Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What I am not watching now..

After 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi', I haven't been watching any drama. Well, the lack of time was one, but also, there really wasn't anything that interest me.

'New Heart', a medical drama (this genre is quite 'in' at the moment) which replaced 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/ Legend' starring the rather cute Ji Sung (who just finished his military service, and was last seen in 'Save the Last Dance for Me') and Kim Min Jung ('Fashion 70's') is supposed to be rather good...but still I don't feel quite drawn to it enough to watch. It has one of the higher ratings at the moment and I believe there are plans to to extend it from 20 to 24 episodes. Maybe it's because I don't quite see the chemistry between the 2 leads. Btw, Lee Ji Hoon (last seen in 'Hello! Miss') also made an appearance for a few episodes.

'Hong Gil Dong' replaced 'In Soo is Pretty'. With Kang Ji Hwan (last seen in the 'Capital Scandal') as the male lead, it should have gotten me pretty excited but I caught glimpses of it...and it's err... a little weird. This is a fusion/ historical drama (but apparently based on real historical figures). How weird? has Kang Ji Hwan wearing sunglasses in the drama. It also starred Sung Yu Ri, whom I wasn't too impressed with in the 'The Snow Queen' with Hyun Bin. But you know what, I think the tomboyish type of character is very trendy now...judging from the popularity of Yoon Eun Hye in 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1' and Lee Ji Ah in 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi'. Seems Sung Yu Ri has been receiving rather good comments about her acting in this drama.

Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae teamed up in 'Robbers', which replaced 'Lobbyist'. Unfortunately, the ratings hasn't been good. I'm not sure why as it seems Jang Hyuk (last seen in the critically acclaimed 'Thank You') is putting in a great performance as usual. And Lee Da Hae shed her cutsie image in 'Hello! Miss' (thank goodness!) to portray a young widow with a daughter. But haiyah...even Jang Hyuk couldn't entice me to watch this. Maybe I want a change from the usual heart breaking, heart wrenching drama.

One of the most anticipated drama this year, 'Bad Love' starred Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Yo Won. It was the comeback drama for Kwon Sang Woo after the bombed 'Sad Sonata', (not to mention having had lots of bad luck and bad press in the last year), all his fans were eagerly waiting for this drama. And with Lee Yo Won (who was good in 'Surgeon Bong Dal Hee'), the drama was bound to be a runaway hit right? Wrong! It has been languishing in low ratings for most of the episodes, mostly below 10%. Sigh... I blame it on the writer. Seriously, this is meant to be a tissue box drama right from the start, but as somone on soompi said, we just don't feel for the characters. Btw, I feel kinda of sorry for Kim Sung Soo. I think he's rather good looking and his acting isn't too bad (I've seen worse in some leads) but he rarely has the chance to be the lead and I think they are going to kill off his character in this I think I'm going to give this a miss. Ok..maybe I'll watch the last episode.

Of course, there are 2 on-going and going and going dramas- 'Lee San' and 'King and I'. Both are looooong historical dramas (actually, there are many historical dramas showing now, and there will be more to come judging from the many announcements). 'Lee San' has the dimplicious Lee Seo Jin and 'King and I' has the experiencd Oh Man Sook.

And no...I'm not watching either of them.

So, besides waiting for new dramas, what does that leave me? Well, one drama or sitcom has caught my eye and attention.

'Unstoppable Marriage'.

I've never tried a sitcom before as they are typically long, with an episode everyday. 'Unstoppable Marriage' is already at Episode 60 (but each episode is only about 30 minutes). It stars the charismatic Seo Do Young (last seen in 'Spring Waltz') and Kim Dong Wook (the very funny my Chan in 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1'). But I glanced through a few episodes and it's made me laugh. is a sitcom so it is greatly exaggerated and it actually has a laugh soundtrack...which is so American. But, hey, me thinks me want to laugh for now instead of going through all these weepy shows.

So I guess I may start on it tonight. Good thing Chinese New Year is coming and I should have some free time to catch up. ^^

So what are you watching?


Anonymous said...

Heh, I'm watching Unstoppable Marriage as well. The doctor's family is so funny.... I love the mother's character. So comically fake... haha.
I like her "Oh Maiii Gaddd!!!" =P

Also watching Hong Gil Dong (I don't really like Sung Yuri there... a little too over-acted), and Robbers (Lee Dahae's good, but the show's quite slowmoving...)

tiffany said...

Hey pandan...the "Oh Maiii Gaddd!!!" was what caught my attention as well, plus the rather docky, slow 2nd son. hehe!

Hong Gil just a little too weird for me...I think KJH's permed hair didn't help either. As for Robbers....sigh....I too think it's a tad too slow.

It's the start of a new year, I think I'd like to watch something funny.

yoko said...

Thanks for the info. I loved Seo Do Young and really enjoyed visiting 4 seasons house last summer. Happy to know about him.

Yee said...

Hi Tiffany,

Happy New Year to you and your family.
What am I watching now??
Still cannot get enough of TWSSG, re-watching and re-watching ......


Amanda Min Chung said...

Hi, Tiff

Thank you for coming to my farewell party, it seems too late to say this.:)
I safely got back home.
I really miss my friends in Singapore and food, weather..
It's so cold in Seoul, brrrrr...
Eventhough I am in Seoul, let's keep in touch and we can meet up in Seoul or Singapore :)

Mist said...

Hello everybody! The unstoppable Marriage has 125 epi,can anyone tell me who will end up with sae baek? Is it Yuri? I hope so though coz they look cute 2gether!!! ^_^