Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kim Ha Neul & Kang Ji Hwan- The Secret Agents' Press Conference

미안해요 :(

I have not been feeling well for the last few days and everytime I sit in front of my laptop and open up the blogging site to continue my story about the secret agents, I fall asleep...

So here it is, almost 2 weeks after their visit, I am going to continue with the story. Hope my account is not too stale considering that Kang Ji Hwan had won an award for the movie, had some rumoured relationship with Lee Da Hae after holidaying with her in Phuket and Kim Ha Neul has already announced her new project, which is going to be a horror movie. Now that will be a new attempt by her.

Still, I feel I should share what I saw and felt during their visit here to Singapore as I know there are many fans of theirs out there.

So here it is.

29th October 2009, 10am- Press Conference

I remembered someone was asking here on my blog if the press conference was opened to the public. The organiser had made the answer very obvious.

The stage. It was Lee Min Ho's picture on the same stage last week. ^^

Unlike Lee Min Ho though, both Kim ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan were on time. I had already received news the night before that Kim Ha Neul has some problem with her eye and had gone straight to Mount Elizabeth after touch down. Poor girl had stye and had to wear her sunglasses. Must have been really uncomfotable. And there were going to be press interviews the whole day.

Still, she looked beautiful and he was droolable. I must admist that initially, they seemed a little severe and serious.

But they soon warmed up and by the end of the session, I found Kim Ha Neul to be warm and friendly and Kang Ji Hwan having a sense of humour.

During the press conference, one of the questions asked was "What was the most memorable part of the movie?" Kim Ha Neul replied that at the end of one fo the kissing scene, she saw blood on Kang Ji Hwan's lips and thought he was bleeding. But in actual fact, she was the one bleeding as she had kissed really, really hard, (Hmm...never thought she was capable of doing this. ^^). She didn't say which scene though, but I'm just wondering.. could it be this scene? It sure seemed passionate enough. As for Kang Ji Hwan, he replied that the fact the movie beat Terminator Salvation in Korea was memorable for him. Unfortunately, it didn't beat Michael Jackson in Singapore.

Now, most fans would know that there is some rumour of romance between them. But they took pains to portray that they are dissimilar in character during their Hong Kong visit and did it again in Singapore. When asked if she would choose career or love, she answered that she would choose love over career as a job is just a job. Kang Ji Hwan on the other hand, replied that although he would have chosen love when he was younger but now that he is older, he thinks career is more important, because "women will not like you if you have no money'. Wahahaha!

As if to further prove to everyone their opposite character, Kang Ji Hwan revealed that Kim Ha Neul may be laughing and joking with the team but the moment the camera rolled, she could really cry. Kang Ji Hwan on the other hand, would be dead serious busy studying his script before the filming but would be really funny once the action starts. Hmm...sounds like a good match to me. Ok ok, don't read too much into this. I'm just speculating. ^^

There wasn't much surprises in the press conference. Singapore media is not known to ask explosive questions. Still, I came away with a good impression of both stars, in particular, Kim Ha Neul. She seemed aloof and cold, and yet, she does emit a sense of warmth. And I'm not saying this to be polite. There was a certain K artiste that I saw not too long ago who was completely bored during a fan meet and it was so painfully obvious.

Anyway, some photos taken during the press conference.

How's my front profile?

What about my side profile?

Hey, I look good even with my eyes closed.

You'd better agree or I'll ask my secret super agent to 'take care' of you.

Musn't laugh..must remain cool. I'm a secret agent.

I tell you I won't laugh. I'm tough. I won't crack.



His and hers.

A short clip on the autograph signing.

Bye! The end of the press conference.

Here are a couple of photos taken by my friends at the gala premiere on the 28th October at The Cathay. Enjoy!

Credit: Kelly

Credit: Esther

Kim Ha Neul looks great. Kang Ji Hwan looks err.....

The movie is showing now in the cinemas and was number 2 on the list last week. Will it remain so this week? I'll be doing a short review of it later. Stay tuned. ^^


snifez said...

O Tiffany, you are a darling. Thanks for the update on Kim Ha Neul :)


Anonymous said...

tks Tiff for the update

saw Kim Ha Neul@airport, she's pretty in person than in drama. My impression on her was she has the kind of "big sister" style, friendly n cheerful.

too bad for Kang Ji Hwan, he flew off early so don't have a chance to see why so many of my friends like him lei ^^


Anonymous said...

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tiffany said...

I will reply to your query on soompi here as it is more appropriate

'Kang Ji Hwan looks err.....'

Basically, I feel that his dressing could have been better. That is my personal opinion expressed on my own personal blog. However, I chose not to write anything too direct as I am aware that some people may nto agree with me. It is not a matter of saying things halfway.

Btw, not all Singaporeans understand Chinese.

Anonymous said...


tiffany said...
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tiffany said...

Like I said, this is my personal opinion on my blog for everyone to read. It is a public blog. How I write is also my own personal creative expression. I do not think I need to explain to everyone.

You can think whatever you like or disagree, that's your own personal opinion too.

I will not be replying anymore on your views or comments on this matter as it is best to end this kind of discussion before it escalates further as your tone and expression has been less than friendly.

roweina78 said...

Thanks Tiff for your review.
I laugh when see all the pic has a "title", hehe...

snifez said...
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snifez said...

Hi Tiffany,
Am aware you would like to end the discussion with "Anonymous", however I have something to say.

This is your blog and you are free to publish your opinion. You were not even disrespectful to Kang Ji Hwan. I like reading your blog and will contiune to read them. Thanks for posting your opinion. Go girl!

and.. My Mandarin sucks too :)