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The Woman who still wants to marry

Park Jin Hee - Lee Shin Young
Kim Boem - Ha Min Jae
Uhm Ji Won - Jung Da Jung
Wsng Bit Na - Kim Bu Ki
Choi Chul Ho - Na Ban Suk
Lee Pil Mo - Yoon Sang Woo
Park Ji Young - Choi Sang Mi

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Taking a look at my drama reviews, the last one I did was for 'Style' in September last year. I have since speed watch a couple of other dramas like 'You Are Beautiful' (yes, yes, I have watched this much talked about drama and may yet review it later) and 'Will it Snow for Christmas' (Goo Soo is great here after his miltary stint) and the latest one- 'Woman who still wants to marry'

This is another one of those 'younger men-older women' drama, of which Korean TV stations seemed to be churning them out on a regular basis in the last few years. I wrote about about it on my blog sometime back here. But unlike those 3 dramas, this particular one didn't do as well in terms of ratings. This is in no way a reflection of the cast, who delivered but I feel was a little let down somewhat by slightly weak storyline and character development.

Three women, Shin Young, Bu Ki and Da Jung are single women in their mid 30's. Successful in their work, it would seemed the next step would be to get married and have kids. At least that's what the society and even they themselves expect. But finding that someone special is hard work and elusive. Just when you thought you've found a diamond, you discovered it's just a bead. This drama attempts to portray these women's trials and tribulations in their lives via the choices they make. This is apparently a sequel to the earlier drama, 'The Woman who wants to marry'.

Lee Shin Young is a reporter in a TV channel. She is 34 and has just broke up with her boyfriend. Her supervisor is making life difficult for her at work. Everyday is the same-o, same-o. And then she met Min Jae, a young university student, who is also a brilliant musician. She suddenly remembered what falling in love was all like. Unfortunately, he is also 10 years younger than her. Will this last or is this just a passing fancy? And does she have enough courage to make this work? I must admit- this was the first time I've seen Park Jin Hee and I am impressed. She was natural and funny and yet not outragreously OTT. And she didn't looked too out of place with Kim Boem either despite all the protests. ^^

Jung Da Jung is a brilliant translator whose one goal in life now is to marry well. But is there such a thing as the perfect man? Ban Suk seems to meet the bill but you know the saying, you're not just marrying the man but also the family. ^^ I find her little too loud at times and seems too naive on certain occassions. If she is a translator, she would have come into contact with many foreigners and a little more worldly wise. But I guess this is K drama?

Bu Ki is an entreprenur in the F&B industry- calm, confident and what every woman at that age aspire to look like and be....including me. haha! Having seen what life could be for her if she married her long time boyfriend, she dumped him and used the money she had saved up to further her studies. This woman oozes with sexuality and doesn't need a man to complete her life. This, I feel, is her attraction.

Min Jae is an university student, an accompished student and a ladies' man. He made a bet with Ban Suk that he can make Shin Young fall in love with him (typical K drama..haiyah). Of course she did and he fell in love with her too. Bold in the face of love..he is every girl's dream (mine too!!!). But will he overcome his mother's objection to this relationship? I started watching this drama because of this young boy. I've been impressed with him ever since I watched him in 'Rude Woman'. Not only is he good looking, he can act too!

Sang Woo, a pilot and Shin Young's ex boyfriend. Wanted very much to get back with Shin Young until he met Sang Mi...who is Min Jae's mother. Yes, gets complicated in terms of relationship and who is related to whom. I like him very much more in the second half of the drama and I really like how Sang Mi blossomed when she is with him.

Ban Suk is a TCM physician looking for the sweet, unspoilt, innocent woman to complete his life. He met Da Jung, who may be a little innocent but is certainly not unspoilt and she definitely likes the finer things in life. Originally interested in Shin Young but seperated due to a misunderstanding. The comic character in the drama. This man is a veteran and his filmography shows that he is capable of achieving much more. It also says he is in 'Slave Hunter' but I'm not sure what character though. 'Slave Hunter' has of course been beating every drama in the same time slot (including this drama) and some to pulp. Btw, this guy has an amazing figure underneath his comic role. Yummy!

Compared to a lot of dramas with the same genres, I did not find this is as captivating nor as funny. Personally, I think it's due to character development and storyline...and a little too many distractions which resulted it in neither here nor there. And the relationship is so complicated, though I supposed the writer wanted to show the 'younger man- older woman' scenario at different stages. But as this is K drama, complicated relationship is the norm.

Therefore- Shin Young dates Min Jae, whose mother is dating Sang Woo, who used to be Shin Young's boyfriend. And Da Jung marries Ban Suk who used to be interested in Shin Young. And as a last possible development, Shin Young's not so nice supervisor, got interested in Bu Ki. Thankfully, they didn't develope this any further.

I'm not saying it's bad, on the contrary, it was a watchable drama BUT, it could have been better. I do like some of the touches in the drama. Like when Shin Young's supervisor tricked her and axed her programme, Min Jae asked why was she afraid to retaliate. And her reply was: "She is afraid...afraid of loosing her job at her age.". Now that's realism for you. Surprisingly, although the focus was supposed to be on Shin Young and Min Jae.. I like Sang Mi's and Sang Woo's story better. There is a certain bittersweetness to their story.

There is no passion, ie, not much of stipping...the most you got was lying down next to each other which was quite tame. But it is full of nice cozy, warm kisses. Which is fine with me coz I'm not sure if it would feel right if Shin Young and Min Jae have some blow-me-up, rock-the-bed scenes. There were a lot of criticisms from netizens (especially Koreans) who think that Park Jin Jee is too old for Kim Boem. But personally, I think it is not that obvious. Maybe because both of them have baby face look?

And I love the clothes worn by all the women in here. I know some of the people were discussing about where to get them and fashion is one thing (besides the music) that I've always loved about K dramas. And Kim Boem is really, really to drool for..but his sliver hair... Hmm...

Kim Boem sang 2 songs in this drama. Ok lah. He's definitely no Yong Hwa as a indie musician. hehe! Catch his performance in the drama here with the song, 'The woman who cut my guitar string'.

He also sang 'Confession', which sounded really, really familiar to me when I first heard it. Thank goodness for google and youtube. This song was orginally in the movie, 'Wolf's Temptation'. It starred Jo Han Sun and Kang Dong Won and remains one of my favourite movie. Coincidentally, Jo Han Sun made a cameo appearance in this drama in the first episode as a two-timing boyfriend. ^^

Kim Boem's version of 'Confession' in 'Woman who still wants to marry'.

Lee Su Hun's version of 'Confession' in Wolf's Temptation'.

Last note:
There were quite a few sweet scenes between Kim Boem and Park Jin Hee and I know most will think of the candle scene or sharing of headphones etc...but to me...I thought this scene was rather sweet. Especially after coming after a near quarrel due to the jealousy of Shin Young. And doesn't Kim Boem look good in black. Now what wouldn't I give to have him lying in the same bed as me. Ooops...mustn't let hubby read this.

This is such a nice, warm jazzy song. Great for listening in the night. Lyrics as translated from the Chinese subs

Under the light of my street corner lamp
I hope there is someone waiting for me
In the midst of my happiness
I really hope to share it with you
I hope it is you
If you hadn't come to me
I wouldn't have such thoughts
I really thought love would not come again
Gathering up my courage
To walk to your side
Overcome all obstacles in my path

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