Saturday, August 28, 2010

ZE:A showcase in Singapore- ticket sales

Details for ZE:A showcase.

Ok...this is for all those fans who want to see this 9 boys perform. Pre-orders will end on 29th August, 2359. After that, I guess the tickets will go on sale publicly, though I'm not sure where or when. Do note that you are required to buy the Singapore version of ZE:A's albums for the signature. Following details from Sony Music Singapore. There FB link. Email directly to

ZE:A showcase is confirmed on 11 Sept, Saturday, 2.30pm at the Suntec Convention Hall. This will be a free standing event.

Ticket Details as follows:
Cat. 1 -S$148 (Exclude SISITIC booking fee / Free Standing)
*Showcase Entry ticket
*Autograph Session Passes (All 9 members will sign on the 2nd CD single “Leap For Detonation” Enhanced CD Singapore Version [Album will not be provided ,please bring along your own copy] on the Showcase day. Limited to 500 pax ONLY)
*Free Poster
*Light Stick
*Lucky Draw opportunity to take Group Photo on stage with ZE:A (In groups of 10).
*Lucky Draw opportunity to interact with ZE:A onstage.

Cat. 2 -S$108 (Exclude SISITIC booking fee / Free Standing)
*Showcase Entry ticket
*Hand Shake Session Passes (Upon presentation of “Nativity” or “Leap For Detonation” Enhanced CD Singapore Version, [Album will not be provided ,please bring along your own copy] fans will get to go onstage to shake hands with all members ,on the Showcase day. Limited to 500 pax ONLY)
*Free Poster
*Light Stick
*Lucky Draw opportunity to interact with ZE:A onstage.

Cat. 3-S$68 (Exclude SISITIC booking fee / Free Standing)
*Showcase Entry ticket
*Free Poster
*Light Stick
*Lucky Draw opportunity to interact with ZE:A onstage.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upcoming events

Just a quick post before I head to bed. I'm still nursing a bad flu and all the recent late nights have taken a toll on me. :(

Those who have followed me on my twitter would have known by now about some of the upcoming events to look out for. Although, I think some of you are probably aware of them already.^^

Remember my post here? Well, some of them have already been here (4Minute) and some of them are now confirmed.

Kim Hyung Jun (Baby) of SS501 will be here on the 29th August for a mini showcase and a fan meet. The showcase will be held at Republic Poly TRCC Theatre at 3pm whilst the fan meet will be held at IMM Garden Plaza at 7.30pm. Tickets are on sale now at both CD Rama- Bras Basah and HMV- @313 Somerset. Ticket priced at $180, $160 and $50. For more information, please check out Warner Music FB.

Promotional clip by Kim Hyung Jun here.

Note- Republic Poly is at Woodlands. IMM is at Jurong. Kim Hyung Jun will get to 'tour' Singapore on the 29th August. ^^

Jay Park, the ex-leader of 2PM will be in Singapore for a showcase on the 25th September at Wave House Sentosa. This showcase cum fan meet will start at 1pm. Tickets priced at $120 are available from sistic and have been on sale since July.

Note- Jay Park has been in the news alot recently for his strong comeback in the music and movie industry. His song, 'Nothing on You' has also been having lots of air time recently. Check out his mv here.

ZE:A, the 9 members boy band will be in Singapore for a showcase. Brought in by Sony Music, the date and venue have yet to be announced (though I suspect it will be in September). Tickets are priced at $188 and $88 and you can pre order your tickets from Sony Music directly. Go to Sony Music FB for more information.

Note- I will be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about this group beyond the fact that I have heard of them. For an ajuma like me, it's a constant struggle to keep up and remember all these groups. Check out their latest single, 'Level up' here. Errr... how do you pronounce their name? Z-Ah? ZEE?

Korean Pop Night
Remember the Korean Music concert in 2008? It was a major concert with the likes of Jun Jin and Andy from Shinhwa, Jewelry, VOS, Chae Yeon, 2PM and Wonder Girls. There has never been another major concert since (well, the 2009 Sundown Festival came pretty close). To be held on the 23rd October, it will be organised by Proof Label, the same people who brought in CNBlue recently. The venue, pricing and artistes lined-up have yet to be announced. BUT, there will be 6 groups. I believe details will be announced by the end of this month. You can find out more details from their FB here.

Note- From what I understand, they are major groups that will sure to excite the many K POP fans here. It should consists of both girl and boy bands.

This is also another concert that is being eagerly anticipated by many- Super Junior Super Show 3. Although the concert will only be held in January 2011, there is already plenty of hype and publicity. The Chinese newspaper, Wan Bao has been introducing a member of the group for each night. Brought in by Running into the Sun, which is part of Fly Entertainment, the show will probably be able to sell a couple of thousands of tickets easily. The details of the concert is supposed to be announced at the end of August. For more information, check out Running into the Sun FB.

Note- Instead of 13 members, Super Junior will only have 10 members (well, 11 members if Ki Bum comes back as announced). Kang In is in the army now and Hankyung has already left the band. Have they settled the lawsuit? Hmmm... Hankyung or Hang Geng, whichs is his Chinese name, will be in Singapore for a showcase and to promote his first Chinese album. His showcase will be on 3rd October, to be held at The Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets on sale now at sistic. His songs have also received alot of airplay recently.

That about wraps up my post for now. I'm sure there will be more Korean artistes heading to our shore. Is this good news? Seriously and personally, I don't know. There is such a thing as overdose and burning too big a hole in the pocket. If there are 3-4 showcase each month, I will have to decide carefully which one to go. But if there was only one showcase or event per month, then I will probably attend that one.

If there are any event organisers reading this post- maybe can save some goodies for next year? ^^

Monday, August 23, 2010

Listen to the CNBlue in Singapore- Autograph session

Are all the CNBlue fans still in cloud nine? I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was really a fantastic show, even with some minor hiccups. Anway, I've uploaded the clip of the autograph session on the 20th August at City Sqaure Mall. Since I'm still sorting the rest, I'll start with this event first.

I've been to quite a few events and this was the first time a K Pop event was held at City Sqaure Mall. My first visit there was also Korean related- Korean food (post here). Anyway, although I remembered it was a very big mall, I couldn't remember how the atrium looked like. Would it be complete chaos, like Lee Min Ho's event at Plaza Singapura? Would there be enough space? Would the public be able to see? It would have been terrible and a big disappointment if it only a few fans could see the boys.

I was relieved to see everything was in order and best of all, the public and rest of the fans who weren't getting any autographs, could at least see the boys...and in relative comfort too (the minus point of IMM- out in the open, subject to the elements). Check out the crowd:

and the fans:

I do think however, that the stage could have been a little higher and a little bigger. It was terribly crammed on stage for the photo-taking towards the end.


The event was host by DJ Ken from the radio station 100.3. He's been hosting quite a few events as this station was the official station for the events.

It was supposed to start at 8pm, but of course, it normally never starts on time. So everyone was just waiting and waiting.... Soon, a huge commotion went up. the boys had arrive. Unfortunately, I couldn't see as the space I was in was rather limited and there were quite a few of us inside the enclosed area. Check out their arrival to the mall here. I hadn't realised that they had actually enterted the mall via the ground level. Most of the time, they normally enter the venue via some secret car park entrance/ exit. ^^

Thye didn't appear on the stage immediately after they arrived. They went backstage...possibly for touch-up? hehe! The host was hyping up the crowd in the meantime... as if they needed any hyping. : )

When I finally saw them on stage, I was very glad to see them casually dressed and looking so comfortable. It was in complete contrast to the press conference held in the morning. Not sure I really liked their complete white attire then. They were also a lot friendlier and warm as compared to the press conference. Perhaps they were nervous that morning but I like to think this is what they enjoyed and thrive on- amongst the fans and crowd and not in front of the press.

I think the boys didn't really expect such a huge turn out. Jong Hyun was the most surprised I think. Most of the time, the Korean artistes are amazed when they see the crowd during their first visit to Singapore. I guess, being a little red dot country, they may have the impression that Singapore doesn't have enough fan base. ^^

Anyway, the introduction from the 4 boys was very short. There wasn't even any interview by the host. The autograph session started pretty much straight away.

Those in Category 1 went first. These had the envious privilege of having all the 4 boys' signatures. They would be followed by Category 2, who would only get 1 signature from one of the boys. Altogether, the boys would have to sign 149 signatures per person.

For the next one hour or so, I tried very hard to film the boys. It was tough. There were lots of butts, legs and bags in the way. And the space was limited. So those of us taking photos/ filming had to walk from one end to the other end, trying to capture the boys whenever there was clear shot of the boys. Here are some taken by Jessica:

Yong Hwa (he was really quite dorky)

Jong Hyun (I think he had the most beautiful smile- personal opinion)

Min Hyuk (very cute but really passionate when he plays the drums)

Jung Shin (he didn't smile as much but when he did, it was a such a bright one)

Soon it was the Category 2 fans' turn to get the autographs. Earlier, they had already picked a colour- red, blue, yellow and green. The boys now picked a sealed evelope which contained a coloured band. Min Hyuk picked green, Yong Hwa was blue, Jong Hyun's red and Jung Shin was yellow. I do think this was a fairer and quicker way to decide. In the past events, some of the fans would be reluctant to move forward to get the autograph if it wasn't the artiste of their choice, Of course, there were still plenty of exchanging amongst the fans. But at least, it was done before they went on stage and alot less messier and time consuming.

The fans were naturally excited and some were really dragged off stage by the security as they tried to linger on as much as possible. A few of the fans who went on stage earlier managed to get hugs from the boys. I think the managers stopped it soon as they would be there for a very long time if each and every fan gets a hug. So lucky the first few fans. There were screams and flashes everywhere but the boys didn't seemed to mind. In fact, quite a few times, I caught them humming along to their songs and waving to the crowd whenver they had a spare moment. I had the impression that the boys were really enjoying themselves. ^^

And finally, it was the group photo-taking time for 66 Category 1 fans and 5 winners from Radio 100.3. Not sure if there are any others from the other official media.

After one photo taking segment, the boys thanked the crowd and left. I was puzzled as I know there should be more than 1 group. Maybe they didn't realised. Anyway, my friend who was upstairs said one of boys went to the toilet (can't remember who). He was surrounded by bodyguards. hehe!

After some time, the DJ announced that the boys were back. And they proceed to take another 2 more group photos. Like I said, the stage was small. So it was very squeezy on stage. Though I'm sure the fans didn't mind the chance to be that close, I'm not sure how the photos would turn out.

Note- I read on Proof Label's FB that some of the Category 1 fans did not managed to take photos with the boys, which is really, really unfortunate.

Finally, it was the end of the event. It was slightly after 9pm by then. Although a path had been cleared for them and it was barricaded, the boys were still mobbed by the fans, who were all trying to 'touch' them. Whilst I understand the fans' passion and they generally meant no harm, it can still be rather traumatic for these artistes, who could be pulled and shoved and scratch amongst the fan's excitment. Watch the clip here.

Here's a photo taken by Kelly, who was on the 2nd level.

Here's the clip that I ahve uploaded onto youtube. As I said, after more than an hour, there was only about 7+ minutes worth of footage. Enjoy anyway coz I spent a considerable of time editing out all the butts, legs and bags... ^^

Or watch the clip here

City Square Mall is giving away an autographed CNBlue eco bag. So go join the contest now if you want that autographed bag. Contest ends 31st August. Check out the T&C on their facebook here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Celebrations @ Marina - Beast & 4 Minute,13th August 10

Judging from the comments on Samsung's facebook, everyone was happy to see Beast and 4Minute at the concert last Friday. It was really crowded and a good turn out.

I wasn't too sure on how to get to Marina Promontory, but I shouldn't have worried. There was loud music and I just needed to follow the crowd. ^^

A view of the Marina Bay Sands in the background.

It was quite nice to hold the concert admist the financial district.

MM Lee Kuan Yew was going to end the YOG torch relay at the Marina, which would also officially kickstart Celebrations @ Marina. I thought of getting there early to capture the moment. Afterall, it is a rare chance to see him (I think the last time I saw him up close was at NUS). But guess what, I'm not allowed to enter...because I'm not an accredited journalist (accredited means you can go near VIP political figures). Hmm... I can understand the security issue (though I seriously doubt anyone would do anything to him), but this being a youth event, shouldn't they allow some youth media to cover it? Afterall, the youths of today check out news mainly from the internet. Food for thought? Anyway, here's a short clip of MM Lee leaving the place. And I thought he was going to stay for the concert but I guess sitting amongst the screaming crowd can't be much fun for him. I wonder what he would have thought of Beast and 4Minute.... ^^ for him

Stilt walkers in colourful costume.

The stage was huge and so was the screen. So even those without tickets could watch the concert from afar. Samung must have spent a bomb on this!

A Beast fan being interviewed...not sure which media though. She looked happy!

The programme at Celebrations @ Marina starts as early as 4pm with various local groups performing. That day, VOX was one of them. I had tweeted that they played 'Nobody' on their violin. : )

As the night darkens, it got hotter. Must be all the mass body heat. hehe! Just before the big, eagerly anticipated act, Singapore's very own indie rock band, Electrico performed. I have vaguely heard of them before but have never seen them performed. I think they're not bad. Unfortunately, I don't think many were paying much attention as most of the crowd were there for one reason only- Beast and 4Minute.

Part of the crowd....

Finally, at about 9.15pm, the real show started and 4Minute came on stage!

I wasn't too familiar with this group, which again, is a very new. But they have been getting some attention, especially for their songs, Huh and I, My, Me, Mine

And the 5 girls from 4Minute....

Ga Yoon


Ji Hyun

Ji Yoon

So Hyun

There was a short interview, unfortunately, as media AND those in front were barred from recording or taking photos, I couldn't remember much except that I think So Hyun was a athlete. They also performed Huh but not I, My, Me, Mine (which I rather like).

It was actually a refreshing change to see a girl band after the so many boy band (of course not forgetting After School in Sundown Festival). I'm sure the guys are very pleased. ^^ I can't really make too much comments on them at the moment as I haven't seen enough. But as usual,,like most Korean groups, they show off some very slick dance moves. But perhaps they may be back in Singapore before long for their own showcase judging from the favourable repsonse that night. : )

Oh, they also performed an encore with a remix of Hot Issue and Muzik.

And then it was Beast's turn on stage and the crowd went wild. Well, mostly the girls went wild.

These boys had been in Singapore just recently for their own showcase and events. So I was a little more familiar with them. And yet, my feel and impression that night was the boys had changed a little and improved within the last 2 months. Is that possible? I guess all the constant promotions and performances must have helped.

Dong Woon

Du Joon

Gi Kwang

Hyun Seung

Jun Hyung

Yo Seob

Again, I could only record the first 2 songs (Maybe I should have just taken the VIP ticket instead if I had known). But never fear, there are lots of uploads on youtube by the fans. Here's one their short interview.

If I remember correctly, they sang quite a few songs- Mystery, Shock, Oasis etc. Not bad. At least it was not the token 2-3 songs.

I do like their clothes that night. They looked very sharp. (off topic, CNBlue was also dressed all in white today at the press conference).

Both Beast and 4Minute left for Korea very early the next morning. In all, they were in Singapore for less than 24 hours as they only arrived that very afternoon. Tough life for a artiste. But all the fans had a great time. ^^

After thoughts:
I know there were some rumblings about having to buy the phones to watch the concert. Indeed, if you want to be up close, then you would have irto buy the phone. Afterall, it probably costs Samsung an arm and a leg to stage the concerts from 13th to 22nd August. But in actualy fact, anyone could have caught the concert for free by looking at the big screen. So to some extent, it is public and free.

Those of you who are keen, the Celebrations @ Marina is on till 26th August (this Sunday). Tonight Zhang Dong Liang will be performing and on Sunday, Alarice will be performing. So do go down and catch them if you can. For a full lined-up of the performances and events, refer to Singapore 2010 here

And to end this post, let us remember why this series of concerts was staged in the first place.

Youth Olympic Games 2010

p/s- Singapore's football team has advanced into the semi-final. Hwaiting!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CN to the Blue

Ok...have you bought your tickets to CNBlue's showcase this Saturday? I've just checked out Gatecrash's website and there are still some tickets left, though for Category 3, it's lmited seats.

I was telling someone, I haven't been that excited about a Korean band in such a long time. Judging on the fact that Gatecrash's system crashed (pun intended) when the sales started, I guess I'm not the only one excited as well.

Considering that they only debut last year in 2009 and they can't dance... their popularity seemed a little surprising. But maybe that's where their appeal lies- pure music instead of slick dance moves. I guess most of the fans who like FT Island, would also like CNBlue. Both FT Island (which I like immensely as well) and CNBlue belong to the same agency- FNC Music (actually, the agency only has 2 artistes under their management). Did I say these boys can't dance? Hehehe! Look at Yong Hwa here.

I guess CNBlue really took off after Yong Hwa's participation in the cult idol drama, 'You Are Beautiful' as Kang Shin Woo. He was a total unknown at that time. In fact, he became so popular that he took over as the leader of the group from Jong Hyun.....

I know many fans were going ga-ga over Jang Guen Suk (who was good in the drama), I was drawn to quiet, cool, calm, Jung Yong Hwa.

Just months earlier, CNBLue debuted in Japan with their first single- Now or Never. Hmm... I guess it must be a marketing strategy of some sort- a Korean boy band debuts in Japan with an English album.

Anyway, they very quickly shot to the top with their debut song in Korea- I'm a loner. Whilst Yong Hwa gained my attention in the drama, it was this song that made me sit up and became a fan. I know there has been some controversy over this song re plagiarism, but I think it doesn't detract from the fact that these guys are pretty good. And I'm glad they proved the critics wrong with their follow up second mini album, Blue Love and the hit song, Love.

But for me, I personally prefer the song, Love Light, a song that was composed and written by Yong Hwa. I believe this song is very popular with the supporters of Yong Hwa/ Seo Hyun (SNSD) as well. If you didn't know, the two are a 'couple' in the popular reality series 'We Got Married'. Take a look at the fanmade video here. I have no doubt there will be some questions raised about this at the press conference.

Besides the showcase, CNBlue will also be having a autograph signing session for a selected few on Friday night, 20th August. And for the first time, it is not going to be at IMM or Lot 10! Instead, it is at the fairly new mall- City Sqaure Mall. The mall is actually quite big though I'm not exactly sure where it is going to be held. Oh, there will be a official merchandise booth set up as well. And you can also get your teens magazine (with free poster. Whee!) at the mall on Friday. The mall was giving away 3 pairs of tickets as part of the promotion earlier. Too bad, it's over already.

For those who wants to chase these boys, here are the flight details:

19th August, KE 641, 9.20pm, T2

21st August, KE 642, 10.50pm, T2
(this is not announced by Prooflabel, however, Korean Air is the official airline)

Love, Love, Love!
Everybody Clap! Clap! Clap!


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrations @ Marina- a little update

Have been busy with work and sorting out all the photos and video clips for the various events. Those following me on my twitter will know. ^^ It takes forever to upload to youtube after editing. :(

Speaking of youtube, there were some intense moments over at the Samsung facebook a couple of days ago, when everyone was rushing to upload their clips to win that exclusive VVIP tickets and extremely rare back-stage passes to see Beast and 4Minute. I could see from the various comments that the contestants were literally biting their nails as they waited for their clips to be uploaded in time before the deadline. Well, the results are out and there are 4 winners! Go check out their winning entries at Samsung's facebook. ^^ I think they are well done. Clap! Clap!

To all those who have been leaving comments here or emailing to me about their flight details.....sorry, I don't have any official information. I believe the organiser and CUBE do not wish to reveal it as their schedule is rather tight. But I'm sure fans will still be able to find out. However, I believe they will be going through the VIP route at the airport.

For those heading down to Marina Promontory tomorow, maybe you would like to take note of a couple of things.

1) The nearest mrt exit is Raffles Place mrt. It is within walking distance.
2) It is free seating within the sections. So the later you are there...the further you will be.
3) This concert is held in conjunction with the Youth is not a Beast/ 4Minute concert (though I guess many people will be there tomorrow night because of them). There will be other artistes performing too, so do go down and support them. They have all worked hard.
4) Also, do support the Youth Olympic Flame relay team on their final leg.
5) Mr Ng Ser Ming will end the relay at the Marina Promontory.
6) MM Lee Kuan Yew will light the community cauldron at the venue and officially open Celebrations @ Marina which is presented by Samsung.

So that means, security will be there will be many other important officials there as well. So people, enjoy but remember to be nice too, ok? I believe there will be huge screens put up so everyone, with or without tickets will be able to see what's happening on the stage.

Now...I wonder if MM Lee will stay until Beast/ 4Minute performs at 9.30pm. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of them. Will he tap like 'Shock' and I My Me Mine? ^^ And oh, Samsung has mentioned that the combined performance will be at least an hour, so fans...rejoice.

See you all there later.....

Me off to bed.

Friday, August 06, 2010

LG Optimus presents Lee Min Ho- Press conference, 31st July 10

Lee Min Ho flew into town last Friday as ambassador for the LG Optimus phone. On Saturday morning, he held a press conference at the Marina Bay Sands. This would be the 3rd time he is in Singapore within 10 months. The first time was as a spokesperson for Etude House (read my accounte here) and the second time in December for his own fan meeting (I was out of town and did not cover it).

The media seems to be as fond of him as ever, even though the euphoria of 'Boys Over Flowers' was over. Perhaps his shyness and the-boy-next-door is a contributing factor?

Unlike the Samsung/ SingTel/ Super Junior press conference, the speech by Mr Choi Bo Hwan (for some strange reason, he was introduced as Mr Bo Choi by the host), the VP and Head of Mobile Communications Marketing as well as the Regional Business Leader for LG Comunications Mobile (whew! that was a mouthful) was very short. I think he recognised the fact that star was really Lee Min Ho, and not him.

Watch his greetings here.

There was a short Q&A session with the host- the standard warming up session. Watch it here

This was followed by questions from the media. Most of the questions were phone related..... (well, it is a phone sponsored event).

^^ 13 hours on the phone is a long time. Now, if he was using the i., the battery would have died half way through.

Doesn't he look like a little boy with that blue shirt and cream pants? Any mother would have approved. Hehe!

As most of you may know, Lee Min Ho has lots of followers on his twitter and facebook. In fact, he was chosen as one of the celebrity to launch the Facebook stories. I just looked, his Facebook has over 900,000 followers. That's almost 25% of Singapore's population. I didn't managed to record it, but Mr Choi actually asked for his twitter account. I've posted it on my earlier post here. But here it is again- Lee Min Ho's twitter account.

Some questions did get a little personal. When I said personal, I meant the questions had nothing to do with phone or LG. Strange how he kept saying he wants a girlfriend (this theme shall be revisited again during the fan meet).

Of course, the host tried very hard to steer the topic back to phone. At one point, Mr Arthur Huang, the Chief Operating Officer of LG Electronics Singapore asked Lee Min Ho what was his favourite phone. I think the star himself and certainly the media was very amused by this obvious question. He can't very well say LG or Nokia right?

This is photo of the black LG Optimus. The one that Lee Min Ho likes...

And then, the press conference was over. It was time to thank the sponsor and the media and take the official photos. Watch the clip here

The 3 important men in the room- Mr Choi Bo Hwan, Mr Lee Min Ho and Mr Arthur Huang

Here's a look at the phone display. I bet the fans are just dying to get their hands on the photo display etc that has his face on it.

LG Optimus GT540 is the latest android phone from LG. Learn more about the phone here

As I've mentioned many times before, I'm no techie. So if you want some reviews about the phone, here are a couple of reviews here and here. And if you want some tips on using the phone, you can check out the clip on here.

Lee Min Ho is the regional ambassador for LG Optimus, though so far, there are no other plans to do a similar event in other countries. I had a distinct impression that Mr Choi like Lee Min Ho, so Asia fans do keep a look out. You just never know. LG declined to disclose about the sales of the phone but did say that they are overall happy with the success of the event.

Next up- the fan meeting.

Before I go, a couple more eye candies...

Psst....some of the photos at the fan meet are up on LG's facebook already. Check them out here

Many thanks to LG for the invitation.

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