Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beast- Hi-5 coupons winners

Wow! I received over 180 entries in just 2 days. Beast really have alot of fans out there. BUT, I only have 6 passes to give away. So I'm afraid there will be many disappointed fans.

A big thank you to Universal Music who kindly gave away the coupons here. I'm sure all of you are also grateful for the chance to win them.

The correct answer to my question is-
The actual name of Beast is Boys of the East Standing Tall

The contest was closed at 12.30am, 22nd June. Only one correct entry per person was accepted. The winners were picked randomly by a software, ie, it wasn't picked by me or any anyone else. This is to be fair to all otherwise it would have been very hard for me to choose. ^^

Congratulations. The following fans have won for themselves one coupon each to the Beast Hi-5 session tomorrow at IMM.
1) Bazliana Bte Adnan (i/c: Sxxxx501G)
2) Germaine Foong (i/c: Sxxxx374F)
3) Huang Huilin Vanessa (i/c: Sxxxx624I)
4) Lam Shirlyne (i/c: Sxxxx886F)
5) Catherine Poo Hua Qi (i/c: Sxxxx720G)
6) Tan Shi Hui Joyce (i/c: Sxxxx167F)

All winners will be notified via email shortly. If you do not respond by midnight tonight, the chance will be given to another winner.

For the rest of you who didn't win...don't despair. There are still some limited stocks of special Hi-5 package left on sale at the CD Rama outlets. For more details on the $55 package, please refer to my post here or Universal Music FB

Just a little more infor about the Hi-5 sesion.

1) The boys wil be peforming tomorrow night at the session (maybe one or two songs I guess..not sure)
2) All coupon holders will be entitled to a lucky draw to win 50 autographed poster from the boys.
3) In addition, 30 lucky winners will also be entitled to a lucky draw to take group photo with the boys.

If you really want to try your luck at some lucky draws again, you can buy a copy of the Chinese newspaper, Lian He Wan Bao 《联合晚报》 atthe Bishan Bus Interchange this evening (22nd June). The first 10 winners will win the Hi-5 sesion coupon and the last 5 winners will have the opportunity to take a group photo with the boys. More infor here

And I believe the Chinese radio channel, Yes933 is still giving away tickets to the press conference or showcase. It's on the night show hosted by Pei Fen (I think 10pm to 1am).

But of course, if you want confirmed tickets, then buy the package lah. Actually, if you haven't bought the tickets to the showcase and the autograph session, this is quite a good buy and cheaper than a lot of the recent events.....

Ok..see you all tomorrow night at IMM, Garden Plaza, 7pm for the Hi-5 session. Remember to fill in your particulars on the coupon and drop it into the box for the luck draw. Good luck everyone!

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Catherine said...

Hi Tiffany,
im really glad to win the coupon on your site ^^ i really enjoyed myself that day ..
thanks for having this contest & i hope you will continue to give out exclusive tickets/coupons to events in the future ~

Catherine (: