Monday, December 28, 2009

Concerts and parties galore

This is a very, very quick update.

Seems like 2010 is off to a good start for K Pop fans.

K Pop club party- 9th January 2010
Now this is interesting- dancing to K pop songs is something that has not been done before. So I do hope it will take off. Better still if the DJ spinning the records is one handsome Korean hunk. Wahahaha! Anyway, the price is very, very affordable. Check it out on their facebook here

FT Island fan meet/ concert- 30th January 2010
I've already mentioned previously here that they will be back in Singapore for a concert in January. Tix went on sale at IMM on the 19th December. I think there are are still some more tix left. You can get them from IMM's counter. For more information, refer to FT Island Singapore's fan site, Primanoona

Korean Drama Favourites - The Music of Joon-Sung Oh
The Korean wave sweeps to Esplanade in February for two special evenings of songs and instrumental pieces from soundtracks of some of the most popular Korean drama series written by composer, arranger and lyricist, Joon-Sung Oh.

Considered one of Korea’s most sought-after composer/lyricist, Joon-Sung Oh, will direct his 9-piece band, Green Cacao and a local string ensemble specially put together for the concert.

Some of these songs will be accompanied by music videos from the dramas. Joining them will be Korean popstars Bobby Kim, Mario and SHINee who will perform their signature tunes from the dramas, Dream, My Girl and Boys Over Flowers respectively.

It is time to relive fond memories of these dramas. Complementing heart-wrenching, humourous and happy-ending storylines, the music of Joon-Sung Oh will tug and touch your hearts. If you are ardent fans of these endearing and internationally renowned drama series or would like to listen to some of the most beautiful music to be written, these performances are not to be missed!

Tickets: $150, $130, $110*, $90**
Limited Concessions for NSF, senior citizens and students: $95*, $75**

1 & 2 Feb 09, Mon & Tue
Esplanade Concert Hall

Tickets on sale next week!;

Source: Singapore-korean school facebook group
posted by: xiuqi89 @
shared by: Blueprincess824 @ DKP

The above was the information I received and found out. However, I have since heard that the performance have been changed to one night only and with changes to the prices. Still trying to find out more information about it. But err....cannot imagine Shinee performing at Esplanade Concert Hall leh. But I would love to see Bobby Kim.

Brown Eyed Girls
I heard in the grapevine that Brown Eyed Girls may be back in SG for a concert in early next year. Let's wait and see.

I think 2010 is going to be a very intersting year in terms of K entertainment. I mentioned in my post yesterday that I would love to see SG Wannabe perform. Well, I wouldn't mind seeing Big Bang perform a list of many singers.

Oh...if anyone got any news or interesting updates, do drop me a note @

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I'm back from my short break...though when you're on a holiday with a toddler, it is anything but relaxing. Still, I enjoyed myself and I hope everyone had a good holiday too.

Well, from all accounts, it would seemd that Lee Min Ho's fan meet on the 21st December went well. Calling the fans on their handphones was a nice innovative touch. I can imagine the fans being thrilled and shocked to receive a call from him during the concert. Although I think he could have done better than to say, 'Nice to meet chyou' and 'I'm from Korea'. Wahaha! Those of you who doesn't know what I'm rambling about, you can watch the clip here.

I will be finishing off my accounts of the Sundown Festival- Seoul'd Out the next few days. But for now, I thought I'd introduce a song from 2 of my favourite groups- SG Wannabe and VOS. This song that I'm playing on my blog now is titled, 'I Love You'. Not the most imaginative title I know, but I still like the song. And this being the Christmas season where love is the main reason for celebrating, I thought it appropriate to play it now. Whilst most love songs are sad and melancholy, this has a nice upbeat tempo to it. A feel-good, happy song. Unfortunately, it is only released as a digital single for now but I believe it will be released later as part of a proper album. Cho Young Soo, the composer of this song (and many other great songs) has released a previous compilation in 2008. You can watch the mv here.

SG Wannabe and VOS have performed together before on KBS Music Bank's Special Stage a year ago. Great performance. ^^

You know, a couple of years ago, I would never even think or dare to dream of hearing SG Wannabe performing here in Singapore but with all that's happened in the last 2 years- K Pop Night in 2008 and Sundown Festival in 2009...maybe, just maybe...I could dream and hope a little with 2010 approaching. Afterall, VOS has already performed here in 2008 during K Pop Night, why not SG Wannabe? Better still if both of them perform together. Catch a glimpse of VOS's performance in 2008 in Singaporehere

What do you all think? I shall certainly be crossing my fingers and toes. Hehe!

매리 크리스마스! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little bit of this and that

Hello, hello.

Sorry, have been really busy with deadlines and family, so had very little time to edit all the photos and video clips and write my account of the whole event. I will be away next week (well, in a few hours actually), so I will only be able to write about it when I'm back. ^^

In the meantime, here are a couple of events and happennings around Singapore to keep you busy.

Lee Min Ho's schedule in Singapore
Most of you all would have known his flight schedule by now...but just in case you are still trying to find out, here it it...

20/12 (Sunday) - arrive via OZ753 at 8.05pm, T2
21/12 (Monday) - press conference in the afternoon
21/12 (Monday) - Fans meeting at 8pm, Max Pavillion at Singapore Expo
22/12 (Tuesday) - OZ752 @ 10.40pm, T2 (there is only one Asiana Flight on Tuesday).

Enjoy yourselves everyone. I gather those going are learning the lyrics to his song from F4 to sing together with him. hehe!

Tom & Toms opening
Tom & Toms, Korea's most well known coffee chain will be opening it's door in Singapore on the 22nd December. Here's their website in Korea. The 1st store is located at 12 Gopeng St, #01-12 ICON Village. The 2nd store is located at Far East Plaza and schedule for opening at the end of the month. I'll go and check it out when I'm back from my holiday. But those of you who manage to check it out first, let me know how it is ok?

Guess that's all...

Have a great week all and see you all after Christmas. ^^

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sundown Festival- Departure details

I'm sorry I couldn't update this earlier as I was busy with the BEG autograph session this afternoon...but I did update it on my twitter this morning.

So here it is, if any of you are still at home surfing the internet.

Brown Eyed Girls:
Thai Airways, TG 410, T1, 9pm

T-Max, FT Island, Mario, Park Si Nae, Lee Ji Su:
Asiana Airways, OZ 752, T2, 10.40pm

Good luck..and give them a good send-off so that they will want to be back again soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sundown Festival 2009 Press Conference, Fan session- a brief look

It's been a long day...and I'm dead tired. So here's some photos first to whet your appetite. Will post about it later. ^^

FT Island

Brown Eyed Girls


Mario & Bak Si Nae

Lee Ji Su

Friday, December 11, 2009

T-Max performing live on 11th December 09

Now this caught me by surprise. I didn't hear a word about this, so wonder if it's a last minute arrangement. Anyway, someone passed me this flyer today (thanks K!)

T-Max will be performing at HMV to celebrate its new location opening tomorrow. Ooops. It's today already.
So they will be performing at Orchard Road today. Should be very interesting. But my goodness, it will be one great, mad rush. Press conference @ 1.30pm, performance @ 2.30pm and fan session @ 4pm. Wonder if they will still have time to do any shopping and even rest. Hmm...

Anyway, those of you who are not going to the Meet-and-Greet session at KTO, go and support these boys lah.

Brown Eyed Girls autograph session

I guess the BEG fans should be pretty disappointed that BEG os not on the same flight as the rest. They were practising all the cheers and moves etc to show them. I'm sure BEG wanted to be on the same flight as well to see the whole crowd. (Btw, how was the crowd? I haven't read much news about it anywhere leh...). Sorry I couldn't announce it in my earlier post coz organisers don't want to announce but I did give a hint on my post here and posted on my twitter as 9.40pm. hehe! Anyway, there will be plenty of chances to see these pretty ladies.

I've got some infor from the organiser regarding the autograph session. Ok, let me see if I remember...

1) Queue up to get poster from La Coco Hair. The shop opens at 10am and is located at Orchard Central, #04-13. (It's at one end of the corridor but cannot remember which end liao).

2) You will be given number tags together with the poster. The number stops at 100 but they have prepared more...just in case BEG got more time. Maybe if fans start cheering. Would that work? I guess it would also depends on how tired these girls are after their perfomance on Saturday night.

3) Each person is only allowed one poster and obviously one number tag.

4) Queue up at the atrium with the poster and the number tag.
Ok, I'm not sure if fans have to queue till 2pm since you have number tags of if you can go away and come back later since you will have the number tags. Hmmm....

5) Jia Fa of Yes93.3 will start the ball rolling at about 1.30pm. Got lucky draws, so must go early. ^^

6) The event will start @ 2pm. There will be a short interview with the girls. These will be your best time to take their photos since they will be standing on the stage.

7) Autograph session will start shortly after.

8) Each person will be allowed to get one signature only randomly. That is to say, you will get the signature of whichever BEG member is free when it is your turn.
Oh dear, do I hear groans and protests? Yes, I can understand the disappointment. It would be great to get all 4 signatures. But think about it, this way, it would mean that more fans can go on stage and get up close and personal with at least one of them, and walked past the other 3 girls. hehehe! Be nice, share hor so more people can be happy.

9) Photography is allowed. Just make sure got people help you. If don't have anybody...hmmm.... I guess the staff on hand will try and help where possible and necessary.

10) I haven't heard about the presents, but I guess should be allowed as well. If not, hand to their managers.

Errr... I think that's all. Please behave and be nice to everyone so all can enjoy..including BEG.

Looking forward to seeing all of them tomorrow. ^^

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sundown Festival 09- airport arrival details

Those of you who followed me on my Twitter will have known by now the arrival details. But really, it is not hard to guess. But just in case, here it is.

Flight number: OZ751
Arrival time: 2130
Terminal: T2

Don't forget to give T-Max, FT Island, Lee Ji Soo, Mario& and the rest of the artistes of this great festival a very warm welcome.

And if you haven't bought your tickets, you can still do so at sistic.

Have a good time everyone. ^^

Sundown Festival 2009 - Seou'd Out Meet-and-Greet winners

It was very hard to pick the winners because I know that each and everyone who sent participated in this contest really, really wants to go and see them up close and personal.

But... I have only 2 passes, so I can only make 2 people very happy 9well, actually, someone else did coz I couldn't decide on the winner and asked an independent party to pick the winners). But hey, there's the festival on Saturday and you get to see all of them perform. Isn't that a happy thought? ^^

So here's the answers to my questions:
1) Name all the 5 artites who will be perfoming at the festival
T-Max, Brown Eyed Girls, FT Island, Mario&, Lee Ji Soo

2) When did I first wrote about this festival on my blog?
15th October 2009

And the winners are.....drum roll please....

1) Chiam Min
I/C- Sxxxx418B

2) Cheng Pei Chen
I/C- Sxxxx611H

I ahve sent an email to both of you. Please confirm your attendance by noon today (10th December).

See you all at the festival!

And don't forget to welcome these people at the airport tonight. Details at my next post.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sundown Festival 2009- FT Island

FT Island is one of those very few rare boy band where I had bought their very first albums. I have most of their albums (well, not the Japanese ones). ^^

When did I get to know them? Hmm... I think it was in 2007 on KBS Music bank when they performed Love Sick (사랑앓이}. Anyway, I was suitably impressed by this young group, with the energy of the music, the song etc. So I went to do a little search and found out that they were new. Frankly,they sounded alot better than many of the new singers who performed on the music show. So I ended buying the first album Cheerful Sensibility.

With so many bands and singers, new and veteran around, they have done pretty well in the last 2 years. I think they have managed to score at least a hit with each of their album release (although, personally, I prefer the first 2 albums more). Along the way, they had a change of member from Oh Won Bin to Song Seung Hyun (not that Song Sung Hyun. Unfortunately, I still can't figure out the faces, except Hong Ki and maybe Jae Jin. Sorry, fans of FT Island, I'm just really bad with faces. Anyway, if you want to see how Won Bin looks like, you can catch him here in an episode of 'Unstoppable Marriage'. Lee Jae Jin acted in this sitcome and all the other members of the group made cameo appearances. Aiyoh, they really looked so young (and a little nerdy. hehehe!). Btw, I really liked the show but stopped halfway as I couldn't get hold of the Chinesse subs anymore. Sob! Sob! I wrote about it very, very briefly here. And oh, listen to ost here, sang by Hong Ki and Nam Gyu Ri.

Most of their songs are rather loud and electrifying (?). Sorry, I kept thinking of the electric guitar and the drums, which are are so much part of this group. Anyway, they can and do sing ballads, and in my opinion, should probably do more. Watch their music videos here and and here. This is from their first album, Cheerful Sensibility. Now watch Bad Woman (나쁜 여자야) from their mini album, Jump Up released this year. They have really grown up. (this song is not amongst my favourite. Don't know why.)

Just like SS501, a couple of the members of FT Island got busy with personal project (well, namely Hong Ki with 'You are Beautiful'). So the other 3 members formed a sub-group and called themselves FT Triple (hmm...wonder who came up with the triple name first, SS501 or FT Island. Good thing it wasn't four of them, or else how to name huh?)

I listened to their songs which is on the Double Date (repackaged album), and you know what, they sound pretty good. I especially like the song, Love Letter (러브레터). Good for them. ^^

Of course, the hottest person from the group right now would be Lee Hong Ki. He appeared in the popular drama, 'You are Beautiful' as one of the lead, Jeremy. Although I haven't watch the whole drama yet, I like his comic dorky character. And he has found quite a few new found fans with this drama. Of course, FT Island sang the ost. Listen to it here. I know alot of fans will be waiting to hear their live performance of this song at the Sundown Festival.

Cute hor?

FT Island came to Singapore for a mini concert (or showcase as it was called) earlier this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't go due to some family commitment, even though I was offered VIP tickets. Sob! Sob! Well, I guess I have another chance when they come down again next year.

Official site
soompi forum
Singapore Fan site

To find out more about the FT Island fan meeting next year, read my post here. I like this song, Bing, Bing, Bing from their album, Cross and Change. Makes me want to stand up and dance. Think they should play this song during the festival. It will get the crowd on the feet.^^

Sundown Festival Meet-and-Greet passes
The contest has ended. Thank you everyone for the support. I will annnounce the winners tomorrow and email them as well. Got to go to bed now or I will never survive tomorrow.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Fan meetings- Lee Min Ho and FT Island

Who says Singapore's K scene isn't exciting?

After the Sundown Festival- Seoul'd Out on the 12th December, Brown Eyed Girls autograph signing session on the 13th December, fans can look forward to another happening event on the 21st December 2009.

Lee Min Ho's first Asia fan meeting. And wow, it looks as if it might be a big event as it will be held at the Singapore Expo.

After Lee Min Ho's no show at Plaza Singapura during his recent Etude House event due to security reasons, many fans were left weeping and tearing their hair out. Lee Min Ho apologised for it at his closed door, exclusive meet-the-fan session and promised to be back. And quicker than you can say Go Jun Pyo, here he is, back again. This time, there is no lucky draw and you are guaranteed to see him. Just pay for the ticket (which was what many fans wanted at the recent Etude House event).

With tickets priced at $98, $148 and $188, the prices aren't cheap. The again, if I'm not wrong, many fans spent roughly this amount (and probably more) at Etude House in a bid to get a chance to win the fan meeting session. So hopefully, the tickets will sell well enough. Ticket sales are now on at Sistic. For those willing to go all the way with the most expensive ticket, you will get an exclusive poster ( exclusive?) And for those of you who can't get enough of him or have lots of spare cash, there are official merchandise that you can order from here. Oops, seems the prices are not up yet.

I know there are a lot of FT Island fans out there. But I must say I'm a little surprised at how much they love Singapore. They had their first showcase here in Singapore in June 2009. They will be here for the Sundown Festival on the 12th December...and again next year from 29th January to 30th Janaury for their fan meeting. Well, at least it will be a longer visit this time round.

The tickets are slightly cheaper than Lee Min Ho's fan meet and seems to offer more in return. They are priced at $150 and $100. For $150, you will get an exclusive cd, with the chance to see them up close and personal for an autograph, plus the fan meeting session the next day. I think it's not a bad deal.

With the popularity of the drama, 'You Are Beautiful', it will certainly boost the ticket sales, as many will probably want to see Hong Ki (or Jeremy in the drama). ^^

Tickets go on sale on the 19th December at IMM and the fan meeting will be held at St James (just like the last one). For more details, refer to local fansite as well as the facebook. Hmm... location for sale of tickets within IMM still not decided yet.

Just to side track, the drama, 'You are Beautiful' will be released in Singapore fairly soon. And ...I'm considering bringing in the pig-rabbit as well as the comic books and photobook. Would anyone be interested? Leave your comments here so I know whether it is a viable option to consider. ^^

I wonder if I will get any Christmas present from Santa Claus. I guess I should send off my list to him soon. Wahahaha!

Sundown Festival- Seoul'd Out
Have you bought your tickets?
Have you joined the contest to win the passes??

p/s- The prizes for 'My Girlfriend is an Agent' have been sent out to all the 5 winners last week. I will post it up here this week, plus the final follow up with the event at The Hereen. Sorry, too many things happening at the same time.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Sundown Festival Seoul'd Out Meet-n-Greet Passes

No, I haven't forgotten about this.
Yes, it's still on.

So here it is.

Answer the following 2 questions and email the answers to

1)Name all the 5 artites who will be perfoming at the festival
2)When did I first wrote about this festival on my blog

Please provide the following details about yourself:
1) you name as written on your i/c
2) your i/c number
3) your handphone number

T&C to note:
1) This contest is opened from 4th December till 9th December, 2009.
2) Participants must purchase a Sundown Festival ticket (either via myself, sistic or any other legals means). Your answer must be accompanied by a scanned copy of your ticket (please make sure that the size of the attached image is less than 80kb)
3) You must bring along your i/c and the Sundown Festival ticket for verification on collection date.
4) 2 winners will be picked and will be informed via email as well as posted on my blog on the 10th December.
5) Those who have bought tickets via me will have double the chance at winning the coveted passes.
6) The passes are not transferable.

If you have not bought the tickets, click here for more details

Please note that the Meet-and-Greet session will be held on the 11th December, 4pm at Korea Tourism Organisation's office at Korea Plaza. So please make sure you can attend this session before joining the contest.

Good luck! ^^

P/s- don't forget that BEG has a autograph session on the 13th December, 2pm. Look out for more details here.

My apology. There are only 5 main artistes. For those of you who have named the 5 main artistes in your answers, the answers will be taken as correct. Sorry, maybe I was hoping for Big Bang or SS501 to come as well. hahaha!

For those of you have trouble scanning the ticket, maybe just take a photo of it? If that is easier for you all. Basically, I just need proof that you have bought tickets to the event. ^^

Yoo Ye Eun

Just a very quick blog about this little girl.

I've heard about her sometime ago but never really find out more about her or watched her video clips on youtube until today.

And like many who watched her performed, I was also moved. Not just at her talent, but also at the innocence of a 6 years old child. Yeah, I tend to get a little more soppy nowadays since my little girl came along.

Anyway, Ye Eun was born blind. She was adopted and they found out about her incredible musical ability when she was 2 years old. Since then, she has gone been invited to various shows and events. She has performed here in Singapore last year in front of PM Lee Hsien Loong and will be performing again at this year's charity show organised by Channel U in aid of the Society of the Physically Disabled on the 6th December. Here's the facebook link for more details about this event. Wah! Got quite a lot of stars performing.

She will also be performing at the Singapore Korean School as well as the Assisi Hospice on the 7th December. From her schedule, it seems she will have her lunch at the Korean School. I;m so glad she gets to do something so normal for a little girl. ^^

Anyway, some clips that I found really interesting (especially the ones involving DBSK and it was really quite touching to see Hee Chul crying so openly. Makes me see him in a slightly different light.

When she first appeared on the show Star King- click here

To see Hee Chul cry and being touched by this little girl- click here

I like these 3 clips the best. I know I'm probably a little late and all their fans would have watched the clips by now, but it was the first time for humour me.

DBSK cooking for her- click here

DBSK performing with on the show, Chocolate- click here

DBSK & Super Junior Happy with Ye Eun, click here

For her event at Assisi Hospice on the 7th December, she will be singing together with Lee An. It's great of them to spread a little warmth during festive season. You can help to spread more warmth by making a $10 donation for a lightbulb on the tree in front of the Hospice. Lee An will also be doing a solo performance on the 4th December at the Mt Alvernia hospital at 7pm.

Lee An- This singer has been busy. I actually bumped into him at a wedding this year. hehe! Anyway, he's back in Singapore this week but going back to Korea again next week on a tour together with some of his fans. ^^ I heard he will be skiing with them. I think that's really cool and wish I was going too. Now imagine if BYJ was also organising a similar trip. I'll be the first in queue. Oh..Lee An also has a facebook account. Check it out here.

Ok..remember to be generous in your donation for the charity event on the 6th December as well as the Christmas tree, ok? It's the season to be generous. ^^

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sundown Festival 2009- Brown Eyed Girls

I think without a doubt, most will agree that 2009 belongs to the girl bands. There has been an explosion of girl groups- 2NE1, 4Minute, Girls Generation, Kara, After School, f(x), T-ara and of course Browned Eyed Girls. Frankly, I don't really know most of them beyond their names. But with a new singer or band appearing almost every month, (if not weeks), it's tough recognising them. And of course, it's even tougher for these artistes to have a hit and stay in the limelight.

Of all the names that I mentioned so far, the only one who has made any impression on me so far is Brown Eyed Girls.

When did I get to know them? I can't really rememeber. Maybe it was the song that Ga In did with Yung Jun of SG Wannabe. It has a Christmasy feel about it and really puts me in the mood. Just the right song to play now actually-> Must have Love.

Debuted in 2006, they did managed to capture some attention with a couple of their songs. It just occured to me that most of their songs are not the 'karaoke' type of songs, ie. you can't really sing to. Or at least I can't anyway. This is one of their earlier song- Push the line. It's loud, as are most of their songs. BUT, they looked so different then. ^^

Recently they released their 3rd album, Sound G, where songs like Glam Girl and Abracadabra became hits. Abracadabra in particular caused many tongues to wag because of it's erotic and suggestive style. All I can say is, 'Wow!'.

Their latest hit is Sign from their repackaged album, Sound G repackaged (Side track: why do they always have a repackaged album? I know the agency wants to make more money by coming up with different versions, but this really frustrates me. Anyway, that is another story). Now watch them perform live, which I feel is just as good, if not better than the mv. There is one part of their dance steps that fascinates me- when they hit their fans against their necks during the '' part. Isn't it painful? Anyway, I can forsee lots of fans with fans on the 12th December. Wahaha!

For me, I still like their song LOVE and my daughter agrees with me. She dances immediately when I play this song. ^^ Crossing my fingers that they will sing this song during their performance here on the 12th December

Official site
soompi forum
International English Forum

Brown Eyed Girls Meet and Greet session

For fans of BEG, this is your one chance to get their autographs and take a photo with them absoultely free, ie, you don't have to buy anything (which in itself is a rarity today). Sponsored by La Coco Hair @ Orchard Central.

Date: 13th December
Time: 2pm
Venue: Orchard Central Atrium Level 4
What you have to do: La Coco Hair, the sponsor of this event (as well as Sundown Festival) will be giving away 500 posters. Get the poster from them for your autograph and photo taking session with the 4 lovely girls. Of course, it's on a first-come-first-served basis. They will sign as many as they can during their which means, you have to be the 1st in line. Jia Fa of Yes93.3 will be hosting this event
Where is La Coco: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #04-13, S(238896). T: 6884 4544/ 6884 4644

This is the poster that they will be giving away, from their latest album.

hmm... I wonder when will the fans start queuing....

To buy tickets to Sundown Festival, click here