Monday, May 31, 2010

A little update

Whew! Has everyone recovered from all the news yet? I know many forums were buzzing with the 'virtual' sales of SuJu tickets. My friend commented that it's a lot like stocks and shares trading. People are selling something that they do not own or have. The tickets have not been given out as the phone is not even available yet. Still, this is not going to stop SuJu fans right?

Anyway, KTO is giving away limited tickets, so those of you on their mailing list, do look out for the email today. It's not up on their Facebook yet but I'm sure it will be soon once they send out their EDM.

Here's their FB.

As for Beast, I understand that Universal Music will try and finalise the event details by the middle of this week, so please be patient. They are working round the clock to get it done asap ...with staff even going back to work whilst on medical leave. :( Just check out their FB page often.

Finally, don't forget that The Chaser at The Esplanade starts tomorrow. It should be quite fun and definitely different from all the K pop we will be getting this month.

For more details, refer to my blog here. Student get special price and is affordable.

See you all there...I'll be writing about it tomorrow night when I come back.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

K Pop fever in June 2010

It never rains but it pours. I used to complain that the Korean music artistes never come to Singapore. They were always going to Thailand, China, Japan but never Singapore because our little red dot was considered too small.

Guess what. for the month of June, we have not one, not two., not three but FOUR Korean bands in town. All I can say is...

Áll you parents out there, no need to plan for any school activities coz your children will be busy chasing the stars almost every weekend.

Super Junior
Date: 6th June
Time: 7.30pm
Event: showcase
Venue: ???
Organiser: Samung/ Singtel

Although I had blogged in my earlier post that you need to reserve the phone first and Singtel will inform you by 31st May of the price before you confirm on the purchase, it seems that Singtel has changed it's tactic. The phone is already on sale now and the price plans is all out. I guess Singtel must have been flooded with phone call and emails after the official release of the phone reservations. Anyway, I read that all 800 tickets have been given out, although the phone is only officially available on the 5th June. There are already quite a few people selling the tickets online...namely the techie forums. The phone is meant to be a really great one, therefore quite a few buyers are guys, hence the techie forums. From what I saw, I think the average price seems to be $300 for a pair of tickets. But I think the price will go higher as more fans become aware of it. I also got a ext message from my friend that you can go down to Plaza Singapura this weekend to pre-order your phone. The 1st 100 get the tickets. Now, I am unsure how true this is as it has not been verified, so go down at your own risk.

Sintel's link

Wonder Girls
Date: 17th June
Time: 2:00pm
Event: Meet the Wonder Girls
Venue: M1 Paragon

Date: 17th June
Time: 3:00pm
Event: Meet the Wonder Girls
Venue: Starhub Plaza Singapura

Date: 17th June
Time: ? (1pm??? 4pm????)
Event: Meet the Wonder Girls
Venue: SingTel hello!Comcentre

Date: 18th June
Time: 7:00 PM
Event: Wonder Girls Music Showcase
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall Basement 2, Hall E
Organiser: Sony Ericsson

*This time, this is organised by Sony Ericsson and a tie-up with all 3 telcos. Wonder Girls (with the new member Hae Rim) was in Singapore earlier this year for a event with Sony-Ericsson as they are the spokesperson for them in Asia Pacific. And based on their twitterings (yes, they were twittering quite alot), they enjoyed themselves here. So looks like more food tasting this time?

And there is an auction going on now at Sony Ericsson's facebook. The top 3 bidders will get the Sony Ericsson X10 mini with 5 different covers personally signed by the members. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the top bid is $10,000, followed by $2,000 and $1,500. Woaaahhh! However, the money is going to charity- Singapore Children's Society, so it's for a good cause. Joon's Family had also donated to the same charity once. ^^

And lastly, I have misgiving about them appearing at M1 Paragon. The shop is in the basement and though it is not small, it is not huge either and no one can see them on the other levels as it is not 'open', if you know what I mean. Oh well....let's hope there's won't be too much chaos.

Sony Ericsson's facebook

U Kiss
Date: 20th June
Time: 4pm
Event: U-KISS “Only One” Meet & Greet Session
Venue: Level 3 Garden Plaza, IMM

Date: 21st June
Time: 7pm
Event: U-KISS “Only One” Showcase
Venue: Powerhouse, St James Power Station
Organiser: Warner Music Singapore

The VVIP tickets @ $170 are already sold out via the local fan club. The VIP tickets @ $70 are now on sale. Though I'am unsure where they are being sold. Through their company or via the local fan club? But it does say that the tickets will be on sale at HMV outlets from the 6th June at HMV. Well, at least the ticket price is not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. The space at St James powerhouse isn't big so it won't be more than a thousand...maybe a thousand at the max? However, it would have been nicer if they could have made the ticket sales a little more public as not many people know about the U Kiss fan club. Still, from an organiser's point of view, it is the easiest and fastest to sell the tickets.

Warner Music Facebook

Date: 23rd - 25th June
Time: ?
Event: Autograph sessiona nd showcase
Venue: ?
Organiser: Universal Music Singapore

I had blogged about this earlier too and was told at that time that it would probably be in July. But I guess the schedule has been changed. I guess the number of fans who indicated their desire to the boys made is easier to confirm the event. So far, nothing has been announced yet except for the dates, so keep a lookout people if you are going.

Universal Music Facebook

Well, it's going to be an exciting June. I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow and see Stahub announcing that they are bringing some bands in as well coz June is already very, very, very full.

There are other bands being mentioned and floating around now...including 2PM, SS501, SNSD and MBLAQ. But who knows if they are just rumours or in the midst of negotiation? I tend to view all these news as rumours till confirmed. Even when it is confirmed, they can still changed at the very last minute. So don't hold your breath. Still, it looks likt 2010 is shaping up to be a good year. Now, if only some of the singers that I want to watch would come instead. Sigh... Unfortunately, bands have a higher chance of being invited than solo singers.

Ok people...let me know if there's any exciting new updates ok?

* there is a slight editing with regards to the organiser. As M1 had come out with the ad on Friday first, I was under the assumption that they had an exclusive tie-up with Sony Ericsson. But actually, all 3 telcos- M1, Singtel and Starhub are involved in the promotion. BUT, the appearance is only at M1 Paragon...maybe that's why they got a headstart with the ad first.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SuJu, U-Kiss, Sundown and the Beast

Have been really busy and out of the office all the time the last few days, so no chance to sit down and check out information properly on the various events coming. But I'm sure the fans have no problem finding out the relevant information.

Latest group to confirm their event but the first to perform is Super Junior (Do I hear screams in Singapore, JB and some say Batam as well?). They will be performing for a 'private event' on the 6th June...which is in less than 2 weeks' time. Now when they say private event, I had in mind the kind of private event organised by Christina Ong of Club 21- you can only attend if you are a who's-who. I was really puzzled and thought why on earth would Samsung and Singtel spend sooooo much money to bring the boys down to entertain the elite matured few. I should have known that it will be linked to handphone sales. So, in case you are still not in the loop...

Be amongst the first 800 people to buy the Samsung Galaxy S and you will walk away with a pair of tickets to the show. Here's the link to that phone deal.

Best part is... the price is not even out. It will be out only on the 31st May but the last day to reserve your interest (ie, your intention to buy) is today, 26th May. So you could be the last person to reserve a set but if you are the first to pay and buy the phone, you still get the tickets. I'm wondering if people will take leave just to stay at home press the 'buy' button. Of course, it is the school holidays, so students may have a slight edge.

Hmm....just for fun...the most expensive tickets for the recent fan meetings and concert cost about $250. So if it's for 2 tickets, will it cost about $500? (with a 2 years contract of course). I wonder????

Deadline to reserve the phone- 26th May 2010

After waiting so long for the information, the list of artistes is finally out for Sundown Festival. As they have already announced earlier, this event will showcase both Japanese and Korean artistes. I can't comment about the Japanese performers as I do not know much about Japanese pop. I think their goal of finally having artistes from all over Asia to perform here is a great and novel idea. However, I do wish the organiser would be a little more forthcoming with the information. Click here for more details.

The event will be held at Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa on the 31st July, 8pm.

Good news? This time the venue is sheltered. So no more worries about rain.
Bad news? It's $118, which is at least $30 more than the ticket price last year. But I guess it's still cheap compared to what some of the fan meets and showcase have been charging. There are 2 Korean groups performing- F.Cuz and After School. I rather like After School's latest song 'Bang'.

Tickets on sale already at Sistic.

And as most of U-Kiss fans know, the group will be in Singapore on the 20th and 21st June for a showcase and autograph-signing session. It is now being organised by Warner Music instead of the original organiser. Not sure what the full plans are but I'm sure it will involved album sales. U-Kiss came to Singapore 2 years ago for the Korean pop concert organised by the Korean Embassy. They have definitely matured alot during the last 2 years.

And last of all..B2ST or Beast (whenever I say Beast, I think of Beauty and the Beast...Oopps! Sorry). No, their showcase is not confirmed yet. But I think very highly likely and probably in July too. Organised by Universal Music, who is also their album distributor. You can join their poll on their FB and show your support. Although they have already hit their target 3,000 before the 31st May deadline, I'm sure if more fans show their support, the faster and easier it will be to confirm their showcase in Singapore.

Click on the banner below to go to the poll.

OK..that's all for the moment.

Sorry for being a little slow in my blogging recently. I'm still trying to get new pc and phone talking to me as well as to each other. Sigh... who says all these modern devices make our lives easier?

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Chaser- winner

As promised, here's the winner for the pair of tickets to watch 'The Chaser' on the 2nd June 2010.

Jasmine Teo


And a great big thank you to everyone who particupated in the contest. ^^ For those of you who did not win, I believe the tickets are still on sale. Details are available from Esplanade. I should be doing a review of it on the 1st June. : )

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Korean magazines- May issues in in the stores

This has got to be one of the longest week ever. My laptop crashed last week. Tried rebooting, resetting etc but all I got was a pair of panda eyes after staying up the whole night looking at the blank screen. Rushed down the next day to get it repair but was told after an agonising wait of one day that it was obsolete and beyond help! (well, the very nice engineer at HP didn't say beyond help, he just said extremely difficult to get the parts and I would have to wait for about a week or two, which in this modern instant connectivity world, equals eternity).

So I opted to get a new computer, which was great because the screen is so much better...except that it uses the super new ^%4#@!^% windows live mail, which doesn't seemed to work like the old outlook express at all. On top of which, when I tried to sync it with my wiped out all my contacts!!!!!!!

In conclusion...a very stressful week and I'm still trying to find my way around locating the various files. Sigh... So if I've stayed away too long from here...sorry!

Anyway, the Korean magazines are already in the stores. Those of you who like fashion, you can get the magazines from Kinokuniya- Takashimaya. For Junior and Asta TV, you can get them from Kinokuniya- Taka and Liang Court, HMV, Poh Kim Video (selected stores) and Comics Connection. For those in Malaysia, you can get them from Kino-KL sometime next week.

Check the list of fashion and entertainment magazines here

For Asta TV, the cover is Lee Min Ho, with quite a spread of his photos. Others include SHINee and Rain. To look at Asta TV, click here.

And of course, there's Junior, which always comes with the free posters. This month, the posters feature Rain, Lee Min Ho, 2PM and 飛輪海. Look at the posters and magazine here

I have limited stocks of Junior and Astv TV on hand. The prices are listed on the site. Free delivery within Singapore only. For more enqueries, email me at

Will post the winner for The Chaser contest tonight plus some updates on the showcases coming up. Though I'm sure most fans know about them already. ^^

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Chaser

I started to get interested in things Korean through it's drama (specifically, 'Winter Sonata'). Slowly, it extended to the music, the food and the culture (well... I like the drums but not so hot on the traditional dance as yet. Hehe!)

Most people are well aware of the Hallyu movement via the music and dramas (with the host of droolicious guys ^^). But its non-verbal theatre acts like 'Jump', 'Nanta' and 'Breakout' are also fast gaining interest. These performances are well known for incorporating dance moves, acrobatic acts, often with a bit of slapstick comedy woven into the whole storyline. Because it's non-verbal, you don't have to understand Korean to enjoy the show. Indeed, 'Jump', 'Nanta' and 'Breakout' have been performed in Singapore quite a few times to sold-out shows. I know my aunt, who is absolutely not a Hallyu fan, really enjoyed these shows. It's really quite a visual treat and most of the performers are fanatastic dancers. I think those of you who have watch 'Nanta' or 'Breakout' would know what I mean.

'The Chaser' will be performed at the Esplanade from the 1st to 3rd June in conjuction with the Singapore Arts Festival.

Now I have not seen this particular show before and looking at the infor, the group was indeed formed only in 2008. But the actors are experienced and in fact, one of them was in the overseas performance of 'Nanta' before. ^^

An important old book got stolen by a street-smart thief. A serious, straight-forward detective goes after the thief to recover the treasure. A second dumb thief got caught in the whole pursuing act. Very simple story.

This show is performed at the Recital Studio in the Esplanade, which means it will be more intimate and up-close-and-personal that the big acts. It should be fun.

And guess what? it's cheaper than all the K Pop concerts and fan meetings that have been held so far. Less than $40!!! And if you are a student, NSF or a senior citizen, even lagi cheaper. Wait, wait...if you buy more than 2 performaces within this series, got more discount. Wah!

To find out more, go to their website here. So if you are sick of seeing all the boy bands, girls bands and young actors, can give this a try. ^^

The very nice people at The Esplanade have also very kindly agree to give away a pair of tickets to the show here to the readers of this blog. So, you can try your luck at winning that pair of tickets if you are really trying to save your money. hehe!

To win that pair of tickets to watch 'The Chaser' on the 2nd June, just answer the following question:

'The Chaser' is a Korean comedy performance that involves dance and acrobatic moves. True or False?

Please email your answer to with the following details:
1) Your name as in the i/c
2) Your i/c number
3) Your contact number

Closing date: 18th May 2010

Winner will be notified via email and posted here as well.

Good luck!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

World Date with Kim Beom- interview with Ho Ruo Yun

How would you like to go on an all-expense paid holiday to Korea (Me! Me!)
What about throwing in a hot, cute guy as your tour guide? (Me with my feet and hands up!)
Better about having Kim Boem, who just happened to be your tour guide cook a meal for you as well? ( I've gone in a yoga twist with my hands, feet, neck and body up!)

Well, that's what happened to Ho Ruo Yun, our Singapore winner for the World Date with Kim Boem. On 17th April 2010, the lucky girl flew off to Seoul, Korea, courtesy of KBS and SingTel mio TV. For 4 days and 3 nights, Ruo Yun, or Rei as she is commonly known to friends and 4 other fans from Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam spent an exciting and unforgettable holiday with Kim Boem for a special programme in celebration of KBS World's 7th Anniversary.

I had a quick chat with Ruo Yun the other day to find out more about this once-in-a life time experience.

Rei had entered this contest rather late and of course, did not expect to win. In fact, when they did call her up to tell her the good news, she thought it was a prank call as it was from Korea. Her mother actually called up Singtel Mio TV to confirm! Was she excited? Of course!!! What followed was a flurry of packing as she would be leaving in 2 days' time. Whee!

At the press meeting at KBS, Kim Boem surprised them all by being part of the media. Can you spot him? hehe!

Are you curious to know what they did together during those few days?

Well...they went to Gangwon province to visit a sheep ranch...

They flew kites together...

They ate ice-cream together (everday it seems!)...

Did pottery together..and yes, Kim Boem is pretty good at this. He made a cup!

Travelled around Nami Island on the segway

And had a BBQ on top of a building on Nami Island...with the man himself barbequeing for the ladies

Are you green with jealousy yet? ^^ There's more to come.

Like most people, Rei got to know about Kim Boem through the drama, 'Boys Over Flowers' and love this handsome guy in there (me too!). Since then, she has watched his other dramas like 'Dream' and 'The Woman who still wants to Marry'. I asked her what was Kim Boem like in person. I was curious...was he like Yi Jeong in 'Boys Over Flowers' or was he like Min Jae in 'Woman who still wants to Marry?' Well, it seems that unlike the charcters in the 2 dramas, Kim Boem is actually a very quiet guy..BUT he speaks volume with his eyes. (I can tell she was still basking in those mesmerizing eyes as she said this) He is also very considerate and caring (he would constantly check to see if the girls are ok). The 5 girls enjoyed teasing the lone 'thorn' amongst the flowers immenssely but he is really good natured about it.

As I looked through the photos and chatted with Ruo Yun, 2 events stood out during this trip to me. The first was this..

Kim Boem cooking an omelette rice for the girls on the very first night. And just how was his cooking? Well, according to Rei, the omelette rice was very good and tasty. ^^ If you can't view the video below, click here

What do you think?

The second event? This- a pyjamas party in a ultra sweet, romantic room filled with balloons. I was really, really fascinated by it. Now, if only Kim Boem had worn pyjamas too!

This was Rei's first trip to Korea and the graduate from the Singapore Institute of Management thoroughly enjoyed herself. Rei, who also likes K Pop music, likes the weather, the food and the scenery and I'm su especially the special time spent with Kim Boem.
Rei with the other winners..

But what was the most memorable part for her during the trip?

When they held a early birthday celebration for her.

Imagine Kim Boem coming into the room with a birthday cake and singing happy birthdday to you...yup...that's what he did for her. Rei, who is actually celebrating her birthday this month, was really surprised about the party. (Reminds me about this scene in 'Woman who wants to Marry'

Of course, Rei came home with lots of momentos and presents..
Check out the little ball keychain. Kim Boem had bought it for her as they both like football.

And this is the very first present that she received from him.. a lion soft toy with a recorded message especially for her. What is the message? Well, I guess you will have to watch the show to find out. Believe me, they did a lot more things than those I've mentioned here. It should be a very interesting programme and I'm looking forward to watching it too... and salivate over Kim Boem. hahaha!

However, I'm sure whatever things she did bring back, the best would be the memories of those few days...

Catch “World Date with Kim Beom” premiering 21st May 2010 (Friday), 18:40 on SingTel mio TV KBS World (CH 38). Ruo Yun’s trip is made possible by SingTel mio TV and KBS World.

Remember to watch the programme!

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Make-a-Wish Foundation & Zuno's auctioned items

Just a short little note with reference to Zuno's IMM fan sign.

I received a very nice and sweet email from Ms Dionne Wu of the Make-a-Wish Foundation the other day. In her words, she said:

'...the money will definitely fulfil our cause in creating a brighter and happier world for children with life-threatening medical conditions' and ' please help to convey our thanks to all the bidders especially Tara who got the ring (what a mind-blowing $800).'

This was of course in reference to the money raised during the charity auction of the various items like the pig-rabbit toys, the Zuno figurine and Zuno's ring. Just in case you are still blur what all the commotion was about that day after going through a couple of blogs on the internet ...I realised that some people really didn't know what was happenning and thought the organiser was trying to get more money out of the fans and audience), some items were auctioned off that day, with the proceeds all going to the charity, Make-a-Wish Foundation

I've always felt that it would be ideal if we can combine our perosnal interest with charity. Certainly, for many years in Joon's Family (Bae Yong Joon's fan club in Singapore), the club members have always raised funds for a charity during our annual gathering. And they are always very generous.

So I am very pleased that this time, Quest managed to incorporate it into Zuno's official events. Perhaps advanced announcements could be given next time as I'm sure we would be able to raise more money.

Just a little note about the charity, taken from their website:

We grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Each wish brings smiles, laughter and a sense of wonder, together with many special memories to cherish.

So Tara and all those who bought the items the other day, you have made a sick child somewhere in Singapore very happy by helping to fulfil their wishes.

Isn't that a nice thought?

If you would like more information on the charity, you can refer to their website here or perhaps give the very nice Ms Wu a call at 65-6334-9474


Friday, May 07, 2010

Zuno press conference on 1st May 2010

The press conference was held at Movida, St James. Hmm.... this would be the 3rd time I'm attending a K Pop event at this place. Wonder why it's so popular. There was already a queue of fans when I arrived, waiting to go in for the fan meet to be held after the press conference.

It started pretty much on time. After the whizz bang arrival at the airport the night before, I could finally see The Man himself up close & personal.

I like the simplicity in his dressing. ^^

He told the media that he had been preparing very hard for the showcase that night and had brought the many exciting segments from his successful Tokyo showcase (I think his Beijing showcase was pretty successful too). He also introduced the 2 songs in his album. 放开我 and 我爱你。 In case you didn't know, 放开我 is a sad song about breaking up but it has a fairly fast beat, which is a little unusual. To be frank, I haven't really checked out the lyrics...which I guess I should after this. I must say I found the chains in the mv a little distracting. hehehe!

Being interviewed by the very lovely Li Yi.

Here are some of the questions asked by the media. I'm sure you would have seen most of them in xinmsn but I might as well post them anyway. Not necesarily in order.
Zuno on what it is like to have a successful brother like Junsu and any pressure to do as well or better. You can also watch it here

Zuno on what kind of music he likes and who is his inspiration. You can also watch it here

Zuno on the best advice that Junsu gave him. You can also watch it here

Zuno on the meaning behind his name. You can also watch it here

Zuno on the hardest part of establishing a career in China. You can also watch it here

Zuno on why he switched career. You can also watch it here

Finally, we had pretty much come to the end of the press conference and it was time for the obligatory autograph on the board.

But wait, just when I thought it was all over...Li Yi announced that he was going to sing for the media! I must say this is the first time I've seen an artistes perform during a press conference. Of course, I can't say I've attended that many press conferences but I do think it's rare. I guess he wanted to give the media, who may or may not be attending the showcase, a peak at his performance. You can also watch it here

What do you think? I think you can have a better and clearer idea of his voice without the sound system.

And that was the end of the press conference. The following are just some random photos of him.

His shoes. I've a;most always taken photos of artistes' shoes during press conference because I do find it fascinating to see what kind of shoes these celebraties wear. But obviously, I have no idea what brand they are. Perhaps those people at the K Fashion blog would know. ^^

Sticking out tongue...cute hor? Really like a little boy.

Personally, I find that he looks very similar to Vic Chou, who is one of my fav Taiwan actor in this photo. What do you think?

He really looks very good when he smile. But I think he was rather nervous during the press conference and didn't smile as much. Someone must tell him to relax next time. Singapore media very tame one. ^^

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Zuno IMM fan meet on 2nd May 10

Sorry...have been super tired after the last few days. Completely knocked out. How about everyone? Came back down to earth yet?

What did everyone think of the showcase and Zuno? I'll be writing about the concert later, so do give me your views. only went for Jun Su...I went because I won free tickets....let me know. Ok? Why? Coz I very kaypoh. ^^

In the meantime, here's a litle review about Sunday's fan meet at IMM.

The one thing that I remembered most about the event? IT WAS HOT!!!!! Sorry...but I was sweating buckets (next time can have fan meet inside air-con place or not huh? It was pouring at Jang Guen Suk's fan meet and got flooded but that's another story). But the fans who were waiting there didn't seemed to mind or care. I must say everyone behaved well. I'm not sure how many fans got his autograph and handshake in the end. Was it 100 or 150?

The crowd waiting...waiting...and waiting.

And finally, The Man himself.

Handsome or not? I do think he's pretty cute. And hor...he is very, very tall!

After the initial greetings.... a special surprise guest was introduced. Actually, it wasn't really a surprise anymore since Quest, the organiser announced it on their FB. The special and surprise guest was non other then Mrs Kim...the mother of Kim Jun Ho and Kim Jun Su.

Isn't she pretty?

Zuno thanking his mother for her support. You can also watch it here

A rather nervous Mama Kim who's very proud of her son. I like Zuno's smile when the audience was cheering his mother. ^^ You can also watch it here

This was rather sweet but hor...why they kept bowing to each other? Looks very strange leh...Watch it above or here

And then it was the usual Q&A time. Mostly same questions. The only interesting one was what was his idea of a perfect date? His answer? Ok...nothing very inspiring- candlelight dinner, movie, stroll. But then...I guess it would be the perfect date for most girls though for the smitten fans there, even walking to the bus-stop would be a perfect date enough. Wahahaha! Watch it below or here

Abd then it was showtime. He sang the ballad, 我爱你 (I Love You) from his single, Zuno- Beginning. Sorry, it's not complete coz some %6$#26^* photographer walked right in front of me. Still, it was nice to hear the crowd joining him for the chorus. I'm sure he must felt very heartened and happy to hear everyone singing together with him. ^^ If you can't view it below, watch it here

He took a break after the performance to get ready for the autograph signing. In the meantime, things got a little interesting amongst the crowd. There were some items up for auction - the proceeds of which would go to the 'Make-A-Wish Foundation'. There were 2 sets of Pig-Rabbit (돼지토끼) from the drama, 'You Are Beautiful'. Not the orginal size size but the smaller one. I did ask the organiser why this product as it seems rather unrelated. (I mean, Jang Guen Suk should be the one to offer this during his fan meet instead). Well, it seems Zuno asked what was not available in Singapore and this was one of it. And so he bought them to be used during his showcase event. Another item was a figurine of him (250 pieces). All autographed of course. Sorry, those items didn't get me very excited. : ) But they still managed to raise a decent amount for the charity. But what really got the crowd going and the whole thing interesting was the auction for his ring, which he had taken off from his finger in front of the crowd earlier. Unfortunately, I don't have a very good picture of it..but it's black and thick. The bids came fast and furious. Everyone wanted a part of him...well...if you can't have the real one...then something off his body also good right? And the ending bid? A whopping $800! Great for the charity and great for the fan. ^^ But I thought Zuno was supposed to put the ring onto the girl herself later on.Did he do that? If he did, I must have missed it. Anyone saw anything?

It was time to autograph for the hundreds of fans. I must say everything and everyone was calm and orderly. Watch it here

I think it must have taken a good 30-40 minutes to finish signing for everyone. Hmm...a suggestion...maybe sell his cd there at the event next time so that fans can get his signature on the cd itself? I think most fans who do have the cd, would have preferred that. And for those who don't have the cd, it's would be a great opportunity to buy them.

A final photo for the media...

Hehe! He has obviously never done this before because the photographers were telling him what to do. He should really smile more. He looks a little too serious he's thinking really hard on what to do and what to say...which he probably was as all these are totally new to him.

A smile like that would melt many hearts. ^^

Finally, it was over and that was the end of his official events during his showcase in Singapore. Not sure where they went for dinner but I'm sure they popped a couple of champagne for a very successful trip. I heard there was quite a lot of fans at the airport to send him off and he even got a little teary.

I'm sure he will be back soo enough with a complete album this time. And to all those winners from my blog who managed to get his autograph...CONGRATULATIONS!

Ok...that's all about the fan meet at IMM. Will be talking about the press conference, the fan meet @ Movida and of course the showcase next. Stay tuned! ^^

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Zuno's showcase...are you ready?

Quite a few of you are asking if tickets are still available. I've checked, yes, tickets are still available but only for Category B ($150). Both Category A & C are sold out. So you can either buy the tickets via this site here OR buy the ticket on the spot at the venue tomorrow.

I will only accept orders and payment up till 10.30am and the special price of $130 remains. Tnereafter, you can purchase the ticket at the door. Sales counter should open at 3.30pm tomorrow. Only cash is accepted. No credit card or nets hor. And before I forget, Zuno's items like his single, figurine etc will also be on sale.

I had a teeny, tiny glimpse of he showcase at the rehearsal tonight.

Remember I said I'm not a DBSK fan because I don't know much about them? Well, I'm still not a fan yet BUT I must admit...Jun Su can sing. The song, 'Greatest Love of All' isn't exactly the easiest the sing and he did it well enough, with just a couple of mispronounciation. And my advise to his fans who are going to be at the showcase tomorrow? Keep quiet so that you can enjoy his singing. He is singing only one song and one song only. So do't missed the opportunity by screaming your head off. You can do that when he finish singing.

As for Zuno, I do think he will be putting up a great performance. The dancers are ex DBSK dancers and I think everyone has been practicing hard. They were still polishing their moves at the rehearsal earlier. Although I still think it would be better if he sings in Korean. Well, you never know...they may surprise us yet.

And personally, I think Zuno is better looking....hehe! Ok, ok, this is just a personal opinion. I've taken some photos at the rehearsal but unfortunately, I can't upload them due to copyright issue.

Ok, people I'm going to catch some zzz..... as it will be a long day tomorrow as I'm sure it is for many fans.

Remember, if you are buying the ticket via this site, then email me at You have up till 10.30am tomorrow. Otherwise, you can buy them at the venue itself. Quest will have a sales counter there tomorrow. I understand there are only 100+ tickets left for Category B.

See you people in a few hours' time.

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