Friday, December 04, 2009

Sundown Festival Seoul'd Out Meet-n-Greet Passes

No, I haven't forgotten about this.
Yes, it's still on.

So here it is.

Answer the following 2 questions and email the answers to

1)Name all the 5 artites who will be perfoming at the festival
2)When did I first wrote about this festival on my blog

Please provide the following details about yourself:
1) you name as written on your i/c
2) your i/c number
3) your handphone number

T&C to note:
1) This contest is opened from 4th December till 9th December, 2009.
2) Participants must purchase a Sundown Festival ticket (either via myself, sistic or any other legals means). Your answer must be accompanied by a scanned copy of your ticket (please make sure that the size of the attached image is less than 80kb)
3) You must bring along your i/c and the Sundown Festival ticket for verification on collection date.
4) 2 winners will be picked and will be informed via email as well as posted on my blog on the 10th December.
5) Those who have bought tickets via me will have double the chance at winning the coveted passes.
6) The passes are not transferable.

If you have not bought the tickets, click here for more details

Please note that the Meet-and-Greet session will be held on the 11th December, 4pm at Korea Tourism Organisation's office at Korea Plaza. So please make sure you can attend this session before joining the contest.

Good luck! ^^

P/s- don't forget that BEG has a autograph session on the 13th December, 2pm. Look out for more details here.

My apology. There are only 5 main artistes. For those of you who have named the 5 main artistes in your answers, the answers will be taken as correct. Sorry, maybe I was hoping for Big Bang or SS501 to come as well. hahaha!

For those of you have trouble scanning the ticket, maybe just take a photo of it? If that is easier for you all. Basically, I just need proof that you have bought tickets to the event. ^^


Kpoplove said...

thanks for your questions (: but i have a very hard time scanning a copy of the ticket. :(

Elle said...

I've sent it already! thanks! i've told my sisters and friends about it too. thanks! please continue to update your blog about korean events in singapore!

Elle said...

HI, then if we put 6 main artiste, will our answers be wrong? cause i didnt know what to put so i put jinjo crew.

tiffany said...

Hi Ellee
If you had sent in your answer before my amendments, then as long as you have named the 5 main artistes, then it will be counted as correct. After all, it was my mistake. ^^

rainy said...

will u be doing a review on FTisland just like u did for BEG and Tmax?

tiffany said...

Hi rainy

Yes, I will be doign a review on FT Island these couple of days. I'll be doing a fair bit of blogging on this event up till next week as I will follow up on the event as well.

Bellie said...

Hi! Can i email you the booking confirmation sistic emailed me instead? Cos I have not collected my ticket yet. Thanks so much! :)

tiffany said...

Hi Belle

Sure of course, you can just email me the confirmation from sistic. ^^

nazihah said...

hello~just sent you an email!~
this is so wonderful of you..xD
cant wait for the's like the best birthday present..haha

Anonymous said...

hi i'm new to your blog but i'd like to take part in this. but i do not know your email.

tiffany said...

The email to send the anwers to is given in my blog post, together with the questions, T&C etc.

risziana said...

Hello! I'm having trouble with my printer/scanner and i don't have a usb for my phone. Can I just attach a picture of my SISTIC Booking Confirmation. It has the transaction number.

risziana said...

oops sorry. i didn't see the previous comments. =p will be mailing you the comfirmation emaail together with the answers and my details^^