Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Music of Oh Joon Sung

I must admit, I had no idea who Oh Joon Sung was before this concert. But I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think most of us actually do not take note of composers, lyrists, music arranger etc. But people like Oh Joon Sung are as important as the singers. A good song can propel the singer from obscurity to fame. Of course, you also need the right singer to bring that special feel to the song.

For Korean dramas (and to a lesser extent, movies), the songs are so much part of the whole package that it's hard to seperate the music from the drama. I guess because music conveys so much more than words sometimes. I had started off on my Korean interest with 'Winter Sonata'. Of course I was mersmerised by Bae Yong Joon, the plot and the scenery. But the songs in the drama was also a big factor. From 'Missing You' in 'Stairways to Heaven' to Perhaps Love in 'Princess Hours', can you imagine the dramas without the songs?

So, though you may not know who Oh Joon Sung is, I'm sure you will know the dramas that he has composed music for.. like

If and Love Comes to me for Witch Yoo Hee (I wasn't impressed with this drama though...sigh..despite the presence of 3 cute guys. Sigh..)

Because I Love You and Come with me from Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung

Motion and Run! from Heading to the Ground (this was DBSK's Yun Ho's 1st drama ^^)

One interesting aspect of this composer was the fact that he incorporated classical music into some of the songs. Actually, I wasn't aware of it until Michelle of Esplanade told me about it. (well, those of you who were at the press conference yesterday would have known that Michelle got interested in Korean dramas about a year back and was captivated by the music immediately...which was how this concert came about). The reason for incorporating popular classical music? To enable the viewers to know about the new drama fast. Listen to these songs, do they sound familiar to you? If from 'Witch Yoo Hee' and Never Say Goodbye from 'My Girl'.

Speaking of the drama, 'My Girl', most of you would have known that the singer for this song, Mario& was just here last December for Sundown Festival. What is not known is the fact that Mario% is a project group formed by Oh Joon Sung. That is to say, the singers in this project group may change from time to time. I believe he did this to give more aspiring singers a chance to perform. As you know, it is fiercely competitive in Korea's entertainment scene and without backing, you may not stand a chance. This is the same as his band 8 man band, Green Cacao. Take a look at 'Boys Over Flowers ost 1' and you will see them listed in it (I know most of you would have the ost^^).

And of course, everyone knows Shinee sang Stand By Me in 'Boys Over Flowers', and also 'Countdown' in 'Dream'. Bobby Kim, the other guest artiste, sang 'Look at the Sky' from 'Heading to the Ground' and Live or Die, also from 'Dream'.

At yesterday's press conference, Oh Joon Sung told the media that he thought very highly of both his guest I'm sure there will be more songs from them in the future.

Actually, whilst doing research for this blog, I noticed that he has worked with the same artistes in quite a few of his dramas. One of them is 나무자전거 (Tree Bicycle), who has sang in 'Boys Over Flowers', 'Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung' and 'My Girl'. The other is Ashily in 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Witch Yoo Hee' and Someday in 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Dream'.

Oh Joon Sung also mentioned that 'King and I' was one of his most memorable work. I must admit I didn't watch the drama (it stars Goo Hye Sung, who was also in Boys Over Flowers). But I really like the song 'Please'.

Frankly, I think it will be quite an interesting concert, hearing these familiar songs performed in a concert hall will be something unusual.

And I'll let you on a little secret. I'm not a fan of Shinee. But after yesterday's press conference, I will be looking forward to seeing them perform live on stage. The composer himself was singing praises of them. To have a well respected, established composer like him thinking highly of the group (out of so many 'man' bands in Korea) says something. And I believe it would be unusual for the boys to perform on stage with a live orchestra.

Of course, the fact that I'm going to hear Bobby Kim sing live is a good enough reason for me to attend already.

So have you bought your tickets yet?

To buy the tickets, go to Sistic

See you all at the concert!

A little news about the Shinee's fan sign today-
Nope, I didn't go down. I knew it was going to be chaotic... as bad as Lee Min Ho's event at Plaza Singapura. Sure enough. It was mad house...judging from all the fans' acounts. BUT! At least they did appear and signed for the 1,000 fans as promised.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

FT Island- flight departure details

Just in case there are people still searching for their departure details...

FT Island will be leaving tonight.

KE 642, 22.45 @ T2.

Hope the concert was good. ^^

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Joon Sung, Bobby Kim, Shinee- flight arrival details

There is a slight change in the terminal. They will be arriving at T2 instead of T3 via Asian Airline.

29th January 2010
OZ753, 2145

Please give everyone a very warm welcome ok... ^^

As pointed out by jlwx-gal, the timing of the arrival flight has been changed to 2005. I would suggest you take note of the flight number, as landing time could change at the last minute. ^^

2nd EDIT
For those doing a countdown...seems the flight has been delayed to 2039. So it would seemed it's almost back to original time. Those who are going to the airport, take note of the flight number. And please do remember to give a warm welcome to the other artistes, especially the composer, Oh Joon Sung. Remember without him, Shinee would not be here.

Enjoy everyone!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FT Island- flight arrival details

Just a quick post before I go to bed. This is in response to all the queries about FT Island.

The boys will be arriving on the 28th January (Thursday), KE 641 (Korean airline) @ 9.15pm.

This news was already on my Twitter last night.

Hmm... so will there be more fans at the airport or IMM on Friday night? One's in the east and the other's in the west. Ottoke???

The Music of Oh Joon Sung- Shinee

Shinee is really quite a young group, having officially debuted in 2008. And like many of the boy bands, all the 5 members are extremely young too- Tae Min is only 17!!!! Alamak, can be my son man...if I had gotten married early enough.

I can't remember when I became aware of them. Maybe from their album Amigo Repackaged album. Certainly, refrains of 'Amigo'..'ottoke, ottoke' and 'hajinman sexy' was a little difficult erase. I must admit though, with so many boy bands out there, I've never paid much attention to them. The fact that their songs have yet to appeal to me does not help. Now, before I get thrown rotten eggs by all the fans, I'm not saying they are no good...just they are not on my yet. Speaking of the song, 'Amigo', whilst doing a bit of research work for this post, I found this clip. It's a mandlish version of the song, Amigo. What's mandlish? hehe! Watch the clip lah. Quite funny, I must say.

Shinee won the 'Best Style Icon Award' in 2008 and apparently, is known for their style of skinny jeans and colourful sweaters which are very popular with the youngsters. Hmm... why am I not surprised? I guess that's why they are the spokesperson for Clride.

Most bands (whether boy bands or girls bands) work really hard. And I think if you are under a big agency like work tripple hard. So these young boys were not only been busy promoting their latest album- The Year of Us, they are also busy involved in a few variety the same time. Whew!

These include Dream Team, where the celebraties pit against the public in obstacle race. Quite fun, you can catch a glimpse here. Then there's 'Idol Maknae Rebellion' and of course, the one show where all Shinee fans are chasing...'Hello Baby' where the members are supposed to take care of a baby (well, more like toddler). Anyway, you can catch part of Episode 1 here. I must say the baby is rather cute. But I'm not sure how these boys are going to do as 'fathers'.

I guess most of non-shinee fasns would have become aquainted with them via the drama, Boys Over Flowers, where they sang the song 'Stand By Me'. Here's a clip of them singing live. And related to the drama, the band also sang for Samsung's Anycall, starring none other than my fav couple in the drama- Yi Jung and Ga Eul (actually, it's more Yi Jung or Kim Bum I'm interested in...hehehe!). The ad is funny enough but did they have to make her whine: 'sunbae' half the time? Aiyoh...

But I know all Shinee's fans are only dancing to one song now...'Ring Ding Dong'. Don't know why...but I keep thinking of SuJu's 'Sorry, Sorry'.

Shinee will be singing 2 songs at the concert- both composed my Oh Joon Sung- 'Countdown' from the drama, 'Dream' and of course 'Stand by Me'. You know, when I first heard that Shinee was going to perform at the Esplanade, I was totally baffled, because of course, no matter how you look at it...the image just doesn't seemed to fit. But now, I'm actually looking forward to it just because it will be unusual to see this live-wire group perform a very upbeat song in a concert hall.

Anyway, if you want to watch Shinee perform at the Esplanade, you can get the tickets from Sistic

Just a note before I finished off with this post. I thought I'd post the latest updates here from their autograph signing event on facebook. I believe not everyone has a facebook account. So here it is, word for word. Any queries, you will have to check with the organiser coz err... I won't have the answers.

Purchase a copy of SHINee "YEAR OF US" album On-The-Spot and receive SHINee members' Autograph!


Every album purchase entitles you to a pass to get SHINee members' autograph!

No pass no autograph. All other albums will not be signed and entertained.

*************** :: LATEST UPDATES 260110 :: ***************

- After the first 1000 albums are sold, you can still buy the album, but you CANNOT get SHINee's autograph NO MATTER WHAT!

- Number queues will be given out to the person who is queueing. Once the 1000th queue number is given out, the rest will know, so they won't be 'queueing for nothing'!


****The queue for purchasing the album and queue for signing is different, please queue to PURCHASE ALBUM FIRST, before approaching the queue for the SIGNING!

*****Those WITHOUT albums will still be allowed entry to see SHINee during the Autograph Session!

As I've commented to someone's query... I'm really wondering if they can sign all 1,000 copies..coz that would mean each member has to sign 200. How long would that take? Hmmm...

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Monday, January 25, 2010

La Coco Hair Salon

I thought I'd take a break from writing about all the K pop and write about something else that I've been wanting to talk about since last year. Although it's not about K Pop, it still has some connection to it. ^^

La Coco Hair Salon was one of the sponsor for the Sundown Festival last year. It also sponsored Brown Eyed Girls' autograph signing session at absolutely no cost to the fans. That is to say, the fans didn't have buy or pay anything to get their autograph. The only thing they had to do was to queue up. At that time, I mentioned that it was rare for a sponsor not to ask for something in return. And I will say it again, especially in light of Shinee's autograph session that is going to happen this coming Sunday. Now I'm not saying that it is wrong for the sponsor to ask for something in return. In fact it is very normal. But what La Coco did was very unusual and for BEG's fans...they were very lucky.

Anyway, that got me interested in the salon. There are many F&B outlets here, from the expensive restaurants to the family types to the mass market stalls in all the foodcourts. But hair salon was rare. So I paid a visit to the salon and had a little chat with the very friendly owner, Mrs Kim.

The decor was designed by Mrs Kim's daughter, who studied interior design. I was glad to note that they didn't cramp every available space with a seat. It was nice and airy with just that little touch of 'glam'. Maybe it was due to the sparkling cascade. ^^

La Coco has 2 Korean hairstylists (I believe they are adding more this year). These Korean hairstylists were personally talent scouted in Korea. Of course, there are also local hair stylists there lah. Btw, the Korean hairstylists speak pretty good English.

예쁜 Rina

Joel & his wife

The salon uses Korean technics and skills. One of them is Speed Perm using these:

 :  :

Apparently, they greatly shorten the time to do a perm. As many Korean women go for beauty treatment during lunch hour, I guess this is pretty useful. I'm not quite sure how long it takes to do a perm using these, so if you want to find out more, please do call and check with them.

Actually, what really made an impression on me was more of the little touches. Now I haven't been to any of those top-end salons like Passion, Le Salon and Monsoon, so I can't do a comparison. But I think these little touches are not that common amongst the majority of the salons here.

Instead of using white, sponsored plastic cover, La Coco uses these robes. They also indicate what kind of treatment you are having, ie, hair cut, perm etc. Nice hor.

You are also given a nice, comfy, plump cushion, where you can place your hands on underneath those robe. I know I always end up twiddling my thumbs as I didn't know where to place them...especially during a hair cut.

But what I really, really liked and won me over was the towel that was placed over me as I had a hair wash. You think 'what's so great about that?' That's the thing. It's just a little gesture but often it's the little thing that makes a difference, isn't it? I almost always go to the salon in pants or jeans because it can be very awkward and difficult lying there and trying to look dignified and decent in skirts. I would be crossing my legs and pulling my skirt down at the same time. : (

La Coco will also be offering a manicure/ pedicure service whilst you have your hair done. Now this kind service is already offered by some salons, so it's not unique. Still, I think it's a brilliant idea. Remember what I said earlier about twiddling my thumbs underneath those white plastic cover?

Whilst getting my hair done, I had a little chat with Rina. She commented that most Singaporeans are quite conservative and traditional about hair styles as compared to Koreans, who tend to be more adventurous..even the men. And having been to Korea so many times and after watching so many dramas, I would tend to agree that the Koreans are more experimental. Maybe that's why we enjoy watching the fashion and style as much as the drama. Strangely, I actually blogged about hair sometime ago. Read my post about 'Bad Hair Day' here.

But what intrigued me the most was Mrs Kim. Most hair salon owners are hair stylists themselves. But Mrs Kim is not. So why did she open a hair salon?

Mrs Kim told me that mother was a hair stylist. Apparetly at that time, there were 3 vocations offered to people after the war- nursing, hair cutting and ..... (I forgot what was the 3rd one liao). So Mrs Kim grew up watching her mother cutting, perming and styling hair for people. And she found it totally fascinating. So although she doesn't actually dot he actual work, she is very enthusiastic about it.

The lovely Mrs Kim

Is it expensive? Let's just say it's comparable to Orchard Road price. So if you don't mind pampering yourself or want something different, then do try it out.

La Coco's address:

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central, #04-13
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6884 4544/ 6884 4644

One last note- Brown Eyed Girls had paid a visit to the salon before going to the autograph signing session. Here's a photo taken in the salon.

Brown Eyed Girls Live Concert:
Brown Eyed Girls will be back for a live concert on the 27th February. Organised by Red Spade, the people who brought you Sundown Festival last year. The pre-sale tickets will only be available after 8th February. You can check out more information on their facebook here. Or check out Boom Korea's site here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shinee and Brown Eyed Girls- quick update

Just a very quick post before I hit the sack, otherwise I will be going around half dazed in the morning.

Anyway, if you had followed me on my Twitter, you would have found out about

Shinee's autograph session
Shinee's autograph session is happening on the 31st January, 1.30pm and Lot 1 (Choa Chu Kang). Gosh...this mall really, really far away. You can only get the autograph if you buy the cd. And then the queue to buy the cd is different from the queue to get the autograph. On top of that night, no queuing over night. Hmmmm... so when can one actually queue? 5am? 6am? Is 5am considered as night or early morning? Anway, I'll try and get more infor coz I think they are still trying to sort out the finer details. But in the meantime, you can also check out the facebook here. Btw, only 1,000 albums on sale on sale hor.

The music of Oh Joon Sung- arrival and press conference
All the artistes will arrive on the 29th January, 8.45pm at T3. The press conference will be held on the 30th January, 11am at the Esplanade. Hmm... this means the artistes will be here for a good 5 days as the concert is on 1st and 2nd of Feb. With FT Island arriving on 28th January...I think many of the fans will be very busy for that few days and all those taxi uncles will be very happy. ^^ But wait a minute... Shinee arrives on 29th January, 8.45pm. FT Island got autograph session on 29th January @ IMM, 7.30pm. How are the fans going to split themselves????

Personally, I would like to know if anyone is going to bring Bobby Kim around. I can always volunteer......hehehe!

Brown Eyed Girls concert
Remember I was blogging earlier here about Brown Eyed Girls coming here for a concert? Well, it's confirmed to be on the 27th February at Zouk, 9pm to 10.30pm. Will post more details later, but from what I understand, the tix will be sold at HMV. I think it will be good to see the girls in a full, proper performance.

Ok..that's all for the moment folks. And may want to watch out for Apri as well coz I heard there may be another male artiste coming for a showcase. Let's see if that's going to be confirmed. And no, it's not Jang Geun Suk. Though I'm sure there are lots of people holding their breath and crossing their fingers and toes and necks. But you never know, since it was announced he will be coming to Singapore, he may just touch down on our shores through some kind sponsors.

Wah...I'm so proud of my little red dot. It's never been so happenning in terms of Korean entertainment. ^^

You Are Beautiful merchandise and Korean maagzines (Jan 10)

I just realised that I haven't updated the January list of magazines. Sigh...too many things happenning at the same time.

Anyway, here it is, please refer to my post at Tiffany's Attic- January 2010 magazines for the list of Korean magazines that were in for January 2010. They have been om sale at Kinokuniya- Takashimaya since last week. Same goes for Asta TV Jan 10 and Junior 10. Just click on the title for the link to the posts. The calendar given away for the Jan issue of Junior quite interesting.

Speaking of calendars, 'You Are Beautiful' calendar is also in. Click here for more pictures and the retail price.

And for fans of the drama, the You Are Beautiful novel photobooks (click here) as well as the You Are Beautiful comic books (click here) are in too. I showed it to a couple of friends this afternoon and they were drooling over Jang Geun Suk's photos. hehehe!

You Are Beautiful Comic Book Vol 1

You are Beautiful Novel Photobook 2

I've only watched the first 2 episodes so I can't comment on the drama much. I do know that everyone was drooling over Jang Geun Suk (whom I first got aquainted in 'Hong Gil Dong') and found Jeremy dorky and cute. But I was actually keeping my eyes on Shin Woo (Jeong Yong Hwa). ^^ Guess what, his band, Code Name Blue (C.N. Blue) has just released it's first mini album and I'm absolutely loving the main song- I'm a Loner. It's the song I'm playing now on my blog and if you take a look at the left side of my blog, you will see the details there, including a link to the mv. Thanks Deb for the heads up on this.

The band reminds me very much of FT Island...and that was before I found out they actually belong to the same company. It reminds me of FT Island and the reason why I like FT Island...they all play an instrument in the band. ^^

Enjoy the song. I know I do.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Music of Oh Joon Sung- Bobby Kim

When I first heard about this concert, the name that I got me excited straight away was Bobby Kim. I didn't know about the composer and Shinee was well, another boy band. As for Mario&, I just found out something interesting but I'll talk about it in another post.

But Bobby Kim..ah..Bobby Kim.

I first heard his voice in one of my favourite drama, 'Fashion 70's'. He sang the song (약한 남자 or Weak Man). This song was associated with Chun Jung Myung's character, Jang Bin. And if you had read my post, you would know that I fell in love with the cool and rebellious Jang Bin (whilst everyone was swooning over Joo Ji Mo). Catch the self-made mv here and you will see what I mean.

Since then, I have looked out for his voice. He is one of the few rare singers with a very unique voice.

Bobby Kim (Kim Don Gyun) and his family migrated to US when he was just 2 years but returned to Korea when he was 18. The main reason for the return was his love of music. I guess he wanted to make it in his home country.

I just found out that he is known as the 'Rap gandfather' and 'Hip Hop Daddy' in Korea. So before groups like Big Bang, Shinee etc all came along..he has already been there and done that. But in Korean's competitive entertainment industry, he remained relatively unknown until his big break in 2004 with the song, 'A Whale's Dream' in 2004. Images of coconut trees, hammock, magarita, sunset and Bob Marley come to mind when you hear this song. This song has even been covered by Park Hyo Shin and Davichi. But I think only Bobby Kim brings that certain lazy, hazy reggae feel to the song.

Bobby Kim has been involved in many bands before. One of them was Buga Kingz, a hip hop band. Listen to them perform here. Hmm... I'm not sure about the safari costume though but I guess it's better than the Red Indian one. hehe! And what do you know, the song was covered by Hong Kong's defunct boy band, Sun Z. What do you think of their version?

Bobby Kim has sang in the ost for many dramas and films. But somehow, given his voice and the genre of his music, most of these dramas are mostly the bittersweet type.. like
'War of Money'----일년을 하루같이
'The Devil'----뒷걸음. (Ju Ji Hoon was excellent in this drama).
'Friend, Our Legend'----Only You (this is on my to-watch list)

Since 2004, he has released 3 solo albums. The song I was playing earlier on my blog- 'Let Me Say Goodbye' was from his 2004 album, Vol 1.5- Beats within my Soul. Music, good music..makes a connection immediately no matter what language and this is one of those song. Watch the mv here and read the lyrics as he sings I actually got teary after watching this. Fron the same album, also came the song, 'It's alright, it's all good', which he has performed with the Brown Eyed Girls on tv about 2 years ago. Gosh, the girls looked so different. ^^

In his 2007 album, Follow My Soul, came the duet song, 'Do You Love Me. I recommend listening to this song with the lights dimmed, with a glass of wine and your loved one next to you. But also watch out for his track 4 - 넋두리 (which I'm playing on my blog now). This was performed together with his father (his father is a well known trumpeter).

In his latest album released in 2009, Bobby Kim Special Album- Love Chapter 1, comes the love ballad, Love...This is. It seems this was the first time for him to attempt a ballad. I say he should do more. hehe!

Bobby Kim is also in the Movement group. I'm not entirely sure what it is but I think it aims to bring hip hop closer to the masses. Members of The Movement support fellow members via concerts and songs. Hey, you know what? There is a facebook for The Movement. You can check out the members who belong to this group (for the younger fans, got Epik High in it).

And the relationship to his appearance in composer Oh Joon Sung's upcoming concert? He sang the song, 'If not Death, then Life' for the drama, 'Dream'. 'Dream' stars Joo Ji Mo, Son Dam Bi and the charasmatic young actor, Kim Bum. Shinee, the other guess artiste at this concert sang the theme song.

To know a little more about this guy, check out Arirang's Show Biz Extra- Star Focus, which was broadcast on the 3rd March 2009 (I think). Very interesting. He explained why he released his latest special album and also mentioned about a new album soon (yippee!!).

You can also check out the soompi thread here. Unfortunately, it is only a miserable 2 pages. Sigh...

Here's an amusing little story about his Korean.. Click here... and it seems he has listed alcohol as one of his hobby...Maybe the organiser should buy him a Singapore Sling when he's in Singapore. ^^

This has been one long post and I just realised that I've spent the whole weekend reseaching about him. I guess I'm really looking forward to his appearance at the concert, even though he will only be singing a couple of songs.

Ok...if anyone wants to bring him to Singapore for a proper showcase, I'll be the first in queue to buy ticket.

This is the song he mentioned that was the most memorable track for him in the Arirang's interview. It's for the drama, 'White Tower', titled 'Pine Tree'. The saxaphone at the start of the song is fantastic!

Tickets for the concert is on sale now. You can get yours from Sistic. Go and buy now!

I will be updating more when I have confirmed news from the organsier about ths activites, so look out for them.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark your calendars in 2010

Just a very quick post whilst I have 5 minutes.

I posted earlier here about concerts and parties galore this year.

From what I've heard, if they are all true, then it will really be a happening 2010 in terms of K pop. But as I've yet to get clearance from the organisers and obviously some of them are still not confirmed, I won't be able to post what they are yet.

Still, you may want to try and ensure you are free for these few months:


The Music of Oh Joon Sung @ Esplanade Concert Hall- with guests appearances by Shinee, Bobby Kim and Mario&

I guess all the fans of Shinee must be really over the moon when they hear the band will be coming to this little red dot. I believe there will be an autograph siging session but am not sure if all the artistes or only selected artistes will be there. Details for the autograph signing session is also not confirmed but I will be posting it here when I have the news.

Meanwhile, if you have not bought your tickets, do it soon. The last I heard, all the student tickets are selling out very, very fast. You can get the tickets from sistic

Personally, I am looking forward to watching Bobby Kim. hehehe!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

KClub Party- were you there?

The first ever K pop club party in Singapore. Were you there?

I must admit, when I first heard about this K pop club party, I was a little concerned- would it work? Would people go? I know there is interest in Korean pop music, but just how big is the interest? And as the ticket includes one free drink, that means those below 18 would be out of the party. And well, a big number of Korean dance music fans are a little young.

But I was pleasantly surprised.

They sold out all the tickets, yup, all 350 of them. Admitedly, the price was affordable- going at $15 for the early bird and $22 later. Still, it was a good turn-out. (I think the organiser must too have been worried at one point. hehe!)

The party was from 6pm to 10pm and I arrived there at just a couple of minutes before 7pm, having been instructed by Stephanie to be there before 7pm as there would be a dance performace.


KClub partieeee!

When I stepped inside the club, there was already a good, sizable crowd, most of whom were already tapping their fingers and toes away to the music. In fact, a small group was already on the dance floor. ^^ Looks like the crowd wouldn't need much encouragement to party. hehe!

At about 7.15m, these 3 girls came onto the stage to 'warm' the crowd up. I don't think the crowd needed any warming up.

Dance performance

They danced to MBLAQ's 'Oh Yeah' and 2NE1's 'Fire'- 2 of the hottest group at the moment in Korea. I think the organiser will have a better clip up soon, but in the meantime, you can catch a short glimpse of their dance moveees here. The crowd obviously approves of their performance. Wah...all those twisting and bending. Sigh...definitely not for me and my old bones.

The dance floor started filling up without much prompting. It looks like it was going to be a hot party.

C'mon baby, watch me dance

You know, for all my love of Korean music, I am terrible at memorising lyrics and half the time, I can't remember the song titles and even the singers at times. (yes, yes...I'm bad). But the party crowd doesn't seemed to share any of my problems. They knew the song upon hearing the first few notes, they know the lyrics and I think if the dance floor was big enough, they would have probably show me the dance moves as well.

Some of the songs played? Rain's Rainsm, SNSD's Gee, f(X)'s LA chA TA...errr... don't remember the rest liao.

I thought that it would be a young female crowd but there was quite a number of guys (though the girls still outnumbered the guys). And they don't looked as if they were pulled along by their girlfriends.

Put on your dancing shoes

Hey, I even spotted G-Dragon... or was it Lee Hong Ki? ^^

G-Dragon? Lee Hong Ki?

I'm not sure how the party ended as I had to leave early. But it was still a pretty much tapping, dancing crowd when I left.....

After this resounding success, the organisers, Coloured Rhythms Events, will be back with another KClub party in March, so do keep a look out for their announcement.

Hmm... some ideas...maybe can get people to dress up as their idols for the party. Wouldn't it be fun to see a Singapore version of SNSD singing 'Gee"? And maybe an area with a slightly bigger dance floor?

And I would have loved to try their drink- K bomb. It's meant to be a challenge (to stay on one's feet after the drink). Maybe the next time. :)

Those who went to the party (especially those who stayed till the end of the party), do drop your comments here. Would love to hear how you feel.

Congratulations to the organisers. Hopefully, there will be more interesting events from them later on.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Sundown Festival- Press conference

Hello, hello...Happy New Year everyone. Hope all of you had a good time celebrating the new year. I had a wonderful break for the last couple of weeks and really wish it could last forever.

2009 ended on a high note with the Sundown Festival, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I know this is a litle late, But it's never too late to relieve those moments right?

From all accounts, I believe everyone had a good time. Me too! Yes, there were glitches and things could have been a little better organised. BUT...on the whole, I think it was pretty ok. I'm looking forward to their next Sundown Festival this year.

But, before I go on to talk about the festival, I really should talk about the press conference first right? So, here it is..I'm sure everyone has read all about it in the media, from the internet, from fans etc. So this is my acccount...

Not sure why they needed so many chairs since FT Island (which is the biggest group) has only 5 members. The rooms was rather small but still, all of us fitted in, trying to occupy the best spot without blocking the others.

Mr Lim Sang Jun, the Director of Public Relations and Cultur of Korea Embassy and Mr Yang Moon Soo, the Director of Korea Tourism Organisation, Singapore, 2 very important organisations who were supporting this festival. ^^

First to arrive was T-Max because they had to perform at the official opening of HMV's latest store at @313 Somerset.

This was the first time I was seeing them in interviews. First impression- they are alot more fun in person although Min Chul did all the talking, whilst Kim Joon doodled away and Yoon Hwa just looked on. Still, I could feel their bond and closeness with each other.

T-Max (especially Min Chul) was quite excited about being in Singapore. He mentioned that he slipped and fell at the airpot when he arrived. hehe! Actually, Min Chul and the other 2 were really friendly and having lots of fun. Min Chul was even sitting on the lugguage belt. Watch the 2 clips here and here to see their antics during their arrival at the airport. I think they were really looking forward to the concert the next day. Watch their interview here about their wish to get to know Singaporeans better. here

Amongst the questions, T-Max was also asked about their solo acts in their latest album. This was their reply

One of the reporter asked if they were jealous of Kim Joon's popularity due to the drama, F4. I like Min Chul's answer. He said it was normal to feel jealous, but then again, they felt it was a good thing too. Kim Joon's popularity has also helped T-Max to be recognised. And he stressed that we should view T-Max as a whole. This Min Chul is really one funny guy, before he have his answer, he pretended to be angry and 'walked away' from the table and then proceeded to stranggle Kim Joon

Mario & Park See Nae
I was initially confused with another Mario. But this Mario sang the theme song for My Girl. Still the official photos given to me by the organisers were very different from the man that appeared before me.

Mario speaks perfect English and is partly based in the US. What I like about him? He came across to me as one who was humble and obviously very gratful for having been given the chance to sing the theme song and opportunities that came his way thereafter. Watch his reply here.

Mario was asked if it was harder to break into the US or Korean market (since he could do both) and he replied that it was both hard, though he would like to do it in both countries. And he can't dance. hehe! Watch the clip here
Park Si Nae didn't say a word. But she was very comfortable with Mario, and constantly held on to his arm. And Mario was a perfect gentleman and rather protective. I like this guy.

Lee Ji Su
Lee Ji Su was probably the quietest of all the artistes. I don't mean he didn't say anything but there were no queries from the media when it was opened to the floor, so his session was the fastest. I do feel a little sorry for him.

Like Mario, Lee Ji Su also rose to fame with his song in the hit drama, My Girl. (this drama remains one of my favourite drama because of the cast and the storyline. In particular, I discovered one of my favrouite, talented actor, Lee Jun Ki, through this drama). When asked about his source of inspiration, he replied Fly to the Sky, xxx and James Imgram. I put xxxx because I really, really could not catch singer's name and I don't think the translator did either. Anyone who could figure it out, please enlighten me. Here's his reply

Lee Ji Su released a new album last year, entitled, The Blue Memory. In this album, there are some new songs and also his hit song, 바보라서.

FT Island
FT Island created a mini stir (I could hear screamings from the fans outside) when they appear. I had missed their press conference and mini show case in Singapore earlier, so this was my first time at seeing them up close. First impresssion? They are really, really young. I mean I knew they are young (between 18-20), but gosh...they look young too.

As they were in Singapore about 6 months earlier, FT Island was no stranger to Singapore already and Jae Jin expressed their feelings about being back again.

Hong Ki was obviously the media's attention die to the recent hit drama, 'You Are Beautiful'. So amongst the many questions asked that was related to this-

1) How much similar is his character, Jeremy like him?- About 70%
2) What kind of girl would they want to join their group? (actually, the journalist wanted to ask what would they have done if they discovered a girl within their band)- Hong Ki replied that he wanted someone glamorous. Wahahaha! (he was really a live wire and the joker of the group) Jae Jin replied that he/ they wanted someone who could do the housework, look after them well, clean the fish (I wasn't sure if it was fish or fridge--hmmm...) and play the piano (does he want the girl to seranade to him???)

One of the stranger question asked- do they want their songs to bring happiness or do they want to change the world with their songs (huh??? so 'cheem', like Miss Universe kind of question). Anyway, Hong Ki replied that they want their songs to bring happiness. Pretty logical answer.

Hong Ki- he was still spotting the blond hair from the drama, 'You Are Beautiful'.

Credit:Red Spade

Brown Eyed Girls
Last to appear was the group, Brown Eyed Girls. Credit to them for looking fresh and beatiful despite having just touched down a couple of hours earlier.



I must say I never expected them to be so small and petite. In a strange way, I'm rather pleased to know that these 4 dynamites are not the typical tall, lanky, leggy Korean artistest that I've encountered so far. These girls radiate a sense of x-factor and Narsha especially packs a punch in her outfit. ^^

Asked about their music and their change of image in their latest album, Sound-G. Jea answered for the group that it was not their intention to mix R&B with hip-hop, but rather they wanted to present a variety of music to their fans. As for their new sexy image in the latest album, Miryo replied that they wanted to show some level of maturity. See her reply here.

They were also asked what was the crasiest thing that a male fans has ever done (given their sexy image). Now, my Korean is not great but either they didn't really answer the question or the translator didn't translate their answer, because the translated answer came out as 'Yes, the fans are very passionate, especially when they go to boys universities or participate in military events. The fans love them.' Hmmmm... how passionate were the male fans?

Abd finally, Ga In, who was appearing in the variety show, 'We Got Married' with Jo Kown of 2AM, was asked how he was like in person. Ga In actually appeared quite shy and said that he was pretty much the same as how he was in the show. They got along well though he nags and bullies her at times (but she found him attractive that way. Wah!). hahaha! Sounds like any married couple. Watch her answer here

Btw, Jo Kown and Ga In released a single, We Fell in Love in time for Christmas. I like it. Very happy and catchy. And I found a clip on Jo Kwon nagging Ga In. Watch it here. Hilarious!.

And that was the end of the press conference. The various artistes had individual interviews with selected media.

Now, all were looking forward to the concert the next day.

As Min Chul of T-Max said, Let's Party!