the Chor No tribe) and she will bring back the king, so please wait for her. And she will stay with Dam Deok even if it meant disobeying her fate as Ju Jak.

I feel rather sorry for Ki Ha...but in a way, her wish was also partially fulfilled. As Ka Jin, she did not have the love of Hwan Woong..which led to her drastic action of kidnapping and killing Seo O's son. As Ki Ha, she did have the love of Dam Deok...just that fate does not allow them to be together.

And poor Ho Gae...all that happened was not his fault. He's a good man and would have made a good king in normal circumstances. He became who he is because of the 'well intentions' of the others around him.

I think the next 2 episodes will be very exciting....lots of action....

And I love the songs from the drama so far...wish they would hurry up and release the ost.


주연 said...

Wow! Tiff, you are great!
Your summary is not just a summary.
It's almost everything. =)

tiffany said...

Hi 주연...

Err... it's a rather long winded summary isn't it? But as I don't understand alot of the dialogues, I thought I should write out as much as I should. Hope I haven't bore you or the others reading it. ^^

taro said...

Hi Tiff
taro again. hee... The summary is wonderful, and the music also so good... I really enjoy your summary and I hope i can add a little help on this "great" job!

(Hmm...does that mean that the High Priestess knew all along that Dam Deok's mother would give birth to the King of Jushin and warned the family? That's why she was outside the palace when she gave birth?) And then the King sort of expected Dam Deok to go running to hug him...(perhaps I understand. Ok I will be king? hehe!). Anyway, Dam Deok hesitated and then he said a whole of stuff which I couldn't understand..but err..he seems angry leh..
--> Yes, I think they knew Dam Dok is King of Jushin, so that when the mother gave birth, she afraid someone comem for kill the baby so that she went to the deep mountain, and gave born alone. The father said, bcoz of cold weather, the mother passed away 3 days later. So the means, she died for keep Dam Dok's safety, the father now will make him a king follow his mother's wish. After that he want to hug the son, but Dam Dok doesn't want to. And Dam dok angry bcoz he still doesn't want to be a king. Everybody knew Ho Gae is the king of Jushin, if Dam Dok take over the King position now, it will bring a war between 2 groups. Dam dok said mith is just mith, Ho Gae will become a good king, just let him do and if so that, nobody get hurt.

tiffany said...

Hi taro...thank you so much for your help. It means alot to us who are not proficient in Korean. Are you a Korean? ^^

And yes, I love the music.

taro said...

Hi Tiff
No problem. I'm happy if my comment help a little bit. :)
Yes, I'm Korean.
I read about many news on Korean website about TaeSaGi skeep this week. A lot of angry fans complained on iMBC website. Kind of happening there.. :) Me also thought, huk!! Do we need waite another week for next ep? hahaha..
So, 3 more days, we can meet DD again! yeah~