Friday, June 04, 2010

BEAST showcase and autograph signing

Sorry, was held up last night with some matters and didn't have the time to post. But judging from the response on Universal Music's facebook, I think tickets for the showcase may be sold out by the time you read this.

Anyway, here a nutshell:

Beast showcase:
The first 1,000 people who buy the Beast cd from HMV outlets will get to see the showcase. That is to say, it's guaranteed. You buy the cd, you get to see the showcase. Only 1,000 cds/ tickets. Only at HMV outlets. The cd costs $25. That's the good news.

The bad news is, I just read their latest update on their 's sold out liao.

The showcase is at Mediacorp TV Theatre on the 24th June, 7.30pm

Beast autograph signing session:
The first 1,000 people who buy the Beast cd from CD Rama outlets will get to attend the autograph signing session. That is to say, it's guaranteed. You buy the cd, you get the boys' autographs (all 6 of them!). Only 1,000 cds/ passes. Only at CD Rama outlets. The cd costs $25.

The cds sales starts today but it seems some of them already start taking pre-orders. So either hurry down now or call before going down.

AND for 30 lucky fans, you will get a chance to take photos with the boys.

The autograph signing session is at IMM, Garden Plaza on the 25th June, 7pm

I must say, this has to be one fo the fastest sold out show for any Korean artistes. And that's because the organiser, Universal Music have made it very, very affordable. Only $25. Even if you add the autograph signing session, it's only $50. Way cheaper than U-Kiss's event which will be held just a few days before Beast.

Anyway, I believe there should be some contests going on with the usual various media, so those who didn't get the tickets to the showacase, just look out for them.

For more updates, check out Universal Music's Facebook here


Mai Rose Lee said...

Gonna thank you so much!
Because i read your post in time, i manage to get my hands on the autograph ticket! Even though the showcase ticket was already over, but thanks to you i manage to get the autograph ticket!
Thanks for updating ^__^

Big fan of your blog though~
because you give the most detailed info's! :D

_germx said...

Just a little sidenote here! =X
Apparantly, there are more than 1000 autograph tickets released. (exact is 2000)

"PLEASE NOTED! Due to over-whelming response more than 2000 BEAST CD+ Autograph coupons Bundles have been issue> And all have been SOLD OUT at all CD RAMA stores! So it is not surprises that your serial is more than 1000! Thank you for all your great support for Beast!" -UMS

UMS didnt expect all 2000 to be sold out on the first day. However, they promised the fans that as long as you've got the ticket, you will confirm get all 6 boys' signature. So yes, as long as you get the hands on the album, you will get the signature! ^^

And on a sidenote, U-KISS showcase tix are sold out too!! ^^ Love the fact that Korean artistes are gaining popularity in SG! Makes me wonder if BOBBY KIM will come SG again!! I don't mind even if it is just a mini showcase!!! =P

Thanks for the constant update!! ^^ Anyway, heard that 2am is coming with U-kiss and they both will be attending the same local variety "sheng siong" show or something. So fans of U-kiss who didnt manage or can't afford to get the showcase tix, this is a good opportunity to witness them on local tv, or better still, at MDC! ^^ Hope this side info helps!! =DD

juma said...

^Wow really? Even now sheng siong also know to take advantage of the recent trend by asking korean artiste to come over for the variety show hehe...wat kind of variety show is it and wonder what they goin to do there maybe performing i guess coz its quite impossible for them to participate in the game with the language barrier maybe for ukiss is ok but for 2am i think its kinda difficult.

Geles said...

hey...i got SO SO SO EXCITED when i saw that U-kiss is going to appear on my TV SCREEN!!! With 2am as well? Oh gosh...looks like S'pore is giving korean idols SOME LOVE. And i can't believe sheng siong show would invite them:) Anyone knows how to get the tickets to shengsiong show?

tiffany said...

Hi Mai Rose Lee

Glad you managed to buy the tickets. It went really, really fast didn't it? I was surprised too.

Watch out for my posts on Beast next week. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi germx

Thanks for helping to update here for everyone. I was already out by the time I read their FB's update and was too busy to post anything.

Yeah... I heard that 2AM and U-Kiss will be appearing in the Sheng Siong show but I think different dates leh.

tiffany said...

Juma and Geles

I just read that the tickets for the show has been snapped up already. Update from Dasmond Koh's FB. Not sure if it refers to both U Kiss and 2AM or U Kiss only....