Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beast Hi-5 session recap

If all the fans of Beast felt that the time with the boys were short, then I'm sure the boys themselves felt the time here in Singapore was even shorter. I think they hardly have any time on their own. I'm not even sure if they had the opportunity to try much of our local food. Poor boys.

Anyway, the Hi-5 sesion was supposed to start at 7pm. Of course, fans were already queuing up way before the 5pm, when the door to the Garden Plaza opened. It rained heavily that afternoon. I must admit I had visions of the place being flooded and all the signed posters floating away.... Luckily, it did stop by about 4+. At this point, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for arriving late and probably giving a heart attack to the winners, who were waiting anxiously for the coupons to see Beast. Luckily, the coupons (with much thanks to Universal Music Singapore) gave the girls priority queuing.

About 7pm, Li Yi came on to start the event. It was nice to see her on stage. I thought she was still in Korea! She started the ball rolling with a charity auction. All proceeds went to the Singapore Heart Foundation. The items up for auction? An autographed t-shirt and a poster.

The starting bid was $50 and from the moment go, the bids came fast and furious, with a couple of hands persistantly high up in the air. ^^ The final amount? $390!!! Congratulations to the winner and I'm sure everyone at the Singapore Heart Foundation is grateful for the amount. Hmm... I forgot to ask the organiser, did the boys wear the t-shirt? I'm sure if they had, the amount raised would not be just $390. Wahahaha! Maybe can do that next time?

And then it was time to give out the autographed posters to the lucky 50 winners who dropped their coupons at the beginning of the event. Here are 3 lucky winners.

And then it was another long wait....and wait...and wait. The fans were getting restless, though they did perk up whenever 'Shock' was played and sang happily along.

Where, oh were are my Beast?

Finally, the light at the entrance/ staircase lighted up and roar went up. The boys were here!!!! (it was almost 8pm by then).

They launched into their song, 'Shock' almost immediately when they went up the stage. The fans were thrilled! Can you hear the screaming? ^

Or click here

Inroducing themselves and a very short Q&Q session before the Hi-5's. (hehe! Seems they got their wish, they did eat chilli crab that night).

Or click here

After that short break, it was time for group photography with 30 lucky fans. Were you one of them?

Btw, those Universal Music Singapore has already posted the group photos on their FB. So you can get yours in high resolution if you email to them.

Guess who had one of the loudest applause that night? Yeah...the boy with the buttoned-up shirt.

Two too-cool-to-smile boys..

In contrast to the smiling, winking boy..

Did I tell you Gi Kwang winked at me? I didn't? Three times in fact.

Or click here

Did these fans get their idol?

Never mind, Dong Woon is available. ^^

Just before the start of the Hi-5 session.

Or click here.

Here we go...

Or click here

and some more...

Or click here.

The boys High-fived a total of 1,000 fans that night. That's alot of 'skinship' as they would say. As usual of course, there would be a few who refused to let go, desperately hanging on. But security was strict and fans were ushered down quickly. I don't blame the security. Otherwise, everyone would still be there at midnight. The boys took a short break (hey, it's tiring ok). But credit to the boys, there remained smiling for the fans.

Finally, all done. Whew! Well done!

Or click here.

It was about 8.45pm and I'm sure the boys must have been tired. I was tired and I didn't even high-fived 1,500 screaming girls and boys.

Not knowing the band well, I didn't know what to expect. I did find Jun Hyung rather unsmiling and thought he wasn't very friendly. But he was to prove me wrong the next day at the press conference (that's another posting but the videos clips are up on youtube).

I was rather amused at Gi Kwang's winking (I found out later after some internet searching that he's done it quite often). I'm sure he's not trying to pick up this ajuma but it is a good thing that I'm not a sweet young thing anymore or I may just be charmed by him. hehehe!

Actually, I found Dong Woon (who is the youngest) rather adorable and fun.

What about all of you? How was your experience at this High-5 session? Was it worth the money spent?

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wonder Girls in Singapore by Sony Ericsson- Press conference

My apology for this being a little late. And a even bigger apology for the crappy photos and only one video to show you all. There was a technical slip-up. One of those days. Sigh..

So, I'll try and recap what I do remember. There are lots of videos and photos out there already, so I'm sure you alll have no problem feasting your eyes at these young ladies.

Or click here.

The internet is a powerful tool and even the Wonder Girls acknowledged it's influence and help in propelling them into Chee Meng and popularity. In a first that I've seen during a press conference, the organiser had acknowledged the many K Pop forums and fan clubs by reserving a section for 'K Pop community' just behind the 'media'. Various forums were there like Korea.com.sg and SG K-Wave were there.

Unfortunately, the press conference was delayed again and again. In fact it was delayed for a whole 45
! Did one of the wettest day in Singapore history caused this delday? Who knows but on hindsight, it was a good thing the press conference wasn't held in Orchard Road or all of us would have to swim to showcase.

After the official photoshoot (with the girls holding up their Sony Ericsson phones), the conference started proper. It was a little strange start as there was no host to lead the session. It was pretty much a jump into the Q&A session straightaway. Still, I have no complains, not when it was a good 30 minutes long at least, with frank answers from the girls in their pretty good English. I am truely impressed. I guess after living in America for a year, their English is bound to improve (hmm... I should just move over to Korea for a short period).

Eu Yen was answering most of the time, with So Hee being the quietest.

The girls were asked a variety of questions from the serious

What type of guys they like, who would be the first to get married, how many children they would like to have (I half expected someone to say- '
girl ah...next year must give ang pows already ok?')

How do they resolve ego problems (no cat fights!) and what are their roles within the group (Surprise! So Hee is the hidden leader) to the fun questions like which other Korean artistes' numbers do they have on their hp (Yoobin has Epik High and So Hee has none), their moments with Super Junior and 2PM (they went bowling together and Yoo Bin's team lost and had to buy drinks for everyone).

to the personal questions like

Do they cry easily? (Yes! And Sun Yehad cried just 3 days before when they were in San Francisco)

Is it true they are not allowed to date for the next 3 years (can date but prefer not to at the moment. Actually, I don't think they have any time)

and the interesting ones:

Were they uncomfortable answering Big S with regards about their chastity (the girls said it was ok and you know what, I do believe them coz when they replied, there wasn't any hint of embarassment in them)
Which phone application they can't live without (twitter! I agree, at the rate these girls are twittering)
What new English words they picked up (whadz up..lol..ttyl)
Crasiest fan (someone who had tatooed WG's Korean names on his back)

One of the most interesting question was- the girls were asked if they had stayed up to watch their national team play in the World Cup. I expected them to say yes immediately. Instead, there was a few embarrassed silence, before Ye Eun reluctantly said that they had planned to stay up. They wore red t-shirts to bed and had even set their alarm to go off at 4am (the time of the match) BUT, they overslept and when Sun Ye woke up at 6am finally, the first thing she did was to check the internet for results. Of course they were really happy that Korea had won. The girls had a chance to watch the 2nd game in Singapore.

And finally, will they be just a one hit wonder?

No, stay tuned for more good songs to come, assured Ye Eun.

Some of the sites you might want to visit for more infor on the press conference-wonderfulsworld, dkpopnews, xin.msn.com, razor tv

5 wonderful ladies

And here's a photo of the 4 Sony Ericsson phone models that the girls are endorsing this time

Wonder Girls will be performing at MTV's World Stage, Malaysia on the 31st July 10.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Wonder Girls snippets

I know, I know, I was supposed to post about the Wonder Girls. But I was dead tired last night...but it will be up very soon. I promise.

Just a quick update about them. The girls will be back in Singapore from 3rd August to 5th August for Singfest 10. It will be held at Fort Canning. They will be joining other well known American acts like Smashing Pumpkins and Kanye West.

And my deepest condolences to Sun Ye on the demise of her father.....

A glimpse at Beast showcase

It was a great showcase last night. As I hardly know Beast and their songs, I did not know what to expect. But I greatly enjoyed myself last night at their showcase. I think it's not just because they boys sang well, but the whole experience from the stage to the environment was great. One of the great contributing factor was the fact that I could actually hear them sing. Because they were doing recording for the show- E on 5, there were strict protocols to observe, including no screaming unnecessarily. Now I don't mean fans shouldn't scream and show support for their idols/ artistes. But in so many of the recent showcase that I attended, everyone was screaming ALL the time. So it was great to hear the boys sing and enjoy listening especially when they sing their ballad.

So, I know many of you are waiting for some photos or videos. But as I mentioned, it was very strict and only media was allowed to record or take photos. And only in the beginning part of the show. So you won't see many photos/ clips out.

BUT, expect to see clips out from Razzor TV, CNA etc. And of course look out for the show, E on 5 (Entertainment on 5). More on the showcase later. In the meantime, here's a little glimpse of lasrt night's showcase.

Enjoy and have a great time at the autograph session tonight! Don't forget it's at 7pm, IMM. But I think you will have to be there much earlier as there are over 1,000 of you getting their autograph.

Or click here

p/s- Last night's showcase has convinced me to get their album so I guess they have won for themselves one new fan. ^^

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little note

Ít's 4am now and I got to be up in 3 hours' time. :(

Did you all enjoyed themselves at the Hi-5 session? It must be thrilling to actually 'touch'your idols. ^^ I wonder how the boys feel about 'touching' so many female fans? Must ask them if I have the chance. hehe!

I'm still waiting for the photos for the Hi-5 session to come through. In the meantime, I've uploaded the videos. The links are indicated on my twitter. Will write once I have the accompanying photos.

The Wonder Girls press conference should be up tomorrow (or rather today) too. There was a slight technical glitch. Sorry for the delay.

Just a little thought about our Changi airport on Tueday night (22nd June).

Beast was arriving.
U Kiss was leaving.
Wonder Girls was leaving.

Not sure which terminal the Wonder Girls were in but I believe U Kiss and Beast were in Terminal 2. (Am I correct?)

And all 3 were in the airport about the same time I think????

Now wouldn't it be a shocking, wonderful, kissing experience if the 3 groups performed together at the airport?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beast arrival details

In case you haven't read Juma's posting on my comments page last night or checked out my twitter, or read the newspapers, here are the arrival details for Beast.

Date: 22 June
Flight no: KE641, T2
Time: 9.20pm

They will depart on the 26th June.

Have fun people and give them a warm welcome. ^^

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Beast- Hi-5 coupons winners

Wow! I received over 180 entries in just 2 days. Beast really have alot of fans out there. BUT, I only have 6 passes to give away. So I'm afraid there will be many disappointed fans.

A big thank you to Universal Music who kindly gave away the coupons here. I'm sure all of you are also grateful for the chance to win them.

The correct answer to my question is-
The actual name of Beast is Boys of the East Standing Tall

The contest was closed at 12.30am, 22nd June. Only one correct entry per person was accepted. The winners were picked randomly by a software, ie, it wasn't picked by me or any anyone else. This is to be fair to all otherwise it would have been very hard for me to choose. ^^

Congratulations. The following fans have won for themselves one coupon each to the Beast Hi-5 session tomorrow at IMM.
1) Bazliana Bte Adnan (i/c: Sxxxx501G)
2) Germaine Foong (i/c: Sxxxx374F)
3) Huang Huilin Vanessa (i/c: Sxxxx624I)
4) Lam Shirlyne (i/c: Sxxxx886F)
5) Catherine Poo Hua Qi (i/c: Sxxxx720G)
6) Tan Shi Hui Joyce (i/c: Sxxxx167F)

All winners will be notified via email shortly. If you do not respond by midnight tonight, the chance will be given to another winner.

For the rest of you who didn't win...don't despair. There are still some limited stocks of special Hi-5 package left on sale at the CD Rama outlets. For more details on the $55 package, please refer to my post here or Universal Music FB

Just a little more infor about the Hi-5 sesion.

1) The boys wil be peforming tomorrow night at the session (maybe one or two songs I guess..not sure)
2) All coupon holders will be entitled to a lucky draw to win 50 autographed poster from the boys.
3) In addition, 30 lucky winners will also be entitled to a lucky draw to take group photo with the boys.

If you really want to try your luck at some lucky draws again, you can buy a copy of the Chinese newspaper, Lian He Wan Bao 《联合晚报》 atthe Bishan Bus Interchange this evening (22nd June). The first 10 winners will win the Hi-5 sesion coupon and the last 5 winners will have the opportunity to take a group photo with the boys. More infor here

And I believe the Chinese radio channel, Yes933 is still giving away tickets to the press conference or showcase. It's on the night show hosted by Pei Fen (I think 10pm to 1am).

But of course, if you want confirmed tickets, then buy the package lah. Actually, if you haven't bought the tickets to the showcase and the autograph session, this is quite a good buy and cheaper than a lot of the recent events.....

Ok..see you all tomorrow night at IMM, Garden Plaza, 7pm for the Hi-5 session. Remember to fill in your particulars on the coupon and drop it into the box for the luck draw. Good luck everyone!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beast- Hi-5 coupons contest

So has everyone bought their special package to attend Beast Hi-5 session at IMM? Or did you missed out on your chanace again? If you did or am extremely broke after the avalanche of K Pop stars this month (and next month), then I've got good news for you. The very nice people at Universal Music has given me 6 passes to Beast Hi-5 session on the 23rd June at IMM. Yup, you don't have to spend any money except maybe buy me a cup of tea? hehehe! Just kidddling lah. No need for that because this present is from Universal Music.

Please take note that only the coupon is given away in this contest. You will still get an exclusive Beast (B2ST) Singapore Edition A2 sized poster handed to you by Beast. You will still be entitled to the lucky draw where you may win an autographed A2 size poster.

You will not get the t-shirt, cd or the folded poster.

How to win one of these coupons? Just answer the following question:

Q) BEAST is an a acronym. What does it stand for? ie, what is hte actual name of BEAST?

Email your answer to kimchilandpromotion@gmail.com with the following details:

1) Your name (as in i/c or passport)
2) Your i/c number
3) Your contact number

Contest ends on 21st June 2359. Winners will be notified via email and announced here on 22nd June. Coupons to be collected on 23rd June, the day of the Hi-5 session.

For more infor on Beast in Singapore, please refer to Universal Music Facebook.

Good luck!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wonder Girls- a little peep

The press conference was great. It was about 45 minutes late but the girls more than made up for it by having a 30 minutes Q&A. It was the longest Q&A in my memory, especially for Korean artistes. I'm still sorting out some of the photos...so pardon me. But here are some just for a quick sneak peep.

So Hee

Sun Ye

Hae Rim

Ye Eun

Yoo Bin

Did anyone of you 'chased' them today? Good thing it wasn't raining like Monday...or the girls will have to wade through the water in their super high heels. Anyway, here are some photos from Sony Ericsson. Obviously, I wasn't there. So how was it? Crowded or not?

And you can follow them on Sony Ericsson's twitter here. Hehe! The girls look pretty cute in their red t-shirts.

See you all tomorrow night at the showcase.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beast- Hi-5 session

This will be a quick post as I'm really, really tired.

Universal Music has just updated their FB with details of a new event for Beast fans. Called the Hi-5 session, fans would be able to 'touch' the Beast (this sounds a little gross. Sorry!). I had visions of the boys doing a Hi-5 and saying: "Yo bro! What's up?" with the fans when I heard about this session. And it seems I'm not much far off.

Apparently, all the 6 boys will line up on stage and do a hi-5 with the fans. Now whether they will say: "Yo bro! What's up?" is anybody's guess. hehehe!

Beast “Shock Of The New ERA” Hi-5 Session
Date: 23rd June 2010(Wed)
Time: 7pm (Doors open at 5pm)
Venue: IMM, Level 3 Garden Plaza

How to get that pass? You have to buy the exclusive cd package. Following infor is from Universal Music. Please note that reservation via phone is not accepted. That means you have to go down personally and buy the cd, which I think is fairer.

Pre-Order Starts : 16th June 2010 (WED) (AT CD RAMA ONLY)
You can collect it starting from 18th June 2010 (FRI)
For the list of CD Rama shops, please refer to Universal Music's FB or CD Rama's website

The special paackage includes:
1. Shock of the New Era Full length album Digi pack + Folded Poster (together with CD)
2. Exclusive Beast (B2ST) T-Shirt (Free-size/Black or White)
3. Exclusive Beast (B2ST) Hi-5 session coupon
4. Exclusive Beast (B2ST) Singapore Edition A2 sized Poster
(Posters will be handed over to attendees by Beast personally on stage)

This is how the t-shirt looks like.

And 50 lucky fans who bought the above package will get to have his/ her poster autographed as well! How's that for a bonus? By the way, there is only 1,000 sets available for sale. So I would suggest you make your way down first thing tomorrow. For motr infor, please refer to Universal Music's FB.

Some other interesting notes. I was listening to Yes 933 earlier, and 林佩芬 was giving away passes to Beast's press conference on her show. I think she is also giving away the showcase tickets. But unfortunately, I didn't hear if she will be doing it for the rest of the week. Guess you will just have to listen to the program and look out for it.

And those with MTV Asia's channel, you will be able to watch their debut story this Saturday (19th June). I believe this must be the special 10 episodes that they filmed for MTV last year.

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Side note:
Wonder Girls arrived in Singapore this morning at about 11+ via SQ1. I did think they would fly directly from San Francisco. Thanks to tiffany who posted the infor under comments in my post on Wonder Girls.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beast and 2AM

Ok...just a little quick update on Beast and 2AM

Those of you who have been following Universal Music's facebook, you would have seen the announcement from them about some upcoming plans. I believe an announcement will be made before the end of the week. Cross your fingers, those of you who didn't managed to get tickets to the showcase and autograph session. Hopefully it's good news. (I know many of you will be crossing your fingers, toes and whatever you can cross ^^). In the meantime, please be patient. It's not easy organising an event...there are many parties involved, the Korean management, the artistes themselves, the sponsors, the organisers etc. It's not just a logistics nightmare but a 101 lessons in PR as everyone has to be pleased...in particular, the fans. Just be a little more patient and check out their FB often. I will of course also announce any updates on my site and twitter.

And now, just a teeny, tiny update on 2AM. Again, unofficial hor. But I know there are lots and lots of fans out there who are really, really keen to see them.


This is about the Sheng Siong show. Someone has left a comment on Dasmond Koh's FB that she has managed to get confirmation to 2AM's show. Though the date has yet to be officially announced, you can write in and state the artiste's name instead of the date. It should be on a first-come-first-served basis.

So better go NOW!!!!

Details on how to write in for the tcikets has been posted on my previous post here

Good luck! ^^

Wonder Girls in Singapore- by Sony Ericsson

Oh dear, I got so many things to post, I don't know where to start. Okok, I better start with the one that's happenning first- Wonder Girls showcase and public appearances.

For those who follow me on my twitter, you would have gotten their schedule on the 11th June. In case you didn't get it, here's their official schedule during their days in hot, sunny Singapore.

Press conference- 16th June

Public appearances- 17th June
SingTel hello! ComCentre- 1:00pm
M1 Shop, Paragon- 2:00pm
StarHub, Plaza Singapura, Open Plaza- 3:00pm
Sony Ericsson Concept Store, Iluma- 4:00pm

Showcase- 18th June

Remember when I mentioned in my earlier post that there was an aunction going on? It's closed now and the top 3 winning bids will be announced soon. They will each get a X10 mini with personally autograhed covers by all the members of Wonder Girls. I'm wondering if the top winning bid is really $10,000. It would be nice if it's true as the proceeds goes to the Singapore Children's Society. Here's a peek at what the winners will get.

Credit: Sony Ericsson's Facebook

You can get a pair of tickets to the showcse by buying any of the 4 Sony Ericsson phone models- Xperia X10, Xperia X10 mini, Vivaz and Vivaz Pro. I guess tickets should still be available at all 3 telcos. ^^

The Wonder Girls were here in 2008 for the K Pop concert organised by the Korean Embassy and then again in March as the ambassadors Sony Ericsson Asia Pacific. But they have never staged their very own showcase or concert. So this will be the first time they are doing it here.

I guess most of you would have know that they have just released their single- 2 Different Tears. I have no doubt they will be singing this song during the showcase but will it be in English, Chinese or Korean? Hmm..

The Chinese version sounds a little weird and what is 'poaw'? Hehehe!

Ok.. see you all at the showcase. ^^

Saturday, June 12, 2010

2AM in Singapore

Wow! I've never had so many requests to update on someone before. So though I don't have much news, here's whatever I do know. Now, most of the news are unofficial and unverified, so please do check it out and confirm on your own.

One of the reason why i haven't written much is because the organiser has yet to release any official news and I haven't contacted them yet. Then again, they may not release any news to me now either if things are still not totally firmed up.

2AM will be in Singapore next month.
They will appear on the channel 8 Chinese variety show, The Sheng Siong show.
There will be a showcase.

Dates in Singapore- between 10th to 12th July (????????)
Appearing on The Sheng Siong show on the 11th July (depends on the above)

Now, the above are unverified, so please don't stranggle me if it's wrong. As for getting tickets to The Sheng Siong's show, let me quote from Dasmond Koh's FB. Dasmond is the host of the show.

If you want ticket, send a request ( attached with a return envelope of ur own address ) to Sheng Siong Supermarket, 3000 Marsiling Road, Singapore 739108.

As the date has yet to be officially released, I'm not sure if you can 'request' for tickets to the show yet. I'm just letting you know how it is done. Btw, the tickets to the Sheng Siong show with U-Kiss in it have all been snapped up. So no need to try anymore. They will be on the show on the 20th June, 9pm, Channel 8. So keep a lookout for it.

I will be covering Wonder Girls and Beast. At the moment, I won't be covering U-Kiss because err... the organiser says only major media press invited wor and I'm obviously not major enough.

At this point, I must express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the nice people who have been kind enough to recognise this humble site here to invite me to the official events as well as the tie-ups and promotions. Thank you! ^^

So people, you will have to look out for infor, news and video coverage on U-Kiss mainly from SPH and Mediacorp. Unless the organiser changes its mind or I managed to get invited by someone else, somehow.... But then, I'm sure many of their fans will also be able to gte first hand news. : )

Ok...that's all folks, have a great weekend! ^^

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This and that

It hsa been rather tiring week...not just because of Super Junior's appearance, but also because of my other work. And of course, it is going to get even busier with more artistes hitting our shores. Next up will be Wonder Girls. I'm just wondering though...any fans any money left to buy new phones after getting Samsung's Galaxy S? Anyway, it seems they will be making guest appearance in the shops of all 3 telcos- Starhub, M1 and SingTel. I've already updated it here.

I've got a few posts to catch up including Zuno's showcase (Btw, in case, you are not aware, there are some changes to Quest Holdings. Shan't comment on it too much as there's legal issues going on. Let's just hope things get sorted out soon) and a recap of last year's Sundown Festival (have you gotten your tickets yet?). Super Junior's showcase review will be done sometime this week hopefully.(I have to spend some time editing the clips which really, really is time consuming)

If you are feeling bored because there is no K artiste in town this weekend, you can pop by over to DXO for the K Klub Day. It's now opened to the younger crowd as well. More details on Colored Rhythm's FB or their website.

And I should have some exciting announcements re Beast event next week. So watch out for it.

Finally, I had the pleasure of trying out the new Korean ginseng spa treatment at Damai Spa at the Grand Hyatt Singapore the other week. Read my account about it in the next few days. It was heavenly. ^^

Many of you have left comments and messages here, on my twitter and email boxes. Thank you very, very much for the constant updates. I've always said that fans are the fastest with news about their idols. ^^ If I don't reply you promptly, let me apologise here. I'm doing some revamp to this site and my Tiffany's Attic site and between blogging and doing my other work, plus taking care of a 2 year old kid...my time seems so limited. I haven't watched any Korean dramas for such a long time and I'm dying to catch up on Cinderella's Sister (which Ye Sung sang at the showcase). Sigh... I need 48 hours in a day.

So what I'm trying to say is...my sincere apologies if my replies aren't as fast as it should be.... Í'm not ignoring you...I will reply... unless reply is not necessary.


oh yes...2AM will be in Singapore next month..appearing on Sheng Siong's show. Hmm... I have my reservations about it though.

SingTel/ Samsung GALAXY S presents Super Junior- Press Conference

Wow! What a weekend! Super Junior literally swept into town like a hurricane. This must have been one of the shortest visit by a celebrity as they were here for only half a day. Still, for all the fans who did managed to see them, I believe it was an unforgettable experience.

The line had began to form early in the night...according to news article. I am hardly surprised by this as it is free standing. So fans will want to be sure they can get a good spot.

Before the actual, actual press conference, all the invited media had a chance to take a look and touch THE phone, GALAXY S. For those of you who have smart phones (which according to Mr Yuen of SingTel, 75% of the last 6 months' sales were from smart phones...and I'm guessing in particular, a certain "i" brand, hence the rather subtle reference to that particular phone in their advert tagline), the phone would not be unfamiliar.

How? Nice?

Now, I'm no techie person, but I did read that the operating system, Android 2.1 is pretty good and quite highly anticipated. It's no wonder that the black market for Super Junior's tickets first appeared on tech forums as there were quite a few guys who reserved the phone the moment it came on the *market. And the pictures on the screen is really, really clear. Even I can see that. But hor...the strange thing is...it doesn't have Chinese language input in the phone. It has English, Malay and Korean (which is great) but no Chinese! Hmm... Those of you who did buy the phone...how is it? I'm really curious. And you should be able to watch exclusive post-event videos of Super Junior's showcase on your TV Mobile. Are the clips any good?

*Someone from Samsung has clarified that you can write in Chinese, which is great as it makes sense. See his/ her comments below on how to do it.

Finally, the press conference started. Now I've been attending press conferences for quite a while and I must say this is one of the bigger ones in recent years...not sure if it's due to Super Junior or the phone itself. Maybe both?

The official launch
watch it on youtube here

What followed was a short interview of Mr Moon Sung-Hyun of Samsung and Mr Yuen Kuan Moon of SingTel (I kinda of like the fact that Mr Yuen was rather casual with his jeans and sport shoes). Mr Yeun is pretty important coz he decides what kind of phones you are going to get in SingTel. So if you see any of those very hot phones in any of the Korean dramas that you think is a must have, maybe you can try and contact him. I wonder if he keeps a twitter or FB account. ^^ And Mr Moon was really, really enthusiastic not just about the GALAXY S (he whipped out his to demonstrate to the media) but also about Korea. He kept asking the audience to support Korea in the coming World Cup and watch KBS World on the phone. hahaha! But errr.. I don't think there's a KBS World on SingTel's TV mobile leh.

Official photo with Super Junior

Sung Min was seen chatting with Mr Moon briefly whilst looking at their phones...were they exchanging phone numbers? Wahahaha! And what is Si Won doing, peeping over Mr Moon's shoulder? ^^

The 9 boys finally (Credit: Jessica)

The boys were asked what they thought of Singapore (it seems to be a must-asked question and the reply is pretty much always standard. I mean, which guest or artiste is going to say negative comments about their host country right?). But the one thing I was impressed...the boys were good spokesperson and very professional. There were given a GALAXY S phone each just hours before the media launch. Throughout the whole press conference, they were either constantly playing with the phone, holding up the phone for photo opportunities or just mentioning the phone. FYI, this phone has yet to be launched in Korea. Yup, Singapore is the first country to have it and it is exclusive to SingTel for 6 weeks. I wonder if it will spark a craze for it when it is launched in Korea?

(Credit: Jessica)

And just how professional were the boys? Here's Lee Teuk talk about his 'family members'. The boys were asked what else are they good at besides singing a dancing.

wach it on youtube here

And here's Shin Dong, with his applause clip. Not sure where he found the clip on the phone, but it was really funny when we first heard it.

watch it on youtube here

And a really pleasant and impromptu dance performance by Eun Hyuk...showing off his passion. ^^

watch it on youtube here

And are the boys afraid of anything? Not really it seems, at least not on TV anyway. They were asked if there was anything they would be afraid to do or wouldn't do and the answer was ....NO. Lee Teuk replied that they have done too many things...including dressing up as women (really? when?), so nothing fazes them anymore.

watch it on youtube here

Finally, will they be coming back to Singapore again? Yes, replied Lee Teuk, just call us. Err.. how about giving us your phone number so we CAN call you? Wahahaha! But no need to call already, coz they will be back...probbaly next year for their Asia Tour.

watch it on youtube here

So there you have it...the super short Super Junior press conference. But a credit to their professionalism, if they were tired or jet lagged (afterall, they did just arrived a couple of hours before), they did not show it and in fact, seemed to be really excited and happy to be in Singapore. Except for Hee Chul, who was really, reaaly quiet and not at all happy. (found out later on the net that he was being bombarded by nasty text messages on his phone. Poor guy)

By the time the press conference ended, it was nearly 7pm, so not only was it a mad dash to the show for the boys, it was a mad dash for the media who attended as well.

Next coming up this week: Super Junior showcase!

Friday, June 04, 2010

BEAST showcase and autograph signing

Sorry, was held up last night with some matters and didn't have the time to post. But judging from the response on Universal Music's facebook, I think tickets for the showcase may be sold out by the time you read this.

Anyway, here goes...in a nutshell:

Beast showcase:
The first 1,000 people who buy the Beast cd from HMV outlets will get to see the showcase. That is to say, it's guaranteed. You buy the cd, you get to see the showcase. Only 1,000 cds/ tickets. Only at HMV outlets. The cd costs $25. That's the good news.

The bad news is, I just read their latest update on their FB...it 's sold out liao.

The showcase is at Mediacorp TV Theatre on the 24th June, 7.30pm

Beast autograph signing session:
The first 1,000 people who buy the Beast cd from CD Rama outlets will get to attend the autograph signing session. That is to say, it's guaranteed. You buy the cd, you get the boys' autographs (all 6 of them!). Only 1,000 cds/ passes. Only at CD Rama outlets. The cd costs $25.

The cds sales starts today but it seems some of them already start taking pre-orders. So either hurry down now or call before going down.

AND for 30 lucky fans, you will get a chance to take photos with the boys.

The autograph signing session is at IMM, Garden Plaza on the 25th June, 7pm

I must say, this has to be one fo the fastest sold out show for any Korean artistes. And that's because the organiser, Universal Music have made it very, very affordable. Only $25. Even if you add the autograph signing session, it's only $50. Way cheaper than U-Kiss's event which will be held just a few days before Beast.

Anyway, I believe there should be some contests going on with the usual various media, so those who didn't get the tickets to the showacase, just look out for them.

For more updates, check out Universal Music's Facebook here

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Chaser- review

'The Chaser' is an 80 minutes long programme.

I had tremendous good fun for 70 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed myself. ^^

The first 10 muintes sort of explained what the book was about- it was an ancient, valuable book that was capable of curing a disease. It was a little slow in getting started and it also took me awhile to figure out what they were miming. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out what the powder was all about. So that first 10 minutes were ok but nor great fun yet.

But after that first 10 minutes, it was good fun from the word 'go'.

If you have watched Nanta, Jump, Breakout, Sachoom at the recent Brown Eyed Girls live show at Zouk, this will not be unfamiliar to you as the show used a little from each of these acts in their show.

So there are lots of acrobatic acts, a little dancing, magic shows, miming and drums! And oh...even got puppets. hehe! Sounds a little chaotic? Well, it is chaotic fun. : )

Never mind that the storyline is really thin, unlike Jump or Breakout- the importance is not in the story but the process of 'the chasé'. (Maybe the title should be changed from The Chaser to The Chase?) And indeed, sometimes parts of it seemed to be just deliberate acts of engaging the audience and nothing to do with the story. But you know what, nobody cared..judging from the laughter all around, young and old.

One of the highlights of the show in my opinion is the audience participation (yup, they pulled a couple of audience into the show), because it is unscripted. The cast have to perform according to the participants' reaction...which makes it all a little unpredictable and tremendous fun. So those going to watch it, be prepared to be called up. And if you are selected. join in with your whole heart and enjoy yourself.

The performance has huge doses of slapstick comedy, which they executed well...especially the 'dumb thief'. I believe they must have spent some time doing research to cater to the local audience...because in one of the segment, they actually played the song 侽儿儅自强 whilst they were fighting. hahaha! It was really funny.

The other highlight for me was the drums performance at the end of the show. I love Korean drums. And if you are like me and enjoyed the energy that radiates from them, then you will definitely find yourself tapping to the pounding rhythm.

Group Pocha was set up only in 2008 and 'The Chaser' as an act is still quite new. Perhaps that may explain why the juggling acts were not as smooth as it should be and certain segments of it seemed a little less flowing.

But, these were very minor flaws. The cast were enjoying themselves and it shows. That to me, is more important.

'The Chaser' is presented by The Esplanade as part of the Flipside festival and brought in by Boom Korea and Red Spade. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, you can still do so here. Highly recommended especially if you need to destress.

I managed to take a photo of the cast after the show, just before they headed for their dinner/ supper.

From left to right-the detective (Song Jeong Bae), the smart thief (Kim Jun), the dumb thief (Byeon Seong Jung)

psssst... the guy playing the detective is rather cute. hehehe!

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