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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 14 summary

I have done half of Ep 13 but I've been really busy last week and could not find the time to finish it and before I know it...they've already shown Ep 14 & Ep 15. Time really passes by quickly. So I've done Ep 14 instead and should finish Ep 15 by tomorrow. If anyone still wants a summary for Ep 13, I'll try to find the time over the next few days to finish it. But it's getting more interesting now, the pace is faster and there are even more military I find myself understanding even less. Many, many thanks ot Gaulsan and many people on soompi who have helped with the translation. This would not be possible without them.

Of course, Gaulsan and Suehan have finished translation for both Ep 14 & Ep 15 respectively. I believe WithS2 has also released the subs for Ep 14, so you could download that. But if you still want to read my summary, I'm of course most happy. ^^

The slow cargo ships carrying Dam Deok and his army arrived at the sea in front of Gwanmi Fort, unbeknown to the soldiers guarding the place. This would be what we call a Trojan horse and was used during the Greek seige of Troy. Anyway, the ships stopped at near the seafront and the Baekje soldiers went forward, wondering what they were and why they were there. Suddenly the doors of the ships opened and all the soldiers rushed out on horseback. Must say this was pretty impresisive. The Baekje soldiers were completely caught offguard and rushed back to the fort, with Dam Deok's army following closely behind.

The Baekje soldier rushed back into the fort and sounded the horn. This meant there was an enemy coming and all the soldiers rushed to stand in position to defend against the attack. The general asked what it was and the soldier replied that it the Gogureyo. He immediately sent his men to ?? (couldn't quite catch it) fort for help.

Joomochi's men were in the middle of the pack, surrounded by a small pack Goguryeo army, who were all armed with the special armour, shield and arrow made by Ba Son. Oh you should see Joomochi...he looks really great. All the arrows shot by the Baekje soldiers were deflected by the shield held by Dam Deok's army in front. But the arrows shot by them all hit the Baekje's soldiers, and they fell down one by one. Ba Son did say that her arrows could fly further that the others.

Meanwhile, inside the fort, Hyeon Go, Suzini and the rest of the people from Geo Mool village attacked the soldiers who were minding the fort gate and opened it for the army to enter. hehe! Hyeon Go could not fight and he was saved by Suzini's arrows. Seriously, how can this comical guy be the reincarnation of the the Black Turtle, (Hyeon Moo)?

As they neared the fort gate, the soldiers parted to let Joomochi and his tribesmen through to fight through the streets of the fortress.

In the background, you can hear Dam Deok's voice reminding them that speed is the key and Jumoochi and Siiwoo tribe had to pass through quickly and catch up with the Baekje messenger who was despatched for help. General Ko will follow up and clear the rest of the obstacles. He reminded them again that they should not stay to fight...planting of the Goguryeo flag would be enough. What they want to do was to strike fear into their enemies by taking over the fort quickly.

And the group of them were through the fortress before anyone could do anything.

Then you see the red Goguryeo flag being waved and hung from the fort.....then General Ko and soldiers entered...then the King himself....Dam Deok (I think I'm totally in love with him as the King. He looks really good).

Joomochi and Suzini (Lee Ji Ah must have really trained hard on horse riding) caught up with the 2 soldiers from Baeke and the next thing we see was the whole Siiwoo tribe riding by...with the 2 soldiers, stripped and tied together back to back, on one horse. ^^

Dam Deok's army entered Baek Je's Sok Hyeon Sung. The fort's general and his men were kneeling down as General Ko approached them. The general announced his name..and said they should have killed him instead (err....if he was really so hung up about being defeated and wanted to die...shouldn't he have committed suicide? Just thinking aloud). General Ko hit him down with his sword and according to Gaulsan's translation, the King had given orders that if any of his soldiers attack unarmed civillians, commit crimes like sexual harrassment and theft, they would be beheaded (wow! that's how he kept order and prevented any rebellion in the forts he captured. He has so little men...they can easily be overpowered if those citizens were badly treated). The general said that as a general of Baekje, he would never surrender. But General Ko it didn't matter..if he wanted to die or live together with the people, he can choose as his heart desired.

Then just as General Ko was about to leave, the Baekje general asked who was the commander in charge of this expedition. General Ko replied that it was a name he could not say without kneeling..then he turned to look at Dam Deok who was riding by. Goguryeo declared war on Baekje and captured Sol Hyeon Sung on the second day.

At Baekje's Ok Chon Sung, the fort gate was opened for 2 Baekje's soldiers....and then you take a closer look and it's actually Suzini and Joomochi. Wahaha!

Think Joomochi asked Suzini to stay out unless she wanted to see her King (Dam Deok) cry. Then I think Suzini teased him back about a certain someone. Then she told him that Dalbe's heart thumped loudly whenever she saw him. Joomochi, took off his helmet and spluttered out: "Real...really?"

Joomochhi had this love-sick puppy happy look...and then Suzini said: "You believed it?" (is that what she said? Hmmm....) and Joomochi's face fell. This Suzini so naughty. Then she pointed at him, started laughing and called him a fool. Aiyoh, these 2...inside enemy's quarters and still can joke like that. Then the real Baekje guards called out who they were...and that's when they started fighting.

The 2 of them took down the soldiers guarding the fort gate in no time and Joomochi opened the gate. Suzini actually continued teasing Joomochi until the Siiwoo tribe was right in front of them before they moved away. Aiyoh... Can't really catch what Suzini was saying though....

On the 5th day, Ok Chon Sung fell to Dam Deok's army.

Then you see the big teddy bear, Heun Gae reading out a proclaimation from the King of Goguryeo (Dam Deok). Think it's something about Baekje being part of Goguryeo. So those who accept him (Dam Deok), will be treated fairly.

8 days later, Orl Mi Sung also fell. Ba Son was looking at all the weapons that were given up by the soldiers. She was sorry for the sword...? Hmm...

Heuk Gae continued reading the proclaimaton...all along, the pocessions of the castellan belonged to the people and now they would all be returned to the people. As he read this part, Dalbe was seen directing the distribution of the food to the people...not quite sure...but I think every 10 person to take 2 sacks? And she told them to be careful when putting down the sack of food but this Dalbe seemed to be prone to falling down...coz she fell down again. ^^

10 days later, Ok Hae Sung was captured.

Heuk Gae continued with the proclaimation...that civilians were not to be harmed and anyone who disobeyed the order would be beheaded. And those who chose to leave, could do so if they laid down their weapons. And in the background, you see some people leaving the fortress...after laying down their arms.

On the 11th day, Yeor Gun Sung was occupied. The citizens of Baekje opened the fort gates voluntarily and they captured the fort without any fighting.

Heuk Gae continued with the proclaimation...that they (the Baekje people) were to let the others know that the King of Goguryo was waiting for his brothers (to join him).

And in the background, you see Dam Deok riding on the horse (which was really awe inspiring)...and then joined by Suzini, Joomochi and General Ko...all riding majestically on the horses...and on the map, you see it turning red (Goguryeo's color was red), with battle scenes admist it, signifying that the Taewang army was capturing the forts quickly.

I am drooling as I looked at BYj riding on the horse and especially when he drew out his sword...sigh...

Finally they reached Gwan Mi Sung.

At Ho Gae's camp, which was set up north of Pal Gun Sung. The guards announced the arrival of the Gaema army. Cheok Hwan reported to Ho Gae for duty. One of Ho Gae's general wasn't pleased and I think said something like if he knew how many days they've wasted. Ho Gae ignored his general and asked where was the diety (Ki Ha). Then Cheok Hwan said Ki Ha got sick along the way, so they had to wait, that's why they were late. Anyway, the general was still ranting away...I think something about 30,000 men waiting for this one woman..

Anyway, at this point, Cheok Hwan became angry drew out his sword and pointed it at the guy and told him not to talk in thi way. She's not just a woman but the guardian of Joo Jak. He said he saw it. (that was the part where the 'powers' held onto Ki Ha when she tried to commit suicide). Then he said something about this was one of the guardian that they were looking for to help rebuild the land of Jushin? Hmmm.... must wait for exact translation but I think it's the gist of it. Ho Gae wasn't so interested in all these. He just wanted to know where she was now. Cheok Hwan said she's gone back to Guk Nae Sung after recovering after a few days. She told them she ha something to do. Ho Gae was not pleased. He had been really looking forward to seing her.

Just then, a soldier came in to inform Ho Gae that 4 of the forts had fallen to the army of Goguryeo. Ho Gae was now even angrier. And he dragged out Hyeon Gong, the messenger from the Geo Mool village that had gone there to inform him of Dam Deok's plan and what Ho Gae should do. But of course, so far, he has refused to believe him. Actually, I don't blame him for not believing Dam Deok...he did say it was contest between him and Dam Deok to see who was the King of Jushin. Why would he believe that Dam Deok would help him?

Hyeon Gong said once more that the King's message was that they should cut off the link of East and West Baekje. And Ho Gae should attack the army of Baekje when they pulled back their army. And then they should attack Kwan Mi Sung together. Ho Gae didn't believe him and shouted out where the symbol of Cheong Ryong was.

Anyway, Hyeon Gong continued by saying that if they captured Kwam Mi Sung, they would have access to the sea. Ho Gae believed Dam Deok was trying to cheat him and wondered if the symbol was there. His eyes were slowly becoming those of an enraged mad man. Hmmm....but if Ho Gae thought the symbol was there in Gwan Mi Sung, and Dam Deok asked him to join him together in the fight, all the more he should go right? Doesn't make sense. Hyeon Gong said the King was trying to help him in defeating Baekje.

Another messenger came in to say that the Baekje armies were turning back to protect their homeland. The 2nd in command general said this was a good opportunity to attack Han Seong (the capital of Baekje). Hyeon Gong shouted out it's not Han Sung but Kwan Mi Sung they should attack as the King ordered. Then another general said why was the commander (Ho Gae) hesitating..they had 30,000 men. Ho Gae was trying very hard to take all these news at the same time. Hyeon Gong slowly got up (I think he's been tortured..poor guy) and told Ho Gae to receive this order? command? At this, Ho Gae suddenly drew out his sword and killed him. I think this sudden act also shocked all the generals there.

Hogae: "Who did you say is the king?"

Wow! This guy has gone mad and vicious and wicked. He wasn't like that before.

Inside Gook Nae Sung, Cho Joo Do was seen running frantically.

The 3 tribal chiefs were talking to Yon Gar Ryeo. Can't understand everything but the chiefs were anrgy because they didn't know about the King's plan and they were also surpried that they managed to cpatured the forts in so few days. Then one of the chief was angry because the Chor No tribe was involved in this victorious war. Then I think one them said why Ho Gae who had with 40,000 soldiers doing anything in this war at all? Yon Gar Ryeo kept quiet but his face was totally black. He was definitely not happy to hear all these and probably even angrier that the King had managed to deceive him and achieved all these with so little men whilst his son had done nothing so far with a much bigger army.

Cho Joo Do came rushing in and asked if they had heard? The 5th fort had been captured and this time it was won without any fighting at all. Ooh.....Yon Gar Ryeo was even angrier now and walked off.

Inside Shindang, the senior disciple was telling the same news to the High Priestess..that the citizens of the Baekje opened the gate voluntarily. The High Priestess was very happy and I think said something that all these (victories) were given by heaven. She then order the Mu Oun Je (a ceremony to bless for war victories) to be performed the next day.

Suddenly, a noise was heard outside the hall and almost everyone rushed out. Then the doors shut and they couldn't open the doors from outside. Inside the locked hall, the High Priestess' guards were knocked unconscious. And then you see Ki Ha walking in slowly...dressed in black. She wasn't angry instead she was very calm....she seemed to know exactly what she was going to do.

She walked up to the High Priestess and asked how she has been doing...and the High Priestess shouted something like: "Guardian of Joo Jak..what do you think you are doing?". Ki ha replied that she had something to say to her and therefore had to divert the others temporarily?

The High Priestess said she didn't understand ...Joo Jak was the guardian of the land of Jushin, so why was she not serving the King of Jushin?

The High Priestess accused her acknowledging Ho Gae as the King and I think of attempting to kill Dam Deok and a whole of other other stuff that I couldn't quite catch. But Ki Ha said the power within the heart of Joo Jak originally did not belonged to Joo Jak but to a shaman, who was the mother of earth. The King of Jushin took it from her. However, even though she knew this story from young, she didn't care about being the guardian of Joo Jak or being the mother of earth. She only wanted one person (Ka Jin had said that she wanted to be with Hwan Woong in the next matter what..just before jumping off the cliff).

But nw Ki Ha thought she was wrong about how she felt.

The High Priestess asked what she was going to do and Ki Has replied what should she do... The High Priestess reminded that the King trusted her the most and she said she knew. The High Priestess then said that all these while, she had regarded Ki ha as her own daughter and Ki Ha replied that she did so.

The High Priestess again asked what she was going to do and Ki Ha asked for her forgiveness- she needed the Shindang. The High Priestess was shocked. Ki Ha turned to her and asked if she would give it to her. And as Ki Ha advanced nearer to her...the High Priestess became frighted and tried to step away but there was a power over her. Ki Ha then hugged the High Priestess, and with tears rolling down, said that her power was growing stronger everyday and she was not sure if was due to the baby within her.

And then she put her hand over the High Priestess' head and it started glowing..she was casting a spell over her.

Ki Ha told the High Priestess as she cast the spell that she's the mother of the earth and she was going to prepare the land for her child and give it to him. And it didn't matter what the heaven's will was because he will become the King of the land. And she begged (her, the High Priestess) to help her.

All these while, the Shindang people were trying to get inside but they couldn't open the door. When they finally did, they found everyone, including the High Priestess unconscious on the floor. One of the girl woke up and she told the senior disciple she didn't know what happened. The the High Priestess woke up but she seemed very dazed.

As Ki Ha walked out, she said (in her mind) to her child...:"Mother is going to give you the whole of Goguryeo. After that...what else?"

Inside the Royal army's camp, north of Gwan Mi Sung, all the soldiers were resting as they were tired.

Inside the tentage, Dam Deok, Suzini and Heuk Gae were all resting too...obviously tired as well. Hehe! Only General Ko amd Hyeon Go were standing. Hyeon Go said that the soldiers could not fight anymore. The army that was sent to fight Ho Gae's army in the east had started to return and were headed towards them. And if they stayed there, they would be caught in the middle and would die.

Dam Deok (BYJ) looks really good, with his eyes shut..(hehe!)

Dam Deok asked if there was still no message from Ho Gae and Hyeon Go said there wasn't. There wasn't any news from Hyeon Gong either (the messenger that was killed earlier by Ho Gae) and he didn't know what he was doing.

Heuk Gae yawned and saked if they think Ho Gae would bring his army there (of course not! I think Dam Deok was very naive to think so). General Ko said that he had to come as it was the King's order (hmmm..even General Ko is naive).

Heuk Gae laughed and said the King and General Ko were too innocent, even though it was what the King hope. If Ho Gae came, he would have to admit the King as the leader and would he bring his 40,00 thousand army to join the King's 4,000 soldiers.

General Ko said if they did not come, they would be in trouble as the Western Baekje's army that was headed east was coming back now.

Dam Deok was listening to all this, keeping quiet.

Heuk Gae said there was only way now. They had to go to Gwan Mi Sung as it was impregnable. They would be safe there. (Hehe! He just want to attack Gwan Mi Sung instead of sitting around, waiting for Ho Gae to come and help)

Dam Deok took a deep breath and said that to go inside, they had to break it first. Was he asking the soldiers to die? Heuk Gae was very agitated and said a soldier couldn't be afraid to die and thumping his heart, said that none of his men were afraid to die.

Dam Deok sighed again...he really is quite patient with this teddy bear chief...hehe!

Dam Deok said that as the soldiers were going to get killed, they had to go into the fortress where it was safe..but to do so, they were going to get killed. What nonsense was he saying?

Heuk Gae kept quiet...knowing Dam Deok was right but he wasn't happy about it.

Dam Deok said that he would wait till the next evening and if there was no message from, they would return to Goguryeo. At this, Heuk Gae and General Ko were both shocked. This was not the answer they were expecting.

But Dam Deok was serious about it.

Heuk Gae was like...but what about those castles that they had captured. He was totally flabbergested. Dam Deok said they would have to leave them behind. They saw how they fought and the next time they come back back, he believed there would be volunteers to help them. He then he walked was the end of discussion. But I'm sure he was frustrated too.

The big teddy bear chief, Heuk Gae was even more frustrated. Whoever heard of giving up a winning fight...and leaving behind castles and forts they had captured after so much effort? He couldn't argue with the King, so he went outside and vented his frusration with a loud cry. Ok, now he even sounded like a bear. His son, Dalgoo, heard him and asked what was the matter.

Btw, you may be interested to know that these 2 are really father and son in real life. hehe! Thanks to dramaok for the infor.

Heuk Gae asked his son to come over and asked if he was told not to fight on that day. Dalgoo was puzzled. Then Heuk Gae asked his son- when he was with the Prince at Daejasung, did he tell him not to fight.

Dalgoo thought about it and said yes, that's right.

Flashback to the scene of the fight at Daejasung, when they were confronted by Ho Gae and the Hwacheon people. Dam Deok had asked Ho Gae to stop whatever he was doing and challenged him to one-to-one fight. If you remember, he told the others not to interfere as their lives belonged to him.

Dalgoo said that he fought by himself but Ho Gae's people broke the promise and attacked them with arrows. Heuk Gae, as if realising something, then said therefore Seodooroo protected the Prince from the arrow and Dalgoo confirmed it.

Heuk Gae said...he understood now why the King was afraid, but he could not bear to see him like that. Basically, Dam Deok did not want any men dying for him. And that's why he was afraid to take on risky he was afraid he would lead them to their death. He was very badly affected by the Daejasung episode, where he saw so many people dying because of him (remember how Suzini comforted him about this?) Also, the 3rd command he gave to his soldiers before emabrking on this war was that they must not die. He did not need soldiers to die for him and no matter what, they must stay alive (this was in epsiode 13).

Anway, Heuk Gae gave off another loud roar...hehe! wonder why he has to roar like that. His son was looking at him like...why was his father shouting away like that? Has he gone mad?

Anyway, Heuk Gae went off and was seen giving instructions to his men....and Joomochi was observing everything.

At Yon's house in Guk Nae Sung, Yon Gar Ryeo was in a rage. He was shouting to Cho Joo Do that everyone said Dam Deok was cowardly and weak..and then one day, he appeared at the Kyuk Ku match and now he was winning battles after battles. What happened?

Cho Joo Do said that the person was waiting and if there was any message for Ho Gae.

Yon Gae Ryeo got even angrier and hit the table, shouting even more loudly what shoud he tell him? Something like the one with 4 thousand men was winning but what was he doing with 40,000 men. Should he tell him again the news that everyone knew? (but, he was the one who told Ho Gae that Ki Ha was going of course, he waited for her). But anyway, Yon Gar Ryeo was really, really furious.

The you hear Daejangro's voice....and he appeared saying that not everyone knew about it. Yon Gar Ryeo was not really pleased to see him...afterall, he was supposed to be helping Ho Gae but so far, nothing much has been done. He said sacastically that the man who was supposed to know everything was there and did he know that they would be insulted like that today.

I think Daejangro said that people were not aware that the King only had 4,000 men to attack Baekje. But now they do (because he told them, I think) and that Kwan Mi Sung would know about it by the next day and they would be killed by Kwan Mi Sung now. Something like that. Yon Gar Ryeo was slightly appeased by this news. So I guess they still don't believe Dam Deok was the King of Jushin and would die. But I thought Daejangro has doubts at one point.

Then Daejangro said he came about something else. It seemed they captured a worker of Ba Son and he told them something interesting after interrogation. Ba Son, who was from Malga, had one of the symbol of Jushin. Yon Gar Ryeo asked how did he know he was telling the truth(?) Daejangro said that the night the star of Jushin appeared, the symbol of Baek Ho shone.

And then the scene where Ba Son's brother was seen being told to run away with the symbol appeared (think this was Episode 2) appeared. The captured worker said they were waiting for the King of Jushin and Ba Son would be able to meet her brother when she met the King of Jushin (thanks to Kanji for the translation). And that was why she came (to Goguryeo?) hmm... The worker was very afraid and begged to him (Sar Ryang) to let him live. Poor guy...

Daejangro said that he had already sent someone to find the blacksmith (with the symbol). And he said Ho Gae should go north (Malga was in the north) to look for the symbol. Yon Gar Ryeo then asked what about the King who was in front of Gwan Mi Sung. Then not sure what Daejangro said...something about a difficult problem solved?...and I think Yon Gar Ryeo said something about how was he going to fight the fort with 4,00 men? Not too sure. Then Daejangro laughed his sinister laughter and said something about help from heaven and that Ho Gae should be prepared to receive it. (meaning Dam Deok would be killed without them doing anything)

Wooo...this was evil.

At the Shindang, preparations was underway for the blessing as ordered by the High Priestess the day before. But she seemed rather dazed and absent minded, needing help to put on even her robes.

Chantings were going on. Suddenly, the bell on her bamboo fan sounded (it's like a fan) and she started shaking. Normally, this meant that there was a message from heaven. The senior disciple stopped the chanting and waited.

In a rather monotonous voice, the High Priestess said there was a message from heaven. Something about to the people of Goguryeo, now they had found Jushin..... and then she stopped... as if trying to resist something within her..and then Ki Ha was walking into Shindang. The High Priestess continued speaking in her flat voice and then suddenly, she stopped again...and gasped for breath.. and Ki Ha walked nearer and nearer and suddenly, she shouted: "No!". There was a strong power emiting from Ki Ha and the High Priestess seemed angry and frightened at the same time as Ki Ha starred at her. She shouted out: "You, Ki Ha!" dramatically and then she collapsed in a heap and Ki Ha immediately went to hold her. As Ki Ha stroke her gently, I think she something about she thought of her as a mother and something is the time to go? Hmm....Ad Ki Ha touched her face with her hand, the High Priestess closed her eyes. Then the senior disciple held her and with her dying breath, the High Priestess decreed that Ki Ha would be the new successor of Shindang.

The senior disciple looked at Ki Ha, who stood there, expressionless. The senior disciple had no choice but to pick up the symbol of Shindang 9which was the bamboo fan witht eh bell), but she hesistated. Ki Ha turned to her and said that she was waiting to receive the will of heaven? The senior disciple was really reluctant and said that the High Priestess was delivering message from heaven earlier...Anyway, she had no choice but to pass the symbol to Ki Ha...who was still expressionless. Ki Ha took over the bamboo fan and walked away, whilst everyone bowed to her. In the background, you could see the senior disciple crying over the deceased High Priestess.

I'm not sure which was more cruel...Ho Gae killing the defenceless messenger form Geo Mool village or Ki Ha killing the High Priestess without any emotions. Both have suddenly turned evil in this episode.

A soldier arrived at Ho Gae's camp and passed the message to Ho Gae. He told all the other generals that it was an order from Guk Nae sung. The 2nd in command was rather anxious and asked if it was to advance onwards to Hansung or to attack Gwan Mi Sung. Ho Gae said they had been asked to go north of Yu Ha. According to Pyoungsang, Yu Ha was a river in Western Lidong. The Baek Ho symbol was there. Then another general asked what about the symbol of Cheongryong. Ho Gae didn't seemed too pleased. Then Cheok Hwan asked if the King was going north too or if he didn't know about it. Ho Gae said this was the order and that Shindang received words from heaven (hmmm...this was from Yon Gar Ryeo and Daejangro right?). Ho Gae read out the order from 'Shindang' and said that The King will get the symbol of Cheong Ryong from Kwan Mi Sung whereas he, Ho Gae was to go north to the get the symbol of Baek Ho.

The 2nd in command immediately asked what about the King. They would be in danger as he had only 4,000 men to attack Gwan Mi Sung. Ooh....Ho Gae gave the general such a dirty, angry look when he said this. He didn't care about the King. He could die for his care and how dare his general actually bceame concerned for the King. The 2nd in command shut up with that look from Ho Gae. Ho Gae then gave orders to his generals to get ready and leave for the north.

But, a soldier (from Geo Mool village) was listening outside the camp tentage, and he immediately informed Hyeon Go.

Inside Dam Deok's camp tent, Hyeon Go told them that Ho Gae was going north to look for the symbol of Baek Ho. And then he told Dam Deok that Hyeon Gong had been killed by Ho Gae (sob! sob! This was the guy that was fooling around with Suzini earlier with the ink)

Dam Deok was...hmmm..I don't know...shocked, sad...angry? probably all of these but he didn't fly into a rage. General Ko said this was treason and asid they should all return to Guk Nae Sung.

And then Ba Son and Dalbe rushed in, totally out of breath, saying that food and weapos were missing. Dam Deok litened (how come he was still so calm?) and then stood up and immediately asked General Ko where Heuk Gae and Joomochi were. But they all knew what had happened when Dam Deok asked this question.

Dam Deok walked out, with his sword and a determind look on his face. General Ko rushed after him and asked what he was going to do. Dam Deok replied strongly that he must stop them. They were in danger. He knew they had gone to attack Gwan Mi Sung.

Dam Deok was angry, very, very angry.

General Ko stood infront of Dam Deok, stopping him in his tracks.

Dam Deok said he had to save them even though they disobeyed a King's order. He could not let them die.

Generak Ko said that this was war and as the King, he could no go alone. Dam Deok shouted for 6 of the soldiers to follow him and then he turned to General Ko and said: "Is that alright?"

Suzini was worried too...though I'm not sure if she was worried for Joomochi and Heuk Gae...or for Dam Deok, who was going to attempt to rescue them...or the fact that she's never seen him so angry before. General Ko stopped him again.

Dam Deok shouted angrily: "Didn't you hear me? Those fools walked into the jaws of death!"

Then he looked down, took a deep breath and continued: "I won't let them die. I will never let anyone die because of me. Get out of my way, General Ko Woo Choong.." (thanks to gaulsan for the translation)

Wow! Dam Deok enraged is totally irresistible....

And then General Ko looked at Dam Deok, and slowly knelt down in front of him. He said slowly and sadly, with hint of tears in his eyes that he, as the leader of the Royal Guards, failed to protect the previous King and he could not let it happen again. He failed to protect the previous King but he begged him to let him keep his promise to the previous King, Dam Deok's father...that he wouldl ensure the safety of him, Dam Deok.

Sob! Sob!

Dam Deok looked at this general, who had been with him since he was young, teaching him everything he knew....martial arts, militery knowledge etc...he was probably almost like a 2nd father to Dam Deok. Anyway, Dam Deok's face softened and he called out to Suzini to check how many soldiers there were left and to get them prepared.

Suzini, who had probably never witnessed such confrontation between Dam Deok and General Ko so far...was a little hesitant in replying...but she responded to the order.

And then Dam Deok, looking at his faithful general, also knelt down and put his hand on General Ko's shoulder and said with a slight smile: "General Ko. I will make sure you keep your promise with my father. I will not die before you. I promise." (translation from Gaulsan)

And then tears rolled down General Ko's face.. :(

Heuk Gae and his soldiers were riding on to Gwanmisung, kicking up a storm of dust. Halfway, they met Joomochi and his Siiwoo tribe. Ooh...Joomochi really looks great riding down as a warrior with his axe.

Can't really catch what they were saying but Joomochi wanted to fight with the castellan of Gwan Mi Sung...and then hehe! he called Heuk Gae grandfather and asked him to go slowly and went riding off. Heuk Gae was like going %$#&^5 and called out his men to go.

Inside Baekje's Gwan Mi Sung, Ga Guen, who was the commander and also Cheo Ro's martial arts teacher when he was young, was looking at the empty court and thinking of the past when Cheo Ro was a child.

It showed Cheo Ro sparing with Ga Guen. Cheo Ro was good, but more than that, he was determind. He lost to Ga Guen and fell, and Ga Guen turned his back, thinking it was the end of the session but Cheo Ro actually pointed his spear at his teacher, Ga Guen again, wanting another fight. His father came by and applauded, pleased with his son and he pushed his son's spear away. He was that stubborn. Cheo Ro then bowed to his father, but his father said it was his teacher, Ga Guen, that Cheo Ro should be showing respects to. Cheo Ro's father commented his son was good with the spear. Ga Guen then replied that Cheo Ro could use all the weapons but he was especially talented with the spear. As the child Cheo Ro walked off, he saw the star of Jushin in the sky. Anyway, Ga Guen was very sad as he thought of the past.

Ga Guen asked for permission to enter the room. When he did, it opened to a room that was almost like wild jungle, and Cheo Ro, with his darth vader mask was sitting on a chair, that seemed to be overgrown with twines and creepers. Spooky.

Ga Guen reported that the army led by the King of Goguryeo only numbered 4,000 (no thanks to Daejangro who spilled the secret). Then the rest not too sure but he said an army was coming towards them from the north. Cheo Ro asked (with his darth vader voice. Seriously really like Darth Vader from Star Wars) how many men and Ga Guen replied that there were a thousand men. Ga Guen asked how he wanted to do this. If the castellan didn't want to fight, they could handle it themslves. Cheo Ro asked why did they come and that they shouldn't have come there to die. His eyes was quite scary and he gripped the chair with his hand that looked almost like a branch.

Heuk Gae and Joomochi's men were camped near the foot of the castle, observing.

I think Heuk Gae said the path was clear and at that, all the soldiers stood up and wanted to move forward. Heuk Gae told them to sit down. Think he said something about since they thought they could attack, wouldn't the other party also think of the same thing. Then I think Dalgoo asked if there was really a demon.

Joomochi, ever the hot-headed guy, stood up and said he would break down the fortress door. Heuk Gae had to pull him down. Joomochi was agitated and asked what were they doing and if they were not fighting. Hehe! That guy is so eager to fight.

Then not sure about what Heuk Gae said...but Joomochi was fedup and told Heuk Gae to walk there but he would run there. Hehe! He called him Grandfather General again.

Joomochi got up agian but Heuk Gae pulled him down immediately. These 2 men are really cute and did you see the way they were sitting? ^^ Like 2 big boys. Then not too sure what Heuk Gae...but Joomochi said he did't like to think so just say it. According to Gaulsan, Heuk Gae suggested attacking the shipyard, so that they could draw out the soldiers, and then Heuk Gae could attack the castle when it's defenceless. Joomochi had this sudden realisation dawning upon his face and then he said: "So....where is this place?"

Inside Dam Deok's camp, they were discussing. Hyeon Go said that they would invade the shipyard first as it was the most important place in Kwan Mi Sung. Dam Deok said that it was the tactic everyone used, drawing out the soldiers and then attacking the castle.

Suzni was listening to all they talked...not really too interested in all these military talk.

The Dam Deok, almost thinking to himself, said that Heuk Gae would have no choice but to attack the shipyard though and it would be the Siiwoo tribe who attack...if so... And at this, Suzini turned around immediately when he said this, because it seemed as if Dam Deok had changed his mind about attacking Gwan Mi Sung. Hehehe! Dam Deok looked at her too when she turned around. ^^

He turned to General Ko and asked him to get ready some men who were good at archery and someone to lead them. Suzini immediately said: "Me here!" She was so happy as she picked up her bow and arrows but Dam Deok called out to her.

Suzini, with this naughty look on her face said that no one could bring back Joomochi except her. So what could she do, she'll have to go. ^^

Dam Deok was concerned and rather worried as he looked at Suzini going off.

Ga Guen was reporting to Cheo Ro about the situation and and I think telling the 2 kind of tactics they may used..which was either archery or .....can't quite catch the 2nd one. Anyway, basically, he told Cheoro that he could handle them. Cheo Ro sounded rather tired (he must have many fights before) and said he would wait for the army to leave.

That night at Gwan Mi Sung's shipyard, Joomochi and his men slowly emerged from the water. They attacked a ocuple of the guards and started a fire. In the chaos, Joomochi and his men attacked the guards and soldiers of the shipyard. Then more soldiers appeared as reinforcement...

But in the background, a few boats were arriving stealthily.

joomochi and his men were surrounded. I'm sure the shipyard must ahve been well defended with soldiers as it was probably attacked many times. Just as the Baekje guards were about to rush forward to attack Joomochi's group, they were shot down. Joomochi then saw a group of soldiers, led by Suzini. Joomochi and his men were really happy. This meant that Dam Deok was sending help.

A Baekje messenger was seen riding fast back to Gwan Mi Sung..with the news of the attack.

Dam Deok said that they should not fight to win this time as it was not their goal. They had to draw out the army first and secondly, they had to trick them into thinking that the Goguryeo army was very big. They would use the tactic that they used at Sok Hyeon Sung one more time.

A group of soldiers were coming out of Gwan Mi Sung.

General Ko said he's already sent a message to Heuk Gae that they should not attack the soldiers that were coming out. Dam Deok then said that if he disobeyed the royal command one more time, he would be demoted from general to a common soldier. (And he was serious about this too).

And then he walked out.

Hyeon Go looked at him and remarked to his fellow member (the one that was explaining the military tactics in the earlier episode) that the King seemed to be enjoying it. The guy was puzzled and didn't understand what Hyeon Go was saying.

Hyeon Go said that his brain and his heart were working seperately. His brain (which was logical) was saying no, they could not do this, they must run away, they must save the soldiers. But his heart (which was emotional) was saying...good, good, let's try it once....was it really impossible?

But then Hyeon Go said no, who could understand the heart of the Jushin King...and then he laughed. Hehe! He's got such a funny laugh. But the other guy was totally blur and didn't know what was going on. ^^

The group of Baekje army leaving the castle was observed by the Geo Mool village people and a message sent out. 3 villages were being attacked and the leader of the Baekje army, who went to see the damages...told the soldier to inform the castellan.

More soldiers left the castle, observed by Dalgoo. He ran back and shouted to Heuk Gae, his father that they were coming. He said a group of soldiers went to the west this morning and this time, the group of soldiers went to the south. Heuk Gae was very happy and started laughing. They knew of course, it was Dam Deok's army who were attacking all these villages and drawing out the army.

Not sure what Heuk Gae said but I think it's something like he knew the King would know what to do and help them. Dalgoo, with a puzzled look, asked: "When?". Hehe! Heuk Gae never did say this.

He told his son to watch and learn well. This was what loyalty was. When the King had a heavy burden in his heart and could not move forward, one had to pave the road (not sure about this part...)

Dalgoo then asked his father (this real life father-and-son acted really well ^^), what if the King abandoned them, what were they going to do. (Yeah, they'll either be stuck there or slaughtered). Afterall, they disobeyed his order and went alone to start the battle.

Heuk Gae knocked his son's head (how com Koreans always like to hit someone on the head?) and said, then, they would have to blame themselves. And then something about dying without getting their heart's desire?

Anyway, he told Dalgoo to tell the King that the soldiers had gone out 3 times and over 2,000 soldiers had left the fortress. Now there should only be 500 soldiers guarding the fortress. Asked him to come quickly and capture Gwan Mi Sung.

And in the back ground, Dam Deok, General Ko were leading the army...with Suzini and Joomochi's army coming towards them...raising their arms in victory.

Dam Deok saw them and gave a little smile.

He was happy to see them safe and sound too.

End of Episode 14.


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