Wednesday, September 29, 2010

JYJ- in Singapore??

This is a super quick post as I have to rush down to Bugis soon for G.NA's autograph signing session.

Most of you would know that JYJ from DBSK (aka Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) will release a new mini album, The Beginning in October. The 3 boys will embark on an Asia tour cum fan meeting to coincide with this.

Quest ID, who is also the event organiser for Zuno's fan meeting in November, has plans to bring them to Singapore. But they will need to guage to see if it is feasible.

If you are a DBSK fan, if you are keen to see these 3 boys, then please vote at their poll here.

Remember people, not only do you have to vote with the click of your mouse, you must also vote with your wallet if the event is confirmed.

For more infor, please refer to Quest ID's FB. Poll has been extended to 11am, 30 SEptember. They need 3,000 votes for the event to be even considered.

Here's the ost of Sungkyunkwan Scandal sang by the 3 boys. ^^ Yoo Chun is also on the cover for the August issue of Asta TV.

Zuno Singapore Fan Meet 2010

Edited on 29th September
Zuno's first fan meeting in Singapore has been postphoned to 13th November as many of his fans are having exams. There are also some changes to his schedule. Just as well, now fans will really enjoy his fan meeting without the distraction of another concert. And Tiffany in Kimchiland is pleased to tie-up with Quest ID once again as the official blogger for his fan meet.

This fan meet will also launch his official fan club in Singapore and also the sale of his first dvd- Secret Diary

The pre-order of this fan meet event is now on and for the first 500 fans, it only costs $80 (which is rather affordable). Thereafter, it will costs $100 each. But to pre-order this ticket, you will have to register as a member of Quest ID first. Don't worry, registration is free.

Here are the rest of the details for his fan meet:

Date: 13th October
Time: 11am
Venue: Powerhouse, St James Power Station
Price: $80 for 1st 500 fans, $100 thereafter
Fan service: an autograph and a handshake for each fan attending this fan meet
To pre-order, go to Quest ID's website here

The dvd, Secret Diary, consists of his Beijing showcase as well as the video clips about him and his family (which of course includes his famous brother Xiah Junsu lah). I'm not sure if it's the same clip that was played during the showcase, I think it is. The dvd costs $50 and is only available to fans who attend the Fan Meet.

Quest has emaphasized that it will be an intimate session. Hmm... I wonder how intimate leh. Can be as intimate as the female dancer in the clip or not? I think all the female fans will have nose bleed. Wahahaha!

Link on youtube

Here's a photo taken at his showcase earlier this year. From this angle, there is resemblance between him and Junsu. But I still think he looks better leh.

Ok...for more updates on Zuno and Quest ID, you can refer to the links below. I'll write about this later on.

Official fan club, click here (this site will be launched on 13th November)
Official fc twitter, click here
Official fc FB, click here
Quest ID's FB, click here
Quest ID's twitter, click here

A little update

Sorry, have been a little swamped with work. A quick update on some events.

G.NA in Singapore

G.NA has already arrived in Singapore this afternoon. It caught me by surprise as I read that she was supposed to come in the night. I guess Universal Music Singapore wanted to avoid the crowd. Still, some of the fans managed to catch sight of her and even took a short clip.

Remember her event is tomorrow (29 Sep) @ Bugis Junction, Bugis Square Level 1, 7pm. I'm not suer how many songs she will be performing but I think at least 2 songs bah.. from what I gather from the organiser. Of course, if she sings more, it would be great. The autograph session will also be held tomorrow, only for those who bought her cd. All the lucky draws are over (including a chance to take photo with her), but I guess you can still go buy her cd and queue up for her autograph tomorrow. It will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and she will sign as long as possible. For more infor, please refer to Universal Music Singapore FB.

Oh Ji Ho in Singapore

Oh Ji Ho has also arrived in Singapore. Unfortunately for hsi fans, it seemed he was whisked off via the VIP route so the fans didn't even get to take a peep at him.

He is here to officially open the Mont Blanc store at Mandarin Gallery. It is also on the 29th Sep, 7pm. So some of you may have to decide which event to go. It's a public, private event, ie, the public will get to see him cut ribbons etc but will not be able to enter the store unless you are on the invited list.

Zuno Fan Meet

It is confirmed that this cute young boy has postphoned his first fan meet here in Singapore to the 13th November, 11am. The venue remains unchanged at Powerhouse, St James Powersation. Tickets are on sale now. Ticket sales infor on Quest ID. It's $80 for the first 500 tickets. The organiser has said that they will plan some nice surprise. Hmmm...I wonder. Watch out for a chance to win tickets to his fan meet on my site here from next week onwards. I'm actually glad that they managed to change the date from the earlier one. It would have been totally exhuasting for many fans after the mega K Pop concert on the 23rd October.

Jung Jun Ho in Singapore
Jung Joon Ho, the 'rival' of Lee Byung Hun in Iris & the lead in Last Scandal of My Life will be in Singapore on 22nd October Gala Premiere for the Korean Film Festival. Still trying to get more information, so will update when I can. ^^

Whew! Looks like there is no slowing down of the avalanche of K wave for the next few months. I've heard rumours of at least 2 concerts and now I just heard that there will be another concert at Fort Canning on the 4th and 5th December, combining Korean and Taiwan singers. Will it go ahead? I'm sure we will hear more in the weeks to come. But hor...sounds like Sundown Festival leh.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

October 2010 round up events in Singapore

2010 has been phenomenal in terms of K Pop in Singapore. There were months where we had a K Pop artiste appearing every single weekend. Not sure how it all started but I guess we should all be grateful that Singapore has suddenly become 'red kimchi hot'. Although I must say, I do wish they would spread out their visits. This ajuma here is running out of breath doing catch-up.

As we approach the last quarter of the year, I wonder if things will slow down....but from what I've been seems unlikely and the events will continue till next year, with Super Junior's concert in January as the mega event. October is coming up soon and although there's only 2 showcase/ concert scheduled so far, it is by no means a quiet month. In fact, there is a good mix of concerts, theatre, movies and party! Of course, you never know when a performer will pop up... In the meantime, these are the events that I do know about. If you know of anymore, drop me a note at For those of you attending all or any of the events, have a good time. ^^

Event name: Nanta
Date: 1-3 October 2010
Venue: Esplanade Theatre
Organiser: Red Spade
Booking agent: Sistic
More infor here
Note: Nanta is a wonderful non-verbal theatre show. Great for the whole family.

Event name: K Klub Party
Date: 2 October 2010
Venue: Zouk
Organiser: Colored Rhythms
Booking agent: Colored Rhythms
More infor here
Note: This is the last K Klub Party of the go, go and enjoy yourselves.

Event name: Bestseller
Date: 14 October 2010
Venue: Golden Village cinemas
Organiser: Encore Films
Booking agent: NA
Watch the trailer
More infor here
Note: I read that this may be remade by Hollywood. Hm....

Event name: 71: Into the Fire
Date: 21 October 2010
Venue: NA
Organiser: Festive Films
Booking agent: NA
Watch the trailer
More infor here
Note: The million dollar question- will TOP be here in time for the movie promotion?

Event name: Korean Pop Night Concert
Date: 23 October 2010
Venue: Singapore Expo
Organiser: Proof Label
Booking agent: HMV & Sistic
Note: All tickets have been sold out but I know there's a lively market for the tickets.

Event name: Zuno Fans Meet
Date: 24 October 2010
Venue: Powerhouse at St James Powerstation
Organiser: Quest ID
Booking agent: Quest ID
Note: There is a possibility that Zuno's Fan Meet may be postphoned to a later date. Check this site here for updates.

Event name: The Housemaid
Date: 28 October 2010
Venue: NA
Organiser: Festive Films
Booking agent: NA
More infor here
Note: What can I say? Lee Jung Jae and Jeong Do Yeon are lethal combination. But I believe this movie will be rated as RA.

That's all for the moment. Will update this if there are more to add later.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

F&N's Breaking the Groove

I'm always amazed how my love of things Korean leads me to paths and events that I would never have ever come in contact with otherwise.

Last Saturday, at the invitaion of F&N, I attended the finals for Breaking the Groove. As mention earlier here, this contest is held in conjuction with Jay Park's showcase this coming Saturday and the winner gets to battle it out with Jay Park and AOM (Art of Movement).

Whilst I still can't say I truely appreciate and understand this dance genre, I was very impressed with the energy, the camaraderie and the slick moves by these people.

The little boy whizzing round on the floor was the youngest participant...he is only 10 years old. Amazing!

I had expected to see a grand stage or make-up room or competitive teams huddling amongst themselves as they geared up for the battle. What I greeted me was a totally different scenario. It was all very easy-going, no pretense, no staged moves. I was told that they had to co-ordinate their dance moves with whatever music was being played. I guess this is all very in-line with the nature of hip-hop, street music/ dance- free-form. It doesn't mean they had no dance moves or were un-co-ordinated though, just that you have to think fast on your feet.

The stage and backdrop- extremely colourful.

During breaktime, whilst waiting for results, the boys were just having a good time, daancing around. Who says there is no fun in competition? ^^ Catch the clip here or watch it below.

And these 2 are the judges...unfortunately, I don't know who they are...but hor...they are good.

Catch a glimpse of their brief performance here or below:

It was finally down to 2 teams- Radikal Forze and Harold and Skittles.. Catch their glimpse of their showdown here or watch the clip below:

Actually, what really striked me is the fact that the team members for Harold and Skittles has a mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian (I think). Not only that, the members' ages varied. I'm sure the 2 boys were probably about 12-13. It was amazing how the team could work so well together.

Unfortunately, there could only be one winner...

But there was no hard least none that I could see. Everyone was just smiling away and slapping each other's back. ^^

The runner-up team- Harold and Skittles

and the winner- Radikal Forze

You can check out more photos and clips on F&N's FB. You can also look at the 8 teams who made it to the finals on Saturday here on F&N's youtube channel.

Tickets to Jay Park's concert is on sale via Sistic. It seems viikii, a subbing channel has tied up with Team Jay Park. You can get $21 off the ticket price. Err... I'm not sure when it is valid until, but no harm trying. Check out the details here.

Personally, I think the runner-up team should get a chance to battle with Jay Park and AOM too. I guess I'm a little partial towards Harold and Skittlles. Hehe! Still, those of you who are going to be at the concert on Wave House this Saturday, remember to cheer our local boys ok?

I can see why now F&N would like to connect and associate themselves with these people- these people know how to have fun. ^^

Just found out from Diva Productions' twitter- Jay Park will arrive on Thursday, 2.15pm via SQ603. Give the boys a warm welcome. ^^

Brothers Were Brave Musical coming to Singapore

I was so excited when I saw this yesterday on Sundown Festival's FB, that I twitted about it immediately. The reason for my excitement?


I tried to remember when I became aware of this singer...I guess it must be April Snow, where Group S sang the song, Breath. That would have been 5 years ago. I subsequently saw him in some dramas like Bille Jean, Look at Me and Hello Miss where he was the main lead. I must admit, I was not impressed with his acting skills then. He seemed rather stiff but then again, the script for both dramas were pretty awful too so it didn't help.

I think he was much better in his last drama, Can't Stop Now, I guess experience helps.

But his voice...I fell in love with his voice...Watch his mv, Sorry my Heart from his last album, The Classic in 2008 here.

Unfortunately, he hasn't release any new albums since 2008 as he has been very busy with musicals for the last 2 years. Yup, musicals have been hot in Korea for the last few years and many singers and actors have crossed over to this genre. It really isn't easy to do stage shows and even more difficult doing a musical, where you have to act and sing at the same time. And even pop singers like Jessica of SNSD, Park Jung Min of SS501 have cossed over as well. I guess it is one way of of learning and proving to critics that they are not just pretty boys/ girls.

And for this musical, Onew of SHINee was also casted together with Lee Ji Hoon for the same role. But I guess he is still busy with SHINee's latest album promotions. It would have been nice if all the original cast could be here but then again...if Onew was here, it may be difficult to get tickets to the musical. In any case, I am very, very happy that Lee Ji Hoon is coming. I was told that there would be English sub titles, so I should be able to follow the show. ^^

Synopsis (courtesy of Sundown Festival):
Suk-bong and Ju-bong are brothers who pull each other’s leg all the time. After hearing the news about their father’s death they return to their hometown where they start to wrangle with each other continuously. A ghost in form of a mysterious woman named Ro-ra Au appears just in time for the quarrel to send them both on a mission. With her charm, Ro-ra Au convinces the two brothers to find the lottery ticket that their deceased father had left behind. Suk-bong and Ju-bong are competing to win Ro-ra Au’s charm and at the same time struggle to leave their hometown to find the lottery ticket. In the midst of their bitter fighting, the secret about the death of their mother is revealed.

Date: 13th November 2010
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Booking via Sistic

Watch part of the ending here or below. Lee Ji Hoon appears at about 3min onwards. Sorry, SHINee fans, this clip got no Onew... but there's plenty on youtube already. ^^

Side Note:
I watched Dick Lee's Fried Rice Paradise recently and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Taufik's singing was a little uneven, ie, he was good at ballads but not as great at the fast numbers but generally overal, his singing was ok. ^^ Great round of applause to our local production!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Korea Plaza re-opening and launch of WAH Club

How many of you were at Korea Plaza for their re-opening on Wednesday night? Judging from the seemed that almost all Korean lovers were there. In fact, it was so crowded that they had to reserve TCC next door for media and VIPs.

Many were there to pick up their WAH membership card or to sign up for it. I'm sure a good proportion was there for the lucky draw (the exclusive hard-to-get K Pop tickets leh!) and the free dinner. hehehe!

Wonder why Korea is always associated with winter. Anyway, the 2 snowman was walking around in the Singapore heat. It's a wonder they didn't melt. Wahaha! I wonder why we always associate Korea with snow and winter?

Anyway, the staff of KTO has been working tirelessly for weeks for this event and it was graced by the presence of all the BIG shots...from the President of Korea Tourism Organisaion, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Singapore Korean Embassy to the President of Korean Association of Singapore. Not only that, they also had a glam factor in the form of celebrity, Ms Suzzane Jung (the CNA's presentator).

And of course, the other group of important people- the committee members of WAH supporters club. These people are going to act as the bridge between the fans and lovers of things Korean and the KTO. Very important people with important tasks. So do give them your support. ^^

The event started off with a performance by Ms Josephine Hung, who was the winner of K Pop talent contest organised by the Korean Embassy in 2008. Wah... she is good leh...Check it out. (Sorry... the clip turned out rather dark and small but trust me, she was good).

The various VIPs gave their speeches and of course, the last to do so was Mr Charm Lee. Like I've mentioned before, Mr Lee is a naturalised Korean and some may recognised him from the drama, 'Stairways to Heaven'> starring Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo. Here's a clip from that drama that I found finally with Mr Lee in it. Hehehe! It seems he charmed quite a few girls that night too.

Mr Charm Lee was very witty and obviously a natural speaker. He spoke passionately about Korea and things Korean and kept inviting us to go over to Korea to experience the 'Qi' (气). I would definitely love to take him up his offer...but got free tickets or not hor? : )

By the end of his speech, we were all very hungry. At least I was. So I was quite thrilled to see this big bowl of.....bibimbap.

But before we could eat it, the bibimbap had to be mixed first by the VIPs....

and then by the CMs of the WAH Club....

Don't you think the girls show a lot more enthusiasm mixing the rice? hehe!

And here's a very happy picture of the WAH committte members together with Mr Charm Lee.

Look at the crowd...and Bae Yong Joon.......standee looking on. Hehehe!

Woudn't it have been great if he was at the event as well? Tiffany dreaming away.....

And here's a hard working KTO staff, serving up bowls of bibimbap with a smile. Congratulations to all the staff at KTO who made this event such a success..

Not sure when it ended coz the Q for the food (which looked pretty good) was soooooo long that we couldn't wait anymore. But I know there was a fashion runway contest. Anyway, the 4 of us went out for a Korean restaurant of course! Hehe!

2010-2012 is Visit Korea Year. Throughtout these 3 years, there will be a hots of activities in Korea and outside Korea. So do keep a look out for it. I may even write about them later. Anyway, 3 special adverts were created to target the different sectors...Asia, Europe & USA and Japan. Here's one for Europe/USA. The drums are amazing. The following one is for Asia. And finally, this is for Japan alone...starrng my man, Bae Yong Joon. ^^

But I'm trying to find out what is this for...

How many 'stars'can you recognise?

Side note:
My relationship with KTO started in 2002 because of work. Later, it was because of the fan club, Joon's Family and Bae Yong Joon. Mr Steve Yong is the 4th director at KTO that I know. I've also seen the office move from the old one @ Clifford Centre to the present location @ Samsung Hub. From an office just providing brochures and information to one where dance/ cooking and language classes are now provided on a regular basis. As I write this, I feel rather old....

BUT, KTO and its staff have come a long way and I'm sure many would agree that it's more exciting now.

So here's to a even more interesting and exciting future for all lovers of things Korean.

Hmm.... perhaps a fashion show or food fair? ^^

Korea Tourism Organisation- Singapore and Indonesia's branch FB, click here
Korea Tourism Organisation FB, click here

추석 잘 보내세요!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September magazines in store

Before I go off to zzzland, just to inform everyone that the September issues of the Korean magazines are already in and are available at the stores.

To take a look at the Korean Fashion magazines, click here

To take a look at Asta TV, click here. Kim Hyun Joong, the star of 'Playful Kiss' is on the cover.

And finally, Jay Park is on the cover for September's issue of Junior. Click here to take a look at the magazines and the free posters.

For enquries, do email to me at qingsmedia"

G.NA in Singapore

If you follow me on my my twitter or you check out Universal Music Singapore's FB regularly, you would have known that G.NA or Gina Choi is coming to Singapore to promote her album at the end of this month.

G.NA is a very new singer but like most of the Korean singers, has been trainging for years. (I'm still amazed by how young they all start training and how many years they take to train before debuting).

Brought in by Universal Music Singapore, she will be in Singapore on the 29th September, Wednesday to sign some autographs and to perform public! Yup... no need to pay to hear her sing. Wah!

Here's the details of her event:
Date: 29th September 2010
Venue: Bugis Junction, Bugis Square Level 1
Time: 7pm

For those who want her autograph, this is what you have to do:
Buy a copy of her mini-album, Draw G's First Breath from any of the main cd stores (like CD Rama, HMV etc). The album costs $17.90. That's all. Yes, just buy her her album. (Psssst... I read that some of the stores are out of stock for the moment, so you may want to check out the smaller outlets. But I think those places who are out of stock will replenish it very soon).

And this is very important... the staff at UMS kept emphasizing it -

There will be some surprise later and no, I don't know what it is.. just keep your receipt ok?

I'm not sure how long the autograph session will be but UMS said she will sign as many as possible for as long as possible. I would think no more than an hour I guess...but that's just my guess. No details on the Q for that day yet but I'm sure they will reveal it soon.

G.NA is also under CUBE, the same agency for Beast and 4Minute. For her debut digital single, she released the rather cute song, If I Had a Lover featuring Rain, no less.

But she gained more attention with the release of her mini album and the song, I'll Back off so You Can Live. Watch the making of the mv here and the official mv here featuring her label mates- Doo Joon and Jun Hyung. Watch her perform live, with Yong Hwa's rapping here.

I guess we will see quite a bit of her in the future since she will be hosting Arirang TV's M Wave together with U Kiss' Kevin and Alexander... ^^

Ok.. go buy the cd.

A thought just occured... would Universal Music Singapore consider doing a Cube concert like what SM Town does? I think can do right with Beast, 4Minute and G.NA... What do you all think?

Friday, September 17, 2010

F&N's Breaking the Groove- Battle with Jay Park

With so much K Pop events going on, Singapore is turning into a mini Korea. Now all we need is some street food. hehe!

Korea is one of the country well known for its B-Boys and many of them have been in Singapore before, like the Sundown Festival last year. Whilst I can't say I understand the whole dance movement completely, I do admire these dancers for their flexibility and moves.

F&N, in conjunction with Jay Park's Fan Meet next week, has organised a dance contest for our very own local aspiring dancers to battle it out with Jay Park and his B-Boys team, Art of Movement next week. And the winning team will be selected tomorrow!

Date: Saturday, September 18, 2010
Venue: Recognize Studios, Level 5, Orchard Central
Time: 12pm - 4pm

The winning team will get a chance to be on stage with Jay Park. How cool is that? (but I think I'll get stage fright performing live on stage with him)

Anyway, the finals tomorrow is open to the public! So do go down and support your friends and our local teams. You can view the contestants on F&N's youtube.

Catch a teaser clip of his Asia Tour Fan meet here.

And for those of you who are extremely broke or extremely lucky, you can try and win the tickets from F&N. Just collect 2 x 500ml F&N Sparkling Drinks labels or F&N Orange 6s barcode. Send it to F&N by 5pm, 20th September. They are giving away 20 pairs of concert tix and 4 exclusive meet-and-greet access.

How times have changed... I've always associated F&N Orange, Grape, Cherry with Chinese New Year. I guess it's one way of changing and keeping up with the times.

For information on the contest, refer to F&N's FB.

Jay Park is of course the ex-leader of 2PM. Having left 2PM and JYP under much controversy some 9 months ago, he has come back very strongly. Whilst he was away, he uploaded quite a few clips onto youtube to keep in contact with his fans. Many of these clips seemed to be recorded in his bathroom/ toilet. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly on KBS, he was asked if he had thought he might be coming back (into the entertainment scene/ Korea). Jay Park replied that he didn't or he wouldn't have recorded the clips in the bathroom/ toilet. He also said that he would very much like to be friends and keep in contact with the members of 2PM. I guess he does miss those guys.

You never the entertainment world, anything is possible. So let's hope one day, we may see Jay Park and the 6 members of 2Pm performing on stage again. In the meantime, enjoy one of his 'toilet' clip. hehe! And do remember to support ou local teams tomorrow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ambassador for Korea Tourism

By joining Wah! Korea, I am considered as a ambassador for Korea Tourism. This would have made me the 2nd time I'm appointed as the ambassador for Korea Tourism. The first was in 2004, when Joon's Famnily, Singapore's fan club for Bae Yong Joon and Lee Byung Hun's fan club in Singapore were invited to Korea and appointed as ambassadors. Of course, we were not the only fan clubs invited lah..there were other fan clubs from other countrie, including Thailand and even Mexico (though I can't remember who liao). I had a great time getting to know the lovely ladies from the Lee Byung Hun fan club and we spent a wonderful time in Korea together. It would be great to get in touch with them again. Any of you girls reading this?

My cert as an ambassador.... hehe!

A- Do I get extra points for being appointed twice? Wahaha!

And speaking of Lee Byung Hun fan club...guess what, the man of the club himself is in town...yup, in our little red dot...maybe having a drink somewhere right now. Apparently he is here for a photoshoot and will be in Singapore till next Tuesday (and no I do not have his details). Catch his arrival at the airport here. It's nice to see fans at the airport. Most of the fans at the airport recently were for girl bands and boy bands, I'm glad to see a warm welcome for him.

So, keep your eyes open..he is known to be very casual and nice and doesn't move around with tons of bodygyards. You might just see the real man instead of the standee.

A- can KTO invite him to stay for the opening on Wednesday night or not huh? That would be one fantastic eye candy. ^^

Now, if only bae Yong Joon can make an appearance in Singapore too.....

Wah! Korea and Korea Plaza- a new beginning

For those on the mailing list of Korea Tourism Organisation Singapore's office or on their FB, you would have known about Wah! Korea sometime ago.

Wah! Korea is a supporters club initiated by Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) to provide a bridge between the various Hallyu and Korean-interests groups and the organisation itself. Essentially, I guess it hopes to encourage and sustain the interest in Hallyu and provide support whenever possible to the fans. Anyone can join Wah! long as you are residing in Singapore and are passionate about Korea and things Korea. Membership is free and you get benefits like priority to Korea Plaza events, discounts to restaurants, supermarkets and most important of may even receive invitations to Hallyu events (this one the most interesting benefit of all).

You also get points for spreading the love of Korea...if you blog (like me), organise events or just visit Korea Plaza. hehe! Each member is going to get a special Wah! Korea card and they can accumulate the points and the member with the highest points gets to go Korea!!! Wah! Korea! (pardon the pun. Wahaha!)

You can submit the form either online or offline. Just go here for more infor. But I think you have to sign up on KTO as a member first. Hmm... Or to make things easier for those of you who want to join Wah! Korea now, you can just download the form from me here--> and then fax to them. But I think joining KTO as a member also got benefits as they send you emails regularly to let you know what's happenning in Korea and here in Singapore.

Anyway, the club will be launched officially next Wednesday, 15th September 2010. And if you send in your form quickly, you will also be invited to this official launch. Some of the events hapenning that day which starts as early as 2pm include:

K Pop dance workshop
Movie marathon
Hanbok trying
Food tasting

And get to meet all Da Very Important People like the CEO and President of KTO, Mr Charm Lee. You would have seen him at the Sundown festival last year (this is a completely side note- but Mr Charm Lee himslef is also a star ok. He was the personal assistant to Kwon Sang Woo in 'Stairways to Heaven'. ^^ )

And at the same time, you get to see the brand new, facelifted Korea Plaza. It's even more Korean inspired now and I really like the reception counter. Check out the photos..

The entrance

The reception counter

Rows of brochures nicely displayed

Check out the words- 대한민국 on the display shelf. Cool!

The other end of Korea Plaza

Some of the display

One of the men welcoming you- Bae Yong Joon, the tourism ambassador for 2010-2012

and the other man- Lee Byung Hun

So pali pali join Wah! Korea and help to spread the love of Korea. ^^ See you all there next Wednesday?

p/s- if you see my post and join as member, can put me down as referral please, please?

Friday, September 10, 2010

ZE:A's Press conference- a little peep

Haven't got the time to look at all the clips yet and I'm still waiting for the photos from my friend. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the boys at the press conference today. They were alot more lively then I had expected and the press connference was amongst the more interesting press conferences that I had attended so far.

Kwang Hee was the live wire of the press conference and he was obviously very excited to be in Singapore.

I've only uploaded this short little clip of him as I want to share with you all. He was demonstrating how different ladies of different ages preserve their lipsticks. Apparently, he had done the same demonstration in another show in Korea. (anyone care to enlighten me what show that is?)

Anyway, here's the clip... I give you Kwang Hee's drinking show..hehehe!

Link on youtube here


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Korea trip 2005- Off to see some snow in April -Day 1

I have made a trip to Korea every year from 2003 to 2007. I stopped in 2008 because of the arrival of my little girl. All these trips have always held special memories...from the food to the people to the places. I have posted the 2003, 2004 and 2005 trips on Joon's Family's site. But somehow, the 2003 trip posting got deleted with spring cleaning on the site. I didn't have time to write about the 2006 trip and my 2007 trip is wriiten here...half way. The mega concert coming up brought back memories of the April Snow concert (which I mentioned in my earlier post). So I thought I'd re-post it here. Of course, many things have changed since then and some of the information may not be correct anymoew. But it is also a lazy way out for me tonight as I still have about 3 clips to upload for CNBlue's showcase onto youtube. ^^ So for now, please enjoy this first and I will find out and edit with the updated informaiton later.

Korea trip 2005- Off to see some snow in April
Has it been a week already since we got back? Seems like only yesterday when I was still shivering away at the stadium stage, watching him.

I think all of us left our hearts in Baeland....

Happiebb has conveniently left the trip report to me. :evil: But she's covered the highlights of the trip already, so where do I begin?

I guess I shall start from the beginning. Ok, don't complain if my postings gets too long-winded ok. Unfortunately, I'm quite lor-sor too.

Off to see some Snow in April

Day 1- (19/20th Apr, Tue, Wed)- Part 1
On the 19th April night, 17 excited ladies were at Changi Airport at about 9pm. All ready to go. 1 member had already gone off earlier on Korean Airline (this was one fan who was determind to be there by hook or by crook, you know who you are

Somehow, going to Korea nowadays always holds some sort of promise, excitment, expectations. Is it because we're breathing in the same air as him? Or the remote possibity and dream that we may just see him? I don't know. Someone said that she went to Korea some years ago but never found it interesting unlike now. I replied that's because you discovered a certain man called Bae Yong Joon. That changes everything.

We reached Incheon Airport at 7am on the 20th May and of course the first thing some of the girls headed to was the LG handphone rental place. Once upon a time, long, long ago, some of us thought that by renting LG phones, you can get his picture as screen saver. Of course we found out that it isn't true eventually but his fans continued renting LG phones. Why?- because you can get his phamplets, postcards and paperbags etc. hahaha!


(I must admit I didn't scan these pics. They were posted by lovebyj people but these are the postcards available at the airport)
At the back of the postcards, there's 3 lines on "How to Learn Korean"
- Hello = An nyung ha se yo?
- Thank you = Gam sa hap ni da.
- I Love You = Sa rang hap ni da. (now that's really useful.hahaha!)

Most of us stay at Mr Park's Motel when we are in Seoul. It's not a hotel but a motel. However, both Mr and Mrs Park are wonderful people. The place is cheap (about 30,000won per room per night) and clean enough. And it's just opposite Myeong Dong, the main shopping belt. Most important of all, Mr Park speaks English, Japanese and is learning Chinese now.

Going to Mr Park's Motel
Myeong Dong Guest House
#17, Namsan-Dong 3-Ga, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82 2 755 5437/5436
Fax: 82 2 755 5438
Hp: 82 11 350 5394

You can take a direct bus from the airport to the motel. It will stop opposite Sejong Hotel, which is opposite his motel. Bus number 605-1. Cost is 7,000won. Turn right when you come out of the airport. It's almost towards the end of the bus terminal. Make sure you have Mr Park's number, just in case......

It was cloudy that day, which meant that it was colder than expected. I knew that I was going to be frozen the moment I stepped out of the airport...Brrr....

And the best way to keep warm is to have Ginseng Chicken. Yummy. The restaurant we tried at Myeong Dong sells only ginseng chicken and fried chicken (yes, only chicken!). It's got 3 levels and seems to be very popular with the locals. BTW, you are supposed to put lump of salt into the ginseng chicken. That's what makes it delicious!

Ginseng Chicken Restaurant
Yeong Yang Sen Ta Bun Jeom
#23-16 Chungmuro 1-Ga Jung-Gu

Whilst in search of a bank, Jos and I discovered something new in the Myeong Dong subway arcade...

Look what they are selling!

But what really, really stole my heart were these 2 items..

Day 1 (20th Apr, Wed)- part 2

Ahh... Myeong Dong is always exciting with its shops and restaurants. BTW, seems doing your hair in Seoul is quite cheap. A couple of the girls did theirs in Meyong Dong and said it was very reasonable. Errr... we also saw a few plastic surgery and beauty clinics...The tempatation of having a liposuction was very, very tempting. It got even more tempting by the end of the trip where we all gained a couple of kilos with all the eating. :?

But, this cafe, you must try! It's a green tea cafe. Everything in the cafe from coffee, tea to cakes and brownies all have green tea as it's ingredient. It's sinfully "healthy"

Our "healthy" desserts....

My healthy dessert....Yummy!

That night, we also went to one of those tents that you always see in Korean dramas...though this was fairly open. They are called pochangmachas and let me tell you, they are absolutely heaven especially on a cold night, which it was that night. There weren't many people then, perhas we were early. Anyway, a few of us took turns to 'cook'. ^^ Be warned, it it not a cheap meal. Best to go with a group of people and try different types of food and share a bottle of soju. 'hic!'

In Namdaemun, you can also shop for seaweed. Remember to bargain! And we found this little treasure shop where they sell artistes' memorabillia. This was what I bought. I also bought postcards, which had 6 different types of pictures, all in drawings. I think the postcards were either 2,000 or 3,000won.

The shop also sells BYJ umbrellas. It was really, really nice but at 20,000won, it was a little out of reach for me. Shall ask Julie or Esther to bring theirs at the gathering..

Along one of the route in the subway, we saw this:

Amazing how his photos always get us excited and we never get tired of looking at the pictures