Friday, April 30, 2010

ZUNO showcase- Meet him @ IMM winners

Sorry for a being a little late...had to be at the airport earlier.

So here they are...the winners for the 10 passes.

1) Nurazlin Binte Razak- Sxxxx175J
2) Kek Chin Wen- Sxxxx192A
3) Siti Risziana Binte Rosli- Sxxxx951D
4) Tan Yi Ming Amelia- Sxxxx631E
5) Zhao Ruoxu- Gxxxx340K
6) Retno Ambarsari- B xxx958
7) Amanda Lim Jia Min- Sxxxx963Z
8) Kwon Kyung Ha- Gxxxx481T
9) Liang Yi Jun Danica- Sxxxx350G
10) Nadhrah Zuhairah Monersawi- Sxxxx617D

All winners will be sent an email. Please go to The Garden Plaza, 3rd Level, IMM on the 2nd May. The IMM fan meet starts at 2.30pm.

This is a public event, which means you can see Jun Ho even without the pass. The pass entitles the winner to receive a handshake from Jun Ho.

Congratulations to the winners. ^^

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Programmes/ Itinerary for Zuno visit to Singapore

I wonder how many people will be rushing down to the airport tonight. ^^

Ok...for those who are still blur about what's's the schedule for Zuno over the next few days. I must say this is the first time an organiser has posted such details (including arrival and departure flight infor) so so early. Normally, it takes a crowbar to pry such infor out of their mouths and then hor...must wait till last minute then can release. And departure details are almost never given out...don't know why.

Any, here it is... Have a great weekend and look out for my postings. Oh....I will post the winners for the IMM passes tonight. Emails will be sent to the winners.

2120hrs - Zuno & Junsu arriving via KE 641 (T2)

1400hrs - Fans Meet @ Movida, St James Power Station (for Package A members only)
*Photo-taking and autograph session

1600hrs - Doors open @ Compass Central-East Ballroom, B2, Resorts World Convention Centre

1800hrs - Zuno Showcase 2010

1430hrs - Fans Meet @ IMM, Level 3, Garden Plaza (open to public)
*Handshake for 100 fans only (50 lucky fans from the showcase and 50 fans from public on first-come-first serve basis)

2250hrs - Junsu departing via KE 642 (T2)

0015hrs - Zuno departing via CA 970 (T1)

Have fun people.... more thing...I've had a few people asking me if Jun Su is going to appear in the other events. So far, according to the organiser, Jun Su will only appear at the showcase. This is afterall Jun Ho's showcase and not Jun Su. So the focus should be on Jun Ho. But maybe Jun Su will be lurking somewhere nearby to give him support???? Who knows?

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Upcoming posts

Some upcoming posts....

- Interview with the Singapore winner of World Date with Kim Boem, Ho Ruo Yun.
- Zuno's rehearsal, press conference and showcase review
- K Pop forums in Singapore

Stay tuned... ^^

And oh...for those who kept asking me about the groups coming in July.... I really can't say anything at the moment because the acts have yet to be signed...(the last I know anyway) and I don't think I should jinxed it. Besides, I have to let the organsier must announce first mah...

BUT, once I am given the green light to reveal, I will definitely do so.

All I can say is.... for the month of July, if all goes well....there should be at least 2 concerts. So start saving people.

ZUNO showcase- Meet him @ IMM passes

Has all the dust settled? I know quite a few of you took leave to chase Mr Jang over this weekend. And I did hear quite a few fans raving about the fan meet. ^^ I'm sure there will be more news in the next few days.

Well... another storm is coming up this weekend...Zuno aka Jun Ho will be arriving together with Jun Su for Zuno's showcase. So you have 4 days to rest as the boys arrive on 29th April. ^^

As promised, I'm running the contest to win the passes to meet Zuno up close and personal at IMM on the 2nd May. I'm not sure what the programme is at IMM that day...but you do get to touch in shake his hand. Wahahaha!

Ok... I thought I'd make it a little more interesting this time. It's so boring to just answer the question everytime right? So instead of me asking the question... I would like those who are interested in getting this pass.... to ask the question instead.

Tell me what is the single most burning question that you would like to ask Zuno, himself.

5 winners with the most interesting question will be picked.

Not only will you get to see him on stage at IMM at 2.30pm, 2nd May, Garden Plaza (Level 3), IMM BUT, your question will also be answered by Zuno himself.

Yup, the questions will be forwarded to Zuno and the answers will be posted here.

Some tips... don't ask questions like..'Will you marry me?', 'Can I have your handphone number?' etc. Think of something interesting. What would you, as a fan, like to know? What would other fans like to know? And if you are not a fan yet...what would you like to know that might make you become his fan.

Send your question to with the subject header:
ZUNO showcase- Meet him @ IMM passes

Please provide the following details about yourself:
1) you name as written on your i/c
2) your i/c number
3) your handphone number

T&C to note:
1) This contest is opened to all from 26th April till 28th April 2010.
2) 5 winners will be picked and will be informed via email as well as posted here on the 29th April 2010.
3) The passes are not transferable.

For those who have bought tickets via my site here, you will be entered in the lucky draw automatically.

If you have not bought tickets yet, you can click here for more details.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jang Guen Suk departure details

In case there are still some of you who don't know... Jang Guen Suk will be leaving tonight via Korean Air.

KE642, 2250hrs, T2

Seems the fan meet went really well yesterday. I'm glad the fans had a good time. ^^

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jang Guen Suk arrival details

Ok..for all those who have been asking me this question. Here's his flight details

Arrival date: 22 April
Airline: KE641
Time: 2120 hrs
Terminal: T2

And for the record, just in case you are thinking of asking me, I do not know which hotel he's staying in. I'm sure it would be no problem for the fans to find out though. ^^

Have fun.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jang Guen Suk? U Kiss? 2PM? SNSD?

Quite a few have been asking me about Jang Guen Suk's flight details. I'm afraid I don't have the details right now except, he should be arriving on the 22nd Apr, if no further changes. The organiser has not been the friendliest I'm afraid.

Some of you have also emailed me to inform me about U Kiss appearance in Singapore. Thanks for the tip-off. Originally, from what I know, they should be performing in the 2nd half of the year but it seems now they are not appearing in that particular event now I got to play detective and find out if and when they are coming. hehe!

On a bright note, for the event that U Kiss was orginally supposed to appear in, I've been told that a high profile group will be appearing. Now please don't ask me who coz I think they are still trying to negotiate with various groups, so please be patient. (Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Big Bang). ^^

Aa for the rest of the rumoured groups coming. Yes, I've heard too...from 2PM to SNSD to SS501 etc. But so far, they are still rumours for me, so I really rather not write anything. But you know, fans are always faster than any media, so if you guys do hear confirmed news in your local kopitiam, tell me hor.

Just another bit of news re Kim Boem's World Date. Yes, Mio TV did select a winner and I believe she should be in Korea now. I would love to get updates on this. Hmmm... YY?

EDIT: Thanks to annonymous for the tip-off and infor. Oh...wouldn't I love to have an ice-cream together with Kim Boem. ^^

Click on KBS site here to look at the rest of the photos.

And oh...something else that caught my attention related to TV. This is news that appeared in ST on Monday. Daniel Henney will be appearing in a new American medical series, 'Three Rivers'. The following is the quote from the article:

"We really needed the really hot kind of lothario doctor and we were seeing the usual suspects, who were not bad, but I wanted to do something a little different."
(quotes Barbee, who is the executive producer for the show. Credit: Straits Times, Cheryl Tan, 19th April).

Who is Daniel Henney?

'Three Rivers' starts this Wednesday (which is today) on Mio TV, 10pm. Those who catch it, can tell me if he is any good?

Hmm... but I still prefer Dennis O leh.

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Zuno, Jun Su flight details

For those who follow my twitter. you would have gotten the flight details. For those who don't, here they are. Not sure if there are any last minute changes, as you all know, things are never quite confirmed till the last minute. ^^

Jun Ho & Jun Su's flight details.
Arrival- 29 April, KE 641 @ 2120hrs.
Departure- 2 May - Departure KE 642 @ 2250hrs

Zuno's album will be on sale at HMV on the 22nd April.

Here's how the ticket will look like:

Not bad. Quite unusual to print a special ticket just for a showcase.

Tickets can bee collected at IMM on 25th April. For those who bought from me, you can opt to collect yourself personally or have them sent to you via registered mail. Your choice lah. For details on sale of tickets, click here

If you are anxious to get those meet-the-fans pass at IMM on 2nd May, I will run the contest sometime end of this week. ^^

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Zuno aka Kim Jun Ho

Credit:Zuno Fan club Singapore

I must admit... I know pretty much nothing about DBSK...much less Jun Ho, Jun Su's twin brother. I'm guessing that many of those going to watch his showcase on the 1st May are there mainly because of Jun Su. Nothing wrong with that. After all, Jun Su debuted long ago and DBSK is well known where as Jun Ho is only just making his official debut.

Actually, I'm curious...seeing as they are twins...why did one enter showbiz under SM at the age of 11 and the other stayed away till now? Hmm...does anyone know the answer?

It's also unusual that he chose to launch his career in China instead of Korea though he wouldn't be the first Korean artiste to start his stage career outside Korea. Afterall, Lee An also launched his career here in Singapore. It's probably quite a good strategy though. The market in China and the entire Chinese speaking is huge.

But hor I like K Pop because I like to listen to Korean songs. So I do hope his next album will be in Korean despite the fact that I understand very little Korean.

So...although I'm quite pleased that Zuno is able to sing in Chinese (I wonder how good is his Mandarin), and am really quite happy to hear him sing in Chinese, I much, much, much prefer that he sings in Korean....most of the time. hehehe!

Jun Ho was officially introduced to the public by his brother Jun Su on MBC's programme, 'Introducing a Star's Friend'. Quite funny, the things they made him do. Catch the clip here. And then hor, he has to show off his 'talents' to win the girls, so he danced to Wonder Girls 'Tell Me' and Lee Hyo Ri's 'You Go Girl'. It was quite hilarious but the best part was, he actually said that he can't do guy's dance. Oh no! Does that mean he's going to dance all these girls' dance at his showcase? No lah, of course not. Glanced through a couple of fancams of his Beijing showcase on the 28th March. Not too bad. It certainly looks like there were lots of bang. Watch them here and here.

Personally, I think Jun Ho looks better but that's just my personal opinion. But in this clip, he does look at bit errr...It's the hair! It's the hair!

And the organsier has just released his official trailer for the Singapore showcase.

Does it look exciting? It's countdown time, people.

Catch the updated news about him on his Fan club and his fan club's facebook.

Credit: Zuno Fan Club Singapore

I found this really cute. ^^

Credit: As stated on the photo.

One more thing before I end this post. Both HMV and 100.3 are running contests to give away tickets. You can try your luck. ^^ Otherwise, I guess there's no choice but to buy the ticket. ^^

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

April issues of the Korean magazines out on sale now

For those who buy the Korean magazines regularly, they are out on sale now.

For fashion and entertainment magazines, they should be out on sale at Kino- Taka tomorrow. Check out the magazine titles here:

Fashion and Entertainment. The free pouch from Ceci is rather nice.

Both Junior and Asta TV feature DBSK for the month of April. With the band pretty much seems timely to have them on the cover.

DBSK is on the cover for Junior- April issue and U-Know Yun Ho is on the cover for Asta TV- April

And the good news is, both Asta TV and Junior will now also be on sale at the following places:
Kinokuniya-KL (NEW!)
Kinokuniya- Liang Court (NEW!)

Kinokuniya- Takashimaya
Comics Connection
Poh Kim Video (selected outlets)

I was going to write about Zuno tonight. I thought there wouldn't be much information about him and wouldn't take up much of my time. What a surprise to find that there are actually quite a fair amount of news and clips about him. So I think the post can only be up tomorrow when I've sort out the information. Do look out for it tomorrow (or rather today). In the meantime though, you can check out the latest update about Zuno's showcase on Quest FB.

I'll be writing about the various ongoing contests and promotions for the showcase. You can find out how to win those elusive tickets to the show and the exclusive passes to his fan meeting at IMM.

Have you bought your ticket to Zuno's showcase yet? If you have not, click here for more information and details.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

World Date with Kim Beom- update

Ok.. I was told by the Mio TV's PR contact that the deadline to submit your entry is 14 April.

But I just looked through KBS official site and the deadline is suppoed to be 12th April. So I'm not sure which is right, unless Singtel's Mio TV managed to get an extention.

Hmm... whatever it is...there is not much time if you do want to participate.

Here are the 2 videos about this special event:

Here and here.

Good luck everyone.

Oh...the programme will air on KBS World, mio TV on 14th May.

Hmm... I'm not sure if it is the same date for the KBS World on SCV.

KBS' World Date with Kim Beom

Judging from the traffic, I guess quite a few of you read the update on my twitter earlier. ^^

Yeah... I got a surprise too. I was just going through my emails and this wasn't even marked important or screamed 'Date with uber cute Kim Beom' on the subject matter. It was just a very boring 'Singtel Mio TV news for April'. Shheeshh. I would have expected the person to text me when it's news like that (are you reading this? YY? ^^)

Anyway, for those of you too lazy to search out Mio TV for the information, here are the important parts:

1) Subscribe to Mio TV
2) Fill up the form and submit to Mio tv
3) Be available from 17th to 23rd April

Now before you pick up that phone and start calling Singtel to 'pali, pali' come down and install that box, do note that there are charges hor.

Also, I tried searching through Mio TV's website but just couldn't find the deadline. And I'm not sure how many fans will be chosen or when the winner will be chosen. Unfortunately, it's a Saturday tomorrow (or today) I won't be able to find out anything until Monday. :(

Isn't it thrilling to know that you may have actually have a chance to be with him?

Coincidentally, this month's Elle Girl has a story on him. I think I much prefer the photos in there. Hehe! (Elle magazines will be available in Kino- Taka after 15th April, next week)

Did I ever tell you all that I get excited seeing a man with unbuttoned shirt? I didn't? Should read my posts on Lee Byung Hun and Chung Jeong Myun.

(It would have been even better without the shirt I'm being a pervert. Oops!)

Alright, for those of you who want more information, refer to Mio TV's site here.

You know what was the first thought I had when I read the schedule?

'Oh good. Can still be back in time to attend Jang Guen Suk's fan meet on the 24th April and Zuno's showcase on the 1st May.'

Wahahaha! I think I'm going nuts. going off to

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Answers to my post of Hot Boys Galore- but who are they?

I thought I'd write this very short post whilst I still have 5 minutes.

First of all...

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Congratulations to Elle!

Elle, I take my hat off you. Coz you are really, truely a K Pop fan...which I am not. I only vaguely recognised Kim Soo Hyun because I watched 'Will it Snow for Christmas?'. But I have absolutely no idea who the rest are...beyond recognising the bands they are from.

You sure you didn't cheat yeah? hehe! Anyway, congratulations. Sorry, no prize this time...but if there are more participants in the future, maybe can have little fun draws. What do you all think?

I guess this ajuma here still got lots to learn.

The answers are:
1) Yoon Si Yoon- from High Kick 2
2) Shin Dong Ho- from U Kiss
3) Moon Jun Young- from Z:EA
4) Kim Soo Hyun- from Will it Snow for Christmas
5) Im Seu Long- from 2AM
6) Cheun Dung- from MBLAQ

There will be exciting changes and happennings to this blog as well as the K scene in the coming months. I'm now crossing my fingers that the 2 boy bands I want will really be here........

Cross fingers and toes...and eyes.....


Zuno Showcase 2010- Beginning

2 announcements:

Tiffany in Kimchiland is very happy to announce that it will be official blogger for Zuno's showcase...which means, all the official events will be covered here on this blog.

Tiffany in Kimchiland, working together with the organsier, will be selling the tickets to this showcase at a special price....especially for the readers here only. ^^

How special?

Well, you will be paying $130 (instead of $150) and S100 (instead of $120). That's not all, the tickets will be sent to you via registered mail at no extra costs once they are ready.

Is that good? hehe!

But the tickets are limited. Errr... I don't know how limited coz apparently, these tickets are being released by the Korean counterpart to Quest.

Terms to note:
1) Ticket price is $130 (usual price $150) and $100 (usual price $120). Please refer to poster for details on seating and venue.
2) The special priced tickets are limited and while stocks lasts.
3) Last day of ticket sales will be 26th April, 2359 or earlier.
4) All payments must be made by 27th April, 2359.
5) Payments to be made via bank transfer or cheque.
6) Please note the ticket will only be ready for collection or sent out in the 3rd week of April.

If you are interested in buying the ticket and watching Zuno (and Junsu) perform, then do drop me an email at

(Pssssst...I watched some of the fan clips of his performance at his Beijing's showcase...ok lah..not bad leh.)

Zuno meet the fan session at IMM
Yup, you heard it here first...there will be a meet-the-fan session at IMM on the 2nd May. And 100 lucky fans will get to see him up close and personal on stage. And the very nice people at Quest have given me 10 passes to give away on this blog. Yes, you get to shake his hand, present your present..and declare your undying love on stage if you want to. wahaha! OK, to be frank, I don't know the full programme at IMM that day beyond the fact that 100 fans will be picked but you will definitely be near him.'s how you are going to win those passes.

1) Buy a ticket to Zuno's showcase via this blog. Your name will be entered in the lucky draw automatically.
2) The winners will be announced after 26th April

For those who have already bought your tickets and the general public, don't worry, you will still get a chance to win these passes. A question will be asked later and 3 winners will get to see Zuno at IMM. So look out for the question.

This is Zuno's official mv from his song-放开我 (Let me go).

Friday, April 02, 2010

Hot Boys Galore...but who are they?

Have been totally stressed out the whole week as my little girl was sick. Those of you with young children will understand how difficult it is to remain sane with a clingy, grouchy, whiney sick toddler. It is totally physically and emotionaly draining. Thank goodness she is much better.

Anyway, I scanned these photos from last month's Elle Girl magazine because they are supposed to be up and coming 'hot', young stars. But unfortunately for this ajuma, I couldn't recognise any of them...except one....just about.

You know, with so many boy bands and hot actors on the rise, I'm often lost as to who is who. So I'm curious. Those of you who frequently visit my blog and should obviously know about K Pop, do you know who they are?

Don't cheat..just take a look at the picture and type in your answer under comments.

No prizes this time round for the right answer..just a bit of fun. Let's see if we can get some good response. You can click on the photos for a bigger image.

Will reveal the answers in my next post. ^^

Last note:
There are a couple of exciting dramas coming up- 'Personal Taste' starring Lee Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin, 'Cinderella's Sister' starring Moon Guen Young, Chun Jung Myung and Taecyeon and the one that I'm currently watching now- 'Oh! My Lady' starring Chae Rim, Lee Hyun Woo and Choi Shi Won. I can only say I'm liking it so far. ^^