Friday, July 30, 2010

7Up Presents Sundown Festival 2010- F.Cuz

I have to admit, this group is really quite alien to me though I have heard of them. Please don't throw stones at me. This ajuma here cannot keep up with all the young boy bands anymore.

F.Cuz only debut in January this year, which makes them about 6 months old. A baby really in the entertainment world. Individually, they all have some experience in the K Pop scene. Jinon was the main lead in SG Wannabe's Gashiri. He looks rather matured in the mv and give me a good vibe. Lee U also sang the Listen to You in the drama, 'Gourmet'

Like many of the boy bands, their debut songs are all fast tracks, I guess to better appeal to the young fans. But having listen to Lee U's voice, I think they should try some ballads. He's got a good voice.

Here's one of their song, No One. But I guess their more well-known song would be Jiggy. There's actually 2 versions, but I prefer the second one.

Beside the original version, there's also a chipmunk version (which is really funny) and a Chinese version.

In the Chinese version, Yao Yao, a Taiwanese model also appeared in the mv, as they belong to the same Taiwan agency.

I don't know, I still think I prefer their orginal version. It's not easy to sing in another language. Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau took years before they perfected their Chinese. Up till now, I can still hear hints of their Cantonese accent in their Chinese songs. Still, I guess if you want to go international, you got to release albums either in Chinese or English. And the Chinese market is big.

Here are a couple fan cams from the airport when theyr arrived. No, not by me the fans. Me going to sleep now as I have to attend the press conference tomorrow. ^^

Fan cam 1
Fan cam 2

And to end it all, here are the boys message for Singapore fans.

Quite cute when they say, 我想你, 我愛你。

Maybe they will give selected fans a hug, like in the photo. hehe

See you all at the Sundown Festival.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

CN Blue - ticket sales

I'm so excited about this, I'm just going to do a quick post.

The ticket sales infor and venue are up on the organiser's FB. For easy reference, here are some of the important details:

Autograph session
Date: 20 August 10 (Friday)
Time: 8.00pm to 8.45pm
Venue: City Square Mall Level 1 Atrium

Showcase cum Fan meeting
Date: 21 August 10 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00pm to 4.30pm
Venue: University Cultural Centre, NUS Centre for the Arts, NUS

Tickets on sale at Gatecrash. Internet booking starts on 31st July. There is a booking fee of $2.
Internet booking starts on 9am, 31st July 10 (Saturday). Infor for other sales avenues will be up today.

Ticket price (excluding booking fee):
CAT 1: SGD$ 168.00
CAT 2: SGD$ 128.00
CAT 3: SGD$ 88.00
CAT 4: SGD$ 68.00

CAT 2: 332 SEATS
CAT 3: 539 SEATS
CAT 4: 694 SEATS

There is a pre sale for CNBLUESGFC (the Singapore fan club for CNBlue). For info, please check out their site here. Pre sale starts tonight, 28 July, 10pm.

Package includes:

CAT 1: SGD$ 168.00 (66 SEATS)
- CNBlue autograph session pass
- CNBLue poster (note- CNBLue will only sign on this poster and nothing else)
- Autograph on poster by all CNBLue members
- Priority Q for autograph session
- CNBlue showcase pass
- Group photo with CNBlue
- Priority Q for showcase

CAT 2: SGD$ 128.00 (332 SEATS)
- CNBlue autograph session pass
- CNBLue poster (note- CNBLue will only sign on this poster and nothing else)
- Autograph on poster by one CNBLue member
- CNBlue showcase pass
- Priority Q for showcase

CAT 3: SGD$ 88.00 (539 SEATS)
- CNBlue showcase pass

CAT 4: SGD$ 68.00 (694 SEATS)
- CNBlue showcase pass

A merchandise booth will be set up at City Square Mall. So bring money.. ^^

Well, there's a couple of firsts here.

They are not using Sistic nor doing it on their own.
They are not having any event at IMM.
And they atr holding it at NUS.

Gosh, it's been yeasr since I've been back to my uni and to imagine, I'm going back there because of a K Pop concert. hehehe!

And oh, check out the video for Singapore fans

Credit: ProofLabel

For more infor, check out ProofLabel's Facebook and Twitter.

Btw, CNBlue also has their own twitter. Follow them here

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7Up Presents Sundown Festival 2010- After School

I think I only became aware of this group after their latest hit, 'Bang'.

I like the strong beat and rhythm of the song. Of course, the drums (which is one of my favrourite musical instrument) play a big part.

I'm sure many of the K fans would have known the history of this group by now. But in case you are like me and are still a little blur, here's a brief description.

After School originally started off as a 5 member girl group, deubuting in January 2009 with the song, 'Ah'. Along the way, 3 new members, Uee, Raina and Nana joined the group and one member, So Young left. In March this year, a new member, Lizzy joined After School, making the group 8-members girl group, just one short of the biggest girl group- SNSD.

They've released 3 mini albums so far, mostly fast tracks. But their song, 'Beacuse of you' in their '2nd Single' is a mid-tempo ballad and I rather like it.

Like many big K pop bands nowadays, After School has also been divided into sub-groups and Orange Caramel (consisting of Raina, Nana and Lizzy) is the first to be formed. Their image in this sub group is in stark contrast to After School. Where After School is sexy, slightly mature, Orane Caramel is cute and saccharine sweet. I'm not sure if I like it but then again, image can change. Listen to their song, Magic Girl and judge for yourself. Singing reminds me of J Pop and the decor amkes me think of Andy Pandy (sorry, been watching alot of children's programmes...not by choice)

After School has also started their own variety/ reality show called, 'Play Girlz School'. Nope, haven't watched it yet so can't comment.

One of the better known member of the group, Uee has been quite active on the TV, her most famous role as He Yi in 'You Are Beautiful'. She has been busy filiming for hew new drama, 'Birdie Buddy' starring Lee Yong Woo (last seen in 'Style'. So it seems she would not be able to make it here for the Sundown Festival this Saturday. But guess what? The organiser has just announced that she will be here. So that means, it will be the full 8-members group performing. That's good isn't it?

Watch their greetings for Singapore here. Bekha's English is good.

If you want to practice your 'Bang' dance steps, take a few pointers from the original dancers, After School, here. And this is quite funny,, Hee Chul dancing to the song 'Bang', whilst hosting his radio show, Young Street.

Tickets on sale at Sistic.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lee Min Ho's arrival details

For those who have been asking... here's Lee Min Ho's arrival details. It was posted on my twitter earlier.

Date: 30th July (Friday)
Time: 21:25
Flight: OZ 751 (Asiana), Terminal 2


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LG Optimus presents Lee Min Ho

Stars, stars and more stars!

Did Singapore suddenly become the place to be in?

After some very busy months where we saw, Brown Eyed Girls, SHInee, Bobby Kim, Zuno, Junsu, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, U Kiss, 2AM, Beast.. more stars are heading our way.

This Saturday, Lee Min Ho, F.Cuz and After School will be in Singapore for their own respective events. In September, Jay Park will be holding a fan meeting.

And now, I just found out that CNBlue will be having a showcase in August.

Now, I'm really excited. After so many rumours flying left, right and's finallt confirmed that they will be performing here.

Brought in by ProofLabel, you can get more infor from their Twitter and Facebook. The showcase is on the 21st August.'I'm having a huge smile on my face already.

As for the other stars, some names mentioned are:
Z:EA, MBLAQ and 4 Minute.

Crossing fingers, maybe T.O.P. may be able to come here for the movie promotion.

Edit: seems there may be a few events coming up in September/ October. I'm not sure if all are confirmed. I guess we will have to wait for announcement from the organisers. All I can say is, better save $$$$$$$

So now, who are we left with that's not here?

SS501, Big Bang, SNSD.....

Cross finger people?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

LG Optimus presents Lee Min Ho

I'm thinking 31st July must be an auspicious date coz we have 2 K events happening on the same day.

Yes, yes, Lee Min Ho aka Goo Jun Pyo aka Jeon Jin Ho will be Singapore again (the 3rd time round). This time he's not endorsing Etude House but the LG Optimus phone. He will be the 3rd Korean artiste endorsing phone in Singapore within 2 months. But he won't be the last coz Jay Park is endorsing HTC/ M1 and he will be here in September. But more about that later. After the wildly successful Super Junior tie up with Samsung/ SingTel and Wonder Girls following on the heels with Sony Ericsson, I was commenting to someone it would be a matter of time before the other phone brands jump onto the wagon.

Details of the LG/ Lee Min Ho fan meet:
Date: 31st July 10
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center Hall F
Time: 1.30pm - 5pm
How: Buy a LG Optimus phone and receive a pair of tickets to the fan meet. Available at all the 3 telcos (SingTel, Starhub and M1), LG concepts stores etc.

In addition, some lucky winners will be picked for the following events at the fan meet:

Autograph session- 200 winners
Photo session- 100 winners
Exclusive personal time with The Man himself- 5 winners

Hmm... what are they going to do during the personal time? From the itinerary, it seems to last for an hour leh. Click here for more details.

I'm actually curious about the apps section. It says on LG's FB-
LG GT540 Optimus presents LG Advisor, a pre-loaded application where you can learn more about Lee Min Ho's list of Top 10 android applications that will be updated fortnightly!

I took a look at it just now, and it's mostly on World Cup. But now that the World Cup is over, what are the apps he is using? Very curious...

Again, if you think you are lucky, you can join the contest to try and win the tickets to this fan meet. Just head down to any of LG's concept stores or the 3 telcos and take a photo with Lee Min Ho's standee there and then upload it onto LG's FB. Hmm... I have to check it out with LG but there doesn't seem to be many photos uploaded leh. Hurry, contest ends on 25th July. Infor on LG's Facebook.

It seems LG is sparing no expense to broadcast their latest phone endorser. His face is everywhere including outside Tangs (I've been told) and Bugis Village.

Credit: Singapore0950 on soompi

Hmm... he said he cooked chilli crabs. Maybe they can get him to cook chilli crabs at the fan meet. Wahahaha!

LG Optimus is an android smartphone and I believe was launched in June. Those who have bought it, is it any good?

7Up Presents Sundown Festival 2010

I'm back. It's been almost a week since my last post. My apology, just couldn't find the energy and time. And still trying to fight off the %^7#$@7* flu. :(

Well, it's almost the end of July 2010. The second Sundown Festival is almost upon us. How many of you bought tickets to the festival? I still remember the excitment last December when the first Sundown Festival was held at Fort Canning. It was a blast wasn't it? Although it is not an all-Korean artistes line-up this time round and I don't have much knowledge about the Japanese groups, I think it's still a very notable festival. The organiser hopes to have an all Asian music festival eventually. So maybe one day, we can see Jay Chou performing at this same festival with Jay Park? ^^

Anyway, just in case there is a very small chance that some of you are still not aware of the Sundown Festival hapenning next Saturday, here are the details.

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore®, Resorts World™ Sentosa
Date: 31 July 2010, Saturday
Time: 8pm
Ticket pricing: SGD $118
Performance duration: estimated 2.5hrs
Artistes line-up: After School, F.Cuz, SuG, L.MC, Tenko drums

Tickets can be bought from Sistic.

In addition, those who bought the tickets will be able to attend the the fan meeting at IMM on the 30th July. Details as follow:

Event: Sundown Festival Fan meeting
Date: 30th July
Venue: IMM (Garden Plaza)
Time: 7.30pm

That is to say, your Sundown Festival ticket allows yout to attend the concert on the 31st July at Resorts World Sentosa and the fan meeting on the 30th July at IMM. I guess you can call this 'fan service'? Hehe!

Think you are lucky? Then you can try your luck at winning the tickets to the event. Simply purchase any 7Up or Pepsi products. Details can be found at Sundown's website. Prizes include annual passes to Resorts World, Sundown Festival tickets, Sundown Festival meet-and-greet passes and LG Optimus GT540 Phones. The contest ends on 29th July, so you've got about a week or so to try this.

All 7 passes for meet-and-greet session have been won. NOTE: Please do not attempt to buy these passes off the winners. The organiser will check your id to ensure it matches with the winner's infor. Just a warning.

Artistes arrival details
For those of you who want to go greet the artistes at the airport, here are the arrival details:
29 July 10
SuG and LM.C- JL719 (JAL), 1710
F.CUZ and Afterschool- OZ751 (ASIANA AIRLINE), 2125

After School




Friday, July 16, 2010

Korean entertainment this weekend- The Blood Pledge and Sachoom

If you don't want to pig out at the Korean Food Fair that I just wrote about, then you could check out the following 2 entertainment.

Korean Horror movie- The Blood Pledge

Before I continue further, I must confess- I do not like horror shows, particularly scary ghost stories. I don't mind funny ghost movies (Casper) or romantic ghost movies (Ghost). But I don't like the gory type.

However, I do know that many Singaporeans have a fixation for horror movies/ books. So if you are one of those, and like Korean's signature ghost stories, then 'The Blood Pledge' is for you. This is the 5th installment in the immensely popular 'Whispering Corridors' series. This is the 10th anniversary of the movie series (to my surprise) though I do know that many a well-known actress have been in this horror series. Of course, the series all share similar strains- girls in long hair in an all-girls school, making some pledge or other. And then someone dies. In this movie, the 5 girls made a blood pledge to remain friends till they die or rather, I think they made a pledge to die together. And then one of them actually commits suicide. So now what happens to the rest of the best-of-friends in this group?

I've read some of the reviews on the internet. They were mixed. A couple of reviewers thought it wasn't up to mark but some other reviewers thought it was great. I shall leave it to you to decide. But all agreed that there was a twist in the end. So that should be something to look out for.

'The Blood Pledge' has started showing in Singapore since 15th July. Catch the trailer here. Here's a couple of reviews here and here.
Important: reviews may contain at your own risk.

Korean dancical- Sachoom

I first saw this performance at the Natas Fair in February. They were also the guest artiste for Brown Eyed Girls' live performance at Zouk. They were really lively and energetic. Read my post here. Like the other Korean non-verbal acts like Nanta, Jump, The Chaser, dance is a big aspect of the act. In Sachoom, dance is the main act. It traces the lives of 3 good friends from birth to their 20's through dances (I guess the dance asoosciated with that time of their lives). If what they showed briefly at Zouk was just the tip of their performance, then concert-goers should be in for a treat.

Sachoom is on at the Esplanade from 16th to 18th July. Tickets available from Sistic.


I will be at home mopping the floor hopefully to some great Korean music. ^^

Taste of Korea- Food fair @ City Square Mall

Sorry...민안에...对不起。 Have been maidless the last few few days. It's incredible how much we depend on them.

Did you see the photo on my twitter on Tuesday?'s a picture of bibimbap in a big container. It was supposed to be one big bibimbap, enough to feed at least 200 people. I think they fed more than that number that day as many uncles and aunties were going back for seconds. (Singaporeans lah)

This event was held at the Korea Foodstuff Fair @ City Square Mall. Entitled Taste of Korea, this fair aims to introduce food that's not in Singapore currently. Although when they say not in Singapore currently, I'm not sure if they meant the foodstuff is not available in the mass supermarkets (ie, Cold Storage, NTUC) or brands that are not found in Singapore yet. Coz obviously some of the food are on sale already and you can find in the Korean supermarkets like Seoulmart and Shine Supermart.

Still, I did find a few surprises there. Like these- frozen, microwaveble tteokbokki and cuttlefish rice (they also have bibimbap).

I'm not sure how they tastes...I was assured the tteokbokki is reallly quite good inspite of it's appearance. Well, I've bought one and shall let you all know the verdict later. This is the first time I've seen ready-made tteokbokki. However, if you prefer to make your own tteokbokki, you can also buy the rice cakes and sauce at the fair.

Another intriguing product- Black garlic

This is a health food that has been on the Korean market for 5 years and is apparently very popular. According to the brochure, the garlic is ripened naturally using unique methods and the best garlic. Well, garlic is known to be good for us, and this 'black garlic' is supposed to be even better with the usual health benefits- lower chloestral, diabetes etc. Oooh... it is also especially beneficial to men, whispered the sales lady conspiracially. I tried a bit of this miraculous black garlic. It doesn't taste too bad- jelly-like texture, a little sweet. The garlic smell is hardly there. But I don't think it's going to become my favourite foodstuff, healthy or not. Still, it could become the next 'IN' health supplement if marketed well.

Here's another health supplement- Grain Syrup

There wasn't any sample for tasting, so I can't tell you if it tastes nice. According to the brochure, it says "Good for an empty stomach both in the morning and the evening". So I guess it's a little like bird's nest? Hmm...

And the rest of the foodstuff like
Citron tea, Aloe vera tea, Ginseng tea..

Miso soup

Korean melons. These were going at 3 for $7. They were quite sweet if a little small.

Korean grapes! I think these were selling at $4. Korean grapes used to be a rarity in Singapore but not anymore. NTUC has been selling lots of Korean grapes and strawberries. Both favourites of my girl's. ^^

Interestingly, on that very day, there was a full page article in the ST on how the Korean government is trying to make food as popular as Hallyu Wave. Kimchi and Bibimbap are already popular and well known. Now, they are trying to add tteokbokki and rice wine or Makgulri. I think this particular one that they are selling has ginseng in it. Again no sampling! 왜요? :(

There were other things on sale like rice, dry soy bean pastes, noodles, kimchi and ready-made soup for 냉면 (cold noodles). If you do intend to check out this fair, remember to bring cash hor. No nets and credit card.

Ohh...this was the bibimbap made by the very hot and sweaty ajusshi. It was rather tasty.

It was fairly interesting but I wished there was more smapling. Why sell foodstuff that I cannot try? Cannot try then how to buy? Maybe it's the kiasu Singaporean in me complaining. Hehehe! But it hasn't stopped the shoppers though as the cash till was ringing non-stop during the busy lunch hour. I would really have loved to try the rice wine.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to check out this brand new mall (even my taxi driver has never been there). However, I did find out that got free bus there from Toa Payoh, Novena and Lavendat mrt station. ^^ That would make things a little more convenient.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just a quick short post tonight.

Everyone knows that social internet media is now extremely popular- especially Facebook and Twitter. I have a twitter account and I have about 500+ followers. Up to today, I'm amazed and not sure why anyone would want to follow me. But I am grateful to these people who thinks that whatever I tweeted is important and interesting enough for them to follow. I mean, I'm no celebrity. So who cares if I've gone to the mall or just had a delicious meal. That is why I try and keep to informative tweets.

But I can understand why people would want to follow celebrities. I mean, if Bae Yong Joon had a drink with his friends and took a photo with of the drink. I would probably be keen to find out where he had the drink and what kind of drink it was. And I'll probably go to the same place to have the same drink next time.

I discovered that Korean artistes are really quite into twitter. I supposed with their hectic schedule, it is the simplest way to stay in touch with friends and fans. Cyworld, (which is a mini website) is harder for non Koreans to navigate around. Recently, a few well known artistes discovered that someone was impersonating them on the twitter world. This actually forced them to set up their own twitter account. And it is really amusing when their profile writes: the real so-and-so. hehe!

So in the name of kaypohness, I checked out and found out the following twitter accounts. Now, I have no idea if they are real or fake. Maybe you people can tell me.

2AM- Jo Kwon-

2AM- Seul Ong-

2AM- Chang Min-

2AM- Jin Woon-

2PM: Jun Ho-

2PM: Nichkhun-

2PM: Taec Yeon-

2PM: Jun Su-

Super Junior: Shin Dong-

Super Junior: Si Won-

Super Junior: Ye Seung-

Super Junior: Lee Teuk-

Super Junior: Sung Min-

Super Junior: Eun Hyuk-

Super Junior: Dong Hae-

Super Junior: Ryeo Wook-

Super Junior: Heechul-

Lee Min Ho-

Kim Boem-

Kim Jun-

Daniel Henney-

Uhm Jung Hwa-

Uhm Tae Woong-

Wonder Girls: Sun Ye-

Wonder Girls: So Hee-

Wonder Girls: Yenny-

Wonder GIrls: Yu Bin-

Wonder Girls: Hye Lim-

Kim Bum Soo-

Brian Joo-

U-Kiss: Alexander-

U-Kiss: Eli-

U-Kiss: Kevin-

U-Kiss: Ki Bum-

Brown Eyed Girls: Miryo-

Brown Eyed Girls: Narsha-

Brown Eyed Girls: Jea-

Beast: Du Jun-

Beast: Jun Hyung-

MBLAQ: Seung Ho-


FCuz: Lee U-

FCuz: Kan-

FCuz: Ye Jun:

Last but not least, Tiffany in Kimchiland: Tiffany-

The above are by no means exhaustive. It's actually quite interesting to note who the artistes are following and what they are twittering. Who are you following? Are there any interesing twitter accounts that I should know and perhaps even follow? Tell me! Pali! Pali!

Have a good weekend!

p/s- 2AM is in Singapore already. Take a look at Jo Kwon's account. Those going to the showcase tomorrow, enjoy yourself!

Edited- 16th July 10
Thanks for all the extra information people. I've added them in. ^^

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beast showcase, 24 June 2010

If there was a surprise for this showcase that night, it would be the fact that we were all audience for the recording of the show, Entertainment! on 5. Beast was of course the guest star for that night, together with our very own lovely Kit Chan.

So that was why they couldn't accomodate more than 1,000 pax (though they managed to squeeze in about 1,200 pax in the end). I know some fans complained that they couldn't take photos, videos, raised their placards etc. But compared to many other venues for showcase, it was probably one of the best, with elevated seats and 2 big screens.

What also surprised me was the number of male fans at the showcase. Of course, the female fans outnumbered easily the male fans...but at least there were enough guys for me to take notice. ^^ Of course, they were the ones who cheered more loudly than anyone when 4Minute's mv was played on the screen.

Finally, after teasing the crowd for a good 20 was showtime!

Beast Is The B2ST

Errr... I know, it's abit difficult to hear them coz the fans' screaming. I guess that's what fans do. ^^

There was a very short interview by Li Yi. And then Beast sang the following 2 songs

Bad Girl


By now, the fans were truely hyped up and excited. ^^ They sang a few more songs but sorry, can't remember what they were already.

The one part I did remember most clearly was the one where they serenaded to one of their fan. Initially, I thought it was by random (she was sitting right in front). But I found later that this handpicked fan was the first in queue- a good 33 hours before the show. That means at about 6am , Wednesday, 23 June she had started queuing. I think she definitely deserves to be serenaded to (I believe the song was Oasis).

Throughout the whole song, I thought she was going to burst in tears any moment. She was really, truely overwhelmed. I guess it must be almost every fan's dream. I'm sure she would continue to have sweet dreams for a very long time to come.

The showcase ended with their signature song, 'Shock'. Not too many clips on youtube coz recording not allowed but you can catch some parts of the early showcase here.

And then is was recording time for the show, Entertainment on 5.

The audience was again cued on when to clap or shout. No more random shouting and screaming. Personally, I thought it was great as I could finally hear them sing live clearly. And they sounded good.

But before Beast came on, Kit Chan and her friends from the musical show, 'December Rains' were interviewed first. I like Kit Chan. She has a fantastic voice. 'December Rains' will show at The Esplanade in August. Do support the show. You can catch the promotional trailer here. (err...I'm not sure about the red red lipstick).

And then it was Beast to go on stage. And yes, the applause was really enthusiastic. The show is hosted by Kui Jien. Ok lah, he quite a good host.

All the guests were asked to give away one item. Kit Chan had given an umbrella earlier. What did the boys give? Sunglasses, necaklace, atuographed t-shirt (this was from Yo Seob) etc. Each time the boys took something out, the audience screamed. And then there was Q&A session, lots of banter and some action. I don't want to spoil the fun for those who's going to watch it tonight. But let's just say, there was singing, rapping and dancing and one of the members took his clothes off. hehe!

Oh..there was another fun game with the audience again. A fan was picked. And she was asked to pick her fav Beast member. She was then blind folded and told to pick up her fav member by touch. Aha! Did I get your imagination racing? Where and how did she touch the boys? Watch the show lah.

They finished the show by singing 'Shock' and 'Bad Girl' again. I do think the fans got quite alot for just $25 (which was the price of the album they had to buy to attend this showcase).

Again, because the security was tightly controlled, the fans were led out in a very orderly manner afte the show ended. Otherwise, under normal situation, there would have been a mad dash for the doors the second these boys left the satge.

So were you one of the fans there that night?

Then you must remember to watch the show on Channel 5 tonight ok? 8.30pm, 7 July. Repeats on Sunday, 11th June, 6-7pm. Here's a little teaser for all the fans.

I can't wait to watch it either. ^^

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Down memory lane

I had a great dinner with a few good friends earlier- 5 woman and 1 man (and his wife). I've known this group since 2002/2003. So that's about 7-8 years. And all because of Bae Yong Joon. So although I have quite a few posts to catch up, I'd like to take a little walk down memory lane just briefly.

In 2004, Bae Yong Joon came to Singapore to promote his first movie, 'Untold Scandal'. At the same time, he had his first and only fan meeting here in Singapore.

Perhaps some of my readers may not think much of him or just can't see what the fuss is all about. But Bae Yong Joon was at the peak of his popularity then because of 'Winter Sonata'. Just like Lee Min Ho was popular after 'Boys Over Flowers' and Jang Guen Suk was popular after 'You Are Beautiful'. There is no doubt that he and the drama contributed much to the rise of the Hallyu wave. He was also the first big Korean star to come to Singapore.

In many of the fan meetings today, it is organised by an event company, who charges an arm and a leg for the fans to see their idols. There is money to be made in this and well, I don't blame the artiste' agency because you really got to make money whilst you can (ie, while the artiste is still hot and popular). This fan meeting with Bae Yong Joon in 2004 was unique and unusual because it was organised by the fan club, Joon's Family for the fans. And it did not cost an arm and a leg and a head, although many fans still complained then.

There is a different feel to it, especially when I compare it to the fan meetings/ showcases held recently. It may not be as professional but there was alot of 'heart' put into it. I believe the fan club must be the only non-commercial organisation to have his hand print. It should be worth quite a lot if we ever want to auction it off. ^^

And through this event, I got to know many others who have now become my friends today- Yuen Ping, Li Yi, May Choon and even the security people (whom I keep seeing when I attend K artistes events nowadays).

I had written an account of it on the Joon's Family website back then but it was erased accidentally. Maybe one of these days, when I do have the time, I'll write about it again...before I grow too old and forgetful. ^^

Thanks for the memories and friendship girls. And Ted- see you again soon. ^^

There will be some changes to the Joon's Family website and it is hoped that the new site will be launched soon. As for annaul gathering, it will be looked into when his travel book is available in Singapore in the later part of the year.

My 2 seconds worth of skinship...

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Park Yong Ha

I guess everyone is stunned about his suicide. When I was first texted about this news yesterday morning, I went "Huh? Really? Park Yong Ha?" It was totally unbelievable because he had just released a Japanese album and was holding concerts to promote the album. He was also going to start on a new drama with Yoon Eun Hye soon.

I read reports that he was suffering from depression due to work and family. How alone he must have felt when he decided to end his life that night. I guess he thought he had no friends to count on and yet, looking at all the celebrities who came and pay their respects at his wake the last 2 days, he was far from being a loner. Friends who came varied from actors to singers, from the young to the older ones. It was indeed a wide spectrum. At some point in his life, he must have touched their lives and made some impact. If only he could see it then before he ended his life on impulse.

Like many, I became aware of Park Yong Ha from the drama that started it all for me- 'Winter Sonata'. I fell for Bae Yong Joon and couldn't stand Park Yong Ha in the show. I found him too wishy-washy. Perhaps he had acted too well?

Didn't impressed me with 'Loving You' with Eugene either. Although apparently, they worked so well together that they became an item for a short while.

This was the mv Tidings, that they did together.

And then he disappeared...well not actually disappeared.

A mysterious singer, by the name 'Who' was going to sing the theme song for 'All In'. The drama starring Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Gyo. The voice sounded familiar and strange at the same time and the industry and internet was all abuzz. We soon found out that 'Who' was Park Yong Ha and it would be the start of his singing career. It certainly created lots of interest, especially as 'Winter Sonata' was just gaining momentum overseas, launching the Hallyu wave.

All In theme song- Just like the first day.

And so, in 2003, Zhao Bao invited him over for its inaugural Z Pop concert. Was he the first Hallyu star to step upon our little red dot? I'm not sure but I think so. I actually posted the above picturein September, 2008 posting as I had come across the magazine whilst clearing out my cupboard. I was remarking how pink he looked. I believe he went to Bishan Junction 8. Anyone of you out there went to see him?

And then he really did Japan, where he would stay for the next 5 years. I didn't keep track on his career there but reading the various reports, I believe he did well. Nowadays, almost every Korean artistes go to Japan for promotional activities. But back then, he was probably onee of the first few Korean artistes to do so. It must have been tough as he didn't speak Japanese. And in some of the interviews, he admitted that those were difficult years. But he pulled through.

In 2008, news broke that he would star in the all stellar cast drama, 'On Air' with Lee Bum Soo, Kim Ha Neul and Son Yoon Ah. I didn't place much expectation on it. But he would proved me wrong because he was absolutely brilliant in the show. Now only that, he looked great too. I read that he had actually taken up acting lessons before taking on the role as he felt he needed to brush up on his skills after having been away for 5 years. Needles to say, the drama was a big success and it seemed he had never left the Korean entertainment scene. The kiss scene between him and Song Yoon Ah was probably one of the most anticipated scene in the drama.

Park Yong Ha also sang 2 songs in the drama, but I like this one, Bad Love.

He soon followed with another great drama, 'Story of a Man' or 'Slingshot' with Kim Kang Woo and Park Si Yeon. Here's an interview the cast did for Arirang TV. I read that Park Si Yeon (now filming 'Çoffee House', who had only just spoken to him the day before he died was in total shock when she heard about it.

Anyway, I had a new found respect for this man.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I discovered his twitter account. There weren't too many followers, about 1,000+ and he wasn't following too many people either- 4 people to be exact. I just looked again just. Seems he's gained about 1,000 followers after his death. This is his account- Park Yong Ha's twitter account. His last entry was on 26th June...about the Korean football team I believe.

A picture posted by him on his twitter on 24th April 2010 with the posting 'One photo'.

He did an ad for Lotte DFS recently together with a whole host of Korean stars like Rain, Kang Ji Hwan, Song Seung Hun and Big Bang.

Lotte Duty Free ad

And he was also in a sort of ad for Korea Tourism Organisation promoting Mount Jiri in Dulregil. Maybe he should have followed the information in the ad and taken the slow life....

Here are some other clips if you are interested to look.

The Scam MV One of the movies that he did. He also sang the theme song.

'Loving you'- You Are in My Heart mv

'Story of a Man' or 'Slingshot' BTS

He also did an mv with Park Si Yeon for Park Hyo Shin's (one of my fav singer) album, The Gift- Part 1. They went all the way to Switzerland! Here are the mvs:

Park Hyo Shin -Gift pt 1
Park Hyo Shin -Gift pt 2

An interview with J.Mielo (I think it's a Japanese programme but it's conducted in English).

One of his latest and probably last concert held in Seoul- Park Yong Ha Live in Seoul, Candy Man

And last but not least, my favourite. Park Yong Ha and Song Seung Hun in the mv for Yeon Ga 2008 sang by SG Wannabe, my favourite group.

I mourn the loss of a talented artiste and my sympathy goes out to his family, especially his parents.

R.I.P. Park Yong Ha

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Beast Press conference, 24 June 2010

The press conference was held at Mandarin Oriental. The sofas looked really comfortable and plush hor. Saw a few familiar faces especially from the K Pop communities. Surprisingly, there doesn't seemed to be much miggling between the main media and the K Pop world. Hmm... food for thoughts but that's another story.

The boys were just a little fashionably late...

direct link

Credit: Kelly

Guess what, I found out that their showcase tickets were sold out within 24 hours (congratulations! Well, the fact that the price was a very resonable price of just $25 was probably a big factor. And another surprise. Their album had achieved Gold. That means the album has sold over 5,500 and in less than 2 months. Congratulations! A gold plaque was presented to all the boys by the Marketing Director of Singapore/ Malaysia. Actually, the boys were a little blur as I don't think they know what was happenning initially and the translator didn't explain anything to the boys at all. Obviously, they were pleased with the results and promised to work even harder in the future. Just curious, I wonder if any Korean artiste has achieved Gold for record sales in Singapre before. Anybody care to enlighten me?

Li Yi started the ball rolling by asking how did they practice their dance (steps).

direct link

I think this was the one and only time I saw Hyun Seung 'speaking'. He was very quiet and low key through the all the events that I attended.

Credit: Kelly

Li Yi then commented that they are considered as fashion icon (ok, this is news to me) and wanted to know what is their favourite fashion style. They looked so serious as they thought about the question... Hmmm...

Hyun Seung was the 3rd Korean male artiste that I've seen recently wearing a hair band. Is in vogue and considered as fashionable in Korea? I can't imagine any of our local artiste pulling this off.

Direct link
Finally, Li Yi asked them what their goal was. I think everyone expected them to say the usual stuf- you know, better albums, become better singers etc. The standard answers to such questions. So I was pleasantly surprised when Jun Hyun (who seemed to be the leader during the press conference) replied that they wanted to be close to their fans. Good for them. Without the fans, they will not be where they are today.

Direct link

Finally, it was Q and A time for the media. And I think everyone found the first question very interesting.

Direct link

The boys were clearly embarrassed about the photoshoot and the resulting photos. I'm not sure why. I thought most guys wouldn't be too bothered about posing half naked. Sure, they say it was unexpected and they weren't in good shape. But I thought it was ok leh. Even Yo Seob. Of course Gi Kwang was very satisfied with his body and all the rest of the members also agreed that his was the best. What do you think?

Credit: Kelly

Credit as lablled on picture.

This was followed by a sort of related question- Yo Seob's popularity despite his lack of a manly body. I found it rather amusing to see Jun Hyung touching YS's hair. As I watch this, my thoughts are going wild coz errr... Jun Hyung looks as like he was caressing Yo Seob's hair leh! Is there something going on that I don't know about? Hmm...

Credit: Kelly

And Du Jun finally answers a question as it was directed at him specifically as the leader.

Credit: Kelly

Direct Link

And then the boys were asked when they think a girl is sexy. (Initially, the translator got it wrong and thought the question was what do they find is the most sexy and Du Jun replied- lips, like Angelina Jolie. So now you know, he likes thick lips. Hehe! ) Here are the answers from the boys. Du Jun was the one with the most matured answer whilst Dong Woon and Hyun Seung had more interesting answers.

Direct link

This was followed by when the boys think themselves sexy. The boys could be heard sighing away. I fear they are going to go away thinking that Singapore media is sex obsessed. Jun Hyung was actually bowing his head after answering the question....

Credit: Kelly

Direct link

Dong Woon's answer was the funniest. ^^ Good for him. I like him. He's funny.

Credit: Kelly

Finally, the last question...and again it was Jun Hyung who answered it and not Du Jun. I didn't have much of an impression of Jun Hyung the night before at the High-5 session (he looked so glum!) but today, he's changed my opinion of him completely. But Du Jun was surprisingly quiet and seemed deep in thoughts most of the time. Hmmm....

And then, the press conference was over and the boys were asked to sign on the big huge poster behind them.

Direct link.

Credit: Kelly

A closer look at the signatures...

Direct link.

The 2 magnae...

Credit: Kelly

P/s- The clips seemed a little strange. Think I may have converted it wrongly...will redo if I have the time. Sorry!

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Beast will be on Entertainment on 5! next Wednesday, 7th July, 8.30pm. Channel 5.