Thursday, November 15, 2007

Piggyback- Korean style

My apologies for not writing often and for those who are totally not interested in apologies too.

Life has been pretty hectic for the last 2 months, and watching TWSSG is definitely time consuming... Anyway, thought I'd write something non-TWSSG instead before I bored the rest of people to death. Not sure whether I'll have the time to write about Episode 16 and 17 as Episode 18 and 19, which air this week promise to be very exciting and sad....

Anyway, what was I going to write about? Oh yes...piggyback- Korean style.

Of course, the Koreans don't have a particular style of doing piggyback and they aren't the only people who do this and yet...we almost always associate it with Koreans. Hubby will say it's rubbish and there's no such thing as piggyback Korean style. But we know better right? *wink*

About 2 months ago, I fell off a ladder. No, I wasn't oggling at a handsome Korean man or any man for that matter. I was going after a packet of instant kimchi noodle, which had fallen off the kitchen cupboard that I was clearing.

I landed hard on my right foot and my knee crumpled. Anyway, the long and short of it was.... I couldn't walk to the nearest clinic, which was just across the road from my place. House call by a doctor cost an arm and a leg of at least S$200 (and I had already lost a leg with this fall). So my gallant hubby offered to piggyback me downstairs, and then we could get into our car and drive across.

When I told my cousins and family this story...the first question they all asked was... Did he do it (piggyback) the Korean way? Hehe! See?

Piggyback = Koreans

Seriously, piggybacks seemed to be the norm if I am to believe all the dramas and movies I've seen so far. In fact, I think this piggyback business should go into the the 50 Things You Can Learn from a Korean Drama. And if you haven't read this post yet, you really should. Lot of wisdom in it. ^^

So who gets piggyback and who offers the piggyback? Anyone it seems...and the strange thing is....sometimes you scratch your head and wondered.. "Why?"

'My Name is Kim Sam Soon'

In the drama, 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon', Jin Heon aka Sam Shik (Hyun Bin) carried the very drunk Sam Soon (Kim Soon Ah) back home. Errr.... so why doesn't he get a taxi? Or perhaps he was looking forward to be being hit on the head with a soft toy? (being hit on the head seems to be the norm for Koreans too...but that's another story)

Kim Soon Ah is now filming the movie, 'Girl Scout' together with Na Moon Hee (Hyun Bin's mother in MNIKSS)

'Stairways to Heaven'

If there's one thing I learnt about Korean tragic love's that if there's a dying woman...she will almost always end up at the seaside with her boyfriend/ husband, who will be doing this very romantic gesture of hiving her piggyback whilst they walk along the beach. Errr....isn't that really uncomfortable for the dying woman? And what is he going to tell the police about the dead body by the beach? Ok,'s not a very romantic picture.. erase it from your mind...^^

Kwon Sang Woo will be making a comeback to the TV screen in December in the drama, 'Bad Love' with Lee Yo Won (last seen in 'Surgeon Bong Dal Hee') and Kim Seung Soo ('Full House'). Of course, everyone is also waiting with bated breath for his movie, 'Destiny' with Song Seung Heon. Think Choi Ji Woo is taking a break after slightly disappointing 'Air City'.

To prove that men don't only just carry women, the Korean dramas show us that they are equally capable of carrying men as well. Now in this scene, Kang Gook (Hyun Bin) is sick and running a fever. And Jae Bok (Kim Min Joon) decided to help him. They step outside the hotel and do they call a taxi? No....he piggybacked him home, with Lee Na Young walking dutifully behind with all the barang barang. If the poor guy wasn't very sick before, he would be by the time he got home. Tiffany shakes her head in disbelieve.

I've not watched this drama but I have the ost and I really like the songs in there.

Hyun Bin is taking a break after 'Snow Queen', which errrr... I'm going to give it a miss. And Kim Min Joon is in 'In Soo is pretty' airing on KBS now, same time slot as TWSSG.

'Coffeprince Shop No 1'
For proof of further equality, we not only have a man carrying another man, it seems woman can also give a man a piggyback.

credit as listed on photo

Now Yoon Eun Hye is 163cm, weighs 50kg. Gong Yoo is 174cm and weighs 74kg. I heard she had a hard time filming this. But again, why did Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) have to carry Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) back? Isn't it more logical to call for help? Hehe! but the reference to the pig part was funny.

Yoon Eun Hye is taking a break now after the immensely popular drama, 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1'. Gong Yoo should be going into the army soon. I know Adeline is crying her heart out about this. ^^

I suppose they all learn these piggyback thingy from got to train them up right? So in 'Damo', we have the young Hwangbo Yoon carrying the slave, Chae Ok as he runs through the forest. Ok, not to joke about this, this is a great drama and this was one of the heart breaking scene in the drama. *sob! Sob!* The child actors are really, really great.

The adult Hwangbo Yoon (Lee Seo Jin) is now in another period drama, 'Lee San'. It's going to be 60 episodes, so we're going to be seeing him for quite a few months. Ha Ji Won (the adult Chae Ok) was last seen in the movie 'Miracle on 1st Street' and her drama, 'Hwang Jinyi' will be airing in Singapore next month. Heard she was in town last week but strangely, no news anywhere in the media.

'Thank You'
I think the most natural act is actually carrying a child and but it's rather odd that we don't see many of this pairing. If you have not watched 'Thank You', you really should as well because it's a great heart warming drama and the whole cast acted so well. And yes, the ost is also great.

Jang Hyuk will be starring in a new drama, 'Robbers' with Lee Da Hae in December. If you want to read about my experiences as an extra on his new movie, 'Dance of the Dragon', go to one of my post here. I think Shin Sung Rok has gone back to theatre, which is his first love.

'Full House'
And of course, the elderly must be left out. Afterall, we must be fair to all right? So watch Song Hye Gyo film the part where she had to carry Young Jae's (Rain) grandmother back into the house here. Hehe! Like I said...the Koreans really do seemed to like this piggybacky thingy.

Song Hye Gyo is also taking a break now after her latest movie, 'Hwan Jinyi'. And Rain? I think still trying to sort out his English album after filming his hollywood movie, 'Speed Racer'.

And finally, I think this is really uniquely Korean... being part of the traditional Korean wedding ceremony. Of course the Chinese used to do it too...but not anymore.... so I find it totally fascinating.

These photos were sent to me by Taro and was taken during the recent wedding ceremony held at the new KTO office in Singapore. Thanks Taro.

This is a couple in real life. Don't think look great? ^^

Btw, just a note about this piggyback business. It's really not as comfortable and great as it seems. Ok, maybe if you're a small kid and takes great pleasure in being above everyone else. But seriously, I'd rather have a man hold my hand than have this fear that he might just drop me at any minute.

And this is speaking from experience.

But I'm still grateful to hubby. ^^


Yee said...

Hi Tiff,

Please, please don't stop translating TWSSG. I read Sue Han's and Gaulsan's translations from Soompi too and I thank them very much for a big help. But your's suit me better, for me your's are very colorful with the little notes of your feelings, thoughts, etc. I enjoy it.
So please do not stop, if you cannot do it on time, do it when you can make time but do not stop.
And about this piggyback thingy, when I saw it the first time in WS, when Minh Hyung carried very drunk Yu Jin, it was so very strange for me. My whole life I saw people carry a person with 2 arms under the neck and knee. Piggyback is only to carry a child, but not all the time.
After watching more Korean dramas, we notice that this is the Korean way to carry people and kind of agree with them, very practical and especially protect from hurting your back.
Your hubby is so sweet and smart, he carried you piggyback instead of carrying with 2 arms which can make his back hurt.

mishio said...


still as "naughty" as ever with your references :)
thanks - this was quite uplifting to know there's still hope for a piggyback ride for us chubby gals!

actually, hope you didn't get hurt too badly and that your leg heals in time for a very very important trip! :)

Lynn said...

ah....this topic really reminds me of the past.....

piggyback is not uncomfortable but rather, i'm worried if the person piggybacking me can handle my weight...hahaha...(oops...i dont mean now but in the past when i'm not so heavy..hahaha)....that time, i was telling the guy i'm very heavy....but he assured me it's going to be fine...because he tried carrying someone heavier than me before...

but i was feeling good being's nice..don't you think so???

p.s...arrrgghhh....gosh..i missed that chap who piggyback me in the past with this topic...naughty...!! :'( :'(

tiffany said...

yee... I try.....maybe ovr the weekend but not all the episodes. Heard tonight's episode was great.

tiffany said...

Hi Mishio...thanks...have recovered about though not exactly jumping around...can rung after 'him' if necessary.

And you're not chubby!

tiffany said... I'm curious...who was this gallant guy who gave you the piggyback?

Errr.. can't say I enjoyed the piggyback..maybe because I was in pain and was having this irrational fear that hubby was going to drop me and then I would really break my leg.

He said I make a terriblepiggybackee and has refused to do it again...hahaha!

amanda Han said...

Hi, Tiff
The topic Piggyback was really interesting. I've never noticed that this is weird to some of you.
Since piggyback is most common way to carry babies in Korea, it's so comfortable for us I think.
For grownups it's more like your trust to person who carry you in piggyback. They're never going to drop you, you should trust them. If you don't trust them you can't be carried in piggyback.
So all the piggybacks in Drama shows that how much they do trust the others.

MYMY said...

hi tiffany!
how about the piggyback in hotelier? :p
donghyuk piggybacked taejun in the golf range right? :)
thanks for the summaries!

tiffany said...

Amanda.... I understand why they have piggybacks sometimes...but at otehr times....I really scratch my head? Eg...a person is drunk. Why not call a taxi? But of course this is must have dramatic moments. ^^

And I still don't really like being piggybacked.

tiffany said...

yes mymy... I remembered that scene. Wanted to write about it but couldn't find the pictures and my disc is with another friend so I couldn't do any capture. :P

bb said...

maybe it's because cabfares can get atrociously expensive after midnight.... :p

you know how most of the cabbies tend not to follow the meter after midnight, ya?

tiffany said...

haha! bb...maybe....but how do you explain doing it in broad daylight?

Never mind...these are got to accept the strange and the weird...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany..

I am just a passer by from Korea...
All I want to say about Korean piggybak is that the practice is so common in real life, it doesn't only happen in dramas.. Also, piggybacking(?) can be done between woman/man, man/man, of course man/woman(most happen in dramas), and even woman/woman (check out the scene from Daejangguem when Lady Han carried Janggeum in the snow when Jangguem was sick)... I think it's a useful way to help someone when needed, but also it's a way of express your caring and closeness to someone, because usually you won't really want to carry someone you don't like.. right? ^^